59th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2015-Mar-08 to 2015-Mar-14

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"Am I ready for college?" the role of self-confidence for making accurate self-evaluations in terms of school performance using TIMSS data
 Doan, Linh (Phoebe).

"In Lebanon, we each decide what we teach and why:" Education decision-making for Syrian school children
 Karam, Fares. and Kibler, Amanda.

"Poliphonic games" in assessment and education of school principals
 Isaeva, Natalia.

"The Corridors of Shame": The Obamas, Racial Achievement Gaps, & The Crisis of U.S. Hegemony
 Gosa, Travis.

(Global) Humanist Education as (Global) Civic Education
 Cole, Rose.

(Inter/intra)cultural Dissonance: Self Reflections on the Realities of International Qualitative Research
 Yao, Christina. and Vital, Louise.

(Re)constructing (im)mobility and gender: ‘no work, more school’ anti-child labor policies in Kanchipuram, India
 Thangaraj, Miriam.

2015 TIMSS Advanced and Advanced (AP) Placement Alignment Study
 Di Giacomo, Tony., Lazzaro, Christopher. and Marino, Katherine Adele.

500 Maori PhDs in five years: Growing Indigenous researchers around the world
 Villegas, Malia.

: Coaching for Reading Across the Curriculum in Tanzania.
 Pillay, Renuka. and Pallangyo, Amy.

: Enhancing student wellbeing: Creating a “healthy” learning environment
 Coupe, Jeff.

: Mexican mothers’ perception towards the education of their children
 Oliveira, Gabrielle.

: Politics, Power and Protest: Rights-Based Education Policy and the Limits of Human Rights Education
 Mejias, Sam.

'The River Between': Faculty Dispositions on Integrating Special Education in Teacher Education Programs in Kenya
 Mfum-Mensah, Obed. and Nyariro, Milka Perez.

'Whether and how?' History education about recent and ongoing conflict: A review of research
 Paulson, Julia.

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A Bridge to the Global World
 Abubakar, Idris.

A Broader View: Integrating Literacy, Social Assets and Work Readiness in Rural Africa
 Shramko, Maura Elizabeth. and D\'Sa, Nikhit.

A Closer Look at the Evidence: Education in Emergencies
 Hine, Sébastien. and Nicolai, Susan.

A Comparative Review of ECCE Programs: International Perspectives
 Helmy, Batoul.

A Comparative Study Of Health Literacy And How Rural Communities Understand Hypertension Information In Tanzania And Uganda
 Freer, Rob.

A Comparative Study of Preschool Education Resource Allocation between Urban and Rural Areas in China
 Xu, Xingchun. and Yang, Danni.

A Comparison of Refugee-Background Student Support in New Zealand and the United States: Imagining a Better Future
 McBrien, Jody Lynn.

A Comprehensive ECD Policy for Children with Disabilities: an Imperative for Bangladesh
 He, Shuyun.

A Critical Review of International Early Childhood Curriculum Documents: Does One Size Fit All?
 Arias de Sanchez, Gabriela., Doiron, Ray. and Gabriel, Martha.

A Cross–National Analysis of Female Faculty: Trends and Explanations, 1970–2005
 Wotipka, Christine Min. and Nakagawa, Mana.

A Cultural Analysis of International Curriculum Schools in Mainland China
 Huang, Xuefeng.

A Force Field Analysis: Why Higher Education Faculty in Pakistan Struggle to Implement and Cascade the MT-FPDP?
 Khan, Salma Nazar.

A Korean brand of global education: The localization of global citizenship education in a foreign language high school
 Dike, Austin.

A Landscape of Internationalization of Higher Education: The Case of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
 Lamers, Nicole.

A Measured World: Data-driven Heterogeneous Governance and the Indian Educational System
 Chakraborty, Sarbani.

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Balancing domestic equity and internationalization imperatives: Transnational student mobility to South Africa
 Majee, Upenyu Silas.

Balancing rigor and reality: What does it take?
 Murray, Nancy.

Balochistan: The Unheard Story of Other Malalas
 Rind, Sidra.

Bangladesh’s secondary education policy reform from 1993 to 2013: tracing causal processes and examining development partners’ contributions
 Janigan, Kara., Hove, Jennifer. and Proulx, Kerrie.

Barrier to Higher Education—the Inaccurate College Application Behaviors
 Zhou, Sen.

Barriers to Study Abroad for Ethnic Minority Students and the Generation Study Abroad Initiative
 Francis, Carly.

Barriers to reading in Pakistan
 Naveed, Sumbal.

Beating the odds: Social conditions and human relations for educational resilience
 Okkolin, Mari-Anne.

Beating the odds: Social enablers of educational resilience
 Wilson-Strydom, Merridy.

Beating the odds: The role of resilience in nurturing community college student success
 Topper, Amelia Marcetti.

Becoming "more better": A study of financial aid students at the University of Cape Town, South Africa
 Irving, Margaret.

Becoming Citizens in Times of Crisis: Latino Immigrant Youth in Spain
 Dyrness, Andrea.

Becoming Educated, Becoming Self-Disciplined: Women’s Education & The Production Of “Virtuous Agents” In Pakistan
 Khurshid, Ayesha.

Becoming an Artist in Western Kenya: Education, Art, and the Tactics of Youth in Neoliberal Africa
 Okello, Betsy Anne-Ferrer.

Becoming globalized citizens: North Korean junior high and high school students enrolled in South Korean schools
 Cho, Young Ha. and Palmer, John.

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CIES Gender and Education Symposium
 Klees, Steven.

Calculating the impact of school effects on academic achievement in Indonesia
 Cummiskey, Chris., Nordstrum, Lee., Rodd, Alastair. and Stern, Jonathan.

Can BRICS build ivory towers of excellence? Giving new meaning to the world class universities
 David, Solomon Arulraj. and Motala, Shireen.

Can Celebrating Diversity be Divisive? Multicultural Education in a Fragile Postcolony
 Moland, Naomi.

Can Vocational Education and Training (VET) Systems be Emulated?: The Case of Germany and South Korea
 Kim, Hyemin.

Can an initiative similar to GAVI ensure the supply of low-cost, high-quality teaching and learning resources in sub-Saharan Africa?
 Elliot, Lorna. and Corrie, Lisa.

Can education release people from poverty? – Journey of seeking a proven equalizer for the socio-economically disadvantaged
 Locher-Lo, Caroline.

Can educational justice and corporate for-profit transnational education coexist? The case of South Africa and Laureate Education, Inc.
 Taylor, Amanda. and Aw, Fanta.

Can flagships lead Kazakhstani educational system to the desired transformation?
 Kuzhabekova, Aliya., Mukhametzhanova, Assel., Soltanbekova, Arailym. and Almukhambetova, Ainura.

Can parental involvement explain the academic excellence of Asian American students?
 Tang, Ying.

Can we attract the best college students to teacher education: Analysis of Chinese free tuition policy
 Jin, Yujun., Yan, Wenfan., Li, Na. and Meng, Meng.

Capacity Building 2.0 –Humanism for a Better Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) Model
 Arias, Sonia.

Capital Movement and Global Displacement: Curricular Fatalities in the Age of Neoliberalism
 Rosa, Ricardo.

Capital, Class, State, and Clan: The American Mode of Existence, Neo-Capitalist Education, and the Emergence of New Worlds in the Borderland
 Kachur, Jerrold.

Career choices among high school students in Kenya:
 Taaliu, Simon Thuranira.

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Dataset Construction and Descriptive Analysis
 Gale, Charles.

De-Schooling 3.0: Permeable Walls, Fluid Dynamics, and Learning to Learn
 Shabazz, Sultana.

Dealing With Pressure From State Mandated Teacher Evaluation
 Gedik, Serafettin. and Bellibas, Mehmet.

Debating Public Policy Issues in Egypt: A Consensus Conference Model to Establish a Comprehensive ECCE Policy
 El Dib, Mervat. and Hozayin, Russanne.

Decision-Making Under Ambiguity: A Case Study of College-establishment Processes at Peking University
 Xie, Guangkuan.

Decisions Taken in Undecidable Terrain: Discourses and Perpetuation of the Educational Myth in Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo
 Nordtveit, Bjorn H..

Decoding the system: Immigrant students’ knowledge of, and ability to navigate institutional culture and school success
 Okwako, Betty.

Decolonial Creativity: The Contribution of Hip Hop Artists to Non-Formal Education in Bolivia
 Llanque, Victor.

Decolonizing International Development Evaluation: An Exploration of Culture
 Hopson, Rodney., Kaul, Akashi. and Chouinard, Jill.

Deconstructing adolescent ethnicity: A longitudinal analysis of youth identity and classification in a multi-cultural US school community
 Booth, Margaret. and Frey, Christopher.

Deconstructing ‘Early Childhood’ as portrayed in key policy documents of Bangladesh: A critical psychological perspective
 Morshed, Mohammad Mahboob.

Decreasing aid for education puts at risk basic education in the poorest countries
 Bernard, Jean-Marc.

Defining and redefining the discipline of sustainable development: A mixed-methods study of undergraduate programs in the United States, Canada, and Australia
 Russell, Michael.

Degree Granting For-Profit Higher Education in the US
 Kinser, Kevin.

Democracy in the ‘neoliberal’ nation state: student teachers’ perceptions in Scotland and Australia
 Swanson, Dalene. and Zyngier, David.

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E-primary school system for improving the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of primary education in Bangladesh
 Parvin, Ruxana Hossain. and Lutfeali, Shirin.

EASEL School: a case study of human trafficking prevention on the Cambodian border
 Spires, Robert.

ECD programs as protective environments for children in emergencies: A case of Iwate, Japan during the 2011 tsunami disaster
 Kondo, Chiharu.

EFL Teacher Beliefs and Practices-A Mixed Methods Study
 Gao, Yang.

EFL for all! The impact of cultural capital on students EFL learning: case study of a Saudi university
 Alhawsawi, Sajjadllah.

ESL Adjunct Faculty: Comparative Analysis of Challenges and Opportunities
 Siah, Farah.

EUfolio – EU classroom ePortfolios
 Klemencic, Eva. and Cepic Vogrincic, Mitja.

Early Childhood Development Policies: Results from the SABER program in 60 states and countries
 Wodon, Quentin.

Early Childhood Development is the Foundation of Sustainable Development: Measurement Implications
 Britto, Pia.

Early Childhood Education and Educational Attainment in China, 1989-2009
 Adams, Jennifer.

Early Childhood Education: Building Partnerships for Sustainability
 Fatima, Syeda Farwa., Jamil, Baela Raza., Nizami, Imtiaz. and Sikander, Huma.

Early Childhood Teacher Education in Canada
 Kirova, Anna.

Early Childhood Teacher Education in Colombia
 Massing, Christine.

Early Childhood Teacher Education in Namibia
 Cleghorn, Ailie.

Early College Credits: the effects of international college preparation programs on Chinese students’ transition and readiness to American universities
 Hu, Jiayi.

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FRAMES OF UBUNTU: (Re)framing ethically Other-wise
 Swanson, Dalene.

Facilitating Dissonance: Service Learning, Digital Stories and Students Intercultural Learning
 Solheim, Catherine.

Facing two ways? Possibilities of integration in refugee education in Egypt
 Adelman, Elizabeth.

Factor analysis of the Chinese college version of the motivated strategies for learning questionnaire (MSLQ)
 Fangfang, Guo., Wang, Li. and Wu, Xuefen.

Factoring in the teacher educators: Views about learning to teach mathematics to diverse students
 Tatto, Maria Teresa., Rodriguez, Michael. and Palma, Jose.

Factors affecting ICT integration in primary education in Mongolia
 Tsogtsaikhan, Oyun. and Yamaguchi, Shinobu Yume.

Factors affecting educational trajectories of women in engineering in Jordan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the United States
 Ater Kranov, Ashley. and DeBoer, Jennifer.

Factors on Higher Education Leaders’ Transfer Capability of Overseas Practices: Education Policy, Social Context, Repeated Reflective Thinking and Influence Tactics
 Zhou, Kai.

Factors on Teacher’s Self-efficacy in Mongolia: A Quality Assurance for the ICT-Integrated Education
 Yamamoto, Yukiko. and Yamaguchi, Shinobu Yume.

Factors related to student academic performance: evidence from Sri Lanka
 Shojo, Mari.

Faculty engagement in university partnerships for development: A case study of a US-Colombian partnership
 Pekol, Amy.

Faculty in cross-border higher education
 List, Edith Pfeifer.

Faculty internationalization perceptions of support survey: development and validation
 Criswell, John.

Faculty responses to the Bologna Process reforms in Kyrgyzstan: independent work of students and assessment of student learning
 Ryskulova, Chynarkul.

Faculty’s attitudes and responses to SSCI fever: Case studies of Chinese research universities
 Jiang, Kai. and Xu, Xin.

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GOAL Program Design and Implementation
 Fleming, Kathryn.

GOPA's Project Management
 Trutt, Werner.

Gains in Student Achievement in U.S. States, on NAEP (1992-2011)
 Garcia, Emma.

Gains in Student Achievement on PISA across Mexican States, 2003-2012.
 Barragan, Mariana.

Gains in Student Achievement on the Brazilian National Test (SAEB) across Brazilian States, 1999-2011.
 Louzano, Paula.

Gaming the System: How International Undergraduate Students Choose an Academic Program of Study
 Kazenski, Greta.

Gender Empowerment in Education
 Donahue, Meghan.

Gender Inequality and Educational Disparities in Rural China
 Tan, Guangyu.

Gender Lens to Humanist Education in Arab Countries: Women's Activism and Educational Equity during Democratic Transitions
 Megahed, Nagwa.

Gender Segregation in Academic Hierarchies Globally: National and Organizational-Level Explanations
 Nakagawa, Mana.

Gender and Education - Transforming Behavior and Attitudes - VS&L and Power Within Models
 Chitiyo Chigwanda, Ellen.

Gender and Student Engagement in Higher Education: Evidence from Cambodia
 Pel, Dalen.

Gender in Early Childhood Care and Development - Exploring the challenges and opportunities for gender transformative ECCD programming
 Ramsay, Katie., Hossain, Iqbal., Mishra, Shruti., Rodger, Nicole. and Lata, Divya.

Gender in the Early Childhood Education Workforce
 O\'gara, Chloe.

Gender representation in the Afghan textbooks and policies: Promise or progress?
 Sarvarzade, Somaye.

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HJA day experiences: examining participant satisfaction at a one-day science education event
 Remenick, Lauren.

Harami (Illegitimate) Girl: The Female Muslim Identity in Negotiation with the “Fictional” Representation of Herself
 Elsherief, Heba.

Harmonies for harmony: Using music to promote intercultural understanding in early Adolescence
 Mellizo, Jennifer.

Harmony Education: Promoting durable peace and sustainable development in Indonesia
 Winoto, Fiona. and Neill, Ted.

Haunted by math: The impact of policy and practice on students with math learning disabilities in Mumbai, India
 Eichhorn, Melinda (Mindy).

Hearing the voices from the margin: The role of higher education and engaged learning and research in the Global South
 Leuenberger, Christine., Sebitereko, Lazare. and Robertshaw, David.

Heritage Study-Tours for Polish-American students at Holocaust sites: Transformations of Historical Understanding and Identity
 Gross, Magdalena.

Hierarchical Linear Modeling of Students’ SES and School Factors on Mathematics Achievement: A Comparative Study between Kenya and Zimbabwe
 Kanyongo, Gibbs. and Ayieko, Rachel.

Higher Education Access Policies in the Post-Soviet Region: Standardization, Testing, Corruption
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.

Higher Education Admission Policy in South Africa
 Wolhuter, C. C..

Higher Education and Changing Employment with a focus on Rural India
 Swaminathan, Padmini.

Higher Education and Gender Policies: Tools for Transformation in Post-Apartheid South Africa
 Eynon, Diane.

Higher Education and civic volunteering outcomes
 Ford, Karly Sarita. and Pawlowski, Emily.

Higher education administration, equity and inclusion: Prospects and challenges for the Latina/o professoriate
 Torres, Arlene.

Higher education and its humanist and multicultural role: a case study
 Canen, Ana. and Xavier, Giseli Pereli de Moura.

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ICT for inclusive education for ethnic minority in China: A comparative education perspective
 Liu, Yujia. and Kang, Inyoung.

ICT in Vietnam: Removing barriers for children with disabilities
 Dinh, Nguyet Thi.

IGATE’s Models: A Unique Gender Transformative Approach
 Chitiyo Chigwanda, Ellen.

IJED - International Journal of Educational Development
 Heyneman, Steve.

IRC's education response for Syiran refugees in northern Iraq
 Azeezi, Ardalan.

IRC's education response for Syrian refugees in Lebanon
 Dow, Jeffrey.

IRC's education response in northern Syria
 Muhammed, Shakoor.

Identifying Comparative Pedagogy: An Examination of Course Syllabi
 Castro, Andrene.

Identifying Factors of Low Re-admission of Pregnant Girls in Zambia; Through Four Aspects of Teachers, Pupils, Parents, and Pregnant Girls
 Kabashima, Junko.

Identifying International College Students at Risk of Academic Failure on the Basis of Their Demographic Characteristics and Academic Choices
 Legusov, Oleg.

Identifying Research Priorities for School Improvement in the Developing World
 Anderson, Stephen., Mundy, Karen., Read, Robyn. and Fernandez, Magdalena.

Identity & interaction: Interpreting intercultural learning and identity from the lived experience of EAP undergraduate students at a Canadian university
 Plonski, Joan Margret.

Identity related benefits of mother tongue in the Adult ESL classroom
 Makulloluwa, Enoka.

Ideological constructions of English in a mainland Chinese university: An ethnographic study
 Yang, Xiao.

Ideology and history as immunologies: history teaching reform in two ethnic borders in the 2000s
 Klerides, Eleftherios.

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Jamaican Teachers' Global Perspectives: A Country Study
 Iuspa, Flavia. and Mathews, Sarah.

Japanese universities’ internationalization assessment experiences and motivations in the past and the future
 Noda, Ayaka.

Justice for All
 Güner, Pinar.


Kazakhstan’s international scholarship program: The role of national context in shaping program characteristics and outcomes
 Orosz, Kata.

Key indicators for assessing internationalization among four internationalization approaches
 Watabe, Yuki.

Knowledge counts: A bibliometric analysis of the Education For All Global Monitoring Reports
 Read, Robyn.

Knowledge from above or below: Community schools in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Bamattre, Richard.

Knowledge mobilisation: a developing country scenario
 Abedin, Manzoorul.

Knowledge mobilization to improve research performance of Mongolian universities in the disciplinary area of agriculture
 Tsogbadrakh, Khishigbayar.

Knowledge networks and interdisciplinary research centers: A Case of Tsinghua University
 Li, Ronghui.

Korean Male College Student Campus Integration in Post Compulsory Military Service: Motivations and Challenges
 Kam, Jihye.


LMTF’s Learning Champions - Catalysing national dialogue on assessing and improving learning outcomes.
 Anderson, Kate.

LQAS as a School Quality Monitoring Approach
 Mulcahy-Dunn, Amy.

Landscape review: Mobiles for youth workforce development
 Raftree, L. and Levi, Rebekah.

Language Policy in Sikkim: Impact of L2 medium of Instruction on Learning Outcomes
 Chamling, Komal.

Language Policy, Security, and Peace--Observations from Educational Research and Practice in Conflict-Affected Contexts
 Zakharia, Zeena.

Language Transitioning – Experiences in China
 Feng, Anwei.

Language and culture immersion programs: a comparative case study
 Pichugin, Alexander.

Language as power and the hierarchies of language
 Majhanovich, Suzanne.

Language of Instruction: Imagining Humanist Language Policy
 Powell Miles, Catherine. and Pflepsen, Alison.

Language policy and its effects abroad: A case study of Modern Greek language learning in the Greek Diaspora and beyond
 Katradis, Maria.

Language policy in Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and Timor Leste: Comparative case studies of the challenges of realizing mother tongue education
 Farrell, Anna., Gaston, Michelle. and Fry, Gerald.

Language policy in education: cause and cure of an unspoken achievement gap?
 McEachern, Firth MacKenzie.

Language teacher observation evaluation rubrics in international development contexts: using Activity Theory to identify challenges of a standardized approach
 Goode, Ruth.

Latent profile analysis of undergraduate students’ motivation for science courses: A comparison between the United States and China
 Sang, Wenjuan., Ross, Heidi. and Maltese, Adam.

Leading Continued Professional Development for Teachers in Arab Countries
 Wattar, Dania. and Mahmood, Rubi.

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M&E systems, institutional capacity building and EGRA results
 Noyes, David.

M-Ubuntu final report
 van Rensburg Lindzter, Theophilus. and Haagen, Lucy.

MCA-Georgia's Process
 Verulashvili, Natia. and Udzilauri, Nino.

MCC Georgia Compact
 Crowder, Van.

MOOCs and Universities: Caught in a Web of Contradictions?
 McClure, Maureen.

MOOCs for Development (MOOCs4D): Conversations with Those at the Bottom of the Pyramid
 Wagner, Dan.

Macro-level Gender Inequality and Gender Disparities in Adolescents' Political Activism
 Kim, Hyungryeol.

Mainstreaming Madrassas in India: Resistance or cooptation?
 Kidwai, Huma.

Mainstreaming multilingual education through working with the government in Cambodia
 Noorlander, Jan.

Maintaining connections with learners and facilitators through radio and audio
 Bell, Brenda. and Sackey Doe Sumah, Felicia.

Making Education Programs Inclusive: Lessons Learned from the EGRA Malawi
 Bixiones, Caroline.

Making Korean Citizens: The (Re)Education of Korean Gyopos
 Kim, Stephanie.

Making Waves: The Rising Demand for Secondary Education
 Chaluda, Ania. and Hatch, Rachel.

Making citizens through politicised school pedagogies
 Badroodien, Azeem. and Matope, Jasmine.

Making data work for improvement of literacy programs: Innovations at Room to Read
 Jukes, Matthew.

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NCAAA faculty research policy at Saudi Arabian universities
 AlMubarak, Sama\'a.

NEW BOOK - Partnership Paradox: The Story of Liberia's Post Conflict Educational Recovery (2006-2010)
 Taylor, Aleesha. and Talbot, Christopher.

NGO-University Partnerships in Educational Research: Investigating Possibilities for Collaboration and Opportunities for Students’ Development
 Balsekar, Ameya.

Naming the world: Applied Critical Pedagogy in the Autonomous Regions of Nicaragua
 Seeger, Christopher William.

Narrating conflicts that challenge education reform for social inclusion
 Daiute, Colette., Kovács Cerović, Tünde. and Ataman, Aysenur.

National Education Accounts: a planning tool to improve the national reporting systems on education finance statistics
 Diouf, Ousmane.

National Learning Assessments: What We Know and What We Need to Know
 Cheng, Xuejiao "Joy".

National Pastime, using an educational video game to create critical and engaged democratic citizens.
 Watson, Bill.

National ministry of education and professional training institutional strengthening plan
 Johnston, Andrew. and Bulat, Jennae.

Navigating Early Childhood Policy Mandates: What We Can Learn from Teachers in Tanzania and the U.S.
 Wilinski, Bethany.

Navigating identity in Muslim adolescent girls
 Hamdi, Hana.

Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS) graduates’ perceptions of school curriculum
 Kerimkulova, Aizhan.

Need for speed?: Comprehension evidence from Senegal on timed versus untimed reading tests
 Vinogradova, Elena.

Negotiating Civic Identity in a Rural Community: A Case Study of Two Bosnian Youth
 Pesek, Jessamay.

Negotiating The Intersection Of Global And Local Culture: Interviewing Policy Actors In Nepal
 Henck, Adrienne.

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ODA for education in MENA and SA: Exploring agendas of two major donor agencies, the WB and USAID
 Khan, Maria Ishaq.

OPERA: Teachers training from research on effective practices in Burkina Faso
 Altet, Marguerite. and Sall, Hamidou Nacuzon.

Observations on implementing the LQAS methodology from USAID/Ghana
 Banashek, Sarah.

Obstacles of schooling and parents’ views on education for ethnic minority children: Case study of Viengkham district in Luangprabang, Laos
 Taketani, Mariko.

On Different Wavelengths: Examining Bilingual Education in Guatemala
 Rapley, Leah.

On Glocalization in the Israeli Education System: An Agency Perspective
 Mizrahi Shtelman, Ravit.

On teachers’ development of research awareness--based on a qualitative study of a primary-school teacher
 Chen, Siying.

On the Periphery of People’s minds: Mountain Children in Global and Humanistic Perspective.
 Mehta, Sonia.

On the potentiality of Ubuntu to disrupt inhumanity
 Waghid, Yusef.

On the tension between quantity, quality and equality in education: Reflections on demographic interferences to education targets
 Eloundou-Enyegue, Parfait.

One Day, All Children will be Numbers: Teach For All and the Universalizing Appeal of Data
 Friedrich, Daniel., Walter, Mia. and Colmenares, Erica.

One platform for many stories: digital curation of reading materials
 Jaffe, Sarah.

One woman’s journey of transformative leadership
 Tawiah, Ruth.

Online Learning and Self-Efficacy in Higher Education: A comparison study of Non-native and native English speakers
 Markova, Ivana.

Online learning: Views from Bangladeshi Muslim Women across the Globe
 Amina, Tabassum.

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PAJE- Nièta: A Model for Empowering Youth
 Sissoko, Ibrahima. and Maiga, Youssouf.

PISA 2012 Creative Problem-Solving: An Assessment of 21st Century Skills
 Singh, Anisha.

Paideia of the Soul for All: Humanizing UNESCO’s Education for All and the World Bank’s Learning for All
 Kazamias, Andreas.

Panelist - Gender and Education Symposium
 Oviawe, joan.Osa.

Paper #1: The Case of Uganda
 Klees, Steven.

Paper #2: The Case of Tanzania
 Lin, Jing.

Paper #3: The Case of Togo
 Stromquist, Nelly.

Paradigmatic Dialogues, Inter-subjectivity, and Nonduality in Qualitative Inquiry
 Brantmeier, Noorie. and Brantmeier, Edward.

Parent Expectation for Children’s Education Globally: A Perspective from World Culture Theory
 Zhao, Xia.

Parent and family engagement and child literacy support programs in Washington DC Public Schools
 Primas, Elizabeth.

Parental Cultural Capital and Educational Attainment in Rural China: a Longitudinal Analysis
 Yu, Xiaoran. and Kong, Peggy.

Parental Education, Learning Approaches and Achievement: Comparative Mediation Analysis between US, India, and China
 Shukla, Kathan Dushyant. and Chakraverty, Devasmita.

Parental Involvement in Children’s Education: A Case of Melakh Primary School in Senegal
 Fujimoto, Megumi.

Parental and Community Involvement in Literacy Programs
 Cao, Yvonne.

Parental and community involvement in a scale-up bilingual education project.
 Mbacke-Slifer, Lisa.

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Qatar’s rapid development of a national research system
 Crist, John.

Qualitative Data Collection in Adverse VAS-Y Fille! Contexts: Process, Challenges, and Analysis
 Diame, Maguette.

Quality assurance and accreditation: Where does Bangladeshi higher education stand?
 Saha, Neete.

Quality assurance networks as a process of educational change in the Arab Gulf: A cultural political economy analysis
 Walsh, Clare.

Quality in a policy? Situating perceptions of quality in early childhood education within the Nigerian policy context.
 Summers, Katherine.

Quality of School Interactions and Student Wellbeing: Impacts After One Year of a School-based Program in DRC
 Weisenhorn, Nina.

Quality, benefits and characteristics of bilingual education: Ethnic minority education and the pursuit toward identity and belonging in Inner Mongolia
 De, Su. and Yuan, Mei.

Quebec (Canada)’s inclusion of LGBTI issues in education: A survey of high school teachers
 Richard, Gabrielle.

Quebec (Canada)’s inclusion of LGBTI issues in education: A survey of high school teachers
 Richard, Gabrielle.

Questioning the neoclassical political economy of higher education participation: Evidence from Chile
 Gonzalez, Francisco.

Questions of Inclusive Education in Post-Conflict Bosnia-Herzegovina: Promoting Integration but Threatening Identity?
 Greiff, Jacquelyn.


READ TA as case study: Building relationships and building effective teams
 Zeleke, Abdu. and Ayalew Tegegne, Tayachew.

READ TA as case study: Integrating international research in consideration of local capacity and context
 Ralaingita, Wendi.

READ TA as case study: Making the numbers at national scale
 Garsamo, Dessalegn.

READ TA as case study: Ensuring local ownership and quality
 Fesmire, Marion. and Abebe Mekete, Daniel.

ROTA: Instilling Humanist Ideals in Youth through Volunteerism and Community Service
 Abdelgafar, Basma. and Copeland, Esker.

Race as a Capacitating Concept: A Comparison between the UK and the US
 Haynes, James Francis.

Racial inequalities in educational opportunities in Brazil
 Louzano, Paula.

Racialized experiences of East Asian international pre-service teachers at a U.S. college
 Kang, Jihea.

Racialized students and their identities in European higher education: A historical examination via the national and European-identity building
 Lee, Sohyun.

Raising adult literacy without raising the literacy of adults? A cross-national analysis of literacy trends from a cohort perspective
 Barakat, Bilal.

Rapid expansion of higher education in Turkey: The challenges of recently established public universities
 Özoğlu, Murat., Gür, Bekir. and Gumus, Sedat.

Rationale and Course Development Process: Democracy, Human Rights and Democratic Education in an Era of Globalization
 Niyozov, Sarfaroz. and Rizvi, Fazal.

Rationales and strategies of internationalization in higher education: A comparative study of the University at Albany and the University of Oslo.
 Salas, Remysell.

Rationalizing myths and teaching models: The paradigmatic case of “pedagogical constructivism” in higher education
 Pineda, Pedro.

Re-examining the “Revisionist” Approach to Brain Drain in the Context of A Post Conflict Country in South Asia
 Gaulee, Uttam., Ullman, Jeffery Layton. and Bista, Krishna.

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STEM Interests among Cambodian Adolescents: Gender and Psychosocial Factors
 Szmodis, Whitney. and Eng, Sothy.

Safe Learning Environment and School Based Health and Nutrition Services: WASH Plus in Zambia supporting MHM through WASH in Schools
 Fry, Sarah.

Sakha National Identity Construction through Early Literacy Textbooks in the Russian Federation
 Artemev, Nikolai.

Save the Children’s Quality Preschool Package: A Quality Enhancement for Equity
 Poehlman, Sara. and Dang, Sara.

Scaling up an accelerated education program through working with government in India
 Sachdeva, Suman.

Scapegoating the Taliban? Representations of Gender in Afghan Primary School Textbooks
 Foulds, Kim.

School Autonomy, Parental Involvement in Schools, and Learning in Indonesia
 Leer, Jane.

School Effects in the Transitions from Upper Secondary Education
 Barragan, Mariana.

School Feeding and development: Are We Framing the Question Correctly?
 Alderman, Harold.

School Feeding for Improving the Physical and Psychosocial Health of Disadvantaged Students: A Systematic Review.
 Kristjansson, Elizabeth.

School Leadership Development in Singapore
 Wong, Benjamin.

School Massacres and Student Safety: New Fears in Japan
 Springwood, Charles.

School Meals and Motivation at Part-Time High Schools in Japan
 Ikeo, Mari.

School Principal Autonomy in Finland and the United States
 Leonardatos, Harry.

School bullying, self-esteem, and social capital: a case from lower secondary schools in a Japanese provincial city
 Sakurai, Riho.

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Tablets, targets and time on task: A synthetic review of digital learning and a case from South Africa
 Castillo, Nathan.

Taking School Improvement to Scale: Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN)
 Sanni, Kayode.

Taking the bus to campus: A case of grounded globalization
 Chason, Lisa.

Talentum: A reseach project conducted to improve policy design and implementation in Mexico around identification and support of the exceptionally talented
 Heredia, Blanca., Garrido de Sierra, Sebastián., Navarro, Jose., Espindola, Juan., Rubio, Daniela., Rodriguez Morales, Idalia. and Vazquez, Marisol.

Tanzania Assessment and Reform in the 3Rs – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
 Bruns, David., Brombacher, Aarnout., Powell Miles, Catherine. and Mwakabungu, Fika.

Tanzania: A test bed for refugee response and education policy
 Sewall, Jennifer.

Taoist Culture and Pupil Creativity Development: Issue, Value and Strategy
 Liao, Min., Jin, Yule. and Zhang, Wusheng.

Target setting: Where’s the crystal ball?
 Butt, Naeem.

Tayari Early Learning Program
 Nderu, Evangeline.

Teach For America and Teach For All: Creating an Intermediary Organization Network for Global Education Reform
 La Londe, Priya Goel., Brewer, Timothy. and Lubienski, Christopher.

Teach for All Network case study: Comparison of international partners to original Teach for America model
 Arias, Denisse., Baker, Katherine., Gaston, Jacqueline., Kitajima, Shiori., Pereira, Thiago. and Raoilimanantsoa, Marina.

Teach for whom? Questioning the possibility of PPPs in education through a comparison of Teach for All in Chile and Argentina
 Friedrich, Daniel.

Teacher Education for Democracy in Post-Soviet Ukraine
 Kovalchuk, Serhiy.

Teacher Effectiveness – A Review of the Literature for Early Grade Reading Teachers in Challenging Contexts
 Smith, Cristine.

Teacher Motivation – A Review of Group Activities, Evidence Base, and Plans for Future Resource Development
 Richardson, Emily. and Guajardo, Jarret.

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U.S. copyright law and the cross-border distribution of digital educational materials: examining the obstacles experienced by one Kenyan NGO
 Shanahan, Kristen. and Shanahan, Patrick.

UAE university students experiences of their reading and writing improvement
 Al Murshidi, Ghadah.

UNESCO's role in promoting literacy: past, present and future
 Wagner, Dan.

UNGEI-GPE Gender Analysis Tool: Advancing Gender Responsive Sector Planning
 Fyles, Nora. and Kibesaki, Aya.

UNICEF's evaluation strategy
 Mokhtar, Nor Shirin. and Naidoo, Jordan.

US Peace Corps in Liberia: Reflections on global citizenship from a Response Volunteer
 Parker, Zachary.

USAID Research on Disability Language in Solicitiations for Funding
 Hayes, Anne.

USAID’s response to the Ebola crisis
 Banik, Koli.

Ubuntu Education: Translating Ethos to Action
 Vescovo, Aude.

Ubuntu Ethics in Sport: Implications for Pedagogy
 Makhanya, Mqondisi. and Makhubela-Nkondo, Olga.

Ubuntu Humanism in the UNISA School Health Improvement Programme in the elements of the retired educators’ first aid education and training
 Risenga, Patrone Rebecca.

Ubuntu Sustainable Learning Ecosystem: A Zambian Prototype
 Kantini, Samson M\'zizi.

Ubuntu and Citizenship Education in South Africa: Indigenous Epistemologies and Xhosa Primary and Intermediate Teachers’ Constructions of Democracy
 Kubow, Patricia.

Ubuntu and School-Related Gender-Based Violence on the Western Cape of South Africa
 Pulizzi, Scott. and Lees, James.

Ubuntu and South African humanist education traditions
 Chisholm, Linda.

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Validation of an early grade group administered reading assessment in Ghana
 Stern, Jonathan.

Value perceptions of foundation and public university students in Turkey
 Yigit, Mehmet Fatih. and Aydin, Hasan.

Variations in teacher knowledge and practice in early grade reading: A comparative study of three regions in Peru
 Lizarraga, Armida. and da Silva, Carol.

Varied impacts of decentralising decision-making to schools: Results from a systematic review
 Schendel, Rebecca., CARR-HILL, Roy., Rolleston, Caine. and Pherali, Tejendra.

Vernacular literatures in Kazakhstan and humanist education: historical overview and contemporary reflections
 Mun, Olga. and Ananyeva, Svetlana.

Vocationalism and Mass Higher Education: A Study of Students in Higher Vocational Education in China
 Xiong, Jie.

Voice and narrative methods as tools for building solidarity
 Argenal, Amy.

Voices from the field: Lessons in teacher uptake from Liberia (Medina Korda & Patience Suah, RTI International):
 Korda, Medina. and Suah, Patience.

Voices of International Professors: Cross-Cultural Issues and Solutions for Better Transition Experiences
 Hutchison, Charles.

Voices of International Professors: Cross-Cultural Issues and Solutions for Better Transition Experiences
 Hutchison, Charles.

Voices of International Professors: Cross-Cultural Issues and Solutions for Better Transition Experiences
 Hutchison, Charles., Bang, Hyeyoung., Mfum-Mensah, Obed., Bier, Gail., Carattini, Amy. and Odhiambo, Ecuabeth.

Voices of local actors in western-driven research in Central Asia
 Dastambuev, Nazarkhudo.

Voices of local scholars in a western-driven research in Central Asia
 Shamatov, Duishon Alievich.

Vulnerable youth and community resilience: The role and absence of education in Central American port cities
 Sausner, Erica Beth. and Webster, Nicole.


Wade in the water: Barotse cultural citizenry and re-mapping of Africa
 Siyolwe, Mukwae Wabei.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education (WASH): A Missing Factor in Quality Education
 Lupele, Justin. and Fry, Sarah.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in schools: how is it financed?
 Venkatesh, Mohini., Bramley, Sarah. and Sara, Steve.

We Are Because We Speak: Ubuntu and Mapping the First Decade of Language Issues SIG
 Odugu, Desmond. and Shephard, Christopher.

We Limin”: A cultural historical analysis of Trinbagonian informal learning structures in American culture
 Campbell, Kimeka.

We are the World? The Hidden Agendas of Global Citizenship Education
 Wang, Chenyu. and Hoffman, Diane.

Wearing Hijab: Muslim Girls’ Schooling Experiences in the United States.
 Hozien, Wafa.

Western faculty members' "flight" from South Korea: A world-systems analysis
 Kim, Stephanie.

What Does Inequality Mean in International Comparative Studies on Student Achievement?
 Strietholt, Rolf. and Borgna, Camilla.

What Does Inequality in Education Have to Do with Violent Conflict: A New Cross-National Research Study
 Omoeva, Carina.

What Makes Good Education Projects? Success Factors of the World Bank Education Development Projects
 Lee, Bommi.

What TIMSS Scores (Do Not) Tell Us: Remarkable Progress amidst Vast Disparities in the CCAGS Countries
 Naidenova, Vesselina Georgieva.

What Works to Improve Learning in Developing Countries? An Analysis of Divergent Findings in Systematic Reviews
 Evans, David. and Popova, Anna.

What Works to Support Girls to Complete Secondary School: Lessons from Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program
 Leys, Emily.

What Would a Socially-Just Education System Look Like?
 Gandin, Luis Armando.

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YNI: A model for a “no-wall” international middle-school with humanist education at the heart of its pedagogy
 Wijaya, Henry., Brylinski, Emeline. and Elsamadicy, Amearah Abdalla.

Young Children’s opportunities to learn at home and school in rural southern Tanzania
 Edwards Uçar, Laura.

Young Rural Women’s Perspectives on the Impact of Education-supported Development Projects on their Lives: Cases from Upper Egypt governorates
 Hosny, Ola.

Youth Civic Engagement of E-Democracy: grass-root civic participation in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore
 Jang, Chiau-Wen.

Youth Development
 Scheuerer, Karen.

Youth Transforming Social Structures in their Communities in Honduras
 Dominguez Roque, Edgar.

Youth and Adult Education in México: Playing with Screen and Keyboard
 Kalman, Judith. and Razo, Oscar Enrique Hernández.

Youth as Partners in Law Making: Youth Participation in UNESCO’s Access to Information (A2I) Law Project in Cambodia
 Lee, Jamie.

Youth leadership development as an important component in rights in education: who, how, what, and why
 Tingey, Melissa Maree. and Geo-JaJa, Macleans.
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