Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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 Song, Jiaying.

Tackling early literacy inequalities in Africa through quality reading materials: the Vula Bula graded reading series
 Katz, Jenny., DIKOTLA, Masenya. and Shiohira, Kelly.

Taking it With You: The Baggage of Transnational Collaboration and Cultural Dialogue
 Frkovich, Ann.

Teacher Attrition in Fragile Contexts: Why Secondary School Teachers Leave the Profession in Afghanistan
 Aslami, Hassan.

Teacher Change: The Key Element in Improving Literacy Outcomes
 Piper, Benjamin. and Jepkemei, Evelyn.

Teacher Development Program for Saudi Interns at an International School: Revisioning Teacher Preparation
 Phillips, Jacqueline.

Teacher Education for Social Change
 Ritchie, Scott., Cone, Neporcha., An, Sohyun. and Bullock, Patricia.

Teacher Empowerment and School Reform
 Mungai, Anne.

Teacher Evaluation Design Considerations and Trade-offs: Lessons from India
 Goodnight, Melissa. and Bobde, Savitri.

Teacher Initial Education in Latin America and the Caribbean
 Louzano, Paula. and Moriconi, Gabriela.

Teacher Preparation and Continuing Professional Education in Primary Teacher Colleges in Uganda - Capacity Gap Analysis
 Wokadala, James.

Teacher Support Approaches in Afghanistan: A Comparative Analysis
 Noori, Nooralluh.

Teacher absenteeism and community participation: findings from SACMEQ III
 Nogami, Ikuru.

Teacher education policies and Indigenous student achievement in Latin America
 Cortina, Regina.

Teacher instruction of Indigenous populations and the quality of intercultural bilingual education in Mexico
 Schmelkes, Sylvia.

Teacher kindness and student happiness in the Chinese elementary school classroom
 Sargent, Tanja. and Jun, Liu.

Teacher practices and the academic performance of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students in Latin America
 Tvaruzkova, Mirka.

Teacher preparation and training: complexities and alternatives
 Kamel, Shereen.

Teacher selection practices in Brazil and England:Trends, perspectives and comparisons
 De Carvalho, Roussel.

Teachers Practices, Attitudes, and Beliefs in one Rwandan District: Results from the baseline survey and observation
 Raab, Erin. and Malik, Saima.

Teachers as Tutors: Teachers’ Dual Lives in the Republic of Georgia
 Kobakhidze, Magda Nutsa.

Teachers' Voices Heard: Egyptian Teachers’ Attitudes about Professional Development An Exploratory Descriptive Case Study
 Elnagdi, Mohamed.

Teachers' understandings, facilitative practices & perceptions of factors influencing student (dis)-engagement in post-war Lebanon
 Bahou, Lena.

Teachers' use of mobile learning in Tanzania and India: Motivations, challenges, and implications for policy and professional development
 Griffin, Lisa.

Teachers’ Assessment for Learning in a post-Soviet Kazakhstan
 Winter, Liz., KURAKBAYEV, Kairat., McLellan, Ros. and Fimyar, Olena.

Teachers’ Beliefs and Teaching Practices: Analysis of TALIS 2008
 Shi, Qingmin., Wang, Jian., Zhang, Shaoan. and Lin, Emily.

Teachers’ Perspective towards Inclusive Education; Learning from Indonesia
 mulyadin, taufik.

Teachers’ Practice and Responses to High Stakes Accountability and Testing Demands: A Case of nclb
 bista, shikha.

Teachers’ engagement with lessons in primary mathematics classrooms in Liberia
 Sitabkhan, Yasmin.

Teacher’s Understanding of Gender Sensitivity: A Case of ‘Gender Sensitive Curriculum’ at Agricultural TVET College in Ethiopia
 Shimazu, Yuki.

Teaching English or Expanding Empire: ESL at a time of globalization
 Biazar, Bahar.

Teaching Religious Education for All Students: A Case Study of Hong Kong
 Wong, Mei-Yee.

Teaching Teachers for Human Rights
 Beamonte, Fatima.

Teaching in American and Chinese universities: A comparative study
 Su, Zhixin.

Teaching in an Elite Private School in Urban India: A Gender Perspective
 Luthra, Simran.

Technology Integration Challenges for Teachers in Nepal
 Lee, Jeffrey.

Telecollaboration for World Peace: Intercultural Communication Through Literacy Practices in an Alaska-Kenya Online Literacy Exchange
 Bwire, David.

Tensions of the Monolingual Education in Iran and the Necessity of a Multilingual Education System
 Hoominfar, Elham.

Tertiary Education and Workforce Development: A Comparative Perspective of the Demographic Dynamics at Play
 Wagner, Alan.

Testing the IB: a meta-analytic review of the post-secondary achievements of IB graduates.
 Read, Daniel.

Tete Chargee! Addressing Higher Education Challenges in Haiti: A Case Study Analysis of the Haitian Education and Leadership Program
 Vital, Louise.

The "Offline Learning Revolution": A Case Study of Womens' Entrepreneurship Education from Tajikistan
 Hussain, Tanvir.

The AUC Principals Academy: Destiny via Appreciative Inquiry
 Rissmann-Joyce, Stacie.

The Adult Literacy Component of Education for All: Ethiopia's Innovative Practice of Integrated Functional Adult Education
 Hunde, Dessu.

The Affordances of Online Feminist Movements in Lebanon: A Critical Discourse Analysis
 rabah, jihan. and Naseem, Muhammad.

The Anatomy of Inequalities in Adult Skills Proficiencies: Comparative Analysis of the International Investigation Data from PIAAC 2013
 DING, Ruichang.

The Case for Graduate Education: Does University-Based Research Really Lead to National Economic Development?
 Schaaper, Martin.

The Challenge of Inclusion: Turkish-German Youth in Berlin
 Burnside, Bruce.

The Challenge to the Common Core State Standards: Messages from Korea
 Han, Jae Bum. and Kim, Hyojeong.

The Challenges and Benefits of Establishing International Double Degree Programs in Twenty-first Century Spain
 Crystle, Jennifer.

The Challenges of “Refugeeness” Youth experiences in accessing learning in rural and urban Ecuador
 Rodriguez, Diana.

The Challenges to Implement EFA Goals for Quality Education in Science Curriculum Reforms in East Africa
 Semali, Ladislaus.

The Champions Project: Understanding the determinants of educational success amongst girls from illiterate families in India.
 Kelly, Orla.

The Cognitive Legacy of Social Orientation
 Burbanks, Samuel.

The Cognitive and Academic Achievement Impacts of School, Health and Nutrition (SHN) Interventions: A Review of the Evidence
 Gee, Kevin. and Adelman, Elizabeth.

The Conceptual Framework for Reconsidering the Relationship between Democracy and Moral-Citizenship Education in the U. S. and Europe

The Condition of Educational Quality Of Indonesia’s Compulsory Schooling: The Analysis of Inputs Quality Condition Of Primary And Secondary Schools
 El Muhammady, Fauzanah.

The Confucian Factor and Good Fortune in the National College Entrance Examination in China
 Hinton, Samuel.

The Consequences of Status: The Schooling of Iraqis in Jordan
 Allaf, Carine.

The Constituent Elements of Global Perspectives in Tourism Industry Classroom
 Hsieh, Brenda. and Hsieh, Ching-jung.

The Construction of a Good Student: A Critical Analysis of Chinese Textbooks
 Lee, Yi-chen.

The Convergence of Civic Engagement and Internationalization at a University in the U.S.
 Jacobson, Seth.

The Cultural Mechanisms Producing Hybrid Education in Cambodia: Towards a Dialectical Critical Cultural Political Economy of Education
 Brehm, William.

The Current State of Orthodox Christian Theological Education in the United States
 Wisnosky, Marc.

The Curriculum Reforms in South Korea
 Yun, Min Kyoung.

The Development of Alternative Education in Taiwan
 Hu, Huichun.

The Ecole Communautaire Entrepreneurial Consciente (Entrepreneurial Community School): Approach, development and outcomes
 Lévesque, Rino. and Pepin, Matthias.

The Education of Female Rural Migrant Domestic Workers and their Left-behind Children in China
 Jia, Yongfang.

The Education of Young American Muslims: Religious Knowledge and Authority in Islamic Learning Environments
 Kabba, Zainab.

The Education of the 'non-German' German
 Krause, Camryn. and Adams, Ryan.

The Effect of Participation in Professional Learning Communities on Teaching Efficacy: Evidence of Secondary School Teachers in Korea
 Kim, Ji-Hye., Kang, Ho Soo. and Cha, Jungju.

The Effect of Pre-primary Education on Student Achievement at the Fourth Grade: Evidence from TIMSS 2011
 Taniguchi, Kyoko.

The Effect of Teachers’ Education in Teaching Reading on Students Reading Score in Primary School: Examining Data from Botswana PIRLS 2011
 Miheretu, Adane.

The Effects of Family Factors on Educational attainment in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
 Taylor, Marcellus. and Johnson, Pandora.

The Effects of Study Abroad in Non-traditional Destinations on the Development of Intercultural and Global Competence
 Gathogo, Mary.

The English language education within the primary and secondary education in Sri Lanka
 Makulloluwa, Enoka.

The Erasmus Mobility Programme: Educational Consumption and Conceptions of Citizenship Identity
 Streitwieser, Bernhard.

The Expansion of Higher Education in Asia and Its Implications for Equity and Quality
 Varghese, N.V.., Montjorides, Patrick. and Tran, Hélène.

The Experience of A Lifetime: Exploring Study Abroad Programs for Students of Color
 Barrow, Kester. and Malekar, Gunjan.

The Exploration and Practice of Primary and Secondary School Characteristics----Based on the case study of Beijing No.2 Experimental Primary School
 Yao, Rong. and Lu, Yong Li.

The Family Socioeconomic Effect on Extra lessons in Greater China: A Comparison among Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao
 Zhou, Yisu. and Wang, Dan.

The Flaws of Computer Technology Intergation into Palestinian Schools
 Barham, Kefah.

The Forgotten Malala’s of Pakistan
 Khan, Mhehvish.

The Forgotten Region: Mapping the Educational Space and Trends of the Pacific Island Nations
 Edwards Jr., D. Brent., Pheng, Linda., Taira, Derek., McNiff, Matthew. and Edwards, Sachi.

The Future of Scientific Degrees and Ideas for Capacity Building
 Shamatov, Duishon.

The Global Education Machine and the Limits of Policy Scientificities
 Webb, P. Taylor.

The Global Financial Crisis and the Restructuration of Education in a South-European Setting
 Bonal, Xavier. and Verger, Antoni.

The Heavy Hand of History: History, Memory and Peace Education
 Duckworth, Cheryl.

The Heterogeneous Effects of Ability Grouping on National College Entrance Exam Performance – Evidence from a Typical Municipality in China
 Wang, Wen. and Zhang, Yu.

The History of Chinese Students in the U.S.: A Case Study of University of Minnesota (1914-2013)
 Bi, Hui.

The Home Literacy Environment in Rural Rwanda: Results from surveys, observations, and ethnographic field notes.
 Malik, Saima., Friedlander, Elliott. and Goldenberg, Claude.

The INEE Minimum Standards ten years on
 Gibbons, Michael.

The Impact of Backbone Teachers as Teacher Leaders in China
 Wang, Feiye.

The Impact of ESL Learning on Cultural Identity: an Analysis from Jordan and the UAE
 McMillan, Leah. and Karram Stephenson, Grace.

The Impact of High-Stakes College Entrance Examinations on Rural Student's Access to and Success in Higher Education at Lincang, Yunnan, China
 Chan, Roy.

The Impact of Maternal Migration on Education Aspirations of Mexican Children Left Behind
 Oliveira, Gabrielle.

The Impact of Neo-liberalism in Education Policy-Making in Developing Countries: A Comparative Analysis of Pakistan and Tanzania
 Ashraf, Muhammad. and Kopweh, Peter.

The Impact of Vocational Teachers on Student Learning: Does Enterprise Experience Matter?
 Johnston, Jamie., Loyalka, Prashant., Chu, James., Rozelle, Scott., Maani, May., Song, Yingquan. and Huang, Xiaoting.

The Impact of a Youth Entrepreneurship Program in Kenya: Grappling with non-experimental constraints.
 Erickson, Erik., Chapman, David. and Krause, Brooke.

The Implementation of Bologna Reforms at Babes-Bolyai University in Romania
 Iacob, Mihaela.

The Implications of Being a Refugee: Youth experiences in accessing learning in rural and urban Ecuador
 Rodriguez, Diana.

The Implications of the Common Core State Standards for the Development of Bi- and Multilingual Education in the U.S.
 Yin, Peng.

The Importance of Storytelling for Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Environments
 Stewart, Jan. and Kuly, Marc.

The Inclusion of and Impetus for Multiculturalism in the Curriculum
 Al-Bataineh, Adel. and Huberman, Randall.

The Influence of Secondary Education on Black American Student Participation in Post-Secondary Study Abroad Programs
 Herring, Kristy.

The Interplay of Factors Impacting Nationalization and Globalization of Higher Education in Developing Countries
 Saleh, Amany.

The Jewish-Muslim Women’s Leadership Initiative: A Program for Peaceful Dialogue
 Edwards, Sachi., Lin, Jing. and Khamis, Sahar.

The Korean Model of ODA : A Critical Review of Its Concept and Practices Reflected in Educational ODA
 Chung, Bong-Gun.

The Liberian Boy: The Role of International Consultants in Liberia’s Educational Reconstruction
 Aydagul, Batuhan.

The Limpopo Text Books Case
 Stein, Nikki.

The Long-term Personal Benefits of Study Abroad
 Mattarozza, Kendra.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at FAWE: A holistic approach to girls’ education in Africa
 Doroba, Hendrina., Bezanson, Shona. and Burciul, Barry.

The Numeracy Boost Assessment: Exploring how early grade children learn math in Bangladesh, Malawi, and Pakistan
 Pinto, Christabel.

The OECD and the Local: PISA-Based Test for Schools in the US
 Rutkowski, David.

The OECD, PISA and the enhanced influence of education in the OECD and in global educational governance
 Lingard, Robert. and Sellar, Sam.

The Occupational Prestige of Teachers: Variations in Urban Labor Markets and Changes in the Last Four Decades in Argentina
 Razquin, Paula.

The Path to College: Narrative Experiences of Students with Disabilities
 ressa, theodoto.

The Porto Alegre reform: education for all, but what education?
 Gandin, Luis.

The Post-Conflict Educational ‘Moment’: Building Aceh Back Better?
 Lopes Cardozo, Mieke. and Shah, Ritesh.

The Practice of America’s Charter School in China
 Xiaofang, WANG.

The Principles of Cultural Competency: A look at Volunteer Instructors’ Training and Curriculum for a Community Health Program in Southeast Haiti
 Slifko, Shay.

The Progressive Ideology impact on the Chilean Educational debates and reforms at the beginning of the Twentieth Century
 Fraser, Pablo.

The Purpose and Pathway of the Classification of Higher Education Institutions in China
 Wang, Nan., Rong, Liying., Gong, Tian. and Luo, Xu.

The Racializing Effects of Neoliberalism: Two Counterhegemonic Schools in Two Different National and Cultural Contexts
 Meshulam, Assaf.

The Reading to Learn Approach: Findings, Challenges, and Lessons Learned
 Shekhova, Nafisa.

The Reconstruction and Recognition of Cultural Identity and Nationality Building on Taiwanese Youth
 Lin, Ching-Yu.

The Relationship between Classroom Assessment and Undergraduates’ learning within Chinese Higher Education System
 GUO, Fangfang.

The Role of Community Development in the Education of Marginalized Communities in India
 Carr-Harris, Jill.

The Role of Education Subsidies in Sustaining Human Capital Development
 Ahmed, Hamna. and amjad, sahar.

The Role of Education in China’s Internal Migration
 Chen, Dandan.

The Role of Instruction under Test-Based Accountability Policy
 Wik Hung, Pun.

The Role of Private Foundations in Post Conflict Educational Recovery: Lessons Learned
 Taylor, Aleesha.

The Role of Schools in Urban Society: Competing Visions of Education
 stigler, monica.

The Role of Social Media in Facilitating Dialogue in Cross-Cultural Communication
 Zhang, Ai.

The Role of Universities in Achieving Social Justice: A Mainland Chinese Perspective
 Jiang, Kai.

The Role of an Educational Reform in Early Grade Reading in Strengthening Stability in Yemen
 du Plessis, Joy.

The Role of the World Bank in private provision of education in Pakistan
 Afridi, Momina.

The Significance of International Standards School Dispute in Indonesia towards its National Identity
 Yuliantoro, Dwi.

The Significance of the Syllable: Case Studies in Teaching Alphasyllabaries in Community-Based Literacy Programs
 Page, Christina.

The Social Construction of Technology in Rural, High-Poverty Elementary Schools: Comparative Findings from East Texas and South India
 Byker, Erik.

The Social Media Construction of Education for Women's Empowerment
 Anderson, Emily.

The Southern African Development Community: Paradigmatic of social reproduction in international student mobility
 Macrander, Ashley.

The UNESCO reports and EFA: Two worlds apart
 Elfert, Maren.

The Use of Technology for Large-Scale Education Planning and Decision-Making
 Iyengar, Radhika., Mahal, Angelique., Karim, Alia., Shin, HaeIn., Aklilu, Liya., Sweetland, Annika., Aliyu, Balaraba., Eun Park, Ji., Berg, Matt. and Pokharel, Prabhas.

The Worldwide Diffusion of Teacher Professional Autonomy
 Fraser, Pablo.

The Worldwide Rise of Private Higher Education: Cross National Trends and National Predictors
 Buckner, Elizabeth.

The Worst Performing Schools in South Africa: Litigating for State Accountability
 Draga, Lisa.

The 'Fragility' of OECD's knowledge for policy in higher education: Insights and lessons learned from the AHELO initiative
 Shahjahan, Riyad. and Morgan, Clara.

The achievement of EFA goals in Honduras at the municipal level: stakeholders, roles, knowledge, and intentions toward community participation in education
 Flores, Maria Delfina.

The awareness of multicultural education transforms the current practices in museums
 Lee, Pei-Wei.

The big Jump; 2015 EFA Dillemma for Kenya

The business case for philanthropy, profits and policy making in education
 Bhanji, Zahra.

The challenge of measurement in education: the case of out of school children data.
 Gale, Charles., Omoeva, Carina., Sylla, Benjamin. and Hatch, Rachel.

The changing role of the OECD in global educational governance
 Lingard, Robert. and Sellar, Sam.

The children of the labour market agency: Learning to become a client with migration background at the Austrian labour market agency
 Taucher, Philip.

The communication gap: Language ideologies, Chinese international student interactions, and satisfaction
 Gaston, Michelle.

The consequences of global mass education: Schooling, work and well-being in EFA-era Malawi
 Kendall, Nancy. and Silver, Rachel.

The consequences of global mass education: schooling, work, and well-being in EFA-era Malawi
 Silver, Rachel. and Kendall, Nancy.

The consequences of schoolgirl pregnancy for educational outcomes in Malawi
 Kelly, Christine., Chalasani, Satvika., Mensch, Barbara. and Soler-Hampejsek, Erica.

The cost of non-participation in education.
 Burnett, Nicholas. and Thomas, Milan.

The deduction of expenditure on private education in income tax and its association to the concepts of justice
 Falco, Caroline.

The degrowth theory in the post-2015 debate and within the frame of EFA: a spark to rethink an old debate?
 Igelmo Zaldívar, Jon.

The determinants of private supplementary tutoring in higher education: an approximation for Argentina
 Gertel, Héctor. and Cámara, Florencia.

The determinants of shadow education on Math: A comparative study of Hong Kong and Shanghai
 Deng, Yunyi.

The development challenges and problems of Community Education under the background of Urbanization in China
 LI, Jiaping.

The distribution of higher education opportunity----the analysis of China
 Zhou, Sen. and Wei, Yi.

The effect of educational decentralization on educational expenditure and outcome: The evidence from South Korea
 JEONG, Dong Wook., LEE, Ho Jun. and Cho, Sungkyung.

The effect of mobility in school choice; the case of public high schools in Mexico City
 Colin Pescina, Jorge Ubaldo.

The effect of national testing policies on school structures and student outcomes.
 Smith, William.

The effect of retenion of literacy and numeracy on transitions to adulthood in rural Malawi
 Mensch, Barbara., Psaki, Stephanie. and Soler-Hampejsek, Erica.

The effect of tracking on social segregation in schools
 Strietholt, Rolf.

The effect of using XO computers on students’ math and reading abilities in primary education schools in Mongolia
 Yamaguchi, Shinobu. and Sukhbaatar, Javzan.

The effects of career and university preparation resources on Cambodian students’ post-secondary academic and career expectations, aspirations, and achievement
 Baer, Allyson.

The empirical study of the relationship between principal leadership and student achievement
 Li, Hui.

The first step to reading is to engage the readers! Examining the intersection of student engagement, materials, and teacher quality
 Koester, Emily.

The global spread of learning assessments: Historical and critical perspectives
 Benavot, Aaron.

The global spread of the market-based accountability educational project: Teachers’ resistance to imported U.S. reforms in Rio de Janeiro
 Straubhaar, Rolf.

The globalization of education policy through Actor Network Theory: re-thinking trajectories, translations and scale
 Beech, Jason. and Artopoulos, Alejandro.

The iPIPS Assessment
 Bailey, Kate.

The imaginary learner: unpacking the images and meaning of students in an OECD higher education initiative
 Shahjahan, Riyad., Morgan, Clara. and Nguyen, David.

The impact of access, affordability and completion of degree of minority students in U.S.
 King-Jupiter, Kimberly. and Nur-Awaleh, Mohamed.

The impact of different constellations of logics on the translation of the English-medium instruction (EMI) concept in three Northern European universities
 Unites, Becky.

The impact of economic growth on school dropout: Evidence from choice experiment in Laongam, Laos.
 Sisouphanthong, Viriyasack.

The impact of holistic reading interventions on early grade reading in Ethiopia.
 Areaya, Solomon.

The impact of parental involvement and private tutoring on students' academic achievement based on educational inequality in South Korea
 Oh, Yejin.

The impact of teacher’s sense of calling on teacher job satisfaction
 Cha, Jungju., Kang, Ho Soo. and Kim, Ji-Hye.

The impact of university technology transfer indicators on science policy-making in Canada and the European Union
 Sigurdson, Kristjan., Kretz, Andrew. and Sa, Creso.

The index of faculty diversity for HEIs in China
 Wang, Jiaying. and Yue, Siyan.

The influence of individual characteristics and environmental factors on the academic and social adjustment of first year Chinese college students
 Liu, Jian. and Li, Ling.

The influence of school textbooks on TIMSS, PIRLS and PISA results
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.

The internationalization of Singapore’s teacher education: Discussing critical issues of policy and practice
 Nazeer-Ikeda, Rita.

The internationalization of higher education in Japan and why it is failing
 Dixon, Ashley.

The later, the better? The Effects of Specialization Timing on College Students’ Commitment to Majors
 Ma, Liping. and Loyalka, Prashant.

The legacy of English in postcolonial Sri Lanka
 Nalim, Shazana.

The longitudinal impact of quality early childhood programs: A study of children’s school readiness and academic performance in Bangladesh
 Diazgranados, Silvia. and Borisova, Ivelina.

The myth of education for all-the persistent need to generate demand
 Gupta, Namita. and Santhakumar, V..

The myths of monoculturalism: Claiming the other
 Dennis, Barbara.

The nation-state and the emergence of international assessment of student achievement 1958-2012
 Pizmony-Levy, Oren.

The paradox of expertise: rethinking knowledge transfer in international education development
 Gardinier, Meg.

The pedagogical foundations of teacher education policies within international organizations: The case of OECD
 Cerqua, Anthony., Gauthier, Clermont. and Dembélé, Martial.

The place of schooling in the lives of rural girls in Tajikistan.
 Janigan, Kara.

The policy expectation and implementation of Earthquake Preparation Demonstrative Schools (EPDS) in China: the case of EPDS in Ya’an City
 Song, Yuchi.

The political economy of data: Experience from setting up data systems in the developing world.
 Moses, Kurt. and Phillips, Walter.

The political economy of education privatization: A systematic review
 Zancajo, Adrián. and Verger, Antoni.

The politics of resource mobilization for refugee education
 Orgocka, Aida.

The potential of social media: Can Facebook provide a new space to spark conversations about inequality, inclusion and civic engagement?
 Arshad-Ayaz, Adeela.

The productive plasticity of rights: Globalization, education and human rights
 Bajaj, Monisha.

The prospective pedagogy: Where do good ideas come from?
 Mojab, Shahrzad.

The relationship between school selection policy and the distribution of student academic performance
 Wei, Yi. and Zhou, Sen.

The role of community- level partners in delivering quality education in sub-Sahara Africa: A case of urban informal settlements, Nairobi, Kenya
 Kiplimo, James., Nyariro, Milka., Abuya, Benta. and Yebei, Thomas.

The role of mother tongue-based multilingual education for revisioning and achieving meaningful education for all
 Ball, Jessica., Gouleta, Eirini. and Merz, Sydney.

The role of parents in the decision concerning the use of private tutoring services
 Kazimzade, Elmina., Jokic, Boris., Radsky, Vitaly., Bregvadze, Tamar., Kirss, Laura., Ristic Dedic, Zrinka. and Soldo, Andrea.

The role of the INEE Minimum Standards in the EiE field: Looking back at ten years
 Sloat, Arianna.

The school as an arena for shadow education: The case of Israel
 Addi-Raccah, Audrey. and Dana, Oshra.

The social dynamics and outcomes of desecularization of Russia’s public schools
 Lisovskaya, Elena.

The socially embedded university: embracing access, equity and social justice in higher education
 David, Solomon Arulraj., Cross, Michael. and Shonubi, Ololade.

The student’s manual: An innovative solution to enhance the learning process
 Shabana, Mohamed.

The successes of an Early Childhood program in Guatemala based on participant feedback
 Stempfelet, Yaelle.

The systemic improvement of the school district. Design of a multiyear-intervention to expand learning-opportunities in underprivileged socio-economic contexts in Mexico.
 Estrada Zubía, Armando.

The untold factors affecting the quality of education in Ethiopia
 Adamu, Abebaw.

The urban implementation of Escuela Nueva in Colombia and beyond
 Luschei, Thomas.

The voice of indigenous peoples seeking an “Education for all”
 Ureña Moreno, Norma.

The volatility of teacher union-governmental relationships: A comparative case study of England and Alberta, Canada using discourse analysis.
 Osmond, Pamela. and Bascia, Nina.

The work and life of faculty in the contemporary Republic of Tajikistan: challenges and survival strategies
 Kataeva, Zumrad.

The ‘Singapore of the Middle East’: Revisioning and realigning national education systems with international best practice
 Kirk, Daniel.

The “Girl Effect”: U.S. transnational corporate investment in girls’ education
 Moeller, Kathryn.

Theoretical Study on Education and Employment: The Function of Human Capital on Waged and Self-Employment
 Yamamoto, Yukiko.

Theoretical, policy and practical issues for bilingual preschool education in minority regions of west China
 Long, Hongzhi.

Three Misconceptions about Education for All
 Serdyukov, Peter. and Serdyukova, Nataliya.

Three different Tales of EFL Students' Learning in a Computer-assisted Multiliteracy Program (CaMP)
 Lee, Kyungmee.

Three jurisdictions’ progress towards universal postsecondary education
 Moodie, Gavin.

Timawerenga and the impact of community participation, decodable readers and classroom observations on improved reading skills among Malawi’s hardest to reach.
 Chiuye, Grace. and Galisson, Kirsten.

Time-of-Survey Dependence of Apparent Educational Participation - A Demographic Perspective
 Barakat, Bilal.

Title: A Classroom Ethnographic Study of Chinese Heritage Language Teaching, Learning and Maintenance in American Colleges
 Yu, Pei-Shan.

Toward a ‘Critical Cultural Political Economy’ account of education
 Dale, Roger. and Robertson, Susan.

Toward education for all in sub-Saharan Africa, the contribution of quality of education: An analysis based on the approach Shappley-Owen-Shoroocks
 Foueka, Romuald.

Toward education in non-dominant languages: Developments and experiences in Southeast and South Asia
 Kosonen, Kimmo.

Toward new measures of gender and educational quality: The need for social learning outcomes
 DeJaeghere, Joan. and Miske, Shirley.

Towards Quality Education for All in Ontario Schools. Why revision the schooling experience for students from marginalized language groups.
 Bahry, Stephen.

Towards a CCPEE of Education and Conflict: Promises and Pitfalls
 Novelli, Mario., Higgins, Sean., Valiente, Oscar. and Ugur, Mehmet.

Towards a New State Management: a Comparative Approach of Accountability Policies in France and Quebec
 Maroy, Christian., Pons, Xavier., van Zanten, Agnès. and Brassard, André.

Towards a discourse of empowerment? Contradictions and possibilities between policy and practice in Carmen Pampa, Bolivia
 Arnal, Martina.

Towards a unified theory of change
 Nakabugo, Mary Goretti. and Dramani, Latif.

Tracing the “Shadow”: Overview and Methodological Approach
 Mun, Olga.

Tradition, Enlightenment, and the Role of Schooling in Gender Politics among Somali Girls and Women in Dadaab

 Buck, Patricia. and Silver, Rachel.

Transformations in the global governance of teachers’ labour: From international norm setting to global competitive comparison
 Robertson, Susan.

Transitioning from a High School Education to a Higher Education: A Case Study of Ethnic Uzbek Children in Kazakhstan
 Yakubova, Shakhnoza.

Translating Pedagogical ‘Excellence’ into Three Languages or How Kazakhstani Teachers ‘Change’
 Fimyar, Olena.

Transnational Education Experiences of Chinese International Undergraduate Students in US Universities
 liu, shuning.

Transnational language learning experiences in the globalized new economy: English learning trajectories of South Korean post-secondary English study-abroad
 Jang, In Chull.

Transnational mentoring: exploring educational support networks for refugees
 Dahya, Negin. and Dryden-Peterson, Sarah.

Transnational policy of educational assessment in the making - the case of READ (Russia Education Aid for Development)
 Piattoeva, Nelli. and Takala, Tuomas.

Travel photography as a mode of knowledge production: A Foucauldian discourse analysis
 Phung, Thanh. and Nguyen, Ha.

Trends and Developments of Community Libraries in Africa: With particular Reference to Uganda
 Stranger-Johannessen, Espen.

Trends and Developments of Community Libraries in Africa: With particular Reference to Uganda
 Stranger-Johannessen, Espen.

Turkey’s FATIH Project: A Plan To Conquer The Digital Divide, Or A Technological Leap Of Faith?
 Pouezevara, Sarah., Sariisik, Yaprak., Kipp, Scott. and Dinçer, Mehmet Alper.

the Literature Review on the Intersection of Safe Learning Environments and Educational Achievement
 Powell Miles, Catherine. and Terry, Geraldine.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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