Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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NGOs contribution to promote basic education amongst the hard to reach communities: the case of Pact Ethiopia (1998-2013)
 G/MIchael, Zewdu.

National Education Accounts: A decade of implementation
 Chawla, Deepika.

National and international accreditation and quality management systems (QMS):
 Abd El Aziz, Noha.

National curriculum as institutional memory: through teacher’s narrative in South Korea
 Lee, Sun Young.

National history in a subnational state: Belgian teacher candidates’ interpretations of national history
 McGaha, Julie.

Navigating International Service Learning from Comparative Perspectives: Case Study of SUNY- Brockport Vietnam Program
 Tranviet, Thúy.

Negotiating Burkinis, Headscarfs, Prayerrooms:Muslim Integration into German State Schools
 Wolff-Jontofsohn, Ulrike.

Negotiating Social Justice (Pedagogy): Mission Girls’ School in Northern Uganda
 Kaburu, Gilbert.

Negotiations of teacher placement: Exploring the people, policies, and processes involved in allocating teachers to primary schools in Malawi
 Morley, Alyssa.

Networks, Research, and Databases: Providing Public Information to Support the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
 Johnstone, Christopher., Porcaro, David. and Al-Habsi, Shununa.

New Approaches to achieving Education for All: Experiences emerging out of Participatory School Governance in Uganda
 Kirabo, deborah.

New State, Old Challenges: Building Education and Peace in Post-War Kosovo
 Selenica, Ervjola.

New perspective on reaching the goal of Education For All:A case study of Zhongwu Elementary School, Beijing, China
 Wang, Yan.

Niche markets in India's education economy: A cultural political economic analysis
 Kamat, Sangeeta.

Non-deficit-model perspective on paraphrase and plagiarism
 Sivell, John.

North-South Partnerships in Higher Education: Potential and Pitfalls
 Halai, Anjum.

Novice Catholic school teachers’ reflections throughout their first year in the classroom
 Ramos, Francisco.

Numeracy Boost and Literacy Boost: Findings, Challenges, and Lesson Learned
 Hossain, Md. Moazzem., Horca, Edwin. and Guajardo, Jarret.

Numeracy Boost: Improving early grades math outcomes in primary schools in Bangladesh
 Hossain, Md. Moazzem.

Nurturing educational engagement in rural Gansu: The role of parents, teachers, and students
 Zhang, Yuping. and Kong, Peggy.

Nurturing global human resources locally: An close assessment of Japanese Government’s IB 200 schools project
 Yamamoto, Beverley.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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