Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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MEMORY, IMAGE AND OTHERNESS: audiovisual experiences of young people in southern Brazil
 Fischer, Rosa.

MOOCs and Revisioning Education for All: Improving Access or Impeding Equity in Rwanda
 Tonini, Donna.

Macro-level Political Inequality and the Impact of Family Socioeconomic Background on Adolescents’ Civic Outcomes: A Comparative Study of 31 Countries
 Kim, Hyungryeol.

Mainland Chinese students’ academic adjustments in a Taiwanese freshman English language classroom
 Tsai, Pei Ju.

Mainstreaming HIV Prevention to meet the EFA Goals
 Wordofa, Bertukan.

Mainstreaming of indigenous and local knowledge systems (IKS &LKS) into the education curricula at all levels in sub -Saharan Africa

Making international collaboration work: the first steps
 Hynes, James., Edgington, William. and Edmonson, Stacey.

Making sense of theory: A model of lesson study in Chinese mathematics education
 Ding, Daoyong.

Making the Right Choice in a Globalized Context: High School Choice of Chinese Students Who Choose to Go to US Colleges
 liu, shuning.

Making the Right To Education Real
 Sephton, Sarah.

Malala: Images, media and a movement
 Magno, Cathryn. and Razzaque, Ayesha.

Malawi Adolescent Girls’ Learning Partnership
 Samati, Madalo.

Many Ways of Saying No: Methodological Complexities in Cross-Cultural Research
 O\'Sullivan, Michael. and Smaller, Harry.

Mapping Education Reform in Taiwan from 1994 to 2013: A Social Cartography Critique
 Lee, Feng-Jihu. and Jacob, James.

Mapping private provision of short-cycle higher education across Europe
 Slantcheva-Durst, Snejana.

Mapping the Critical, Cultural Political Economy of the ARWU Agora for World Class University Discourse
 Mawhinney, Hanne.

Mapping transculturation education paradigm for indigenous peoples: dialectics between policy thinking, cultural capacity, and academic success
 Lee, Che-Wei. and Champagne, Duane.

Marginalized in Another Way: Empirical Study on the Chinese Language Learning Situations of International Children in China
 Yang, Yue.

Marketing New Capital: Student Exchange Discourse as Web-based Sociocultural Practice in University Education
 Sadomytschenko, Georganne.

Mass Sports in the Construction of a Healthy Society: A study on Chinese family physical education
 Xiao, Jie.

Mass education or elite education: Decades’ struggle of China’s education reform since the late of 1980s
 Yuan, Guofang. and Yang, Qingling.

Massive, Online and Open Courses for Development: Opportunity at the Bottom of the Pyramid
 Diggs, Desmond. and Laziri, Maha.

Math Instruction and (non)Learning in Rural Cameroon
 Walter, Steve.

Mati–Tec: Education for Everyone: Design and evaluation of mobile learning resources in Mathematics and Spanish for public elementary schools in Mexico
 Estrada, Juan Carlos Olmedo.

Maximizing product usage: Ensuring stakeholder buy-in
 Rivas, Zaskia.

May I Know My Child’s Rank in the Class? Chinese Immigrant Parents’ Communication with School Teachers
 Zhou, George.

Mean years of schooling: New dataset and methodology by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics
 Elmasri, Mohamad., Tay-Lim, Brenda. and Huebler, Friedrich.

Measurement Invariance Studies for International Comparisons - New Insights from Modern Modeling Methods for CivEd 1999 and ICCS 2009
 Munck, Ingrid. and Muthén, Bengt.

Measuring Gender & Educational Quality-The need for social outcomes
 saeed, sehar., saeed, saba. and ZIA, HUMA.

Measuring Gender Equality in Education: Opportunities and Challenges
 Miske, Shirley.

Measuring ICT skills of primary school teachers: instrument development in Mongolia
 Tsogtsaikhan, Oyun.

Measuring and Monitoring the New Education Agenda: What Next?
 Motivans, Albert.

Measuring basic learning outcomes: Key methodological elements of citizen-led assessments
 Bhattacharjea, Suman., Banerji, Rukmini. and Bobde, Savitri.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Language Policy in Ethnic Minority in China

Measuring the Efficacy of Pedagogical Content-Knowledge Teaching in the Developing World
 Freed, Aaqib.

Mediating the power of numbers: Reflections on measurement, gender and education
 Unterhalter, Elaine.

Mediation of Teachers’ Learning Through Talk Within a Professional Learning Community: a Case Study in Cyprus
 Chinas, Christina.

Medical Professionals and families of children with disabilities: India Practical Tips for Collaboration
 Antony, Pavan.

Medium of Instruction and Minority Students: An Examination of Bilingual Instruction in Public School Systems
 Do, Abigail.

Mentoring Sustainability, Transformations and Critical Thinking in Community-based Practices for Teacher Training and Research in Australia and in Canada.
 umangay, umar keoni. and McLeod, Anne.

Mentoring for Assistant Professors on the Promotion Way in an American Research I University
 li, hanying.

Mentorship for rural teacher professionalization: Perspectives from Guatemalan Indigenous schools
 De La Garza, Katy.

Meta-interpretation of international large-scale assessments: Putting the latest PISA, TIMSS, PIRLS, and ICCS student achievement results into perspective
 Galczynski, Mariusz.

Methodological dilemmas: reflexive practice and positionality negotiation in a qualitative inquiry with Roma people
 Lambrev, Veselina.

Minnesota Braille Skills Inventory (MBSI)
 Sharpe, Michael.

Missing data: theory and methods. Existing (best) practices in addressing missing data in education and international development
 Hatch, Rachel. and Omoeva, Carina.

Mobile Money – helping to address teacher absentee issues?
 James, Simon.

Mobile education in the Philippines: Challenges and Solutions
 Gelzhiser, Justin.

Modeling and simulation in education – political economy of the model – the education bottleneck analysis in western and central Africa
 Yokozeki, Yumiko.

Monitoring framework for out-of-school and at-risk children: distinguishing levels of 'visibility', and communicating data to decision makers
 van Cappelle, Frank. and Testot-Ferry, Philippe.

Moral development: an essential foundation to Education for All.
 Brant, James.

More on the Vision
 Carney, Stephen.

More than a Score: Teacher Evaluations, Neoliberalism and Education Reform
 Behrent, Megan.

Most Significant Change: promoting community involvement in peace education
 Trudell, Joel.

Motivations underlying development of international branch campuses: A case study of higher education in China
 Xiao, Jing.

Moving Beyond Methodological Nationalism in Assessing Cultural Biases in Educational Research: The Case of Japan and East Asian Multiculturalism
 Bradley, William.

Moving beyond the labels: Comparative perspectives on teacher preparation programs in the US and Pakistan.
 Atta, Batool. and Sharif, Andleeb.

Moving from the Peripheries to the Center of Learning: A Qualitative Examination of Student-Centered Approaches in Extra Lessons
 Stewart, Saran.

Multicultural Citizenship and Social Justice in Schools: What Counts to Peace?
 Kaderi, Ahmed.

Multilingual Education in Costa Rica: Linguistic Education for All or English Elitism?
 Koch, Joanna. and Brook Napier, Diane.

Multilingual Education in Kazakhstan: The Challenge of Linguistic Equity
 Reagan, Timothy.

Multilingualism and hierarchies of language practices: Role of home and social settings in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan.
 Atta, Batool.

Multimedia technology in EFL classroom: lessons learned from pre-service teacher modules at the Universidad de Cuenca
 Aruch, Matthew.

Multiple Perspectives and Truths: Generating Empirically Responsive Curricula on MENA
 Bajaj, Monisha.

Multiple perspectives on bullying prevention: A vertical case study of stakeholders
 Potter, Hugh.

Music in the Language Classroom
 Turan, Sema.

Muslim immigrant women's experience in cross-cultural perspective
 Wang, Emily. and Fossum, Paul.

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Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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