Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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PARTICIPATION of women and men in the community market conservation programme in the luangwa valley region
 Muwamba, chisha.

Paideia of the Soul for All: The Educational Imperative in the Brave New Knowledge Cosmopolis
 Kazamias, Andreas.

Pakistan: A comparison of the intended curriculum for state and private schools
 Khan, Mohammad.

Paradoxical Inequalities: Adolescent Peer Relations in Indian and American Secondary Schools
 Milner Jr, Murray.

Parental Choices in the Educational Market in Tajikistan
 whitsel, christopher.

Parental Involvement and its Relationship to Family Conflict: A Comparison between East and South Asian American Students
 Rahman, Zaynah.

Parental Involvement in Primary School Tracking and Educational Inequality—A Case Study from China

Parental Involvement in School Life and Reading Literacy – Findings and Suggestions from PIRLS 2011 data
 Klemencic, Eva. and Mirazchiyski, Plamen.

Parental Priorities when Picking Schools: Role of Differing Socioeconomic Status in Prioritizing Characteristics of Schools in International Context
 Honey, Ngaire.

Parental support to improve children reading
 Mahula, Joseph.

Parents Committee on rural primary schools of China
 Qin, Guanying. and Liu, Qin.

Parents as First Teachers, First Caregivers: Best Practices from the Parenting Skills Programs in Laos and in Peru
 Hiebert, Linda. and Ord, Kerin.

Participation in Cross-National Assessments: Evidence from a Discrete-Time Hazard Model
 Kijima, Rie.

Partnership and advocacy for reducing SRGBV: Exploring the role of the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI)
 Fyles, Nora.

Partnerships for Innovative, New Approaches in Education for Better Impact – Perspectives from Asia
 Sarvi, Jouko.

Paying for Innovative Programs in Reading and Math – Can National Education Accounts Help?
 Chawla, Deepika.

Peace Education: Emerging Questions and all Systems Breakthrough
 Maver, Dot.

Peace Education: The Culture of Peace News Network
 Adams, Dave.

Pearson plc: A case study of corporate-led privatizations and profiteering in education in Ghana
 Riep, Curtis.

Pedagogical mentorship in rural and indigenous education: perspectives from Guatemalan teachers
 De La Garza, Katy.

Peer Education: An HIV/AIDS Education Strategy
 Schatz, Naomi.

Perceived Discrimination as a Predictor for Cambodian College Students’ Academics and Well-Being
 Eng, Sothy. and Szmodis, Whitney.

Perceptions of American and Canadian Aspiring and Practicing teachers: Skills and Attitudes necessary for Culturally Proficient School Leader
 Marwaha, Sushma.

Perceptions of academic grades and grading: A comparison of U. S. and Taiwanese university students
 Caropreso, Eward. and Chen, Sue-Jen.

Perceptions of the "Other"
 Young, Raymond. and Young, Sara.

Perverse Effects of MDGs and Public Policy: Higher Education as the Missing Link in the Quest for Africa's Renewal
 Assie-Lumumba, N\'Dri.

Philippines: Increasing Access to Education for Conflict-Affected Out of School Youth through the Philippine Department of Education’s Alternative Learning System (ALS)
 Pahm, Miriam.

Phonological & Reading Skills of Grade 1 Students in Northern Rwandan: What do we know?
 Goldenberg, Claude., Friedlander, Elliott. and Cha, Kijoo.

Plan Bangladesh’s Protecting Human Rights (PHR) Project: transforming young boys and girls into change agents in schools
 Alderfer, Henry.

Policy and Practice: Teaching and Learning in English at primary level in Punjab Schools
 Butt, Salaeya., Rashid, Abbas. and Muzaffar, Irfan.

Policy and data: the ongoing debate about baseline assessment
 Hawker, David., Tymms, Peter. and Merrell, Christine.

Policy dialogue on physical education for girls in Rwanda: Using visual participatory methodologies to foster discussion between stakeholders
 Rivard, Lysanne.

Policy, Reform,Future: Promote access equity for immigrant children for preschool education in Beijing
 Jia, Song.

Politics and organizative aspects of adult secondary educatión in Córdoba (Argentina) y Catalonia (Spain): convergences and differences
 Acin, Alicia.

Post secondary study of the Room to Read Girls' Education program in Cambodia, India, Nepal, and Vietnam
 Zhang, Jenny.

Postdoctoral career trajectories: Whither the future?
 McAlpine, Lynn.

Potential for visual participatory methodologies to include Non-Chinese Speaking girls’ voices in Hong Kong policy dialogue
 Burkholder, Casey.

Practice, opportunity to learn and reading: Parent and social factors in literacy acquisition
 Dowd, Amy Jo.

Pre-Primary Professional Development: An innovative model to develop professional capacities of teachers and supervisors in Bangladesh
 Yusuf, Md Shamim., Stewart-Tufescu, Ashley., Balasko, Sharon. and Hossain, Rabeya.

Pre-primary and primary teachers’ perceptions about professionalism, professional development and professional identity. A case study in Greece
 Fotopoulou, Vasiliki. and Ifanti, Amalia.

Predicting enrollment in Brazilian private higher education: Pre- and Post- PROUNI
 Franklin, Shannon.

Predictors of School Violence and students’ academic achievement in Mexican Public Upper-Secondary Schools
 Lavore, Elisa.

Preparation for Transnationalism: Changes in China’s Top Secondary Schools
 Gordon, June.

Prepared for school transitions?!
 Crul, Maurice.

Preparing Students for the Global World: Rhetoric or Reality?
 Bintz, Bethany.

Primary Education in Rural India: A Multilevel Analysis
 Linsin, Tavis.

Primary Schooling of Children with Disabilities in Uganda
 Uhara, Emi.

Primary school principal leadership and learning outcomes in South Africa and China
 Amsterdam, Christina.

Principals’ Instructional Leadership in Lower Secondary Schools in Turkey: A Mixed-Method Design
 Bellibas, Mehmet.

Private Sector in Chinese Higher Education System:Expansion and Challenges
 Han, Mengjie. and Kim, Sunwoong.

Private Supplementary Tutoring in India: A Case of New Delhi
 Mukherjee, Souvik.

Private education with no cost for the students: education for all in the voices of youth
 Golbspan, Ricardo.

Private for Profit Secondary Schools in Malawi: A Solution to a Problem or a Problem for Solution?
 Lewin, Keith. and Zeitlyn, Benjamin.

Private unaided school, elite spaces and disadvantaged children; how inclusive is the RTE Act, 2009?
 Gupta, Khushbu.

Privatisation and Teacher Union-Governmental Relations
 Bascia, Nina.

Producing “science/fictions” about the rural poor: A critical discourse analysis of an educational simulation at a medical college in India
 Arur, Aditi.

Professional Indian Diaspora in the United States: Attitudes towards Migration Return
 Doriani, Kara.

Progress and limits of educational inclusion processes in Latin America
 Perez Centeno, Cristian.

Progress of inclusive education in Canada and India
 Chang, Ar-Larm.

Promoting Change within the Constraints of Conflict
 Ross, Karen.

Promoting Civic Engagement in Schools in Non-Democratic Settings
 Abolfazli, Maryam. and Alemi, Maryam.

Promoting a global learning agenda: no literacy without early childhood programs
 Chabbott, Colette. and Zimanyi, Louise.

Promoting classroom learning: Identifying and addressing learning barriers through NGO and public school partnerships
 Hamm, Molly. and Martinez, Rebeca.

Promoting holistic global citizenship education: What globally engaged students have to say to their schools
 Galinova, Elena.

Promoting learning beyond school walls: Lessons from a Literacy Boost experiment in Burundi
 Sorenson, Lisa. and NINDAGIYE, Fidele.

Proposal for the Implementation of a Logical Framework Matrix/Logframe Matrix in Defining EFA Goals
 Bissessar, Charmaine.

Protecting Teachers from Attack in the Philippines
 Smith, Melinda. and Koons, Cynthia.

Protection of Children and their Childhoods in Emergencies: A Case of Nursery Schools in Iwate at the 2011 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami
 Kondo, Chiharu.

Protective Role of Female Teachers to Refugee Girls in Secondary Schools

Protective Role of Female Teachers to Refugee Girls in Secondary Schools Dadaab and Kakuma Camps

Providing Access to Education: Intercultural and Knowledge Issues in the Curriculum
 Sharma, Namrata.

Prying the Private School Effect: Evidence from Public and Private Schools
 Javaid, Kiran., Musaddiq, Tareena. and Sultan, Atiyab.

Public policies and the beginning of a new era in higher education in Brazil
 Costa, Danilo.

Public signage and adult literacy practices in the City of Kankan (Guinea)
 Yerende, Efstathia.

Public-Private Partnerships and new privatization trends in the global governance of education: A multi-level analysis of their dissemination and policy implications
 Verger, Antoni.

Public-Private Schools and Universalization of Access to Secondary Education: Implications for Post 2015 educational development in India
 Wadhwa, Rashim.

Public-private partnership institutions and their public policy environment: Independent colleges and Sino-foreign joint universities in China
 Sun, Ruirui. and Shi, Yunyu.

Puerto Rico the 51st state: The implications of statehood
 Torres, Kelly. and Galeano, Rebecca.

Purposeful and communal: rural youth perspectives on schooling
 Kong, Peggy.

Pursuit of equity in quality education: Learning for all in the context of early grades reading
 Jhingran, Dhir.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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