Comparative and International Education Society CIES Annual Meeting 2017-Mar-04 to 2017-Mar-10

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"A Guide for Planning the Future of Our Language": a foundation for local-language education and development
 Karan, Mark.

"Achievement" versus "failure": the rhetorical construction of social categories in curriculum policy discourse
 Jang, Soo Bin.

"Same-same, but different": A comparative study on internationalization policy of Southeast Asian higher education sectors
 Li, Zhe.

"We don’t ask children’s cultural differences here because those are personal": Early childhood teachers' perspectives of diverse children in China
 Lee, Lena.

"Why should I stay in Taiwan, here is no job for me!" The reality of brain drain in Taiwanese PhD holders
 Chang, Chen-Wei. and Jheng, Ying-Jie.

"Without education, one is blind": pursuing education through NGO schools and madrasas in a Dhaka slum
 Cierniak, Katherine.

#tellPearson: The activist ‘public education’ network
 Hogan, Anna.

(E)quality begins in the workplace: the impact of teachers' working conditions on students' academic achievement
 Vargas, Monica. and Gomez, Ricardo.

(En) gendering citizenship in post-war Sri Lanka: The education-conflict-gender interface
 Kovinthan, Thursica.

(In)equality in Education: A Consequence of Syrian Refugees in Turkey
 Alpaytac, Sema.

(Re)Envisioning equitable education: Contextual challenges of educating refugees in the United States
 Ghosh, Sowmya. and Demartino, Linsay.

(Re)Producing Educational Inequality: Students in Unequal Schools and the Quality of Their Education
 Golbspan, Ricardo.

(Re)learning what it means to be: understanding how African American graduate student women make meaning through study abroad
 Green, Qiana.

(Un)equal spaces in higher education: Exploring a university in British Columbia, Canada
 Chan, Pak Kei Bernard., Oakley, Lauren. and Qutub, Bayan.

0-3 Toolkit: Operational guidance for implementing parenting programs built on evidence-based practices
 Karnati, Romilla.

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A Comparative Analysis of Motivations and Philosophies Driving Adult Education Policy Formulation in the United States and the European Union
 Salajan, Florin., Roumell, Elizabeth. and Todoran, Corina.

A Comparative Study of the Intent of Bilingual Programs: A critical discourse analysis of public school programs in British Columbia
 Locher-Lo, Caroline.

A Comparative Study on Teacher Efficacy Level and Influence Factors Between Substitute Teachers and Tenure Teachers
 Jang, Sarang.

A Comparative Study on Mathematics Teacher’s Belief and Teaching Practice of Solving Word Problem between China and U.S.
 Zhang, Shuang., Wang, Jian., Davis, Heather. and Johnson, Yu Kim.

A Comparison Study of an Urban, Economically Disadvantaged Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program in Southwest Tennessee
 Maxwell, Phoebe.

A Consideration on Evaluability of Educational Goal of SDG
 Yonehara, Aki.

A Critical analysis of Constructions and Policies of Higher Education Quality Assurance in Chile and Bolivia
 Price, Hazel.

A Cross-Sectoral Approach toward a Better International Migrant Worker Policy in Japan
 Shigemitsu, Mie., Ogawa, Takayuki., Urushi, Saki., Tsukatani, Fumitake. and Fujii, Daisuke.

A Digital Ethnography of Teach For America: An Ethnographic Analysis of the Truth For America Podcast
 Vasquez Heilig, Julian. and Brewer, T. Jameson.

A Framework for Global Citizenship Education in Post-Colonial Hong Kong
 Tang, Ching Yan.

A Global Approach to arts-based psychosocial support for children in education settings in chronically stressful environments
 Hommel, Sara.

A Meta Analysis of Global Life Skills Education Programs: Emerging Research & Best Practices
 Bailey, Simon.

A Model of Academic, Personality and Emotion-Related Predictors of University Academic Performance (Poster 1)
 Sanchez-Ruiz, Maria-Jose. and El Khoury, Jamil.

A Network Perspective on the Secondary Analysis of International Civic and Citizenship Education Studies
 Pizmony-Levy, Oren. and Kessler, Erika.

A New Approach to Student Behavior
 Martin, Josh.

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BRAC partnerships and student achievement in the Philippines
 Islam, M Nazrul.

BRICS NU: a project on the making
 S Thiago, Elisa.

Balancing inequalities in North-South partnerships: A multi-case study of faculty experiences in South Africa
 Madhani, Naureen.

Bangladesh: Literacy Intervention through Culturally Relevant Narratives for Linguistic and Cultural Minority Students
 Nyeu, Maung.

Barriers for better education for children with disabilities: Evidence from Mongolia
 Kameyama, Yuriko.

Baseline Evaluation of Reading Skills in Dominican Second Grade Students
 Mencía-Ripley, Aida., Sánchez-Vincitore, Laura., Garrido, Luis. and Aguasvivas, José.

Basic Education in Sokoto and Bauchi States, Nigeria: ‘All hands on deck’ for education reform.
 Bello, Muhammed.

Becoming a monument: visual representations of President Masaryk in modern Czech history textbooks
 Pruchova, Andrea.

Becoming a principal in Chile: Learning the role of school improvement
 Fernandez Hermosilla, Magdalena.

Being an African and an Academic in Finland: Negotiating Identities and Professionalism in an Uncertain Setting
 Ezechukwu, Gabriel.

Between Competition and Collaboration: Scientific Knowledge Production in Germany over the 20th Century
 Dusdal, Jennifer.

Between Extinction and Hope: Minority Students as Co-creators for Culturally Relevant Curriculum
 Nyeu, Maung.

Between demoralization and dissent—Responses of New York State principals and teachers to high stakes testing and compliance-speak
 Lloyd, Joseph., Meyer, Heinz-Dieter. and Zahedi, Katie.

Between the Global and the Local: Human Rights Discourse and Engagement in Two New York City High Schools
 Russell, Susan Garnett.

Between the Global and the National: Confucian Revival and the Hybrid Educational Narratives in Contemporary China
 Wu, Jinting.

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CADFP Fellow’s Perspective and Findings
 Okeke-Ihejirika, Philomena.

Calculated Actions to Deliver Racial and Ethnic Equity in Education (CADRE3): Understanding Desegregation through Cross-Cultural Examination
 Novak, Christine., Davidson, Petrina., Ridgard, Tamique. and Telesford, Alana.

Cambodian High School Science Teachers’ Perceptions about Inquiry-based Science Instruction
 Park, Do-Yong. and Prommas, Chanphorn.

Can Computer Assisted Learning Help Improve Students Academic Achievement in Mainland China: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
 Liu, Yujia.

Can Higher Education Foster Engineering Student Creativity?
 Ding, Xueting.

Can a single stakeholder be the game changer in an education system?
 Joakim, Maja.

Can liberal and conservative resistance to standardization in education align? The Case of Jefferson County, Colorado
 Tampio, Nicholas.

Can we go beyond the Impact Factor? Top-Ranked Colleges’ of Education knowledge mobilization strategies
 Fischman, Gustavo.

Canadian teachers’ views on education’s role in religious extremism
 Ghosh, Ratna.

Can’t Be What You Can’t See: Civic Role Models Influence on Immigrant Students’ Political Socialization
 Brezicha, Kristina.

Capacity building in a competency-based adult literacy curriculum and learner-centered materials: A case of post-conflict Afghanistan
 Hammad, Mohammad Qasim., Ahmadi, Ahmad Zia. and Zholdoshalieva, Rakhat.

Capacity development and workplace learning: an analysis of factors influencing workplace learning at Afghan Ministry of Education, Department of Planning
 Ahmadi, Mohammad Javad.

Capacity development in planning for displaced populations
 Eshetu, Ato.

Capitalizing on longitudinal data in the ECD sector: Pathways for improved school readiness in the Tayari ECD intervention longitudinal study
 Nderu, Evangeline., Thuita, Isaac. and Piper, Benjamin.

Capturing Teachers’ Experiences and Sharing Them Beyond Kakuma Refugee Camp
 Collas, Sophia.

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Daoism for educating: exploring the philosophy as a resource for teaching a dao lesson
 Maki, Wilma.

Data across the system
 Alonge, Olusola.

Dealing with Kids in Deficit: Promising Frameworks and Interventions for Conflict-affected Schools
 Finder, Julia.

Debating female education: A comparative study of curriculum debate for female education in Victorian England and British India
 Singh, Chandra Lekha.

Decolonizing Education: Critical Theory, Hashtags and Disruption
 Ahmed, Kayum.

Decolonizing and Deimperializing Research on the Education of Ethnic Minorities in China and Other Cross-Cultural Contexts
 He, Ming Fang. and Yu, Min.

Decolonizing our minds: Why Argentina, and South America should not participate in the futile race for appearing in HE Rankings
 Andres, Mercedes.

Deconstructing empowerment: The links between the learning environment, gender norms and educational outcomes
 Kim, Minsoo. and Leer, Jane.

Deconstructing l’Apartheid Culturel in Urban France: Implications for American English as Peace Education (Poster 19)
 Lee, Deneque.

Decreasing Dropouts in Mexico: Can Migrant Remittances Help?
 Sawyer, Adam.

Defining Defiance – Understanding Exceptional School Performance against the Odds.
 Maritz, Gerrit., Bohn, Edda. and Prew, Martin.

Defining Success of a Skype-Mediated Cross-Cultural Teacher Learning Circle: From the DRC to the USA
 Lund, Jennifer.

Defining a framework for public private partnerships in education
 De Koning, Mireille.

Defining a legal framework to advance the debate on the role of private actors in education: Where are we at?
 Aubry, Sylvain. and Delphine, Dorsi.

Defining evidence in conflict and crisis settings
 Chabbott, Colette.

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ECD programs in Za’atari and Azraq refuee camps to support Syrian refugees
 Hommel, Sara.

EGR resources in the LAC region
 Vijil, Maria.

EGRA Fluency Measures
 Todd, Amy.

EVOKE: Peace Campaign (Soacha, Colombia)
 Hawkins, Robert.

Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten for Syrian refugee children and vulnerable host community children in Jordan and Lebanon
 Akar, Bassel., Amr, Muna. and Chen, Alexandra.

Early Grade Reading as Fabrication: A Factish Sociology of Measurement
 Bartlett, Lesley.

Early Grade Reading in the Kyrgyz Republic: Perspectives from the National Testing Center
 Bakirov, Artur.

Early Grade Reading in the community setting: Evaluating the impact of volunteer-based community libraries in Mozambique
 Machkasov, Yuri.

Early Stocktaking of GPE’s Results Based Financing Approach
 Gershberg, Alec. and Price, Wenna.

East Africa’s Inequality of Performativity: Where is the Evidence?
 Manyasa, Emmanuel.

Ecologicalization: the Root Problems in Equality of Education and Countermeasures
 Fu, Songtao.

Economic Development, Educational Development and Policy Borrowing and Lending in Math Education: A Comparative Analysis of Jamaica, Singapore and England
 Welsh, Richard. and Banerjee, Parna.

Economic Mobility, Moral Cultivation, or Social Transformation? Meanings of Schooling for Migrant Chinese Youth
 Xiang, Xin.

Edu-Solutions and the Edu-technology Market as an American Export
 Spreen, Carol Anne.

Educate!— Imminent Opportunity for Africa-Wide Impact
 Mahoney, Meghan.

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Facilitating cross-cultural interactions in higher education: An ICT based approach
 MacGregor, Kim., Esmail, Hala. and Dettinger, Michael.

Factors affecting Mongolian primary school leaders’ attitudes toward ICT in education
 Ohya, Yusuke., Yamaguchi, Shinobu., Takada, Jun-Ichi. and Luvsandash, Orgilmaa.

Factors associated with higher mathematics performance among students from a low socioeconomic background in South Africa (Poster 18)
 McFarlane, Esther.

Factors influencing teachers’ perspectives on inclusive education in developing countries: An empirical case study of Cambodia
 Kuroda, Kazuo., Kitamura, Yuto. and Kartika, Diana.

Faculty Cultivating Active Tranquility through Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit Adjustment and Virtues
 Lin, Jing.

Faculty Development: A Systematic Literature Review of Review Studies
 Phuong, Tam.

Faculty as Researchers in Kazakhstan: structural enablers, individual capacities, and strategies
 Kuzhabekova, Aliya.

Faculty attitudes toward independent accreditation in Kyrgyzstan
 Ryskulova, Chynarkul.

Faculty development for teaching in under-resourced regions
 Smith, Cristine. and Hudson, Katherine.

Faculty lives in contemporary Kyrgyzstan
 Merrill, Martha.

Faith-based low-cost schools in Kenya: Contributions and Challenges
 Sivasubramaniam, Malini.

Faith-based low-fee private schools and School Leadership in Kenya and Haiti
 Sivasubramaniam, Malini. and Sider, Steve.

Family strategies for elite transformation: Parental motivations for transnational schooling in Western China
 Adams, Jennifer.

Family structure and parental involvement in Mexico
 Fierro Villa, Adira.

Fast growth and rapid challenges of Bridge International Academies in Uganda
 Namusobya, Salima.

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GPE2020 Goal One - Improved and more equitable learning outcomes
 De Chaisemartin, Talia.

GPE2020 Goal Three - Effective and Efficient Education Systems
 Martinez, Raphaelle. and salgado, vania.

Gatekeeping educational equity: the decolonization of the South African university
 Sualehi, Sarah. and Montalbano, Pamela.

Gender Biasness in Eighth Grade Urdu and English Punjab Textbooks, Pakistan and the Blinkered Views
 Naseem, Samina. and Nayab, Sidra.

Gender Disparity in the Effects of Proximal Contexts on the Development of Civic Committment among Korean Adolescents
 Kim, Taehan. and Kim, Young-In.

Gender Inequalities in the East Asian high school textbook of English. A qualitative and quantitative approach
 Suezawa, Natsuko.

Gender Inequality Across a Hierarchy of Higher Education Institutions-South Korea
 So, Ga-Young.

Gender Inequality in Mathematics: An International Perspective
 Schmidt, William. and Burroughs, Nathan.

Gender Roles in Vietnamese Graduate Education: Exploring the Experiences of Women in Technology and Engineering
 Yao, Christina. and Dang, Ngoc Lan.

Gender and Rural-urban Gaps in Chinese Students’ Self-efficacy of STEM Disciplines
 Wang, Yiwei.

Gender and Trans-Provincial Migration: Evidence from College Graduates in China
 Yue, Changjun.

Gender and the difficult past: Boys and girls wrestle with the history of slavery in the United States
 Gross, Magdalena. and Wotipka, Christine Min.

Gender bias in textbooks: a comparison between low-cost and high-cost schools in Pakistan
 Musa, Marriam.

Gender complexities in Jamaican secondary education: class culture and the ‘elephant' in the room
 Ellis, Everton.

Gender equity, policy and preschools: Exploring the gender-based attitudes and beliefs of mothers and teachers in home-based preschools in Cambodia.
 Grace, Kelly., Eng, Sothy. and Szmodis, Whitney.

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Habits of Mind: A Case Study of Three Teachers’ Experiences with a Mindfulness-Based Intervention
 Deeley, Molly.

Harmony or Dissonance? Assessing the Progress of Mexico’s Education Reform at the Subnational Level
 Rojas, Javier.

Harnessing the Art of Social Media: To Innovate and Democratize International Language Education (Poster 16)
 Santavicca, Nicholas.

Has education in post-Soviet countries become more inclusive? Problematizing inequalities and affirmative action from historical and comparative perspectives
 Sorokin, Pavel.

Haunting the ivory tower?: colleges and universities and the employment of international student recruitment agencies
 Gietzen, Garett.

Have We Left Monoglossic and Anglonormative Ideologies in Bi/multilingual Programs Behind?
 Vyas, Ruju. and Kochon, Christian.

Health/Safety Literacy, Life/Coping Skills, Social Inclusion/Responsibility: Fitting the Essentials into Core Curricula/Programs in Different Contexts (new working group)
 Henry, Martin.

Heritage-based literacy lessons: Implementing a mother tongue program for Darfur refugee children and adults in eastern Chad
 Kua, Eunice.

Hidden Actors and Dimensions of Education: Revisiting and Reinterpreting Botswana Education
 Gong, Byoung-Gyu.

High Participation Systems of higher Education
 Marginson, Simon.

High School Writing Instruction in Brazil: A Mixed-Methods Study of Portuguese Language Teachers in Two Brazilian States
 Coelho, Raquel.

Higher Education Leadership in Indonesia: Where are the Women?
 Bosch, Andrea.

Higher Education Policies and Generational Dynamics in Contemporary Cuba
 Domínguez García, María Isabel.

Higher Education Reforms and Their Impact on Equity in Selected Post-Soviet Countries
 Chakhaia, Lela.

Higher Education Start Ups: A Case of Establishing Entrepreneurial Community Colleges in Remote Areas of Indonesia
 Peng, Jessica.

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IB in China
 Deng, Li.

ICT implementation research in schools in Myanmar
 Shin, Haein. and Iyengar, Radhika.

INEE Background Paper & Guidance on Psychosocial Support and Social and Emotional Learning for children and youth in emergency settings
 Davison, Laura. and Pacifico, Arianna.

Ideas for Capacity Building and Educational Empowerment of Female Children in Butaleja, Uganda: Applying the Central Human Capability Approach
 de Silva, Renuka.

Identifying Bilingual Children with Specific Language Impairment: Inclusion and Intervention in Schools
 Madappa, Manish.

Identifying and Exploring Discrepancies in Study Abroad Intent Amongst Japanese University Students
 Nowlan, Andrew.

Identifying financial aids factors that influence student persistence at public research universities in Oklahoma
 Le, Ky.

Identifying generative mechanisms from the Qualitative Study of the Early Grade Reading Study in South Africa
 Dixon, Kerryn. and Fleisch, Brahm.

Identifying strategies to compensate for country-level inequalities in education
 Sandoval-Hernandez, Andres., Lauder, Hugh. and Shields, Robin.

Identifying, Measuring, and Developing Key Cross-sectoral Soft Skills for International Youth Development
 Lippman, Laura.

Identity in Translation: A Case Study of Chinese-American Undergraduate Students’ Cultural Identity
 Zhou, Tianxin.

Images from the Periphery: the Perspective of Working Class Women on Inequality and Daily Life
 Dalmaso Junqueira, Bruna. and Pinheiro, Leandro.

Images of internationalization: Promoting the global university
 Blanco Ramirez, Gerardo. and Metcalfe, Amy.

Imaginaries of Latin American schooling in El Chavo del 8
 Friedrich, Daniel. and Arata, Nicolas.

Imaginaries of the ‘Racial Other’ in Socialist and Postcolonialist International Education
 Ress, Susanne.

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Japanese Modern Education System and Exclusion of the Youth of Yutori Generation
 Hosokawa, Mitsue.

Japanese Youth Attitudes on Study Abroad: Why current government initiatives do not nurture global competitiveness
 Yamada, Ayako.

Jordanian Public School Teachers' Experiences Teaching Peace Education to Syrian Refugees (Poster 20)
 Acosta, Michael. and Abuadwan, Hafez.

Jullien's vision for comparative and international education as rationale for inclusion in teacher education programs
 Wolhuter, Charl.

Just Making the Admission Cut-off: Evidence from Mexico City’s School Assignment Mechanism
 Ortega Hesles, Maria.


Knowledge Production and Inclusive Approaches and Practices for Vulnerable Populations
 Blache, Rhonesha.

Knowledge counts: A bibliometric analysis of the Education for All Global Monitoring Reports
 Read, Robyn.

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices around Digital Reading
 Jaffe, Sarah.

Knowledge, power, rights, and citizenship education in France and England
 Osler, Audrey. and Starkey, Hugh.


LAC systematic review: translating evidence into practice.
 Stone, Rebecca.

LEGO(R) Serious Play(R): thinking about intercultural and international education
 Mccusker, Sean.

Language Matters: Lessons from a qualitative meta review of Save the Children’s early grades literacy research
 Da Silva, Carol. and Da Costa, Romina.

Language Policy in Botswana: the Price of a “Homogenous” Nation
 Wallis, Elizabeth.

Language and Identity: Overcoming Barriers to Develop a Multi-Cultural Linguistics Course
 Barnes, Adrienne.

Language as the foundation of literacy: implications for the design of early grade reading programs
 Simpson, John.

Language attitudes, national identity, and the Irish Dancing Commission
 Farrell, Anna.

Language of Instruction and Home Language
 Saidoshurov, Sherali.

Language of instruction and pupil learning in Ethiopia
 James, Zoe.

Language shift in higher education institutions in Ukraine?
 Bilash, Olenka.

Language, Self-Esteem, and Identity of Immigrant Students in the United States
 Choi, Jinmyung.

Language-in-education practices and perceptions of eight Chin, Kachin, Karen, and Lisu seminary teachers in Myanmar: Non-dominant-language as resource
 Wong, Mary.

Large-scale assessments: Enhancing or undermining political possibilities?
 Centeno, Vera., Hinke Dobrochinski Candido, Helena. and Kauko, Jaakko.

Latest Developments in the use of MOOCs in China
 Cai, Xiaolei. and Yang, Lili.

Layered purposes of higher education in Tibetan areas of the People’s Republic of China
 Dekyid, Tashi.

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MARA Junior Science Colleges and the Malaysian Education Blueprint: A Critical Discourse Analysis
 Mohamad, Mutiara.

MIXED: Educational Decisions and Perspectives from Families of Mixed East & West Educational Background in Hong Kong
 Layman, Eric.

MLE implementation in Bolivia, Ethiopia and Mozambique: How the top-bottom-side trajectory model shakes out in three low-income contexts
 Benson, Carolyn.

MSIs Across the Globe: Laying the Foundation for Future Research
 Hallmark, Tyler.

Maasai Schoolgirlhood: Reframing the Regulatory Logics of "Girl Effects"
 Switzer, Heather.

Makhalidwe Athu (“Our Way of Staying”)
 Tietjen, Karen.

Making Higher Education Accessible for all Learners: Experiences of students with Cerebral Palsy
 Antony, Pavan.

Making the invisible visible: Mapping a postmodern approach to higher education reform in Tajikistan, Central Asia
 Sabzalieva, Emma.

Making visible staff developers’ practice: What constitutes expertise in helping teachers develop expertise in teaching?
 Paine, Lynn.

Malawi Scripting Study
 Mattos, Monika.

Man in A Case,the Interpersonal Trust Relationship between Post-graduates of Chinese and Korean in Seoul National University
 Zhao, Bin.

Management of education for displaced populations
 Rabbani, Fazle.

Mapping Inequality in the Right to Education Index: A Thematic Analysis
 Baker, Tony. and Krupar, Allyson.

Mapping as an Introduction to the Ubiquity of Mission
 Kim, Helyn., Anderson, Kate. and Care, Esther.

Mapping education privatization trajectories in Latin America: Continuities, transitions and beyond
 Fontdevila, Clara., Verger, Antoni. and Moschetti, Mauro.

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National Curriculum and educational (In)Equality in Brazil and in the United States: a Comparative and Relational Study
 Cortinaz Da Silva, Tiago.

National and International Justifications for Higher Education Reforms in Kyrgyzstan
 Eriksson, Sari.

National conceptions of citizenship, global citizenship education and global cooperation: a cross-national comparative analysis
 Overbey, Lisa.

Navigating Authoritative Discourses in a Multilingual Classroom: Conversations with Policy and Practice
 Kiramba, Lydiah.

Navigating a Large Public Institution as an International Student
 Su, Chao., Meng, Yi. and Kebede, Maraki.

Navigating the complexity of scaling: Creating approaches to reach out-of-school Syrians in Turkey
 Richardson, Stephen. and Scriven, Karen.

Negative Homogenization and Positive Equality: Global and African Patterns of Higher Education Opportunity
 Assié-Lumumba, N\'Dri.

Negotiating The Past, Present, and Future: Higher Education Experiences of Eastern Indonesian Student-Migrants in Java
 Peng, Jessica.

Neoliberal Rationalities and Policing Muslim Bodies
 Ali, Arshad.

New Models of Hybrid Leadership in Global Higher Education
 Tonini, Donna.

New modes of knowledge production: The digital world
 Benatar, Rezan.

New professionalism and topological rationality: Understanding emerging relations and locations of educational governance
 Holloway-Libell, Jessica. and Lewis, Steven.

Nigerian Higher Education and the Problem of Access to Quality Teaching and Learning Resources
 Ogundimu, Adedayo.

No Place Like Home: Unpacking the Brain Drain Phenomenon of Caribbean Youth
 Mitchell, Sashae., Thelomar, Guerdiana. and Miclisse-Polat, Hülya.

Noise, ghosts and fragments: rethinking what counts in comparative education
 Carney, Stephen.

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O Rio Vai Parar (Rio Will Shut Down): Chronicles from an Occupied School in Rio de Janeiro
 Fogarty-Valenzuela, Benjamin.

ODA Allocations for Education: An Examination of Donor Behavior and Configurations in MENA and South Asia by two Major Donor Agencies
 Khan, Maria.

Of Odysseys, Epiphanies, and Fetters: Diaspora and Empire in Tension
 Gomez, Michael.

Off the Highway and Onto the Scenic Route: A Global Landscape of Performativity-Driven Conceptual Impediments to Inclusion
 Langager, Mark.

Official Language Policy Documents in Canada and Nepal: A Comparative Analysis of Marginalized/Minoritized Languages
 Pokharel, Ramesh.

Official Policies, Unofficial Practices: Enacting Refugee Education Policies in Lebanon
 Buckner, Elizabeth., Spencer, Dominique. and Cha, Jihae.

On the influences that shape professional identity of nursery teachers in private schools in India
 Srivastava, Ritika.

Opening Content for Developing Countries
 Lee, Jeffrey., Spence, Tiffany. and Joy, Carrie.

Opening new spaces for dialogue: A study into a special curriculum developed by a bi-lingual school in Israel
 Pinson, Halleli. and Hadad Cohen, Hanita.

Opening the Black Box: Experiences of Chinese Graduate Students in a Visiting Scholars Programs:
 Bano, Sara., Dirkx, John. and Millar, Kristin.

Opportunities on the Other Side of the Mountains: A Case Study of Student Mobility between China and Kazakhstan
 Li, Aisi.

Opportunity, societal change, and group affiliation: Black students discuss affirmative action in Brazilian universities.
 Morrison, Jeana.

Organizational Socialization and Job Satisfaction of International Faculty at an Emerging Research University in a Post-Soviet Context
 Bilyalov, Darkhan.

Orthography and early grade reading: five case studies from Kenya
 Trudell, Barbara. and Schroeder, Leila.

Otherness and the New - Role of the Research University in Development
 Nordtveit, Bjorn.

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PISA results in media discourse: A political weapon to problematize or realize education (SIG: Teaching Comparative Education)
 Ozturk, Mustafa.

Paideia and the Ethics of International Development Education
 Kendall, Nancy.

Paideia of the Soul for All (POSA) - The Educational Imperative in the Knowledge Cosmopolis
 Kazamias, Andreas.

Panacea or problem? A critical cultural political economy account of school based management reforms
 Shah, Ritesh.

Paper 1: Data as “data-ing”: Taking data as relationships and as communicative action
 Li, Peiwei.

Paper 2: The Non-Neutrality of Data: The Intra-relational Constitution of Data
 Dennis, Barbara.

Paper 3: Co-creating data in conflict – implications for comparative & international research
 Ross, Karen.

Paper 4: Producing Data in an Authoritarian State
 Zhao, Pengfei.

Paper: Teacher Education Reform in Dominican Republic
 Hamm, Molly. and Aponte-Martínez, Gerardo.

Paperless teacher and system support: use of ICT to pay teachers, track books, provide coaching and engage parents in Northern Nigeria
 Udeh, Anthony. and Fwanshishak, Daniel.

Paradoxes in international higher education research: A critical discourse analysis of higher education journals
 George Mwangi, Chrystal., Hammond, Shane., Kommers, Suzan., Latafat, Sadaf., Thar, Shamo. and Thoma, Hanni.

Paradoxes of Glocalization: A View from the Field
 Wang, Chenyu., Hoffman, Diane. and Robinson, Matthew.

Parental Engagement in Children's Kindergarten Transition
 Zhang, Xinwei., Sachdev, Anu., Yu, Xiaoran. and Kong, Peggy.

Parental Involvement of Immigrant Parents: A Meta-Synthesis
 Antony-Newman, Max.

Parental exposure to conflict and early childhood language development: Results from a longitudinal study in Sierra Leone
 Zuilkowski, Stephanie. and Betancourt, Theresa.

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Qualitative findings: Challenges to Girls’ Education in the DRC and policy implications
 Nordtveit, Bjorn.

Quality Measurement in Tanzania
 Smeby, Anna. and Shavega, Theresia.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Afghanistan’s Higher Education
 Hedayet, Mujtaba.

Quality Measurement in Peru
 Seminario, Evelyn.

Quality measures: Influences on power relations in C & I research
 Pitman, Allan.

Quality of the education system in Qatar in comparison of national and international outcomes
 Kayan Fadlelmula, Fatma. and Koc, Muammer.

Quality of training centers to respond to market demand in El Salvador
 Campos, Caity.

Quality, Equity and Social Mobility in Rural Education in China
 Yuan, Alex. and Yang, Gloria.

Quantitative Findings from Girls’ Opportunities to Access Learning (GOAL) Plus in Liberia
 Murray, Matthew. and Sherman, Daniel.

Queering Teacher Inclusion in the Israeli High School System
 El-Amoor, Izat.


RBF and the World Bank: Early lessons and course correction
 Holland, Peter. and Lee, Jessica.

RCT of a tablet-based math curriculum for preschool children in Mexico City
 Garduno, Ana. and Schwartz, Marc.

REACH for Reading: Global Book Alliance country innovations
 Lee, Kesha.

RERA Afghanistan
 St. George, Eileen. and Qargha, Omar.

RERA El Salvador Final Report
 Rogan, James.

RERA in Gao Region (Mali)
 Montero, Gabriel.

Racial intimacies and reprisal on former white campuses
 Jansen, Jonathan.

Racism and Law: Implementation the right to Equality in South Africa
 du Plessis, Petrus., Wiehahn, Johan. and Venter, Etienne.

Raising different minds – cross-cultural caregiver attitudes towards socioemotional development and learning in East Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa
 Chen, Alexandra., Elansary, Mei. and McCoy, Dana.

Raising self-esteem and learning outcomes for girls in rural Ethiopia: reducing equalities in the Girls Education Challenge
 Garforth, Laura.

Raising teaching quality in low-income and crisis-affected locations: research into practice for the inclusion of teachers and children in learning
 Lawrie, James.

Raising the ethical under the rhetorical frenzy of internationalizing Canadian higher education
 Yamutuale, Desire.

Rallying Communities around Literacy;Nurudeen Lawal, FHI 360:
 Lawal, Nurudeen.

Rapid Growth of Private Schools: Problematizing Changing Schooling Landscape in Pakistan
 Chang, Fida.

Rate of Policy Change-Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (Before and After)
 Hess Taylor, Chantell.

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SDG 4-Education 2030 – One and a Half Years On – Reflecting on the Challenges of Implementing Agenda 2030
 Benavot, Aaron. and Motivans, Albert.

SDG 4-Education 2030 – One and a Half Years On – Reflecting on the Challenges of Implementing Agenda 2030 in India
 Monks, Joost.

Safe Healing and Learning Spaces for Literacy Instruction
 Matthews, Mackenzie.

Same but different: value differences in common core Bangla and English curriculum of General and Madrasa education in Bangladesh
 Morshed, Mohammad Mahboob. and Ahsan, Sumera.

Saving Face and the Road to Being Undocumented for Chinese immigrants in the US
 Liu, Jia-Lin. and Cherng, Hua Yu.

Scaling up and sustainability of Rwanda’s first steps [Intera za Mbere] holistic parenting education programmes
 Dusabe, Caroline., Monique, Abimpaye., Pacillo, Grazia. and Richard, Ashford.

Scaling up arts-based psychosocial support in education settings in Bosnia Herzegovina: A Case Study
 Smajlovic, Fatima.

Scaling up arts-based psychosocial support in education settings in Malawi: A Case Study
 Birungi, Bonita.

Scaling-up charter schools in Colombia. The case of the Colegios en Concesión programme
 Termes, Andreu.

School Family Initiative helps improve HIV/AIDS-related knowledge and behavioral outcomes among Ugandan children
 Basavaraj, Amogh.

School Health & Nutrition Programs as an Equalizer: Investing in Early Childhood
 Lee, Seung.

School as an Anchor of (ethnic) Identity
 Tabib-Calif, Yosepha.

School dropout in drug violence contexts: the case of the Mexican war on drugs
 MacGregor Oettler, Sofia.

School leadership policy and research in Latin America since 2000
 Fernandez Hermosilla, Magdalena., Bramwell, Daniela. and Flessa, Joseph.

School psychology in context: perception, challenges and students’ wellbeing in mainstream Kazakhstan’s secondary schools
 Faucher, Carole., Torrano, Daniel., Tynybayeva, Madina., CohenMiller, Anna. and Kurakbayev, Kairat.

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TVET in Africa: International commitments and the national responses
 Allais, Stephanie. and Wedekind, Volker.

Tackling inequality through Early Childhood Care and Development: A crosswalk of Save the Children’s SUPER Reports
 Doolin Paredes, Carla.

Taking Collective Action Using Student Voice: Problematizing Adultcentric Models of Educational Leadership
 Damiani, Jonathan.

Taming the (mother) tongue: The effects of language of instruction on educational attainment in Francophone Africa
 Kim, Joseph.

Targeting secondary schools stipends in low income countries: The challenge of determining need
 Chapman, David. and Sarker, Pranab.

Teach for Russia Program: How do Teach for Russia Participants Develop Professionally
 Lenskaya, Elena. and Samoylov, Andrey.

Teacher Absenteeism and Accountability in Southern Rural Gujarat
 Cooper, Rachel.

Teacher Development for Literary Instruction in South Sudan
 Saldinger, Martha.

Teacher Development in Community of Practices: a case study in Brazilian Languages without Borders Program
 Kirsch, William. and Sarmento, Simone.

Teacher Distribution in Indonesia: A Study of the Teacher Evaluation Test (UKG) in Aceh Province
 Ginanto, Dion., Melvina, Melvina. and Stein, Kristy.

Teacher Education And Youth And Adult Education In Brazil: Challenging “Zumbi Ideas”
 Sales, Sandra.

Teacher Education Reform as Political Theater: Modernization Dramas in Global Neoliberal Contexts
 Aydarova, Elena.

Teacher Experiences of Autonomous Teacher Learning Community : for its Promotion and Activation
 Noh, Hyobin. and Sohn, Dajung.

Teacher Formation and Certification in Chile: Perpetuating Inequality?
 Diaz Yanez, Karina. and Bianchetti, Renzo.

Teacher Ideology and Inclusive Education: Teaching towards (In)Tolerance
 Saeed, Tania.

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U.S approaches to early grade reading assessment: How are the assessment results utilized?
 Isaia, Ruth.

U.S.-Based Education Policies in Brazil: The USA as a Signature Brand
 Krawczyk, Nora.

UNGEI Good Practices Fund Study: A Holistic Approach to Girls Education in Guinea
 Wasserman, Claire. and Thukral, Hetal.

UPE, Twenty Years Later: Evidence from Ethiopia, Malawi, and Uganda
 Moussa, Wael. and Omoeva, Carina.

USAID/READ community outreach
 Hamilton, Mark.

Uganda: Language Transfer and its Policy Implications
 De Galbert, Pierre.

Understanding Differences in Cultural Context - A comparative study of preschool classrooms in China, Singapore and the United States (Poster 9)
 Wang, Yutong.

Understanding a university chapter’s role in the work of NGO “She’s the First”: Effects on participants to promote girls’ education
 Stacki, Sandra.

Understanding decision-making, motivation and enrollment in the International Education Division of Chinese High Schools: Western China Case Study
 Fritch, Caitlin.

Understanding practitioners’ engagement with educational research: The case study of a research-engaged school in the UK
 Pong, Chun Yan.

Understanding the Context of School Dropout to Engender School Re-Entry among Out-of-School Teenage Mothers in Rural Kenya
 Undie, Chi-Chi. and Birungi, Harriet.

Understanding the experiences of doctoral students from Africa and Southeast Asia studying in the US through a USAID-funded program
 Marcy, Jennifer.

Understanding the experiences of retired teachers in Cuba
 Spence, Kevin.

Understanding the factors influencing Differential Entry of First and Non First Generation students in Higher Education with reference to India
 Wadhwa, Rashim.

Understanding the impact of international students on cross cultural learning
 Hornak, Anne.

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Validation of a Multi-Cultural Progress Monitoring System for Students with the Most Significant Disabilities
 Abery, Brian.

Validity evidence for internal structure: Appropriateness of the test scoring procedures
 Ketterlin Geller, Leanne.

Valuation of education and its implications on educational inequality
 Moussa, Wael., Omoeva, Carina. and Gale, Charles.

Varieties of Education Privatization in Latin America
 Diaz Rios, Claudia Milena.

Various Conflicts Emerging in the Process of Quality Improvement in Secondary Schools in Rural Kenya
 Ogawa, Miku.

Verifying Bridge International Academies’ claim in the country where it has operated for the longest, Kenya
 Aubry, Sylvain. and Oduor-Noah, Linda.

Vernacular: Tablet-based gaming for literacy learning in Zambia
 McLetchie, Stefan.

Vietnam Escuela Nueva: Re-imagining the ideal modern citizen
 Le, Hang.

Violence against Women in School Curricula, 1950-2011
 Wotipka, Christine Min., Lerch, Julia. and Russell, Susan Garnett.

Vocational Training and Agency among Kenyan Youth
 Nikoi, Acacia.

Voices of Immigrant High School Students in New Destination Areas: Opportunities & Barriers within Restrictive Policy Contexts
 Roth, Ben. and Webber, Kristina.


WASH in schools for the Sustainable Development Goals
 Amongin, Irene.

Wandering in the Borders of Disciplines:The Academic Life and Strategies of Interdisciplinary Doctoral Students in the Context of Traditional Department Structure
 Zhang, Bin.

We are the Phoenix: Perseverance and Reinvention in the Capacity Strengthening Process
 Angelsmith, Luisa.

Western Secular Education and the Arab Culture
 Dogan, Derya.

Wezesha Vijana - A Girls' Advancement Education Initiative Empowering Girls to Create their Futures ( Kenya and Tanzania)
 Sunte, Carolyne., Grasz, Erna. and Muli, Anne.

What Amdo Tibetan ‘supplemental schools’ can tell us about the place of power in neoinstitutional theory
 Frankel, Andrew.

What Do Good Cost Data Actually Look Like, and How Can We Use Them to Make Interventions More Adaptive?
 Chiappetta, Melissa.

What Do Internet-Connected Cambodians Do Online?
 Nash, John. and Richardson, Jayson.

What Do We Spend $800 Million a Year on? Challenges of Structuring Cost Reporting for USAID-Funded Education Activities
 Vinogradova, Elena.

What Does Local Performance Evaluation Mean to Teachers?
 Jiao, Xinran. and Zhao, Qian.

What Works in Soft Skills for Youth Employment: Galvanizing Action
 Ignatowski, Clare.

What are the Gaps in Equity financing and student learning outcomes in Zambia?
 Conrad, Laura.

What are the “Stakes”?: A Differentiated Understanding of Community Stakeholder Participation
 Pradhan, Sahara.

What challenges do ESOL students face with cultural integration at public secondary schools in the United States? (Poster 1)
 Juneau, Megan., Lentz, Amanda., Musty, Margaret., Woodward, Stacy. and Ropkey, Rachael.

What did we learn from the Education Kickstart?
 Easterbrooks, Lisa.

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You Are Welcome: Identity development in international service learning programs
 Reid, Kimberly.

You Can’t Talk about Education Without Talking about the State
 Carnoy, Martin.

Young Citizens Participation: An empirical test of a conceptual model
 Miranda-Fuenzalida, Daniel., Castillo, Juan. and Sandoval-Hernandez, Andres.

Young, Educated, and Extreme: How European Governments and Universities are Addressing Radicalization on College Campuses
 Streitwieser, Bernhard. and Allen, Kristen.

Youth Agency & Socio-Economic Contexts
 DeJaeghere, Joan.

Youth Agency and Community, Historical, & Political Contexts
 Josic, Jasmina.

Youth Agency and Intersectionality of Gender, Religion, and Class
 McCleary, Kate.

Youth Entrepreneurship Development
 Mhlaba, Nolizwe.

Youth Led Sustainable Models for Entering the Economic Landscape
 Loilang\'akaki, Zelote. and Muli, Anne.

Youth education for societal change: the Norwegian folk high school nuance
 Sunu, Wyse.

Youth for youth capacity building: A Participatory Action Research (PAR) review of auto-photography for evaluation in Dadaab, Kenya
 Krupar, Allyson.

Youth resilience in context: Examining gendered opportunities and barriers in Managua
 Shramko, Maura.

Youth-driven innovation for social change
 Holmarsdottir, Halla.


Zero-Tolerance Polices and a Call for More Humane Disciplinary Actions
 Vidal, Arlen.
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