Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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U.S. foreign aid
 Williams, James.

UNICEF’s Role in the Development and Implementation of the Liberian Education Pooled Fund
 Kaabwe, E. Stella.

USAID Developed: Guide for Promoting Gender Equality and Inclusiveness in Teaching and Learning Materials
 Powell Miles, Catherine. and Bulat, Jennae.

USAID lead National Interchange on Teacher Education Reforms and their Implications in Pakistan: A Critical Reflection
 Rind, Irfan.

Uncovering the Cross-National Differences in Shadow Education
 Chung, Hee Jin.

Understanding EFA within a political economy perspective
 Akukwe, Grace.

Understanding ODA for Education in MENA and South Asia: Exploring aid allocation patterns of two major agencies in light of EFA
 Khan, Maria.

Understanding Self-regulation of Asian Doctoral Students: A Pilot Study
 Wu, Yi-Chin.

Understanding improvement in rural South African schools
 Paxton, Craig.

Understanding improvement in rural South African schools (NSDMW)
 Paxton, Craig.

Understanding race in Chilean classrooms
 Lira, Andrea. and Amenabar, Catalina.

Understanding teachers’ use of corporal punishment in Tanzanian schools
 Tao, Sharon.

Understanding the Determinants of Student Cognitive Ability in Rural China
 Zhang, Yuan.

Understanding the Politics, Economics and Culture of Borrowing: The Case of Thailand's Higher Education Reform
 Lao, Rattana.

Understanding the process creating of teacher education policy: Does state policy influence federal design?
 Ronan, Katherine.

Understanding youths’ citizenship through community belonging and engagement: The role of community context in producing equal citizenship
 Josic, Jasmina.

Unequal School Facilities and Inequality in Completion of School Education in India
 Jah, Shashiranajan.

Unequal School Facilities and Inequality in Educational Attainment in India
 jha, shashiranjan.

Unequal opportunities in education from primary to higher education, where should we be looking at?
 Patrick, Montjourides.

Unfair advantage: Private education in the absence of a public option, the case of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar
 Ridge, Natasha. and Shami, Soha.

Unity and diversity in national identity: The alignment of social studies curriculum with changing policy discourse in Botswana
 Mulimbi, Bethany.

University Faculty Contribution To Study Abroad Programs: What Do We Know About Their Motivation?
 Davis, Yekaterina (Katerina).

University Rankings: Encouraging academic drift through isomorphic processes
 Deering, Darren., Field, Cynthia. and Bing, Alex.

University Students’ Experiences with Resisting/Reproducing Hierarchies and The Notion of White Supremacy in the Middle East
 Elmasri, Fatima.

University mergers: Complexities in practice
 Välimaa, Jussi.

University research in Chile and Colombia: Assessing the Impact of Science and Higher Education Policy
 Pineda, Pedro.

Unlearning to be College Literate: A Study of the Experiences of Somali Young Women When Navigating the College Entry Process
 Lara, Fabiola.

Unpacking motivational aspects of school principal’s job
 Lomiashvili, Tamar.

Unstated Features of Educating Children with Disabilities in sub-Saharan Africa in the Context of the “Educational for All”
 Mfum-Mensah, Obed.

Upgrading ‘literacy’: An integrative literature review of post-MDG definitions for a new SDG paradigm
 Langager, Mark.

Upper Secondary Education: For all? For what? Discourses, dilemmas and imagined possibilities with reference to Kenya, South Africa and Zambia
 Balwanz, David.

Use and perceptions of technology: Views from Cambodian upper secondary school students
 Richardson, Jayson. and Nash, John.

Use of a multi-level Gender Analysis as a guiding tool for the implementation of a Girls' Education Project in Zimbabwe

Using 21CLD for Place-Based Learning: Language and History – Engaging with war poems
 Koh, Richard. and Png, Stephanie.

Using Critical Race Theory to Examine Black Male Student Achievement
 Watson, Patricia. and Williams, Eurvine.

Using EGRA to assess reading skills of youth and adults enrolled in Literacy Programs in three post-conflict countries in Africa
 Ramos-Mattoussi, Flavia.

Using Technology to Educate Women Religious in Africa
 Clauss, Kathryn., Wakahiu, Jane. and Salvaterra, Mary.

Using grade achievement relative to age as a measure of vulnerability
 Soler-Hampejsek, Erica., Austrian, Karen., Behrman, Jere., Hewett, Paul. and Psaki, Stephanie.

Using mathematics assessment data beyond the surface
 Sapire, Ingrid.

Using social network analysis to understanding international research collaboration in Colombia
 Tascon, Clara.

Utilizing networks to become a small business owner: How immigrants and refugees are reshaping a neighborhood
 Biggie, Katie.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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