Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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I write, I recite: Rural educational leader writing for social justice
 Sharma, Rashmi.

ICT Value in Korean Education: Technology and Pedagogy
 Chun, Seyeoung.

ICT and teacher development: A new materialist interpretation
 Anwaruddin, Sardar.

ICT for Education for All: The Potential of Mobile Learning
 Kim, Hyemin. and Mckissack, Kathleen.

ICT for Learning- Transforming Children’ Future
 Parvin, Ruxana. and LeTendre, Gerald.

INGOs, the global ideology of childhood and educational policy in Nepal
 Henck, Adrienne.

Identifying the South African in our multicultural ed teaching: A duoethnography reflecting on the effects of travel study on teaching
 Flanagan, Andrea. and Sudbeck, Kristine.

Identities, Cultural Capital and Educational Choice of the Georgian Youth – an Ethnographic Study
 Chakhaia, Lela., andguladze, natia., Janelidze, Ana. and Pruidze, Nino.

Image of a post-2015 reality
 Macpherson, Ian.

Impact of Curriculum Standards and Materials for Mathematics Teaching in Canada and China
 Wang, Zhaoyun. and McDougall, Douglas.

Impact of Private Tutoring on 4th and 6th Grade Achievement in Cambodia
 Harris-Van Keuren, Christine.

Impact of early learning programs on development and school readiness- results from a quasi experimental study
 Meskhidze, Giorgi.

Impact of forced land evictions on women in Cambodia
 Richardson, Jayson. and Nash, John.

Impact of globalization on examination policy reform in Bangladesh
 Ahsan, Sumera.

Impact of schools’ facilities on students’ learning levels – evidences from Pakistan
 khizar, saheem. and Jabbar, Safyan.

Impact of the Information Technology Certificate Program on Students in rural Cambodia: an Evaluation supported by Caring for Cambodia NGO
 Tillitt, Gretchen., Seguin, Eric. and Eng, Sothy.

Impenetrable Citizenship: Teachers’ perceptions of non-citizen students in the United Arab Emirates

 Dodd Russell, Cambria.

Implementing Learning Analytics based on Data of Blogging Portfolios
 Chen, Daihong., Lumpe, Andrew. and Bishop, Dan.

Implications of Evolving Economic Ideology and Higher Education Access Policy for Africa, 1960- 2010
 Mukudi Omwami, Edith.

Improving Mathematics in Kenya: The Primary Math and Reading Initiative’s Approach
 Piper, Benjamin. and Akach, Linda.

Improving Service Delivery through Child Health Days: A case for children under 5 years in Rural Communities of Lesotho
 Hanyane, Thapelo. and Koali, Fulu.

Improving literacy, reducing poverty and bringing about empowerment: a case study of Tanzanian professional women
 Kirby, Kara.

Improving teacher quality in Yemen: Analysis and policy recommendations
 Al-Abbadi, Khaled.

Improving the Basic Math abilities among government school children A randomised control trial
 Vaijayanti, K..

Improving the quality of learning through Accelerated Learning Programs-Lessons from Asia
 saeed, sehar., saeed, saba. and ZIA, HUMA.

Including Non-Formal Contexts in Education for All: Atai Shops and Intellectual Forums in Liberia
 Quaynor, Laura.

Including Various Narratives in Social Studies Curriculum in Pakistan
 Huma, Afshan.

Inclusive Education in Poland: Opportunities and Challenges
 Wilczenski, Felicia., Vanderberg, Laura., Nygren, Margaret., Kiernan, William., Wanucha, Stanley. and Kijowska, Elzbieta.

Incompatibility Between English Language Competency And Policy Insights: Case from Pakistan
 saeed, sehar., saeed, saba. and ZIA, HUMA.

Increased access to education and expanded contact with the state: Making sense of individual and social welfare and development in Ghana
 Friedson-Ridenour, Sophia.

Increasing retention of Latino students in Hispanic serving institutions: An analysis of federal policy.
 Calderon, Brenda.

Increasing the availability of information on assessment tools for numeracy education
 Davis, Jeff. and Maechel, Lena.

Indigenization and the Re-articulation and Rejection of EFA in Zimbabwe.
 Hwami, Munyaradzi.

Indigenous community learning approaches and knowledge production in sites of struggle over access and management of natural resources
 Pictou, Sherry.

Indigenous language of instruction: A right in education aid to Africa
 Babaci-Wilhite, Zehlia.

Inequality in educational research: Vietnamese grouped as Southeast Asian
 Nguyen, Xuan.

Influence of culture on women’s selection of college major and job preference in Afghanistan
 Isaqzai, Sohaila.

Informal education and private tutoring
 Wattar, Dania.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Education in Rural Ghana: Curriculum Development Planning for Excellence Computer Technology Foundation (ECTF)
 Albracht, Kimberly.

Inner views of sustainability educators shaping the road to degrowth
 Moss Gamblin, Kate.

Innovative Financing for Education: Arguments, Options and Implications
 Taylor, Aleesha.

Innovative Pedagogical Method for Teaching-Learning Process in Higher Education
 George, Jossy. and M, Vinay.

Innovative leadership in practice: How traditional and on-line learning opportunities support educational capacity-building in Haiti, the United States, and Canada
 Sider, Steve., Albert, Bertrhude., Zelaya, Priscilla., Morvan, Jhonel. and Wilson, Thelus.

Innovative skills based health education project in Bangladesh
 Tuz Zahra, Fatima. and Venkatesh, Mohini.

Inquiring into the Discursive Production of Empowered Girls: The case of Malala Yousafzai
 Khoja-Moolji, Shenila.

Inside the “Shadow”: Private Tutoring in China
 Kong, Peggy. and Zhao, Xia.

Institutional Factors and Teacher Characteristics Affecting Classroom Technology Use: Evidence from a nationally-representative sample in Spain
 Gershberg, Alec.

Institutional quality in urban Colleges of Education in India
 Witenstein, Matthew.

Integrated Quality Education in Northern Pakistan
 Black, Maribeth.

Integrating Conflict and Fragility Analysis into Education Sector Analysis
 van Bommel, Joris.

Integrating Eastern Culture into American and Canadian Community Cultural Events
 Zhou, Yanyu.

Integration of students with migrant or minority background in mainstream education: the Baltic case
 Ose, Liesma.

Intended literacy curriculum at a Canadian Transnational Education Program in China
 Zhang, Zheng.

Inter-Institutional Collaboration Networks in Education among Chilean Higher Education Institutions: A Social Network Analysis
 Munoz, David. and Queupil, Juan Pablo.

Inter-county Inequalities in the Financing of China's Compulsory Education: A Temporal-Spatial Analysis in 1995-2006
 Ding, Jianfu.

Inter-generational Transmission of Schooling Experience and Student’s Aspiration: A Case of Primary Education in Kenya
 Shimada, Kentaro.

Intercultural Bilingual Education (IBE) through community participation in La Moskitia, Honduras: A pilot program
 Aguilar, Ligia.

Intercultural Education For All? A Comparative Analysis of Intercultural Educational Policies from Québec and Hong Kong
 Fillion, Marianne. and Burkholder, Casey.

Intercultural competence in teacher education: A reflexive case analysis of innovations in human relations training in teacher education
 Goh, Michael. and Kennedy, Douglas.

International Professional Development Experiences in South Africa: Reflections on Learning Outcomes by U.S. Graduate Students
 Johnson, Heather., Berzina-Pitcher, Inese., Simpson Branham, Dawn., Loebick, Karla. and Dunn, Linda.

International Scientific Collaboration across Asia
 Halevi, Gali. and Moed, Henk.

International Standards, Domestic Reforms: Faculty Responses to New Policies in Teacher Preparation in Context
 Wahl, Rachel. and Brabeck, Mary.

International Student Mobility and Its Impacts on Pedagogical Work and Teacher Professional Development
 Tran, Ly.

International Travel Study as a Vehicle for Graduate Student Mentoring
 Sierk, Jessica. and Grayer, Marlene.

International branch campus hubs in the Arabian Gulf: building up or undermining local capacity?
 Rensimer, Lee.

International education hubs: Collaboration for competitiveness
 Knight, Jane.

International higher education scholarships: Framing the debate and proposing taxonomy
 Campbell, Anne.

International students’ integration in China
 Hu, Die.

Internationalization and Colleges of Education: A focus on teacher preparation students at a Federal University in the U.A.E.
 Thomas, Janet.

Internationalization of Central Asian universities: Do organizational changes foster academic freedom?
 Cakala, Katarzyna.

Internationalization of Chinese Research Universities:Imperatives, strategies and problems from the perspective of faculty engagement
 JIN, Wei.

Internationalization of Higher Education and the Development of Talent
 Lee, Jack.

Internationalization of higher education innovation in China: the case of university-based organized research units
 Ma, Jinyuan.

Internationalization policy of Japanese higher education: Analysis from multiple perspectives
 Kamibeppu, Takao.

Internationalization, English medium programs, and the international graduate student experience in Japan: A case study
 Wallitsch, Kristen.

Internationalization: its influence on the rapid development and pursuit of building “world-class” universities in modern Korean higher education
 Hwang, Christina.

Internationalizing Teacher Education- Extending Quality Education through Intercultural Competence
 Merz, Sydney.

Interrogating ‘empowerment’: The schooling of adolescent Dalit and Adivasi girls in India
 Desai, Karishma.

Interrupting frames of war: Interrogating the contours and potential of a pedagogy of loss
 Haynes, Charlotte.

Investigating Factors Associated with the Achievement of Low-Income Students: Evidence from PISA (2009)
 Bellibas, Mehmet. and Gonulates, Emre.

Investigating the Development of the Community College System in Chile through the Lens of Organizational Learning
 McCrink, Carmen. and Whitford, Heidi.

Investigating the Political and Sociological Challenges of Decentralization in Turkish National Education System: A Qualitative Study

Investing Early: What Policies Matter
 Neuman, Michelle., Denboba, Amina. and Sayre, Rebecca.

Inviting students’ native languages and culturally rich experiences to the implementation of curriculum in an international school setting
 Ji, Xueying. and Prawat, Theodore.

Is it the student? Or is it the program? Factors promoting intercultural development in study abroad
 Terzuolo, Eric.

Is performance of emerging readers related to their literacy practices (or lack thereof)?

Is the Institutional Composition of Higher Education Related to Economic Growth in South Korea?
 Lee, Eun Kyung.

Is the Invisible Hand a Magic Wand? Linking Economic Systems to Educational Outcomes
 Adamson, Frank. and Åstrand, Björn.

Islam, Modernization, and Women’s Education: Regulation and Emancipation of Women from Marginalized Communities in Pakistan
 Khurshid, Ayesha.

Islamic Studies and Early Childhood Education in Countries Affected by Conflict: The Role of Mosque Schools in Remote Afghan Villages
 Burde, Dana., Linden, Leigh., Middleton, Joel. and Wahl, Rachel.

Issues and Challenges of In-Service Teacher Training for English Language Activities in Japanese Elementary Schools
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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