Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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Racial and Class Implications of Globalization and their Impact on Education
 Wiggan, Greg.

Re-Examining the Human Capital Theory: Return on Investment in Higher Education in OECD Countries
 Villarreal, Pedro. and Gaulee, Uttam.

Re-conceptualizing the intergenerational transfer of education: The extended family and children’s educational outcome in Indonesia
 Nakajima, Nozomi.

Re-envisioning grand narratives: Rationales for the “Rethinking the Region” curricular project
 Hantzopoulos, Maria.

Re-framing, Re-imagining, and Re-tooling Curricula from the Grassroots
 Pulido, Isaura., Cortez, Gabriel., Aviles de Bradley, Ann., Miglietta, Anton. and Stovall, David.

Re-imagining citizenship(s) for ‘Bread, Freedom, and Social Justice’ in Egypt: Exploring theories and tensions of Arab youth citizenship
 Dorio, Jason.

Re-visioning the place of culture in early childhood teacher education
 Prochner, Larry., Cleghorn, Ailie., Kirova, Anna. and Dachyshyn, Darcey.

Re-visioning the standards process: Negotiating issues of international standards, national expectations and the state of literacy learning in the DRC
 Simard, Suzanne.

Reaching the Unreached: Makira Early Childhood Education Program (MECEP) in the Solomon Islands
 Catford, Andrew. and Unity, Gwen.

Reaching the last ninety percent: Research to promote learning in context
 Jukes, Matthew.

ReadRightNow: Designing Comprehensive Reading Programming
 Christina, Rachel.

Reading Comprehension Redux: What Literacy Boost Endline Data Reveals about Students’ Progress in Reading Comprehension Skills Across Languages
 Guajardo, Jarret.

Reading Comprehension in and via L2: Do we know what we are measuring?
 Walter, Steve.

Reading Model Meta-Analysis
 Gove, Amber.

Ready for school? Assessing school readiness skills to inform interventions and evaluate program impact
 Borisova, Ivelina. and Brown, Christina.

Reality and Challenges in Sustainability: Results from a study of the Handover Process from NGO to Government in Afghanistan
 Brown, Autumn.

Recasting teachers’ pedagogy and practices in the Global South: a rigorous literature review of ‘what works’
 Westbrook, Jo. and Durrani, Naureen.

Reclaiming Social Justice and Equity in Education: Chinese Immigrant Descendants in Canada
 Cui, Dan.

Recognizing the constraints for continuing education for women – a qualitative exploration of voice and agency
 Baily, Supriya.

Reconfiguring a Soviet Education Structure to Serve Post-Soviet Needs: The Case of the Institute for Professional Development (IPD), Badakhshan Tajikistan
 Bulbulov, Juma. and Niyozov aka Niezov, Sarfaroz.

Redefining “Immigrants”: the Transmigrant Educational Experience of 1.5-Generation Chinese Youth in the United States
 Liu, Xiangyan.

Redefining “Immigrants”: the Transmigrant Educational Experience of 1.5-Generation Chinese Youth in the United States
 Liu, Xiangyan.

Redistribution, Recognition, and Participation: A Theoretical Modality for Understanding Inequitable Access to Education in the Char Lands of Bangladesh
 Roy, Sudipta.

Reducing Resistance to Educational Reforms: Introducing formative assessment through Teacher Trainings
 Goswami, Ruchira.

Reflections of Transnational Academic Careers and Experience: The Voices of Women Scholars
 White, Melissa. and Edge, Karen.

Reflections on Uganda's Universal Primary Education
 Kabay, Sarah.

Reframing FSL education in Ontario: Sociolinguistic approaches to preparing learners for the global 'francophonie'
 Rehner, Katherine.

Refugees, Immigrants, and Education in the Global South: Overview of Concepts
 Bartlett, Lesley.

Reinvent a Chinese Self Through School
 Yang, Min.

Relational Theory: A New Research Paradigm for our Times
 Sol Madjidi, Katia.

Relationship between Home Factors, Motivation and Reading Achievement: A Study of Fourth Grade Chinese Students based on data from PIRLS 2011
 Li, Dan.

Reliability, Validity and the Structure of the Social and Emotional Competence Questionnaire in Chinese Primary and Middle School Students
 Zeng, Chuikai., Mao, Yaqing. and Yu, Hongxia.

Religion and Culture: What is the Hope for the Girl-Child in Northern Nigeria
 Babagario, Ezekiel.

Religion and the international student: Defining a research agenda
 Osburn, Robert.

Religious based bullying: Is religious literacy the “education for all” that we need?
 Chan, Wing Yu.

Research and Incentives: The Case of two Private Universities in Argentina
 Rabossi, Marcelo.

Research capacity building of academics – a concern for universities in developing countries
 Tleshova, Zhibek.

Researching gender violence in education in poverty contexts
 Parkes, Jenny.

Resiliency in conflict: The perceptions and reflections of NGO practitioners implementing psychosocial support in schools
 Richardson, Stephen.

Respecting Diversity: A key to building a caring classroom community
 Thapa, Sarala.

Responsibilities and Burdens Among Rwanda’s “Best and Brightest”: Navigating Migration Dilemmas and (Re)imagining the future as International Scholarship Recipients
 Baxter, Aryn.

Resurgent dropout rate in rural middle schools in China
 Hao, Linshuo.

Retheorizing culture and development: Exploring Ghanaian Proverbs as Theoretical and Practical Tools for Endogenous Development
 McDonnell, Jadie.

Rethinking competition and market mechanisms in education: is it really the ‘market’ that matters?
 Verger, Antoni., Bonal, Xavier. and Zancajo, Adrián.

Rethinking policy in post-conflict adult education in South Sudan and Afghanistan
 Krupar, Allyson.

Rethinking the Adaptation and Adoption of Western English Pedagogies in Chinese Higher Education
 WU, XI.

Return and Re-entry of Female Returnee Faculty in China’s Top University: A Case Study
 Xu, Xin.

Reuniting Former Girl Soldiers with their Communities through Critical Peace Education
 Savard, Michelle. and Naseem, Muhammad.

Reversing language shift through local educational initiatives among the Yughur of west China
 Ma, Xueyun. and Bahry, Stephen.

Review Process and International Access
 Anderson-Levitt, Kathryn., Easton, Peter., King, Elizabeth. and Smith, Cristine.

Review of IDB Support to Secondary Education: Improving Access, Quality, and Institutions, 1995-2012
 Stone, Leslie., Fryer, Michelle. and Qiujano, Ursula.

Revisioning Classroom Practice with Young Immigrant Children
 Chumak-Horbatsch, Roma.

Revisioning EFA in terms of equity: The use of learners’ languages for early literacy, learning and assessment
 Benson, Carol.

Revisioning Education For All -- Lessons from multi-stakeholder partnerships in Rajasthan
 Pachauri, Anupam.

Revisioning Education for All: Redressing Education Inequality for Migrant Children in Canada and China
 Guo, Shibao. and Guo, Yan.

Revisioning Education for Females through MOOC
 Barger, Runchana.

Revisioning Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D): A Comparative Analysis of CIES ICT4D Presentations from 2009 to 2013
 Kang, Haijun.

Revisioning Retention for All: Community Colleges Improving Student Outcomes through Coaching
 Tonini, Donna.

Revisioning language education: Chinese school-age children in a transitional, bilingual program
 Li, Jia.

Revisioning pedagogy for all: what can we learn from classroom study?
 Pryor, John.

Revisioning the International Professoriate: Applying academic development framework to engage and support international faculty
 Akulli, Alexander.

Revisiting the Debate of Private Vs Public Schooling: Some Unexplored Dimensions
 Narwana, Kamlesh.

Reworking of School Principals’ Roles in the Context of Public Education Privatization: A View from Ukraine
 Kovalchuk, Serhiy. and Shchudlo, Svitlana.

Ringing Cuba's Triangle: Successes and Dilemmas of a School, Neighborhood and Family Approach to Civic Education
 Dawley-Carr, Jenny.

Rise of a New Power in Shaping Educational Equity: Case Studies on Shadow Education in Urban Schools
 Cheng, Cheng.

Rise of the new internationalization models in Japanese higher education
 Kamata, Takehito.

Risky behavior among girls and its implication to learning achievement
 Ngware, Moses. and Mahuro, Gerald.

Role of private and non-governmental sectors in post 2015 educational agenda of Pakistan
 Ali, Sajid.

Roundtable Participant
 Rose, Pauline.

Roundtable Participant
 Wulff, Antonia.

Roundtable Participant
 Lewin, Keith.

Roundtable Participant
 King, Kenneth.

Roundtable Paticipant
 Spreen, Carol Anne.

Rummaging through data: an analysis of the secondary analysis of PISA
 Gorur, Radhika. and King, Elizabeth.

Rural /urban disparities in science achievement in post-socialist Eastern European countries: The whole story?
 Kryst, Erica., Kotok, Stephen. and Bodovski, Katerina.

Rural Realities in the Quest for Education in El Salvador: An Ethnography
 Beckman, Paula. and Srygley, Mairin.

Russian Heritage Language Instruction: Student Motivation and Curriculum
 Rozhenkova, Veronika.

Russian students' knowledge and beliefs about democracy
 Kozhevnikova, Oksana.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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