Connecticut's Stem Cell Research International Symposium 2007-Mar-27 to 2007-Mar-28

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A Bacterial Recombination Strategy to Link Multiple Gene Reporter Constructs
 Maye, Peter., Stover, Mary., Lichtler, Alexander. and Rowe, David.

A Novel Class Of Small RNAs In Mouse Spermatogenic Cells
 Beyret, Ergin.

A role for Hedgehog Signaling in the production of ES-derived neural progenitors
 Cai, Chunyu. and Grabel, Laura.

ATP Receptor Expression by Ependymal Cells in a Brain Stem Cell Niche
 Genzen, Jonathan., Platel, Jean-Claude. and Bordey, Angelique.

Alloimmunity to Stem Cell-derived Endothelial Cells
 Suarez, Yajaira., Shepherd, Benjamin., Rao, Deepak., Peng, Lisa. and Pober, Jordan.

Alternative Splicing in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
 Graveley, Brenton.

An improved protocol for detection of bone marrow-derived epithelial cells in the liver and GI tract
 Swenson, Scott., Theise, Neil. and Krause, Diane.

Analysis of the odontogenic and osteogenic potentials of dental pulp using a Col1a1-2.3-GFP transgene
 Mina, Mina., Kollar, Edward. and Braut, Alan.

Angiogenic Growth Factors secreted By Liver Epithelial Cells Modulate Arterial Vasculogenesis during Human Liver Development
 Cadamuro, Massimiliano., Fabris, Luca., Libbrecht, Louis., Spirli, Carlo., Fiorotto, Romina., Roskams, Tania. and Strazzabosco, Mario.

Are differentiated cells more efficient than adult stem cells for somatic cell cloning?
 Li-Ying, Sung., Shaorong, Gao., Shen, Hongmei., Yu, Hui., Song, Yifang., Smith, Sadie., Tuck, David., Inoue, Kimiko., Weissman, Sherman., Tian, X. Cindy., Yang, Xiangzhong. and Cheng, Tao.

Artificial Extracellular Matrices for Control of Stem Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
 Haynie, Donald., Palath, Naveen. and Dave, Komal.


Comparing the in vivo osteogenic potential of different progenitor cell populations
 Wang, Li-Ping., Liu, Ya-Ling., Kalajzic, Ivo. and Rowe, David.


Defects in the neural stem cell niche in adult mice deficient for DNA double strand break repair
 Gopilan, Jenna. and Naegele, Janice.

Directing Human ES (hES) Cells into the Chondrocyte Lineage
 Kosher, Robert., Dealy, Caroline. and Upholt, William.

Doublecortin overexpression induces neuronal differentiation at the expense of astrocytes
 Siddiqi, Faez.


ES-Derived Neural Progenitor Migration is Guided by the Chemokine SDF-1
 Hartman, Nathaniel., Carpentino, Joe., LaMonica, Kristi., Naegele, Janice. and Grabel, Laura.

Early Downstream Targets of HOXB4 in c-Kit+, Lin-, Sca-1+, Primitive Hematopoietic Progenitor-like Cells
 Lee, Han. and Forget, Bernard.

Effect of dopamine signaling loss on subventricular zone neurogenesis
 Lennington, Jessica., Sampson, Rachael. and Conover, Joanne.

Effects of Overexpression of the Homeodomain Gene Pitx2 on Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology
 Zhang, Hui., Rogulina, Svetlana., Degar, Barbara. and Forget, Bernard.

Effects of leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) and feeder on derivation of embryonic stem cells from in vitro fertilized bovine blastocysts
 Gong, Guochun., Roach, Marsha., Jiang, Shie., Yang, Xiangzhong. and Tian, X. Cindy.

Electrospun Apatite/PLLA Nano-Composite Scaffolds for Guided Bone Tissue Regeneration
 Peng, Fei., Wan, Ling-Shu., Xu, Zhi-Kang. and Wei, Mei.

Exploiting Differences in Mouse Strains to Elucidate Stem Cell Responsiveness to Hypoxia
 Li, Qi. and Madri, Joseph.


Function of the fragile X mental retardation protein in early human neural development
 Huang, Yingqun.

Functional Interaction of c-Kit receptor and Interleukin-3 Receptor
 ye, zhi-jia. and Weissman, Sherman.


GABA and glutamate signaling control the number of adult neural stem cells and immature neurons
 Dave, Kathleen., Platel, Jean-Claude. and Bordey, Angelique.

Genome-wide Reprogramming in Hybrids of Somatic Cells and Embryonic Stem Cells.
 Ambrosi, Dominic., Tanasijevic, Borko., Kaur, Anupinder., Obergfell, Craig., O\'Neill, Rachel., Krueger, Winfried. and Rasmussen, Theodore.


Identification and Characterization of piRNAs in the Planarian Schmidtea mediterranea
 palakodeti, Dasaradhi., Smielewska, Magda., Lu, Yi-chien. and Graveley, Brenton.

Identification and isolation of stem cells in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea
 Lu, Yi-chien., palakodeti, Dasaradhi., Smielewska, Magda. and Graveley, Brenton.

In vitro differentiation potential of adult Neural Stem Cells from the anterior Subventricular Zone.
 Papanikolaou, Theodora., Lennington, Jessica. and Conover, Joanne.

Investigations of the Role of EphA4 in the Subventricular Zone
 Baker, Kasey., Conover, Joanne. and Daniels, Stephen.

iBAC: An HSV system to deliver modified BAC clones into ES cells
 Stover, Mary., Maye, Peter. and Lichtler, Alexander.


MRI detection of endogenous adult rat neural progenitor migration
 Shapiro, Erik.

MicroRNAs and their influence on migrational behavior of neuroblasts
 Henschel, Oliver., Pathania, Manav. and Bordey, Angelique.

Mouse EED mediates histone methylation in the absence of EZH2
 Chamberlain, Stormy., Yee, Della., Fedoriw, Andrew. and Magnuson, Terry.

Myoblasts Give Rise to a Subpopulation of Muscle Satellite Cells
 Mendez, Julio., Kanisicak, Onur., Yamamoto, Masakazu. and Goldhamer, David.

Myofibroblast/pericyte Phenotype of the Osteoprogenitor Cell
 Kalajzic, Ivo.


NgBR receptor regulates primitive blood vessel formation and Macrophage homing in differentiating embryoid body
 Miao, Qing. and Sessa, William.

No Evidence of Circulating Dermal Fibroblast Stem Cells
 Barisic-Dujmovic, Tatjana., Boban, Ivana. and Clark, Stephen.

Notch signaling regulates postnatal neurogenesis in vivo
 Breunig, Joshua., Silbereis, John., Vaccarino, Flora., Sestan, Nenad. and Rakic, Pasko.

Nuclear reprogramming of cloned embryos - implications for therapeutic cloning
 Yang, Xiangzhong., Smith, Sadie., Tian, X. Cindy., Lewin, Harris., Renard, Jean-Paul. and Wakayama, Teruhiko.


Osteoblast Development and the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Niche
 Lamothe, Katie., Rowe, David. and Aguila, Hector.


Phenotyping and Isolation of hES Derived Cells of the Musculoskeletal Lineage
 Aguila, Hector.

Polymer and Polymer-Ceramic Scaffolds for Guiding Bone Growth Around Dental Implants
 Kuhn, Liisa., Freilich, Martin., Shafer, David., Adams, Douglas. and Wen, Bo.

Potential Stem Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes
 Xu, Gang., Gibson, Jay., Tian, X. Cindy., Noguchi, Hirofumi., Bonner-Weir, Susan. and Yang, Xiangzhong.

Purification and Transformation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Obtained During Shoulder and Knee Surgeries
 McCarthy, Mary Beth., Judson, C., Arciero, C., Arciero, R. and Mazzocca, A.


Rbm15 Affects Notch Signaling and Myelopoiesis
 Renda, Matthew., Cheng, Ee-Chun., Ma, Xian-Yong., Wang, Lin. and Krause, Diane.

Repair in the Aging Neurogenic Subventricular Niche
 Luo, Jie. and Conover, Joanne.

Role of Notch Signaling in Liver Repair/Regeneration: Clues from Alagille Syndrome and Biliary Atresia
 Fabris, Luca., Cadamuro, Massimiliano., Guido, Maria., Spirli, Carlo., Fiorotto, Romina., Sonzogni, Aurelio. and Strazzabosco, Mario.

Role of miRNAs in Planarian Regeneration
 Smielewska, Magda., palakodeti, Dasaradhi., Lu, Yi-chien. and Graveley, Brenton.


SOX9 is required for maintaining the pancreatic progenitor cell population
 Freude, Kristine., Seymour, Philip., Tran, Man., Mayes, Erin., Jensen, Jan., Kist, Ralf., Scherer, Gerd. and Sander, Maike.

Same Day Strategy For Bone Regeneration Using Genetically Modified Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
 Virk, Mandeep., Liu, NQ., Sugiyama, O., Kang, CO., Cuomo, A. and Lieberman, JR.

Skin tumor formation from hair follicle bulge keratinocytes in Krt1-15CrePR1;R26R mice
 Park, Heui Joon., Li, Shulan., Trempus, Carol., Cotsarelis, George. and Morris, Rebecca.

Spatial relationship between NG2 glia and the neural stem cell niches in the adult brain
 Komitov, Milla. and Nishiyama, Akiko.


The Role of MyoD in Skeletal Muscle Determination
 Camp, James. and Goldhamer, David.

The Role of PIWI and the miRNA Machinery in Drosophila Germline Determination
 Liu, Li.

The dyslexia susceptibility gene, DCDC2, in neuronal development
 Wang, YU.

Three-dimensional Culture of Fetal Liver Cells
 Qian, Lichuan., Krause, Diane. and Saltzman, Mark.


University of Connecticut and Wesleyan University Stem Cell Core
 Crandall, Leann., Root, Sierra. and Xu, Ren-He.

Using Human Embryonic Stem Cells to Study Primitive Endoderm Migration
 Donne, Matthew., LaMonica, Kristi. and Grabel, Laura.

Utilization of Sox1-GFP During Osteoblast Differentiation of Murine ES Cells
 Havens, Bruce., Cai, Chunyu., Grabel, Laura., Lichtler, Alexander., Mina, Mina. and Rowe, David.
Connecticut's Stem Cell Research International Symposium 2007-Mar-27 to 2007-Mar-28
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