Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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HBCUs, Brazil, and Colombia
 Freeman, Kassie. and Hughes, Jason.

HIV/AIDS Education in Ethiopia: Implementing Photovoice Projects in High School
 Sambe, Mariam.

Harnessing Corporate Social Responsibility to Further Child Rights in Bangladesh: Trends, Policies, and Practice
 Pearce, Elizabeth.

Has the Burton Clark’s Entrepreneurial University Model (EUM) stemmed out from Globalization-Driven Reforms (GDRs)?
 Wang, Xiaoyang. and Bukhari, Nasir.

Helping future teachers learn from short-term study abroad
 Paine, Lynne. and Glew, Margo.

Heterogeneous Gender Effects on Chinese High School Students’ Scientific Literacy: An Empirical Study Based on Unconditional Quantile Regression
 Hu, Yongmei. and Tang, Yipeng.

High-achieving and high-equity performers in the global education market place: The “In-Visibility” of Race and the Mediatization of OECD’s PISA
 Martino, Wayne. and Rezai-Rashti, Goli.

Higher Education Expansion, Earnings and Inequality in Vietnam
 Truong, Ha.

Higher Education, Employability and Inclusive Development: Concerns from Ghana
 daniel, ananga. and Adzahlie-Mensah, Vincent.

Higher education, employment, and women in the United Arab Emirates: An analysis of student perspectives and opportunities in the labor market
 Trepagnier, Kelly. and Chehab, Sara.

Historical evolution and current challenges of the United Nations and global education policy-making
 Menashy, Francine. and Manion, Caroline (Carly).

Holistic Education in Nepal: The Relationship of Cultural Ecology & Transformative Pedagogy
 Parker, Tracey.

Homeownership and Academic Performance: An International Examination
 Bower, Corey.

Honduras: Improving Education Access for Honduran At-Risk Youth through Decentralized Community-Based Approaches
 Alvarado, Fany.

Household Food Security, Child Nutrition and Schooling: A Longitudinal Analysis in Two Urban Informal Settlements in Kenya
 Mutisya, Maurice. and Ngware, Moses.

How Administrative Decentralization Pushed for Higher Education Expansion in China: an empirical analysis
 Yan, Fengqiao., Mao, Dan. and Zha, Qiang.

How Do TESOL Practicums Enhance ESL/EFL Pre-Service Secondary Teachers’ Professionalism in the U.S and Korea?
 Jee, Youngeun.

How English language learners construct their trajectories of literacy practice cross multiple social spaces in the US society
 Liu, Xiujun.

How Equivalency Education Can Be an Alternative to Formal Education: The Case of Indonesia

How Korean Elementary School Teachers Communicate Multicultural Content in Class

How can teachers serve everyone?!? Embedding strategies for effective, responsive and equitable inclusion of all multicultural learners
 Davidson, Anne.

How can we measure primary school children’s intercultural competence? : Development of a new measurement instrument
 Takeuchi, Ai. and Maeda, Yukiko.

How can “bodily health” of central human capability approach be applied to educational empowerment of female children in Butaleja, Uganda?
 de Silva, Renuka.

How do Teacher Education Programmes in Norway prepare New Teachers in the Use of ICTs?
 Gudmundsdottir, Greta.

How do literacy practices relate to reading skills?
 Prince, Maya.

How do pedagogies develop? Exploring the theoretical and historical foundations of the Landless Movement’s education approach
 Tarlau, Rebecca.

How do the school interactions of rural and urban poor students compare?
 Merriweather, Shannon.

How do we capture youth literacy development—or fail to?
 D\'Sa, Nikhit. and Dowd, Amy Jo.

How do we design a youth development curriculum that is applicable and comprehensive?
 Press, Sarah.

How do we measure youth developmental assets across countries? Balancing consistency with flexibility
 Shramko, Maura., Scales, Peter. and Roehlkepartain, Gene.

How does education affect attitudes towards conflict?
 Horvatek, Renata.

How to Evaluate Parents’ School Satisfaction: An Analysis of a Quantitative Tool
 Zhao, Qian. and Liu, Jing.

How to increase participation in study-abroad programs? The organizational strategies in Quebec CEGEPs
 Angers, Véronique., Bégin-Caouette, Olivier. and Niflis, Kimon.

Human Rights Education in Cambodia
 Baldwin, Aftan.

Human Rights and Female Education in Pakistan
 Davis, Brittany.

Human Trafficking and Education: Two NGOs in Thailand
 spires, bob.

Human rights in education in South Asia
 Bajaj, Monisha.

Hybridity, Othering, and the Cultivation of Muslim Students Identities in Public Schools in the U.S.
 Saada, Najwan.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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