Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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SEA in Nigeria: Impact of SEA institutionalization of SEA on policy in two states in Nigeria, Bauchi and Sokoto
 Odumosu, Olakunle.

SEA in Nigeria: Impact of SEA institutionalization of SEA on policy in two states in Nigeria, Bauchi and Sokoto
 Forbes, Phyllis.

STEM education in CFC schools: A study on curriculum, resource availability, and interests in STEM fields among students and teachers
 Pritt, Amanda., Ozturk, Busra. and Buccella, Alyssa.

Safe School Policies in Ontario, Canada and New York State, U.S.A.
 Djong, Gordon.

Safe water and Sanitation facilities a vital in the promotion of Basic Education in the hinterland of Ethiopia
 Belete, Fekerte.

Sake, Stationery and Schools: Aid and Minority Education in 19th Century Japan
 Frey, Christopher.

Same Script, Same Cast: Intersection of Race, Ethnicity and Socioeconomic status in Racial/Ethnic Minority Students’ Access to International Higher Education
 Gathogo, Mary.

Saudi Arabia students in the US
 Sabry, Manar.

Save the Children’s Quality Learning Environments (QLE) Framework: Contributions for the Education for All (EFA) Debate
 Romero, Tatiana.

Scale-Up within Reach? A Case Study of the Akazi Kanoze Youth Livelihood Development Program in Rwanda.
 Janke, Cornelia. and Sany, Melanie.

Scaling up: A Rights – Based Approach to Education from Early Childhood through Secondary School
 Wilkinson, Moira. and Al-Habsi, Shununa.

School Choice, Education Privatization, & Local Level Education Reform in China: Using Education Voucher in Changxing County as Example
 Wu, Hantian.

School Transformation under Educational Reform - A Case Study of Chinese High School
 Liu, Yan.

School access and mother-tongue policy: Challenges and solutions of Ethiopia’s educational reform
 Summers, Katherine.

School autonomy and accountability policy intent in Kazakhstan
 Demas, Angela.

School based reform: An Egyptian model
 Kostandy, Mary.

School choice in Pakistan: Exploring implications of marketisation of education provision for parental strategies in a high inequality context
 Malik, Rabea.

School potential for mitigating social inequalities: Analysis of selected European school systems
 Stancel-Piatak, Agnes.

Schooling and Students’ STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Occupational Expectations: A Comparative Perspective
 Han, Seong Won.

Schooling experiences of students living with HIV in Kisumu, Kenya
 Marinkovich, Zoe.

Schooling in the Migrant-Sending Country: Producing Filipino Workers for the Global Market
 Ortiga, Yasmin Patrice.

Second national language education in primary schools in Sri Lanka: does it make a difference to inter-ethnic attitudes?
 Hayes, David.

Seeing the forest for the trees: Helping communities understand education quality in their schools
 Rodd, Alastair.

Segregation and Integration in Education
 Walraven, Guido.

Sexuality Education: A Comparative Study of Anglophone Industrialized Nations
 Barcy, Katharine. and Cummins, Leigh.

Shadow Educations: Mapping a Global Research Agenda
 Manzon, Maria.

Shadow education in Bangladesh: Insights from teachers, students and parents
 Morshed, Mohammad Mahboob.

Shaping the Intellectual Landscape of Comparative and International Education: Archival Evidence from the Bereday, Noah, Kazamias, Altbach, and Epstein Files
 Cossa, Jose.

Short bursts: literacy micro-practice in a cell phone-based intervention in Bangladesh
 Anwar, Kazi.

Simply a Clash of Pedagogies? Insights from an English Language Teacher Training Project in Beijing, China
 Frame, Mei Lan.

Sisesikoleni (We are at school): Troubling adult learner identities in a rural Zulu community in South Africa
 Nussey, Charlotte.

Skills and abilities that predict school success
 Linan-Thompson, Sylvia.

Skills mismatch in post-Soviet Tajikistan: Employers’ perspectives
 Jonbekova, Dilrabo.

Slavery in two nations: Examining the presentation of slavery in secondary U.S. and Brazilian history textbooks
 Khan, Nafees.

Social Class and the Development of Internal Political Efficacy: A Comparison between Low-SES Adolescents and High-SES Adolescents in 34 Countries
 Kim, Taehan.

Social Exclusion in Education: A Study of Scheduled Tribes in India
 Dar, Sajad.

Social Justice Education and Gender: Exploring Participatory Video in Teacher Education
 Yang, Kyung-Hwa. and deLange, Naydene.

Social Media
 Epstein, David.

Social background and educational transitions in China
 Wei, Yi. and Zhou, Sen.

Social justice and international higher education: comparative philosophies in the U.S. and global south
 Berends, Ph.D., Louis.

Social unity or exclusion? A comparative study of multilingual education systems in Luxembourg and Singapore
 Brown, Katharine.

Sociocultural adaptation of international students in China
 Wen, Wen. and Hu, Die.

Sociological Perspectives on Ethnic Minority Teacher Education in China: A Review of the Literature
 Lee, MaryJo.

Sociology of Education as a Tool for Engaging, Exposing, and Reconstructing the Local and Global Education Ideas in Central Asia
 Niyozov aka Niezov, Sarfaroz., Kabilova, Gulchehra. and Dastambuev, Nazarkhudo.

Soldier or Student? Militarization, Teacher Morality and the Making of Educated Citizens in Eritrea
 Riggan, Jennifer.

South African Schoolchildren’s Voices on Democratic Belonging, Being, and Becoming
 Kubow, Patricia. and Ulm, Jessica.

South Korean College Students’ Study Abroad Experiences: How Do They Change?
 Jon, Jae-Eun., Lee, Suji. and Byun, Kiyong.

South-South Cooperation: India’s Programme of Development Assistance
 Tilak, Jandhyala.

Spaces of Consumption: Private Schools in Urban China
 Schulte, Barbara.

Speaking to the power
 Rahman, Mohammad.

Special Education in the Global Context: A Policy Frame Analysis and Case Study of Ghana
 DeMore, Kristin.

Splicing (Making) Chinese Knots with the American Knots: Lived Experience of Teaching Chinese in America
 Weng, Xuan.

Spoken Word and Hip Hop as a lens into the emotional lives of Black male youth
 Tabi, Emmanuel.

Standards are good for business: A critical examination of global reform packages
 Steiner-Khamsi, Gita.

State intervention in higher education reforms in the countries of South Caucasus: corruption, coercion and strife for international standards
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.

Stemming the Exodus of Rural Teachers: Differentiating between teachers’ intentions to leave schools from intentions to leave the occupation
 Adams, Jennifer. and Li, Huisi.

Stimuli of private school enrolments: Comparative trends in post-Soviet countries
 Chankseliani, Maia.

Stories and Statistics behind Gender Equality in Learning Outcomes in Southern and Eastern Africa: Evidence-based Practitioners’ Tool
 Saito, Mioko.

Straddling Activity Systems of Education: How Chinese M.Ed. Students Move to Professional Development as ELL Teachers at an American University
 Fagan, Keenan.

Strategic Norm-Building of Internationalization - A Case of Estonia’s Higher Education System
 Tamtik, Merli.

Strategies for Successful Institutional Assessments: A Case Study from Pakistan
 Vinogradova, Elena.

Strengthening ties across the Atlantic - South-south cooperation in higher education between Brazil and Portuguese-speaking Africa and Asia
 Ress, Susanne.

Strengthening university research capacity with collaboration in Kazakhstan
 Kuzhabekova, Aliya. and Saniyazova, Aray.

Structural Relationships between Parental Socioeconomic Status, Academic Support, Parenting Styles, Participation in Private Education, and Self-directed Learning Ability
 Jang, Heewon., Kim, Kyung-keun. and Youn, Bora.

Structure and Logic: Comparative Institutional Analysis of Admission to Higher Education in Contemporary Time
 Sun, Zhiyuan. and Yan, Wenfan.

Struggle toward Globalization Of School-Based Sexuality Education
 Kandi, Mitra.

Struggles for Counter-Hegemonic Educational Movements: Lessons from Two Cities
 Yu, Min. and Crowley, Christopher.

Struggling to deal with the difficult past: Polish students confront the Holocaust
 Gross, Magdalena.

Student Voices from Soweto: Factors Influencing Female Learner Achievement and Retention
 Ellison, Sarah.

Student achievement, ethnicity, and after-school work: A comparative study
 Post, David. and Levitan, Joseph.

Students’ perception of the use of the L1 in the EFL classroom in a monolingual society
 Mihara, Kei.

Study Abroad: Chinese Nationals Seek Liberal Arts Education in the United States
 Maibach, Sarah.

Study Design, Intervention and Household characteristics of a Community Based Intervention to Increase Girls’ Opportunity to learn
 Mutisya, Maurice., Abuya, Benta., Ngware, Moses. and Nyariro, Milka.

Study of Education Research and Policy Making in Pakistan
 Razzaque, Ayesha., Muzaffar, Irfan. and Kamal, Helen.

Studying globalization: The vertical case study approach
 Bartlett, Lesley. and Vavrus, Frances.

Subjugation of Women and Capability Approach: Relocating Gender Equality in Higher Education
 SHUKLA, TANU. and Kumar, Kalyan.

Succeeding where others stumble? Lessons from the first half decade of Literacy Boost
 Dowd, Amy Jo.

Success in Internationally Recognised TESOL Training Courses – Is it a Matter of Luck?
 Freitas, Danielle.

Sud Academy
 Gakunga, Daniel.

Supporting Early Literacy and Overall School Readiness in Early childhood Settings: Effective Approaches and Evidence from Save the Children programs
 Borisova, Ivelina.

Supporting the Under-resourced Rural Schools through Partnership: A Case of A Rural-Urban School Partnership Program in China

Supremacy of English and higher education in Sri Lanka
 Suraweera, Dulani.

Symbolic violence in parent school relationship- Experiences of Caribbean Anglophone parents in Francophone elementary schools in Quebec
 lewis, lerona.

school leadership in Latin America and The Caribbean: a cross-country study of systems and policies for an effective leadership
 weinstein, jose., Munoz, Gonzalo. and hernandez, macarena.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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