Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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WCCES AS A LEARNING ECOSYSTEM: Reflections from the Chair of the Finance Standing Committee
 Biseth, Heidi.

WCCES AS A LEARNING ECOSYSTEM: Reflections from the Interim Director of Communications
 Misiaszek, Greg.

WCCES AS A LEARNING ECOSYSTEM: Reflections from the President
 Torres, Carlos.

WCCES AS A LEARNING ECOSYSTEM: Reflections from the Secretary-General
 Brook Napier, Diane.

WCCES AS A LEARNING ECOSYSTEM: Reflections from the Vice-President
 Wang, Yingjie.

Wastage and inefficiency: the effects of repetition and dropout
 Chaluda, Ania. and Omoeva, Carina.

We Are in This Together: Cuba’s Approaches and Challenges to Fostering Solidarity
 Dawley-Carr, Jenny.

We believe in our minds we are poor; Perceptions of parents in a poor urban context in Nairobi, Kenya
 Nyariro, Milka., Abuya, Benta. and Mutisya, Maurice.

We don’t need to create another problem to solve one: Re-envisioning pathways to civic agency among Congolese refugees
 Chopra, Vidur.

We need to talk: a case study of student teacher relationship quality in the Philippines
 Jorge, Jeffrey.

Welcome to Globalization: South Korea's need for Multicultural Education
 Palmer, John. and Kim, Hyein.

Western-centric conflicts in multicultural education program implementation
 Wesner, Elizabeth.

What Is Quality Teaching In Egypt? Case Study Of Teachers Working In Three Different Types Of Schools In Cairo
 Abulnour, Raghda.

What Matters Most for Student Assessment Systems?
 Clarke, Marguerite.

What Matters Most for Teachers Policies? A Framework for Building a Better Teaching Profession
 Breeding, Mary. and Trembley, Andrew.

What Preservice Teachers Say About a Study Abroad Program: A Case Study
 Park, Do-Yong.

What are countries in South Asia doing to meet the learning needs of out-of-school children?
 van de Wiel, Lieke.

What are we studying? Investigating presentation titles of CIES conferences from 2007-2013.
 Witenstein, Matthew. and Fagioli, Loris.

What can we learn from International Assessment Test? The invisible inequality in Thailand primary education
 Doan, Linh.

What do they have that we don’t? Comparative issues of equity & access for ECE in the South Caucasus
 Knapp, Katelyn.

What drives children's learning? An exploratory study in two Millennium Villages in Kenya and Tanzania
 Quintana, Eva., Iyengar, Radhika. and Blanco, Paola.

What happened to gender equality?
 Born, Allison. and Fan, Jiayue.

What influences student self-esteem? work, school bullying, friends or family?: cases from urban Kenya -- revisited
 Sakurai, Riho.

What is acquired at the professional school for teachers in Japan?: The statistical analysis on students' skills or knowledge

What is the purpose of Education for Policy Makers in Pakistan? A genealogical study of Pakistan's National Education Policy, 2009
 Khan, Asma. and Shah, Syed.

What it takes for the women of Uruzgan province to access education: examples of successful community mobilization efforts in southern Afghanistan
 Stannard, Helen.

What kind of education for all
 Chhabra, Meenakshi.

What makes good projects? Success factors of the World Bank education development projects
 Lee, Bommi.

What makes good projects? Success factors of the World Bank education development projects
 Lee, Bommi.

What matters in mobilizing commitment and action with education data?
 Anumel, Clara. and Sam-Bossman, Emmanuel.

What works in reducing School-Related Gender-Based Violence in West Africa: Sierra Leone Case Study
 Reilly, Anita.

What ‘the private’ means in and for Latin America
 Bellei, Cristian.

What’s wrong with science policy, social justice, and education for all in the United States?
 Hopson, Rodney., Earley, Penelope. and D\'Amico, Diana.

When Global Reforms Encounter “Kvass” Patriotism: Tensions and Contradictions in Russian Teacher Education
 Aydarova, Olena.

Where Nerds Are Normal: Discipline, Exams and Peer Culture in Indian Secondary Schools
 Milner Jr, Murray.

Where is the Way for Education Post-2015: Lessons from UNESCO’s Global Education Governance Philosophy Since 1945
 Teng, Jun.

Who Stole My Childhood?”: Reexamine the Quality of Early Childhood Care and Education in China
 Tan, Guangyu.

Who Transfer between Schools under Free Secondary Education Policy in Kenya? The Case of Embu, Meru and Kisii
 Tasaka, Takako.

Who advanced to the top-class graduate education of “985 program” institutes in Beijing?
 Li, Lu., Ren, Jiaqing., Zhou, Wending. and Luo, Rao.

Whole School Improvement: An innovative approach to transform the conventional learner to a robust learner
 Ali, Karam.

Whose global citizenship?: Conceptions of global citizenship and effects of international aid in curricula from Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone
 Quaynor, Laura.

Why Are Chinese Students Always Hanging out Among Themselves in American Universities?
 Ma, Yingyi.

Why Educational Policies Travel?: Investigation on Comparative Practice in Educational Research
 Kim, Ji-Hye. and Popkewitz, Thomas.

Why and how do we engage youth using a participatory methodology of learning?
 McLaughlin, Maria.

Why do out-of-school children estimates differ from one source to another? Recommendations and lessons learned from the UIS-UNICEF Out-of-School Children Initiative
 Bell, Sheena.

Why is Chinese Postgraduate Student Adrift? An Exploration of the Reasons
 Xia, Huanhuan.

Will higher education be part of post-2015 development agenda?
 Turmaine, Isabelle. and Kymlicka, Nadja.

Within and Between Generation Assimilation of Immigrant Students in Traditional Settlement Countries
 Persson, Anna., Smith, William. and Brezicha, Kristina.

Women who Dropped Out of Schools and Women who Became Teachers: Gender Empowerment in a Rural Community of Pakistan
 Khurshid, Ayesha.

Women, the Arab Spring, and the ballots: education, agency and women empowerment in Egypt
 Ghazal, Rehab (Rubie).

Women’s Human Rights Education in Turkey: Feminist Pedagogy and Trainers’ Engagement in Social Change
 Tibbitts, Felisa.

Women’s work: Stories of personal and community transformation among India’s anganwadi workers
 Subramanian, Mathangi.

Work, Gender, and Policy Change: Pakistani Women Academics’ Identity Frameworks
 Mir, Shabana.

Work/life balance? How Generation X women school leaders are re-visioning leadership, life and family in New York, Toronto and London
 Faraone, Angelina., Horton, Juliet., Edge, Karen. and Descours, Katherine.

Workforce Development in Developing Countries: A Framework for Benchmarking
 Flynn, Ryan.

World Bank and Private Sector Measurement Tools: How are these the answer to the question of education and poverty reduction?
 Robertson, Susan.

World Society and the globalization of educational policy
 Ramirez, Francisco., Meyer, John. and Lerch, Julia.

World-class university building? The experience and perspective of returned academics in China
 Chen, Qiongqiong.

Worldwide Incorporation of Women in Social Science Curricula: 1970-2008 Representations of Women & Women’s Rights Discourse in Social Science Textbooks
 Nakagawa, Mana. and Wotipka, Christine Min.

Would state budget cut in U.S. state flagship universities hurt the enrollment opportunity of low-socioeconomic resident students?
 Chen, Chentong.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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