Connecticut's Stem Cell Research International Symposium 2009-Mar-23 to 2009-Mar-25

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A Role for EphA4 in Regulation of the Subventricular Zone
 Baker, Kasey., Daniels, Stephen., Todd, Krysti. and Conover, Joanne.

A Two Step Mechanism for Stem Cell Activation During Hair Regeneration
 Greco, Valentina.

A human iPS cell model of Angelman syndrome
 Chamberlain, Stormy., Xin, Xiaonan., Autuoro, Joseph., Lichtler, Alex. and Lalande, Marc.

A multifunctional reporter mouse line for Cre- and FLP-dependent cell-labeling and lineage analysis.
 Yamamoto, Masa., Shook, Nicole., Kanisicak, Onur., Wosczyna, Michael., Camp, James., Yamamoto, Shoko. and Goldhamer, David.

A reporter system for cell fusion in the injured mouse liver
 Swenson, Scott., Przybylo, Jennifer., Mohamadnejad, Mehdi., Theise, Neil. and Krause, Diane.

Altered nuclear retention of mRNAs containing inverted repeats in human embryonic stem cells: Functional role of a nuclear noncoding RNA
 Chen, Ling-Ling. and Carmichael, Gordon.

An Efficient Protocol for Generating Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) from Human Embryonic Stem Cells
 Banda, Erin., Becker, Sandy., Naegele, Janice. and Grabel, Laura.

Anti-viral innate immune activation modulates the phenotype of alveolar progenitor cells
 Gan, Ye., Li, Fang-yong., Kang, Min-jong., Chen, Qingsheng., Homer, Robert., Peng, Xueyan., Elias, Jack. and Herzog, Erica.


Cell Based Therapy for Improved Wound Healing
 Barisic-Dujmovic, Tatjana. and Clark, Stephen.

Characterization of WAT and BAT Adipogenesis from Unique Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Sources
 Heckel, Robert., Gautreau, Denise., Lillquist, Jay., Chen, Jing., Raimundo, Nuno., Lebedeva, Maria., Shadel, Gerald. and Hambor, John.

Comparison of Stem Cell Array in Ovarian Cells and CD133/CD44 Cells Purified from Human Tumors
 Brewer, Molly., Li, Zhong., Wu, Qian., Meng, Fanliang., Sun, Guiqin., Zhang, Sui. and Zou, Changping.

Comparison of gene expression profile and differentiation ability of human ES cells cultured in various conditions
 Lin, Ge., Horowitz, Michael., Duff, Mike., Park, Jung., Crandall, Leann., Compton, Tiwanna., Graveley, Brenton. and Xu, Ren-He.

Comparison of human iPS cells derived via retro- versus lentiviral vectors for their specific differentiation to neural and hematopoietic lineages
 Zeng, Hui., Lin, Ge., Guo, Min., Park, Jung., Wang, Xiaofang., Martins-Taylor, Kristen., Zhan, Shuning., Kronenberg, Mark., Li, Xue-Jun., Lichtler, Alex., Lalande, Marc. and Xu, Ren-He.

Complete Transcriptome Analysis of hES Cells
 Horowitz, Michael., Duff, Mike., Lin, Ge., Becker, Sandy., Grabel, Laura., Li, Xue-Jun., Xu, Ren-He. and Graveley, Brenton.

Cortical neuronal protection in spinal cord injury (SCI) following transplantation of BDNF-human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs)
 Sasaki, Masanori., Tan, Andrew., Radtke, Christine., Zhao, Peng. and Kocsis, Jeffery.

Cytocompatibility and Drug-Release Behavior of Hydroxyapatite/Poly(L-Lactide) Electrospun Scaffold for Bone Repair
 Peng, Fei., Yu, Xiaohua. and Wei, Mei.


DNA Replication for Pluripotent Genes in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
 Schultz, Sherri.

Define patterns of tyrosine phosphorylation associated with self-renewal of human embryonic stem cells.
 Jia, Lin., Machida, Kazuya., Mayer, Bruce., Thompson, Christopher., Lin, Ge. and Xu, Ren-He.

Derivation of Neural Crest from Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells.
 Rodgers, Barbara., Fu, Yu., Roberts, Chanda., Balic, Anamaria., Wang, Y-H., Aguila, Hector. and Mina, Mina.

Distinct DNA replication patterns in mouse embryos from in vitro fertilization, parthenogenesis, and somatic cell nuclear transfer
 Lin, Chih-Jen., Chen, Ching-Chien., Amano, Tomokazu., Sung, Li-Ying., Yang, Jerry. and Tian, Cindy.

Dot1L is required for chromosome stability and cell cycle progression in embryonic stem cells and their differentiated progeny.
 Barry, Evan., Ambrosi, Dominic., Veilleux, Eric. and Rasmussen, Theodore.


Efficient generation of stable transgenic human embryonic stem cell lines by “Cassette Exchange”: a Cre-loxp mediated recombination method
 Cai, Chunyu., Guo, Qiuxia., Boisvert, Erin., Morest, Donald. and Li, James.

Evidence for post-derivation epigenetic instability in human ES cell lines
 Tanasijevic, Borko., Dai, Bo., Ezashi, Toshihiko., Livingston, Kimberly., Roberts, R. Michael. and Rasmussen, Theodore.

Exploring Heterogeneity In Human Embryonic Stem Cell Cultures.
 Gibson, Jason., Jakuba, Caroline., Stout, Matthew., Nelson, Craig. and Carter, Mark.

Expression of Genes involved in Self-Renewal or Lineage Priming in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
 Au-Young, Janice.


Fezl Plays a Significant Role in Neural Patterning
 Boisvert, Erin., Wang, Zhi Bo., Zhang, Xiao-Qing., Fashoyin, Adedayo., Du, Zhong-Wei., Zhang, Su-Chun. and Li, Xue-Jun.

FlowCellect 3-Color Kits to Monitor Stem Cell Differentiation on Guava EasyCyte
 Fischer, April., Weldon, Don., White, Laura., Silver, Craig., Cuy, Janet., Salisbury, Jerrod., Weiss, Alan., O\'Neil, Don., King, David., Schneider, Patrick., Whalley, Jason. and Hsu, Matthew.

Functional Incorporation of ES-Derived Neural Progenitors in a Mouse Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
 Hartman, Nathaniel., Carpentino, Joe., Aaron, Gloster., Naegele, Janice. and Grabel, Laura.


Generation and Transplantation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Neural Precursor Cells
 Fiondella, Chris.

Generation of Muscle Progenitor Cells from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
 Tran, Tuan., Peterson, Cory. and Pyle, April.

Generation of Myeloid Cells from Human Embryonic Stem Cells.
 Root, Sierra. and Aguila, Hector.

Generation of monoclonal antibodies against early stages of human development using hESC differentiation.
 Root, Sierra., Lamothe, Katie. and Aguila, Hector.

Genetically corrected ES cells derived from cloned embryos of infertile mice - a potential application for therapeutic cloning
 Amano, Tomokazu., Ma, Yinghong., He, Zuping., Amano, Misa., Treaster, Stephen., Lin, Chih-Jen., Dym, Martin., Tian, Cindy. and Yang, Jerry.

Growth of Primary Cells in a Microsystem
 Villa, Max., Pope, Sara., Conover, Joanne. and Fan, Tai-Hsi.


High-Resolution Whole-Genome Mapping of the Piwi/piRNA-Mediated Epigenetic Pathway in Drosophila
 Yin, Hang., Sweeney, Sarah., Raha, Debasish., Snyder, Michael. and Lin, Haifan.

Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Offer a Versatile Platform for Screening Assay Development in Drug Discovery
 Baumann, Amy., Haskell, Keith., Bauchmann, Mary., Donahue, Christopher., Indurti, Ananya., Blake, William., Kantesaria, Sheila., Hallowell, Shawn., Gebhard, David., Zurenko, Christopher. and Thiede, Mark.

Human embryonic stem cells generate Lex+ radial glia cells
 Limaye, Pallavi., Li, Qunliang., Mayer, Nicol. and Zecevic, Nada.

Hydroxyapatite/Collagen Biomimetic Co-precipitated Scaffold for Bone Repair
 Peng, Fei., Wang, Liping., Yu, Xiaohua., Jiang, Xi., Huang, Jiangping., Xia, Zengmin., Gynther, Daniel., Rowe, David. and Wei, Mei.


Inhibiting Tumor Formation and Promoting Integration of Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Neural Stem Cell Transplants into the Mouse Hippocampus
 Ammon, Noelle. and Grabel, Laura.


Lentivirus Vector Mediated Delivery of Cell Type Specific Fluorescent Protein Markers to Human Embryonic Stem Cells
 Zhan, Shuning., Duffin, Marcus., Lawton, Betty., Goldhamer, David., Rowe, David. and Lichtler, Alex.

Lin28 binds histone H2a mRNA and enhances its translation in mouse embryonic stem cells
 Huang, Yingqun.


Mili Interacts with Tudor Domain Containing Protein 1 (Tdrd1) in Regulating Spermatogenesis
 Wang, Jianquan.

Mitochondrial Properties as Potential Biomarkers of Embryonic Stem Cell Pluripotency
 Lonergan, Thomas., Harvey, Alexandra. and Brenner, Carol.

Modeling Megakaryocytopoiesis and Leukemogenesis Using Human Embryonic Stem Cells
 Massaro, Stephanie. and Krause, Diane.

Modeling the Neurovascular Niche: Strain differences in recovery from ischemia correlate with differences in Neural Stem cell HIF-1a expression and responsiveness to SDF-1
 Li, Qi.

Mouse Neural Stem/Progenitor Response to Neonatal Hypoxia/Ischemia and the Role of Leukemia Inhibitory Factor
 Buono, Krista., Jiang, Yuhui. and Levison, Steve.

Mouse skeletal muscle stem cells (satellite cells) are derived from MyoD+ progenitors and are committed to myogenesis
 Kanisicak, Onur., Mendez, Julio., Yamamoto, Masa. and Goldhamer, David.

mRNA-Seq Whole Transcriptome Analysis of a Single Cell
 Lao, Kai.


 King, Cecile. and Greco, Steve.

Neurogenesis from glial cells after perinatal hypoxic injury is enhanced by environmental enrichment
 Cheng, Elise., Silbereis, John., Ocal, Eylem., Provini, Lauren., Ment, Laura., Schwartz, Michael. and Vaccarino, Flora.

Notch signaling regulates the generation of neurons from glial stem cells in the postnatal SEZ
 Arellano, Jon., Breunig, Joshua., Silbereis, John., Vaccarino, Flora., Sestan, Nenad. and Rakic, Pasko.

Novel Protein Expression Assays for the Detection and Relative Quantification of Proteins in Human Embryonic Stem Cells using qPCR
 Khodier, Carol.


Pax7 fate mapping identifies novel neural crest derivatives
 Murdoch, Barbara., Delconte, Casey., Yardley, Nathan., Betters, Erin. and Garcia-Castro, Martin.

Primary cilia regulate hippocampal neurogenesis by mediating sonic hedgehog signaling
 Breunig, Joshua., Sarkisian, Matthew., Arellano, Jon., Morozov, Yury., Ayoub, Albert. and Rakic, Pasko.


Regenerative Capacity of the Neural Stem Cell Niche
 Shook, Brett., Luo, Jie., Sane, Miheer., Salber, Gregory. and Conover, Joanne.

Reprogrammimg of human fibroblasts derived from osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) patients into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells
 Xin, Xiaonan., Stover, Mary Louise., Chamberlain, Stormy., Krueger, Winfried., Lichtler, Alex. and Rowe, David.


SV40 Large T Antigen in Mouse Somatic Cell Reprogramming
 Tang, Yong., Ma, Yinghong., Wilson, Scott., Amano, Tomokazu., Wilson, Kaitlin., Amano, Misa., Carter, Mark., Yang, Jerry. and Tian, Cindy.

Single Cell Analysis of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation
 Gibson, Jason., Jakuba, Caroline., Holbrook, Kelly., Boucher, Nathalie., Carter, Mark. and Nelson, Craig.

Skeletal Muscle Resident Progenitor Cells and Their Role in Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
 Wosczyna, Michael., Lounev, Vitali., Ramachandran, Rageshree., Yamamoto, Masa., Maidment, Andrew., Shore, Eileen., Glaser, David., Kaplan, Frederick. and Goldhamer, David.

Study of MKL-promoted endomitosis by time-lapse microscopy
 Gao, Yuan., Elmer, Ker., Krause, Diane. and Cheng, Eugenie.

Superior and Advanced Bio-Instrumentation to Identify and Isolate Stem-Cell Lineages – Graft Mapper and Stem Cell Identifier
 Shertukde, Hemchandra., Shertukde, Karan., Shertukde, Rekha. and Carnow, Thomas.


TF2I is involved in chromatin remodeling during embryonic stem cell differentiation
 Makeyev, Aleksandr., Chimge, Nyam-Osor., Enkhmandakh, Badam. and Bayarsaihan, Dashzeveg.

The Ultrastructure of Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESCs) In Vitro
 Yankova, Maya.

The potential role of Notch signaling during megakaryocyte differentiation
 Hahn, Kate., Wang, Lin., Cheng, Eugenie. and Krause, Diane.

The role of dopamine in the subventricular zone
 Lennington, Jessica., Pope, Sara., Drozdowicz, Linda. and Conover, Joanne.

Tracking the Rise of State-Sponsored Stem Cell Research
 Karmali, Ruchir., McGee, Natalie. and Levine, Aaron.

Tumour neovascularisation: Lessons from cancer stem cells
 Mirzaei, Hamid Reza. and Rezaei, Abbas.


UConn Stem Cell Lineage Database
 Hemphill, Edward. and Nelson, Craig.

Understanding the microenvironments role on mesenchymal stem cells and neuronal cells at the site of tissue injury through RE-1 silencer of transcription
 Ricart, Rachel.

University of Connecticut Stem Cell Core Service Center
 Crandall, Leann., Compton, Tiwanna., Park, Jung., Lin, Ge., Martins-Taylor, Kristen., Zeng, Hui., Picuillo, Vanessa. and Xu, Ren-He.


Xenogeneic-Free Culture of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
 Tilkins, Mary Lynn., Wagner, Katherine., Phommachanh, Sackamone., Schulz, Thomas., Galeano, Maria., Robins, Allan., Chase, Lucas., Rao, Mahendra. and Vemuri, Mohan.
Connecticut's Stem Cell Research International Symposium 2009-Mar-23 to 2009-Mar-25
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