Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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Landscapes of Early Education: Various Actors, Multiple Discourses
 Bilgi, Sabiha.

Language Behavior among Sudanese Refugees in Israel
 Blake, Charles.

Language Proficiency, Cultural Awareness and Identity of high school students of Spanish after a short-term travel experience
 Montgomery, Mary Lynn.

Language Revitalization Policies and Attitudes: Justifying Endangered Language Medium Education
 Moxley, Kimberly.

Language of instruction in rural Tanzanian primary and pre-primary schools: the reality, the challenges, and the opinions
 Thomas, Carrie.

Language policy and the Central Teacher Eligibility Exam in India: A critical discourse analysis
 Farrell, Anna.

Language policy in education in Kazakhstan: Trilingualism or language diversity?
 Iyldyz, Leila.

Language, education and the dilemma of state intervention
 Odugu, Desmond.

Language-education policies and international institutions: The World Bank’s vs. UNESCO’s global framework
 Borjian, Maryam.

Languages of “Access”: Critical Analyses of International and National Discourses on Minority and Indigenous Groups’ Rights to Higher Education
 Sattarzadeh, Sahar.

Laptops for Students’ Initiatives and Educational Outcomes: A Synthesis of Worldwide Evidence on Program Effectiveness
 Sohn, Jacqueline. and Malik, Sofya.

Large Scale Household based, Citizen-Led Learning Assessments - a forum for inclusion, social capital and social accountability
 Jamil, Baela., Zia, Huma. and Hevia, Felipe.

Latin American Private Universities in the Context of Competition and Productivity
 Delgado, Jorge.

Latino Immigrant Educational Attainment in the United States
 Gil, Elizabeth.

Laying the foundation: A preliminary analysis of cross-cohort shifts in civic attitudes from 1999-2009
 Barber, Carolyn.

Leadership for change: training new early childhood development leaders for Russia, Central Asia and Caucasus
 Yudina, Yelena.

Leadership for social justice in the world’s most dangerous city
 DeMatthews, David. and Nelson, Timothy.

Learner agency and access to education: the case of Grade 11 learners in public secondary schools in the Eastern Cape Province
 Namakula, Halima. and Baxen, Jean.

Learner-centered pedagogy and teacher education in Tamil Nadu, India
 Pathmarajah, Meera.

Learner-centred education reforms in India: the missing piece of teachers' beliefs
 Brinkmann, Suzana.

Learner-centred pedagogy and the post-2015 agenda
 Schweisfurth, Michele.

Learning Outside the School: Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Greek School
 Zervas, Theodore.

Learning achievement among girls from disadvantages urban communities in Kenya
 Hungi, Njora., Abuya, Benta., Ngware, Moses., Nyariro, Milka. and Mahuro, Gerald.

Learning across Borders: A Monitoring, Evaluation, And Learning Framework for The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program
 Cosentino, Clemencia. and Burciul, Barry.

Learning barriers associated with growth numeracy skills attained by students as they progress across lower primary school grades
 Ngware, Moses., Mahuro, Gerald., Mutisya, Maurice. and Hungi, Njora.

Learning bricolage: Youth uses of non-formal art education in Western Kenya
 Ferrer, Betsy.

Learning for Peace in Conflict-Affected Contexts
 Haiplik, Brenda.

Learning from Public Health: an Epidemiologic Approach to global literacy
 o\'gara, chloe.

Learning in the local food movement: Jewish identity, community and participation in the United States
 Davidson, Anne.

Learning through objects: education programs of the Aga Khan Museum
 Kana\'an, Ruba. and Bentley, Patricia.

Learning to teach as the reproduction of existing practices: A critical analysis of teacher education in Chile
 Sanyal, Anita.

Learning with the Dragon? Comparative Perspectives on Sino-African Relations in Education
 Nordtveit, Bjorn Harald.

Learning, Teachers and Teaching
 Sayed, Yusuf.

Learnings from Non-Formal Education: The research behind "World Scouting: Educating for Global Citizenship
 Vallory, Eduard.

Lebanon: a chance to change. The role of citizenship education in reinforcing peace
 Berrwin, Amal.

Lectura Estratégica Colaborativa: Providing Native Language Support for Teachers and Students
 Lasser, Cristin.

Legitimizing private colleges for “reasonable returns” or even profits: New initiatives in China’s higher education reform
 Li, Qian.

Lessons Learned? The Impact of Gender Violence in Schools on the Academic Performance of Students in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Vanner, Catherine.

Lessons Learned? The Relationship between Gender Violence in Schools and the Academic Performance and Motivation of Primary School Students in Kenya
 Vanner, Catherine.

Lessons from the Learning Environment of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme: Space Design and Educational Ideology
 Kobayashi, Masumi.

Leveraging Funds for School Infrastructure
 Skelton, Ann.

Liberia: Measuring Success in Alternative Basic Education program and integrating it into the Ministry of Education System
 Browne, Pauline.

Liberian Teachers as Peacebuilders
 Sisk, Jules.

Life Histories of Young Former Refugees from Liberia in Ontario Schools: Complexities of Identity, Power, and Education
 Sinke, Mark.

Lifelong learning At Tiananmen: The Inside Story Of the Beijing Declaration On Learning Cities
 Boshier, Roger.

Linking Monitoring and Reporting and the Protection of Education in the occupied Palestinian territory
 Kapit, Amy.

Linking preschool to early grade literacy skills: A cross-country Literacy Boost analysis
 Pisani, Lauren. and Dowd, Amy Jo.

Literacy Boost in Rwanda: A Randomized Control Trial
 Niyibizi, Avrile Pacifique. and Friedlander, Elliott.

Literacy Boost, Then and Now
 Friedlander, Elliott.

Literacy Education for Women in Fragile States: A researcher’s journey in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
 Basile, Samantha.

Literacy Instruction in Multilingual Contexts: Sociolinguistic Realities
 Kyeyune, Robinah.

Literacy Learning and the Trouble with Measurement for the Post-2015 Agenda
 Bartlett, Lesley.

Literacy R&D for what? Policy-relevant findings that matter now
 Wagner, Dan.

Literacy of Land: Expanding on the concept of literacy in education
 Styres, Sandra. and Zinga, Dawn.

Literacy teaching practices in early primary grades need a thorough overhaul: Research findings from India and Nepal
 Jhingran, Dhir.

Literature and Freedom: the Relationship between Human Development and Children's Reading Habits
 Scrupski, Amie.

Local Contexts, Global Indicators: Results from an Education Situation Analysis in Tumaco, Colombia
 Sullivan, John.

Lokitaung Primary School
 Imonje, Rosemary.

Long term effects of grading on achievement and educational attainment
 Klapp, Alli.

Looking for alternatives? The performance of social-democratic higher education systems on world university rankings
 Bégin-Caouette, Olivier.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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