Comparative and International Education Society Conference 2018-Mar-25 to 2018-Mar-30

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"Ghadami digar" - One Step More: Increasing access to education for Afghan children in Iran
 Hargreaves, Harriet. and Parker, Amy.

"Going the extra mile": Perspectives and experiences of coaches supporting primary school teachers in Sierra Leone
 Hertz, Ashley.

"Transformative mediocrity" and multi-language knowledge production: When lower-tier institutions in Vietnam shake hands with Chinese-speaking counterparts
 Phan, Le-Ha.

#FreeHigherEducation: Student organizing and movement building in South Africa
 Vally, Salim.

#RhodesMustFall: Decolonizing education, performative pedagogy, and epistemic disobedience
 Ahmed, Kayum.

#StayWoke ¡Espabílate!: When the popular moving image comes to school
 Lopez, Ligia.

(Im)possibilities of regionalizing racial justice in post-apartheid South African higher education
 Majee, Upenyu.

(In)equalities in and out of school: The geography of inequality in educational achievement in urban Chile, Peru, and Ecuador
 Villalobos-Araya, Esteban.

(Inter)municipalism and citizenship education: Creating spaces for collaborative independence
 Martí, Alejandro.

(Re)Constructing identities: South African domestic Workers, English language learning, and power
 Kaiper, Anna.

(Re)conceptualizing teachers’ work: Towards an understanding of the complex policy worlds that are reconstituting what it means to teach
 Morley, Alyssa.

(Un)thinking differences to think about differences in the tandem of policy and research: Comparativist paradigm and comparative studies
 Popkewitz, Thomas.

1. Towards a coherent and strong pre-primary sub-sector
 Borisova, Ivelina. and Lin, Hsiao Chen.

2017/8 Global Education Monitoring Report: Accountability in education - meeting our commitments
 Smith, William.

3) Global dynamics in the promotion and implementation of the right to education
 Carton, Michel. and Montjourides, Patrick.

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A 21st century curriculum: Using model United Nations in the classroom to cultivate global competencies
 Irele, Idia. and Hunkler, Rachel.

A Bernsteinian perspective of knowledge transmission and pedagogic discourse of teacher induction processes conducted in Chile
 Ulloa, Maria.

A Ghanaian education expert on lasting research and education policymaking partnerships
 Gyamfi, Bridget.

A Global South to Global South technology mediated literacy initiative
 Mckenna, Mary. and Case, Kelly.

A Grenada-Canada partnership to educate and train the sustainable development practitioner for the 21st century
 Gagnon, Pierre-Luc. and Telesford, John.

A Latherian “getting lost” in global citizenship education in “hard spaces”: Ethics, methodologies, and sensitivities
 Misiaszek, Lauren.

A North South dialogue on principals' understanding, advocacy, and barriers faced achieving inclusive education
 Blackman, Stacey., Williams, Kenneth., Conrad, Dennis. and Gentile, Theresa.

A North-South comparison of e-learning related attitudes among university students in Egypt, the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, USA, and China
 Figueroa, Roberto Jr., Duggan, Jan., Yassin, Eiman., Wang, Qiu., Phan, Minh Nhat., Kuwayama, Aomi. and Hatanaka, Risa.

A Reggio Emilia Preschool in a poor urban community in Lima: A preliminary evaluation of effectiveness
 Ore, Beatriz., Galindo, Claudia. and Remy, Michele.

A Return To The Roots: An exploration of the intersections of permaculture, development theories, and climate change in East Africa
 Epstein, David.

A South African longitudinal study to improve literacy in young children
 Govender, Logan. and Hsiao, Celia.

A case study of local leadership development in India
 Carl, Nicole., Ravitch, Sharon. and Hausburg, Taylor.

A case study of volunteer tourism and its impact on host communities
 Sperduti, Vanessa.

A comparative analysis of inclusive education policy in India and the United States and the need for global dialogue
 Bhatia, Parnika. and Gaasbeek, Emily.

A comparative case study of teacher agency in collaborative professional learning
 Howard, Cassie., Akiba, Motoko., Murata, Aki. and Fabrega, Judith.

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Balancing instructional leadership and school management post-decentralization in Central Asia
 Sindhvad, Swetal., Richardson, Jayson. and Lingat, John Eric.

Balancing linguistic and contextual factors: Lessons learned from supporting reading in three alpha-syllabic languages
 Ralaingita, Wendi. and van Ginkel, Agatha.

Barriers to educational access: Adult learners amidst the Syrian refugee crisis
 Wimer, Gabrielle.

Barriers to school continuation and re-entry for pregnant and teenage mothers in Korogocho urban informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya
 Nyariro, Milka.

Because our girls deserve the best: A 7-Year journey in Afghanistan
 Wahid, Wahidullah. and Pires Renault, Lotte.

Becoming a ‘better other’? Unpacking narrative claims of North American and European transnational undergraduate students in China
 Lee, Kris Hyesoo.

Becoming citizens in a changing world. The IEA International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) 2016
 Carstens, Ralph. and Hastedt, Dirk.

Becoming citizens in the midst of post-conflict: Urban youth identities and the peace process in Colombia’s Pacific South
 Nieto, Diego.

Becoming grateful: Meanings of privilege among DC youth studying abroad in the Global South
 Gibson, Heidi., Engel, Laura. and Boothby, Clark.

Becoming more visible: The experiences of Chinese visiting scholars at U.S. universities
 Bano, Sara.

Being explicit about modeling
 Setty, Rohit.

Being well in the most transparent of times?: Entanglements with big data apparatuses
 Ziols, Ryan.

Benefits of new skills training for teachers through ICT in Education program in Myanmar
 Shin, Haein. and Iyengar, Radhika.

Best practices in teaching in Ethiopian primary schools
 Lamessa, Gezahegn.

Better monitoring for better programming: How automatic feedback and decentralized data can improve project implementation
 Seiden, Jonathan., Jonason, Christine. and Leer, Jane.

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CRS approaches for sustainable impact in diverse contexts
 Rakotomalala, Dina. and Garrels, Jessica.

Can a pilot course for EGR in four northern colleges of education open up doors for teacher education reform in Nigeria?
 Barnes, Adrienne., Ibrahim Kirfi, Garba. and Otunuyi, Abdul.

Can learning be measured universally?
 Crouch, Luis.

Can literacy predict mortality? Inequalities in global health and education
 Zahra, Fatima.

Can schools close the engagement gap? A school climate measurement observing different groups using the international ICCS 2016 Data
 Sampermans, Dorien.

Can user fees improve the quality of education without threatening access to education? Secondary analysis of RCT in Ugandan primary schools
 Kabay, Sarah.

Can we trust the evidence from evaluations?
 Walls (Vinogradova), Elena.

Can women gain in mixed-gender movements?
 Keys, Domale.

Capacity building for institutionalization of SEA in two states in Nigeria: Bauchi and Sokoto states
 Odumosu, Olakunle.

Capacity development and organisational change in support of Conflict Sensitive Education: Reflections after 6 months
 Shanks, Kelsey.

Carbon neutrality starts in the elementary classroom: Environmental education in Costa Rica
 Locke, Steven.

Cartographies of dominance: Re-mapping theory
 Benatar, Rezan.

Case studies of learning to teach in specific contexts
 Tatto, Maria., Burn, Katharine., Menter, Ian., Mutton, Trevor. and Thompson, Ian.

Case study: Strengthening technical degree programs in Guatemala
 de Molina, Ana. and Herrera Lemus, Mynor Augusto.

Catholic social teaching: A commitment to others through contemplative actions
 Dunn, Molly.

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Dalit academic journey: Stigma, caste reproduction and systemic exclusion in Indian higher education
 Rathod, Bharat.

Data driven school improvement in Malawi: Better targeting of resources for a more efficient education system
 Ross, Samantha.

Data-driven oral reading fluency benchmarks: Implications for measurement, programming, and policy at the country-level
 Beggs, Christine. and Cooper, Peter.

De-colonizing media literacy: Communicating civic participation pedagogy on the U.S.-Pacific and Mexico Borderlands
 Aguon Jr., Roque. and Rossatto, Cesar.

De-problematizing the Roma in the United States: Informal education efforts in the Roma family and the Romani church
 Marks, Sabrina.

DeCentering discussions on diversity and identity development: A new approach to multicultural programming in higher education
 Scicluna, Lauren. and Lee, Ayoung.

Decoding youth empowerment programs: How and when (not) to combine soft and hard skills for maximum impact
 Diallo, Aissatou.

Decolonial methods, Chicana feminisms, political practice, and community college students in mixed-status families
 Villalon, Kathy.

Decolonising the curriculum: Questions of power and knowledge
 Hoadley, Ursula.

Decolonizing borderland teacher preparation programs to meet the needs of South/North Latino English language learners
 Reza-Lopez, Elva. and Izquierdo, Elena.

Decolonizing global citizenship through Ubuntu
 Gunaseharan, Maya.

Decolonizing peace education as macro development
 Williams, Hakim.

Decolonizing research on education, gender and marriage in India
 DeJaeghere, Joan. and Arur, Aditi.

Decolonizing the culture of schooling / Policy and Leadership (DC/PL)
 Wright, James.

Decolonizing the internationalization of curriculum studies: A critical curriculum for Latin America
 Huerta-Charles, Luis.

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ECE quality and developmental outcomes in a humanitarian context: Analysis of findings from the Preschool Healing Classroom Program in Lebanon
 Jaafar, Myriam. and Murphy, Katie.

EDUstar - STAR school: A model for school improvement
 Hager, Lara.

EGR, numeracy and life skills: Readying out-of-school Nigerian children for formal school
 Lawani, Margaret.

EMI as an internationalization strategy on the graduate level at leading Japanese universities: Rationales, practices, and recommendations for the future
 Rakhshandehroo, Mahboubeh. and Ivanova, Polina.

Early Childhood Education for All: Contesting the global policy agenda in Tanzania
 Hernandez, Jimmy. and Baum, Donald.

Early childhood development in Cambodia and Nepal: A comparative analysis of language and social-emotional development
 Thang, Sarah.

Early childhood education provision for working parents in Zambia
 Zewdie, Tassew.

Early grade reading in Haiti: Connecting the dots of research, policy, and practice
 Mathurin, Rachelle. and Laguerre, Pierre-Michel.

Early grade reading skills in Indigenous communities in Bangladesh
 Mohanta, Ranak. and Fatema, Ferdousi.

Eating habits and cultural effects among international students in the United States
 Alakaam, Amir.

Economics of Education in Afghanistan: Expanding academic programs based on market demands dictated by international agency funds
 Chase-Mayoral, Audree.

Edu-Solutions and the edu-technology market as an American export: Examples from the Global South
 Spreen, Carol Anne.

Edu-solutions and the Edu-technology market as an American export
 Spreen, Carol Anne.

Educating academics and activists: Student engagement in Native American studies
 Bozek-Jarvis, Emma.

Educating children with disabilities in mainstream government schools in India and Pakistan: Perceptions, practices, and priorities
 Singal, Nidhi., Samson, Meera., Malik, Rabea., Rao, Kirthi. and Somerville, Matthew.

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Factor affecting faculty research productivity: The case of STEM fields in Vietnam's multiple disciplinary universities
 Nguyen, Anh.

Factors influencing teachers’ perspectives on inclusive education in developing countries: An empirical case study of Cambodia
 Kuroda, Kazuo., Kartika, Diana. and Kitamura, Yuto.

Faculty and student perspectives on how the programs prepare teachers for their roles in classrooms, schools, and communities
 Ginsburg, Mark.

Fair grades? A German-Swedish comparison of teachers’ justice beliefs in relation to student assessment
 Falkenberg, Kathleen.

Faith-based low-fee private schools in Kenya and Haiti: The paradox of philanthropy and enterprise
 Sivasubramaniam, Malini. and Sider, Steve.

Families as educational advocates in a globalized world: A review of the literature
 Johnson, Lauri. and Wangia, Shanee.

Family constraint or labor market failure? Accounting for the intergenerational income persistence in China
 Hou, Yuna.

Family disruption and support at school for immigrant children
 Kong, Peggy. and Adams, Jennifer.

Feeding students into and through the secondary school pipeline while underprepared: The crises of student learning in Gambian schools
 Nijie, Haddy.

Fighting the stigma of ‘second/third-tier’ status: The emergence of elite and semi-elite private higher education in the Global South
 Chau, Quang.

Figured worlds: A comparative analysis of international doctoral students' experiences in the U.S. academic setting
 Todoran, Corina.

Filles descolarisées: Language and the narrative of education in Côte d’Ivoire
 Solorio, Michelle.

Filling the “girl gap” with second-chance schools: A case study of neighborhood learning centers in the Democratic Republic of Congo
 Falconer, Suzanne.

Financial and life skills education for adolescent girls: Lessons learned from program design and implementation across three continents
 Hughes, Nicola., Dean, Caroline. and Crowe, Katy.

Financial education: A political project of financialisation? Education as a means to foster private financial interventions and logics
 Erdelmann, Julia.

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Game design for the enhancement of students' interests in science
 Pham, Minh.

Gang recruitment and the reversal of gender gaps in education: Evidence of Mexican schools
 Lopez Martinez, Cesangari. and Franco Vivanco, Edgar.

Gap-talk: How the “achievement gap” reproduces settler colonial constructions of race within the Ontario public school system
 Barrero, Diana.

Gathering learning and knowledge from TALIS video study: The Colombian experience
 Dueñas, Ximena.

Gathering learning and knowledge from TALIS video study: The Japanese experience
 Matsubara, Kenji., Kawahara, Taro., Ohagi, Asuka. and Hasegawa, Hiroko.

Gathering learning and knowledge from TALIS video study: The Mexican experience
 Leyva, Yolanda.

Gauging Student Knowledge of University Rankings in China: Global Forces, Local Characteristics
 Allen, Ryan.

Gender analysis of textbooks
 Shahab, Saira.

Gender and education in Syria
 Bradford, Michele.

Gender and immigrant gaps in education: An empirical evaluation based on PISA 2015
 Davoli, Maddalena., Murat, Marina., Addabbo, Tindara. and Fredric, Patrizio.

Gender and power: The undying relationship
 Martinez-Aleman, Ana.

Gender and theatre-making: Holding the present open, holding the world to account
 Gallagher, Kathleen.

Gender constructs and its sociopolitical implications for Colombia’s peace process
 Romero-Amaya, Daniela.

Gender difference in fields of study in higher education: Impact of decreasing number of youths in Japan
 Nakazawa, Wataru.

Gender differentials in the effect of teacher attributes on student achievement: A case study for Brazil in 2015
 Carvalho, João Carlos. and Guimaraes, Raquel.

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Harmonization of higher education: The East African Community experiment
 Lelei, Macrina.

Health and social issues in the classroom: No dumping please
 Henry, Martin.

Health literacy means minimum, realistic outputs not optimal or behavioural outcomes
 McCall, Doug.

Hearing the voice of Chinese factory women: An authentic portrait of Chinese women factory workers, their education, self-perception, and achievements
 Newton, Claudia.

Hearing, seeing, and understanding: Participatory methods in researching girls’ worlds
 Stacki, Sandra.

Help and hope in service-learning programs in China
 Wang, Chenyu.

Helping countries make better use of data on learning outcomes: Case of the Pacific Islands
 Machuca-Sierra, Myrna.

Here, nobody talks about education!
 Zamora, Ana.

Heritage language education: A critical resource in re-mapping educational equity
 Mitchell-McCollough, Jessica. and Hamann, Edmund.

Hidden curricula in contexts of emergency: A case study of Dadaab Refugee Camp schools, Kenya
 Kimani, Philip.

High-ability learners in Brazil: Lessons and challenges for the identification of gifted students in Latin America
 Negrete González, Sharoon.

Higher education and federal systems: A comparative study
 Leshukov, Oleg. and Froumin, Isak.

Higher education cooperation between China and Africa: Theories and practice in human talent and socioeconomic development
 Sun, Yi.

Higher education in Central Asia: A content analysis of abstracts from China’s CNKI database
 Li, Aisi.

Higher education in Nepal: Shaking off, shaping up
 Gaulee, Uttam. and Bista, Krishna.

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IDEA/ESSA: Implications for the identification of English learners with special needs
 Runge, Jennifer.

IGOs, measurement-driven governance, and recalcitrant realities: India speaks back
 Gorur, Radhika.

ILSAs and the Global South: Re-mapping results from PISA 2015, TIMSS 2015, PIRLS 2016, and ICCS 2016
 Galczynski, Mariusz.

ILSAs projections in Chile: Exploring the use of league leaders in the enactment of recent education reforms
 Parcerisa, Lluís. and Verger, Antoni.

INCAE, Harvard, and international development: Research for progress in Central America
 Svenson, Nanette.

Ideals and conceptions of the founders of professional studies in pedagogy at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
 Navarrete-Cazales, Zaira.

Identification and negotiation: When the candidates for the National College Entrance Exam (NCEE) talk about their exam results
 Li, Siyu.

Identifying cheating behavior and its relation to seating pattern: A case study in China
 Zhang, Jiaqing. and Doan, Linh.

Identifying children with disabilities: Approaches to functionality screenings in schools
 Hatch, Rachel.

Identity and skills for Native youth: an ethnographic study in a rural community on a Native American Indian Reservation
 Langager, Mark.

Identity construction in the Oware board gameplay in the United States
 Bayeck, Rebecca.

Identity in purgatory; Belonging and citizenship in the United States: Undocumented young professionals with DACA
 Islam, Kasfia. and Freeman, Cody.

Idiocy for all and the rise of international large scale educational assessments
 Fischman, Gustavo., Silova, Iveta. and Topper, Amy.

Imagining global community: The potential of education for global citizenship for cosmopolitan democracy
 Le, Hang.

Imagining new forms of knowledge production: The role of visual communications in international educational practices
 Peng, Jessica. and Cohen, Sarah.

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Japanese and Korean junior academics in neoliberal policy context
 Kim, Yangson.

John Dewey’s epistemological continuum and the problem of the social studies
 Stuckart, Daniel.

Jordan RAMP initiative midline survey
 Brombacher, Aarnout.

Juan Cobo and Matteo Ricci: Missionaries, scientific and philosophical and cultural bridges between Asia, America, and Europe
 Cervera Jimenez, José.

Just another level? Comparing quantitative patterns of global school and higher education expansion
 Barakat, Bilal. and Shields, Robin.

Just assessment of schools? A comparative study on school inspectors’ justice beliefs in England and Germany
 Oehme, Fanny.

Juxtaposing post-qualitative and post-quantitative comparative education inquiry: Dualities or foes
 Denman, Brian.


K'iché' and Spanish Simultaneous Literacy Methodology: Kotz 'i' j 'b' tzi /Jardín de Letras
 Roncal, Federico.

Kindred republics? Haiti and the United States in Henri Grégoire’s political thought
 Ramos, Luis.

Knowledge application: Re-mapping the road towards sustainability of local NGOs/CSOs in community rebuilding situations
 Milburn, Lonna., Vall, Mohamed., Silverman, Sarah., Vosloh, Carl. and Wold, Kaja.

Knowledge exchange and dialogue: Assessing culturally nested digital community development
 Kang, Haijun.

Knowledge gaps in education in emergency and displaced settings: The views and usage of EdTech within Syrian refugee households
 Tauson, Michaelle.

Kolibri flies in Latin America: Insights into designing for online/offline distribution and pedagogical use of locally produced, curated content
 Vu, Elizabeth.


LGBT activism as public pedagogy: Rhetorical and communication strategies by African NGOs
 Moland, Naomi. and Mott, Melissa.

LGBTQ youth climate in Mongolian schools
 Thomas, Caitlin.

La cruzada del reordenamiento de la oferta educativa en Ecuador: Una década de sentidos, transformaciones y resistencias.
 Puruncajas, Veronica.

Labor migration, family separation and the long-term outcomes of children: The case of Northwest China
 Hu, Li-Chung., Shen, Wensong. and Hannum, Emily.

Labour market outcomes and job matching processes in Canada: A comparison of immigrants and the native-born population using PIAAC
 Annen, Silvia.

Lacking resilience or mounting resistance? Interpreting the actions of Indigenous and immigrant youth within TeachFirst New Zealand
 Crawford-Garrett, Katherine.

Language analysis and early-grade reading programs in little-written languages: Really useful linguistics!
 Trudell, Barbara.

Language and literacy: Indigenous wisdom on implementing multilingual reading instruction for lifelong productivity and success
 Haight, Nathaniel.

Language diversity and inclusion in schools: The experience of young immigrants in France and England
 Welply, Oakleigh.

Language gendering in the Caribbean: The case of Jamaica
 Malcom, Marcia.

Language ideologies and attitudes towards Spanish among in-service bilingual teachers in North Texas
 Pastor, Alberto., Roman, Diego., Del Rosal, Karla. and Basaraba, Deni.

Language interdependence in the absence of explicit instruction: Exploring decoding skills in French and Senegalese languages
 De Galbert, Pierre.

Language landscape, policies and practices in South Asia: Lack of congruence and the way ahead
 Jhingran, Dhir.

Language mapping in a conflict-affected multilingual environment: Afghanistan
 van Ginkel, Agatha. and Ayari, Susan.

Language mapping to support an early grade reading initiative in Ghana
 Frazier, Julia.

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Madrassa education in Uganda: A report from the field
 Boyle, Helen. and Santongo, Ashad.

Maintaining quality education pathways in Peru
 Born, Allison.

Maintenance and development of youth translation skills: Workshops for bilingual youth
 Breen, Christabel.

Making difference: Strategy and initiatives of fundraising campaign in Chinese universities under the background of "double top construction"
 Lin, Chenghua.

Making education policy a force for peace in Myanmar
 Michel, Grace.

Making sense of sustainability in schools: Insights from New York City
 Nethercott, Melanie. and Kessler, Erika.

Making teaching meaningful in an English-only context: Lessons from professors in the UAE
 Carroll, Kevin., Saqr, Sumaya. and Elsheikh, Aymen.

Making the case for inclusive schools in Mexico: One NGO’s national approach
 Herrera Valderrábano, Jorge.

Making the creative child in the post World War II psychological and educational sciences and the design culture
 Martins, Catarina.

Management style, school climate, and achievements in conduct disorders schools
 Even, uri. and Bendavid-Hadar, Iris.

Managing the process of writing in 11 languages: Planning for quality and efficiency
 Miksic, Emily.

Managing ‘difference’ at the neoliberal university: A comparative study of caste and race tensions in India and the United States
 Thomas, Susan.

Mapping and re-mapping language in global (and local) context
 Nelson, Nancy., Barrera, IV, Estanislado. and Skinner, Kim.

Mapping change in former Soviet higher education systems: A view from the Russophone space
 Sabzalieva, Emma.

Mapping community assets for inclusive education: Proposing a new framework for inclusive educational systems analysis
 Schuelka, Matthew. and Engsig, Thomas.

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NEQMAP: Regional networking to support strengthened learning assessment systems in the Asia-Pacific
 Bilagher, Moritz.

NGOs serving LGBT youth: The case of the Israeli gay youth
 Rogel, Avner.

Narratives of mothers in motion: Educational desire and transnational motherhood in Chinese transmigrant families in the United States
 Liu, Xiangyan.

Narrowing knowledge: Mediatization and celebritization of higher education
 Stack, Michelle.

Nation and gender in postsocialist education transformations: Comparing early literacy textbooks in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Latvia
 Palandjian, Garine., Silova, Iveta., Mun, Olga. and Zholdoshalieva, Rakhat.

National gender equity regimes and gender differences in extreme math performance in Latin American countries
 Liu, Ran., Alvarado Urbina, Andrea. and Hannum, Emily.

National level classroom monitoring: The impact of Kenya Tusome on learning outcomes and accountability
 Piper, Benjamin., Ong\'ele, Salome., Kipsang, Richard. and Kwayumba, Dunston.

National policy on quality management within the Mexican private higher education institutions: A systemic analysis
 Menéndez, Alejandro.

National scale assessments for the blind and the deaf: Using technology to understand literacy performance in Kenya
 Ong\'ele, Salome., Piper, Benjamin., Kipsang, Richard. and Kwayumba, Dunston.

National/local NGO-government partnerships for early childhood education policy: A case study of Maarifa ni Ufunguo
 Landgraf, Jessica.

Native languages and worldviews through U.S. policy: The Esther Martinez Native American Language Preservation Act and the Keres Children's Language Center
 Quezada, Marial.

Navigating layers of reflectivity in comparative research on quality
 Kauko, Jaakko., Centeno, Vera., Piattoeva, Nelli., Hinke Dobrochinski Candido, Helena., Gurova, Galina., Medvedeva, Anna., Santos, Iris., Suominen, Olli. and Zhou, Xingguo.

Navigating multilingual boundaries: Challenges faced by a local nonprofit while educating children in Cameroon
 Asaah, Gordon Divine.

Navigating the politics of exchange: Human rights education and study abroad along the contours of North/South
 Bermeo, Maria Jose. and Westcott, Chris.

Needed conversations: The NGO Education Partnership (NEP) as an actor in Cambodian education governance
 Rappeport, Annie.

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OECD cooperation with non-member states in education
 Reder, Trine.

OECD, PISA, and the Southern Cone: Circulation, policies, and standardized tests in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay
 Acosta, Felicitas.

Occupying ‘and’: Invoking a cosmopolitan lens to understand Latina mothers’ experiences in family literacy
 Stacy, Jen.

Omidyar Network's support of leadership development and M&E
 Trujillo, Dena.

On Sustainable Development Goal Target 4.7 and on knowing when it has been achieved in challenging contexts
 Karpinska, Zuki.

On literacy, reading, and learning to read in Mexico
 Kalman, Judy. and Reyes, Iliana.

On solid footing: Understanding teacher motivation as a precursor to teacher professional development systems
 Kim, Sharon., Seidman, Edward. and Raza, Mahjabeen.

On the United States' rejection of international human rights treaties and educational racism
 Nelson, Steven.

One subject, various understandings: Comparative study of students’ perceptions of citizenship in four types of school in the post-revolutionary Egypt
 Moheyeldine, Nashwa.

Online learning in multiple national contexts: A case study
 Way, Winmar.

Open Science and open access: Nuances and contrasts in the case of Latin America
 Rogel, Rosario.

Open Science: What does it mean for academic researchers?
 Robinson, David.

Open logistics: Tracking books in Malawi
 Hwang, Kyu Taek.

OpenEMIS: Better data, better outcomes
 Kapp, Jon. and Izaguirre, Haydee.

Operationalizing OECD indicators on early childhood education and care in Africa and Asia: The role of non-state actors
 Pulizzi, Scott.

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PISA and policy transfer in teaching: A set theoretic understanding of contextual complexity
 Campbell, Janine.

PISA ‘Yet To Come’: Governing schooling through time, difference, and potential
 Lewis, Steven.

Packaging and delivering a replicable, community-based non-formal education model for conflict-affected communities
 Thomsen, Jake.

Parental engagement in children's kindergarten transition
 Sachdev, Anu., Zhang, Xinwei., Yu, Xiaoran., Goodfellow, Sophia. and Kong, Peggy.

Parental involvement in an Islamic boarding school in Indonesia
 Ginanto, Dion.

Parental involvement, adolescent romance, and educational attainment in rural China
 Yu, Xiaoran., Kong, Peggy., Zhang, Xinwei. and Wyman, Damian.

Parental participation, social justice leadership, and community empowerment: Highlighting tensions in theory and practice through a case from Ciudad Juarez, México
 Edwards Jr., D. Brent., Dematthews, David., Spear, Anne. and Hartley, Hillary.

Parents' participation in school and its effect on children achievement in Peru
 Miranda, Alejandra.

Parents’ constructs of personhood and educational experiences of their children with disabilities
 Sawhney, Sonia.

Parents’ understanding of early mathematics: Investigating misconceptions
 Perry, Lindsey. and Ketterlin Geller, Leanne.

Parents’ usage of mathematics activities with their children at home: Results from a descriptive study
 Geller, Josh. and Ketterlin Geller, Leanne.

Participation and relational trust between school communities and school management for betterment of pupils’ learning: The case from Ghana
 Shibuya, Kazuro.

Participation problems and possibilities with physically impaired students in higher education in Nepal
 Shankar, Bhatt.

Partnership for collective learning and cooperation
 Hervey, Sabrina.

Partnership schools for Liberia: Evidence and policy-making
 Horn, Robin.

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QITABI teacher coaching model: A response to improve the teaching and learning of Arabic language in public primary grades in Lebanon
 Kozma, Eva. and Pallangyo, Amy.

Qatar's education city: The effect of Western-based international branch campuses on knowledge production and transmission
 Wren, Shytance.

Qualitative evaluation of community-based literacy interventions in rural Senegal
 Maglio, Amy., Hayasaka, Sumiko. and Messih, Lillian.

Quality assurance and higher education in Afghanistan
 Hedayet, Mujtaba.

Quality education for all: Equity, inclusion, and social justice for Roma children in Romania
 Kamath, Ameya., Zambrano, Jesella. and Irele, Idia.

Quality learning environment for education in emergencies: Findings from toolkit development and exploring intersections with Indigenous methods and contemplative inquiry
 Bali, Zeina.

Quality of USAID-funded evaluations: Findings from a review of 92 evaluations
 Alvares de Azevedo, Thomaz.

Quality of education and equity: Regional disparities and exclusion of children from the education system in Senegal
 Cisse, Rokhaya.

Quality teaching and the great South divide
 Henry, Martin.

Quality teaching methodology in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
 Kindomba, Jerry.

Quantitative and qualitative approaches to investigate the effects of public finance on the mobility of students and academics
 Mizuta, Kensuke.


Race representations and school choice policies
 Herelle, Tarsha.

Racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic segregation in US schools and why it matters
 Mickelson, Roslyn.

Radically green schools
 Rao, Aarati.

Radio-based learning for out-of-school children
 Meek, Ashley. and Collins, Brett.

Ranking and ranked: Local management of large scale quantified evaluation
 Li, Siyu.

Rapid Education Risk Analysis in South Sudan
 Md Mokhtar, Nor Shirin.

Rapid-cycle evaluations: Getting feedback now (or at least more quickly)
 Chiappetta, Melissa.

Rationality in the communication of the regime of full school day: An observation model for Chile and Mexico
 José Antonio, Sáenz. and Molina García, Amelia.

Re-Mapping peace education: Educating policymakers about pathways to peace in rural Liberia
 Quaynor, Laura. and Karmah, Shetha.

Re-conceptualizing a refugee education and protection model through examining the educational practices in Turkish schools
 Erden, Ozlem.

Re-imagining civic education and engagement for African diaspora youth
 Webster, Nicole. and Nafziger-Mayegun, Rhoda.

Re-mapping as metaphor: Distortions, discontinuities, and invariance
 Turner, David.

Re-mapping citizenship education: Colonial entanglements and the struggle over school textbooks
 Musaifer, Sara.

Re-mapping concepts of soft power in education: Confucius institutes in South Africa
 Layman, Eric.

Re-mapping cross-national patterns in logic of accountability
 Kim, Taeyeon.

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SBCC for Literacy: Reflecting communities’ voices and realities and examining motivation for change
 Alubisia, Alex.

SEA in Nigeria: Impact of SEA institutionalization on policy in two states in Nigeria: Bauchi and Sokoto states
 Salami, Musa.

STEM comics: Inspiring learning with a new generation of readers
 Karim-Shaw, Nadya., Baloch, Imdad. and Azhar, Imran.

STIR Education's learning on igniting and sustaining teacher motivation at scale in India and Uganda
 Terwindt, Reinier. and Jeevan, Sharath.

Safe learning spaces for all in higher education: Lessons learned from implementing anti-harassment policy
 Anzar, Uzma.

Saudi Arabian international students in the US: Cultural challenges with writing scholarly essays in English
 Mayne, Dorothy.

Saving face: Face-work and downward mobility among undocumented Chinese families
 Liu, Jia-Lin. and Cherng, Hua Yu.

Scaling up life skills interventions for bridging girls’ learning and school retention outcomes in the context of the Global ECM Programme
 Belachew, Helen. and Chalasani, Satvika.

Scholarship program alumni networks: Exploring the design and practices of alumni associations that aim to advance social change
 Campbell, Anne.

School admission reforms and high school academic performance in Taiwan
 Huang, Min-Hsiung.

School attendance and Mexican-American children’s integration in Mexico: Family, community, and state factors and differences by length of residency
 Ramirez-Flores, Maria.

School autonomy with accountability as a global education reform model: Political rationales and policy trajectories
 Verger, Antoni., Parcerisa, Lluís. and Fontdevila, Clara.

School bullying and academic achievement: Evidence from China
 Xiong, Yuhan. and Liu, Chang.

School choice in Bangladesh and impacts on the urban poor
 Cierniak, Katherine.

School climate and teachers’ social and emotional competencies in Gauteng urban schools
 Nelson, Llewellyn.

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Tactics and appropriations against digital inequality in the daily activities of young people from the periphery of Mexico City
 Rendón, Victor.

Tailored background scales in large scale assessment
 Sandoval-Hernandez, Andres., Leslie, Rutkowski. and Rutkowski, David.

Taking the lead with Lesson Study: Pre-service minority teachers’ teaching mathematics in classroom
 Saran, Rupam.

Tanzania early learning system diagnostic
 Carrol, Bidemi. and Merseth, Katherine.

Targeting girls’ education and empowerment in Uganda
 Rozhenkova, Veronika. and Allmang, Skye.

Teach For All and assessing the impact of leadership development
 Canning, Nick.

Teach For Australia: Building a culture of evidence-informed decision-making
 Pearson, Emily.

Teach For Bulgaria: Leveraging theory of change to drive strategic clarity and investment in evidence-based approaches
 Trayanov, Trayan.

Teach For China and the translation of the Teach For America model for addressing educational inequity
 Lam, Sara.

Teacher agency and contribution to quality education in post-conflict Liberia
 Adebayo, Seun.

Teacher agency, secularisation, and interdisciplinarity in religious education: An exploratory Scottish study
 Matemba, Yonah.

Teacher allocation in sub-Saharan Africa: Analysis and practices
 Segniagbeto, Koffi.

Teacher as stranger: “Releasing” imagination for controversial public issues in Taiwan
 Hung, Yu-Han.

Teacher attrition and retention in sub-Saharan Africa: A new review of the literature
 Dembélé, Martial., Sirois, Geneviève., Kamanzi, Pierre. and Diatta, Michel.

Teacher autonomy in times of standardised lesson plans: The case of the Gauteng Primary Language and Mathematics Strategy
 de Clercq, Francine.

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U.S. Department of Agriculture McGovern-Dole International Food For Education and Child Nutrition Program
 McCormack, Alessandra.

U.S. young adult numeracy skills lagging behind: Results from PIAAC 2012/2014
 Pawlowski, Emily.

U.S.-Mexican youth narratives of immigration, survival, and resilience
 Jimenez, Rosa.

UNAM-FES Aragón students’ critical response to the Mexican neoliberal model after the 1999 strike
 Argott Cisneros, Lucero.

UNESCO, education, and the private sector: A relationship on whose terms?
 Ridge, Natasha. and Kippels, Susan.

USAID All Children Reading in Senegal (ACR)
 Bontoux, Vincent.

USAID ECCN Conflict Sensitivity (CS) indicators
 Lavan, Daniel.

USAID ECCN Safer Learning Environments (SLE) indicators
 Heaner, Gwendolyn.

USAID Ghana Partnership for Education Learning’s monitoring system: Local ownership and sustainability
 Yiadom, Johnson., Cao, Yvonne. and Dooley, Brian.

USAID Soma Umenye monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning agenda
 Mutesi, Lillian.

USAID’s vision for community-based education delivered through a non-formal education model and approach
 Harris-Hussein, Croshelle.

Ucwalmicw emhám smukws ecw7úcwalmicw metsásq̓etem zewátet.s cin̓ qan̓ím̓ts ptéla7 le̓xlaxs
 Edwards, Gena.

Un buen comienzo: A teacher's development program to improve pedagogic practice in vulnerable schools in Chile
 Castro Amenábar, Trinidad. and Muñoz, Pablo.

Un buen comienzo: Identifying common characteristics in educators that help to improve children's literacy outcomes
 Castro Amenábar, Trinidad. and Muñoz, Pablo.

Unchartered waters: Mapping public opinion about the educational inclusion of refugee and asylum-seeking children in Europe
 Pop, Daniel.

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Vaidika pedagogy as super psychology: How Vedanta helps overcome issues of fear, insignificance, and existential angst
 Meegama, Kavita.

Valuing and listening to the voices of administrators pertaining to policy and legislation for the re-mapping of global bilingual education
 Gomez Gonzalez, Laura. and Jimenez-Silva, Margarita.

Video game choice and play of three African immigrant students in the United States
 Bayeck, Rebecca.

Vietnamese teachers’ attitudes towards information and communication technologies for students with disabilities
 Cao, Chau.

Vietnamese university behaviors in program provision: A sectoral distinctiveness analysis
 Hoang, Lan.

Vietnamese-English translanguaging in online conversations
 Nguyen, Dung. and Nelson, Nancy.

View from the ground: How global citizenship education curricula build and dismantle the North-South status quo
 Mesterharm, Michael.

Village inequality and child education attainment in rural China: Gender and ethnicity heterogeneity
 Chen, Shuang.

Violence free schools: Results of a systematic literature review and consultation with practitioners
 Lee, Seung.

Vocational education and the crisis of employment and employability
 Wedekind, Volker.

Vocational education as a path to enhance labor market outcomes: Evidence from South Korean Education and Employment Panel (KEEP)
 Choi, Seonkyung.

Vocational training for economic empowerment: Role of government and NGOs in Ahmedabad, India
 Chavda, Jainisha.

Voice: Establishing a cultural history of authorship in rural schools
 Sarmiento, Lilia.

Voices of child laborers: A multi-vocal investigation of child labor and schooling in Bangladesh
 Mansur, Natasha.

Voices of women school leaders: Entrepreneurs in low fee private schools in West Africa
 Cordeiro, Paula.

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Wananga and other “community colleges” in New Zealand
 Boshier, Roger.

Want to understand effective teaching? Ask the student: A case study from South Africa
 Carel, David.

Way of building leadership and self-esteem skills of marginalized girls
 Ali, Md..

Ways of knowing, ways of acting: Brazilian feminist youth resistance
 Taylor, Alice.

Wealth at the bottom of the pyramid: Global finance and ‘low-fee schools’ in India
 Kamat, Sangeeta.

Weaving moments of identity into global movements of solidarity curriculum: Opportunities to re-invent notions of convivencia
 Steinbach Torres, Ana.

Welfare hostels as sites of learning: Experiences and aspirations of Dalit women students
 Babu, Savitha.

Welfare state education in change: A historical analysis focusing on a research-policy agora and globalization in the politics of knowledge
 Wärvik, Gun-Britt.

Western hegemony or internationalization of higher education? Partnerships between the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) and higher education institutions
 Cheng, Angel.

Western theory and the fallacy of 'choice': (Re)defining African women's career choices
 Mlambo, Yeukai.

Western values in Taiwanese higher education: A hybridizing process
 Chan, Sheng-Ju.

What and how mentor and novice teachers in US and UK preservice teacher education programs discussed novice teachers’ lessons
 Wang, Jian.

What are the priorities for the validation of national assessment programs in Latin America?
 Ramirez, Maria.

What counts as Swahili in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Field researchers’ attitudes in language-in-education research
 Gibson, Maik.

What inhibits Communist wage premium? Evidence from Chinese college graduates
 Cui, Sheng., Pan, Kunfeng. and Du, Fan.

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Yakanal Cultural Exchange Program: A North and South Indigenous youth collaboration
 Wall, Julia.

Young Egyptians, schooling, and meritocratic aspirations: A post-structuralist approach
 Fadil, Mamdouh.

Youth in Latin America: Between educational rights and security policies
 Olmos, Liliana.

Youth, language policy, and Quechua maintenance in the urban Peruvian Andes
 Kvietok Dueñas, Frances.

Youth-led academic-community partnerships in Bangladesh: Re-mapping global educational narratives from the Global South
 Hasan, Fadia.

Youth-led gender assessment framework
 Massar, Swathi.

Youth-led gender assessment – West Bank
 Abdallah, Ziad.


Zapotequización: Teaching Diidxazá to young adults in higher education
 Rios Rios, Kiara., De Korne, Haley. and López Gopar, Mario.

Zari, Zeerak, and gender empowerment counterstories: The impact of Afghanistan’s Baghch-e-Simsim
 Foulds, Kim.
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