Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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Gains from the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development: the case of Environmental Education Centers’ network in Greece
 Yanniris, Constantinos.

Gains of capital in the study abroad experience: A comparative case study of US and Chinese university students
 Zhu, Hao.

Gambia’s “Early Learning in National Languages” program: Key components and Lessons for the Future
 Zafeirakou, Aglaia.

Gauging the influence of indigenous lives on education in the global south and Education For All (EFA) goals:Ghana, Nigeria, & Indonesia
 Idris, Abubakar., Ginanto, Dion. and Osafo, E.

Gender Differences in Outside-School Academic Activity: Homework vs. Work at Home
 LeTendre, Gerald., Ikoma, Sakiko., Guodong, Liang. and Akiba, Motoko.

Gender Equality and Student Learning in Mexico: Towards an Understanding of Policy Impacts
 Arnett, Stephanie.

Gender Equity in Undergraduate Programmes in Public Universities in Kenya: Gender Policy Interventions on Women Education

Gender Role Socialization among South Asian Female Students in Montreal
 Bakhshaei, Mahsa.

Gender Trap: Exploring the Classroom Interactions in Turkey
 Bag, Ebru. and Carrier, Nathalie.

Gender and education in the global polity
 Unterhalter, Elaine.

Gender equity as policy: Privileging the voices of women and girls through participatory visual methods
 Moletsane, Relebohile. and Mitchell, Claudia.

Gender inequality and violence in education: men and boys as part of the solution
 Hobbs, Jenny., Levtov, Ruti., Baric, Stephanie. and Phillips, Alisa.

Gender mainstreaming in education policy - A comparative analysis of the German federal states Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg
 Crcic, Jasmina.

Gender mainstreaming in education policy - A comparative analysis of the German federal states Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg
 Crcic, Jasmina.

Getting excited about reading: Reviving a Culture of Reading to Pre-school Children in Kyrgyzstan
 Mamytova, Jyldyz.

Giving Voice to Children with Disabilities in Cambodia to Understand their Experience
 Crylen, Anne.

Global Citizenship Education: Towards a theoretical refinement
 Torres, Carlos.

Global Conflict in the Classroom: Using the IB Curriculum with Transnational Students in Public Schools
 Quaynor, Laura.

Global Partnership for Education: Evidence for Safe and Supportive Learning Environments for Girls
 Banik, Koli.

Global Universities, Local Cultures? America, Britain and the Globalization of University Education
 Friedman, Jonathan.

Global convergence or national variation? Examining national patterns of instructional practices
 Kim, Yoonjeon.

Global policyscapes and local meaning: India's RTE Act and Avehi-Abacus' s Sangati and Manthan programs
 Kennedy, Douglas.

Globalization and Curriculum Reform for Education for All in China
 Law, Wing-Wah.

Globalization and education in post-Apartheid South Africa: The narrowing of education’s purpose
 Vally, Salim. and Spreen, Carol Anne.

Globalization and the social construction of reality: Affirming or unmasking the “inevitable”?,
 Hoppers, Catherine.

Globalization, Consumption, and Educational Policy: Post-Structuralist Discourses and Cultural Resistance
 Epstein, Irving.

Globalization, Regionalization, and The Asia Pacific Quality Network
 Madden, Meggan.

Globalizing Teacher Education Policy in Pakistan: Its Impact on Program Implementation
 Chang, Fida.

Globalizing teacher education through videoconferencing
 fregeau, laureen. and Leier, Robert.

Going 'Beyond Education': Piloting a New Scholarship Model in sub-Saharan Africa
 kaub, laura. and Burciul, Barry.

Going from a structure curriculum to a progressive curriculum: A reflective journey
 Miheretu, Kara.

Going out and Linking Back: The Impact of Student Teaching Abroad on Global Awareness and Teaching Practice
 Liu, Katrina. and Kolb, Sharon.

Good Neighbours: the efforts of the Aga Khan Academies to galvanize teacher and school leader professional development in Mombasa, Kenya
 Chande, Rupen. and Anthony, Gioko.

Good girls gone bad: Using cellphones for girl-centered HIV education policy-development
 MacEntee, Katie.

Governance quality at school and meso levels of policy implementation – the case of Burkina Faso
 Yuki, Takako. and Shibuya, Kazuro.

Governing the Future Citizen: Curriculum reform and Citizenship Education in History of South Korea
 Kim, Ji-Hye.

Governing the processes of internationalization: Norway’s approach to horizontal and vertical coordination
 Olson, Jennifer.

Grameen Bank Women borrowers’ Private Space and Public Space Development, and Social Economy Development in Patriarchal Bangladesh
 Rouf, Kazi.

Greek history textbooks and historical events displaying xenophobia: The case of Greek Asia Minor refugees
 Tsagkaraki, Vilelmini.

Growing up with HIV in Kisumu, Kenya: Participatory Action Research with Young People Living with HIV
 Marinkovich, Zoe.

Guatemalan Ixil community teacher perspectives of language revitalization and mother tongue literacy
 Hinshaw, Sarah. and Knipe, John.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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