43rd Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting 2012-Nov-16 to 2012-Nov-20

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‘Too much or too little, a fine balancing act’. Examining redundancy in healthcare operations management
 Tay, Huay Ling.


A Capacity Constrained Cellular Manufacturing Model with Exceptional Elements
 Brown, Jay.

A Case Study using AHP on Relative Difficulty of subjects of a course
 pappu, kousalya.

A Case-Mix Classification System for Vocational Rehabilitation
 Warren, Franklin., Russell, Roberta. and James, Tabitha.

A Causal Scheme for Supply Chain Collaboration: The Fuzzy DEMATEL Approach
 Jeng, Jyh-Fu.

A Cross-Functional Systems Project in an IS Capstone Course
 Maloni, Michael., Dembla, Pamila. and Swaim, Tony.

A Decision Model for Designing and Integrating Back-Office and Front-Office Service Operations
 Li, Gang., Field, Joy. and Davis, Mark.

A Dynamic Vehicle Portfolio Design Based on Prediction of Willingness-to-Pay of Vehicle Attributes: A Framework
 sa-ngasoongsong, Akkarapol. and Bukkapatnam, Satish.

A Framework for Workforce Scheduling with Rolling Planning Horizons
 Campbell, Gerard.

A GRASP Approach to Minimizing Tardiness in Group Technology Systems
 Bajwa, Ahmad., Melouk, Sharif. and Bryant, Paul.

A Game Theoretic Model for Optimal Allocation of Resources between Intelligence Gathering and Screening for Airport Security
 Paul, Jomon. and Bagchi, Aniruddha.

A Joint Surveillance and Patrol Problem for Law Enforcement
 Fontem, Belleh., Melouk, Sharif. and Keskin, Burcu.

A Knowledge Based Decision Support System: An Application in the Private Pension System
 Alptekin, Sadettin Emre. and Yakan, Burçin.

A Longitudinal Case Study on Evaluating Operational Performance of Production Information System in Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers
 Lim, Seong., Hong, Soon. and Kim, Na.

A Measure of Forecast Error in Inventory Planning: The Mathematical Model
 Kurtulus, Ibrahim.

A Methodology to Measure and Improve U.S. States Highway Sustainability Using Data Envelopment Analysis and Self Organizing Maps
 Park, Namkyu.

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BPM at Call Centre Operations: A Credit Card Perspective
 Islam, Samsul., Ahmed, M. and Islam, Muhammad.

Bandwagon Effects and Institutionally Driven Administrative innovation - the Case of C-TPAT
 Melnyk, Steve., Calantone, Roger. and Ritchie, William.

Being the Lógos: Toward a Theory of Affective Self-Leadership
 Voss, Roger.

Benchmarking Wine Storage and Transportation
 Atkin, Thomas.

Benefits and Challenges of a Blended-Format Program
 Hamister, James.

Benefits of Information Sharing in Preventive Maintenance
 Huang, Boray.

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation on Emotional Intelligence, General Self-Efficacy, and Perceived Stress: Evidence from Thailand
 Charoensukmongkol, Peerayuth.

Best Practices in Environmentally Sustainable Service Innovations in the Hospitality Industry
 Segarra-Ona, Maria-del-Val., Peiro-Signes, Angel., Han, Spring. and Chen, Timothy.

Better planning on patient care with the detection of behavioral risk factors
 Hsu, Sonya.

Between Buyer/Supplier Relationship and Supply Chain performance, the moderating role of knowledge transferring type
 yang, zhiguo. and Lee-Post, Anita.

Bi-directional Relationships in Closed Loop Supply Chains: A Grounded Theory Approach
 Nakfoor, Joy., Mollenkopf, Diane. and Petersen, Ken.

Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop to Improve Sales and Customer Relationships
 Hins, Martin., Hauser, Karina. and Höpken, Wolfram.

Birds of a feather? An identification and typology of subcultures and corresponding market-orientation of a Higher Education Institution in Hungary
 Heidrich, Balázs., Sándorné, Éva. and Chandler, Nick.

Black or White while studying Supply Chain Management? Infusing Diversity in an Operations Management Curriculum
 Kuruvilla, Abey.

Business Analytics: Terminology and Current Practice
 Karwan, Kirk.

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Can Information Systems enhance US Long-term Healthcare facilities’ financial returns?
 Chen, Hui-chuan. and Cannon, Alan.

Can Past Predict Future?: Optimization of user interaction for wireless drive-through (WDT) applications
 Guo, Yi. and Zhu, Qiang.

Can a framework under pressure explain Green SCM strategy?
 Sabbaghi, Asghar. and Vaidyanathan, Ganesh.

Capacity Planning for Cancer Prevention
 Ratcliffe, Aaron., Marucheck, Ann. and Gilland, Wndell.

Capital Structure and Solvency in the Life Insurance Industry
 Wang, Yau-Hsuan.

Carbon Financial Instruments and Market Efficiency
 Sabbaghi, Omid. and Sabbaghi, Navid.

Carbon Mitigation and Competition
 Gillerlain, Zachary. and Magazine, Michael.

Carbon management practices: Business environment and lean production capability
 Lee, Su-Yol. and Klassen, Robert.

Career Choice Factors of Job Seekers and the Search for Employment in Small Businesses
 Jang, Seung Hoon. and Sebora, Terrence.

Case Study Using Quantitative Methods for Decision Making: Tom Lehrer Motors F&I Profitability
 Lanz, Jeffrey. and Bergquist, Timothy.

Case Study: Reducing the Production Cycle Time for Solar Cell Samples
 Gramajo, Carlos., Kovach, Jamison. and Carden, Lila.

Cases Studies in Lean IT
 Williams, Howard. and Duray, Rebecca.

Cash Flow Management and Firm Performance
 Kroes, James. and Manikas, Andrew.

Cellular Phone Usage across Nations: The Quest for a Best-fit Model
 Ngafeeson, Madison.

Challenges and Opportunities for Logistics Standardization in Asia-Pacific Countries: A Descriptive Case Study
 Min, Hokey., Ko, Hyun-Jeung., Lim, Yong-Kon., Park, Jong-Won. and Cho, Yong Kap.

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Decision Channeling and Adaptive Decision Support Systems: A Theoretical Debate
 Seetharaman, Priya.

Decision Compromises between Cost Optimization and Worst Case Scenario
 Kelle, Peter. and Schneider, Helmut.

Decisions, Stocks, and Time Diversification
 McLeavey, Dennis. and Lleo, Sebastien.

Defining and Measuring Integration of Service Supply Chains
 Herczeg, Andras. and Vastag, Gyula.

Delivering Superior Quality Through Supply Chain And Marketing Integration: Constructs And Propositions
 Martin, Pinar. and Godsell, Janet.

Delivery capabilities and Product Price and Sales: Evidence from Trasactional Data
 peng, xiaosong.

Demand and Supply Integration in Green Marketing: A Consumer Brand Perception Perspective
 Kirchoff, Jon. and Nichols, Bridget.

Deploying Sustainability at Solea
 Erzurumlu, Sinan.

Design of Content Delivery Mechanisms: Mobile and Web Approaches
 Chen, Yuwen., Guo, Hong. and Marston, Sean.

Design of Supply Contracts for On-Time Delivery Performance Improvement
 Dai, Tinglong.

Designing Green Products: the Impact of Governmental Regulations
 Shi, Chunming (Victor)., Hafezi, Maryam. and Zhao, Xuan.

Detection of Multiple Dimensionalities in Textual Data
 Evangelopoulos, Nicholas. and Ashton, Triss.

Determinants for Small Business Website Structures
 Klaus, Tim. and Changchit, Chuleeporn.

Determinants of Liquidity in Taiwan
 Chiang, Li-Hsia.

Determinants of Social Media Satisfaction and Usage: The Moderating Effect of Access Method
 Lim, Jeen-Su., Lim, Kee-Sook. and Heinrichs, John.

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E-Government Adoption: An International Perspective
 Merhi, Mohammad. and Ngafeeson, Madison.

E-Government: Some Factors for Successful Implementation
 Sagheb-Tehrani, Mehdi.

E-Negotiations: Can a Decision Support System (DSS) Help in Negotiations Even If Only One Participant Has a DSS?
 Perkins, William., Hershauer, James. and Foroughi, Abbas.

E-Pharmacy: Benefits and Barriers
 Feiser, Joshua., Hackbarth, Gary. and Cata, Teuta.

EHR Impact on Clinical Outcomes: A Time Series Analysis
 Mitchell, Stacy. and Yaylacicegi, Ulku.

Ecology, Sustainability Development and Accounting Reporting Systems:A Comparative Approach
 Sisaye, Seleshi.

Econometric Analysis of Effect of Re-admission Rates on Marginal Costs in Hospital Services
 Venkataraman, Sriram., Roth, Aleda. and Fredendall, Lawrence.

Economically Optimum Acceptance Sampling Plans Depending On How Rejected Lots Are Handled
 Nikolaidis, Yiannis. and Kaskalis, Theodore.

Effect of Green Product Procurement Policy on Perception of Social Responsibility
 Sinha, Charu.

Effect of Security Breaches on Operating Performance: Evidence from Financial Institutions
 Rahman, Shofiqur., Udo, Godwin. and Parra, Fernando.

Effect of Supply Chain Integration on Performance: A Literature Review
 Kim, Dong-Young.

Effective Planning and Improvisation in Disaster Relief Supply Chain Management
 Strakos, Joshua. and Chin, Wynne.

Effectiveness of Ergonomics in Healthcare: Do I need an Ergonomics program?
 Alexander, Christine. and Anderson, David.

Effectiveness of Supplier governance: A Transaction Cost Economics Analysis
 Wacker, John., Yang, Chenlung. and Sheu, Chwen.

Effects of Applying Prospect Theory to the Decision Making Process in Supply Chain Management
 Yoon, Eunsik.

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Facility Layout at McNeil Warehouse Goodwill Industries
 Novoa, Clara. and Mai, Nhi.

Factors Affecting Centrality of Industries: Longitudinal Analysis using SNA
 Iyengar, Deepak., Rao, Shashank. and Goldsby, Thomas.

Factors Affecting the Sustainability of Continuous Improvement Initiatives
 Johanna, Madrigal. and quesada, henry.

Factors Impacting Student Performance in Engineering Education in Developing Countries
 Sugumaran, Vijayan. and Raghunathan, Shriram.

Factors Influencing the Success Associated with the Implementation of an Organizational Project Management Office
 Sousa, Kenneth.

Factors Leading to Student Selection of ERP-enabled Coursework
 McGinnis, Thomas. and Magro, Michael.

Factors that Affect Decisions as to Where Manufacturing Capacity Would Be Located Globally
 Skowronski, Keith., Gray, John. and Rungtusanatham, Johnny.

Factors that Influence the Acceptance of Social-Networking Advertising
 Picazo-Vela, Sergio. and Chou, Shih.

Factory Logitics and Rules of Operations
 Bayrak, Tuncay. and Ucar, Cagdas.

Financial Performance and Supply Chain Management
 Yang, Yeongling.

Finding Fakes: Counterfeit Product Detection at United States Border Crossings
 DeYong, Gregory.

Formation of Individual Heuristics for Software Maintenance Projects in Small Organizations
 hasan, Raza. and Afsana, Atiya.

Founders’ dynamic capabilities and venture creation
 Kim, Taewan. and Jang, Seung Hoon.

Fuzzy logic application in operations management
 Lee, Yong Joo.


Game On! - Redesigning the Introduction to Information Systems Course Using Gaming Mechanics
 Van Vliet, Paul.

Gender-based Differences in Service Quality and Relationship-oriented Outcomes: A German Study in the Hair-care Services
 YAVAS, UGUR. and Benkenstein, Martin.

Genetic Algorithm for Multi mode RCPSP
 Jain, Karuna. and Bilolikar, Vijay.

Genetically Tuned Neural Network for Stock Index Prediction
 Sharma, Dinesh. and Hota, H..

Giving Voice to Students: A Preliminary Analysis of Informal Mid-term Evaluations & Procedural Justice
 Warner, Janis. and Simmons, Aneika.

Global Capacity Investment Strategies for Product Variants with Non-modular Process
 Biller, Bahar. and Xiang, Chen.

Global Supply Chain Decisions in Multiple Markets: Impact of Transfer Pricing
 Wang, Ziping.

Global Terrorism and Capital Markets
 Kumar, Sanjay. and Liu, Jiangxia.

Granger causality between gold, money supply, equity market, inflations, and real interest rates in a multivariate model
 Hingorani, Vineeta.

Green IT: Practices of Leading Firms and Countries; Future Strategies for Followers
 Trimi, Silvana., Rhee, Shanggeun. and Park, Sang-Hyun.

Greening the Shipbuilding Reverse Supply Chain
 John, Joshin. and Kumar, Sushil.

Growing Brand Affinity: Social Media Strategies for Business
 Peters, Abby., Abdelfattah, Belal., Parra, Fernando. and Seck, Ousmane.

Guests’ Perceptions of Revenue Management Pricing Policies
 Jiang, Lan. and Erdem, Mehmet.

Guidelines for Supply Chain Network Design: A Practical Approach
 Mumtaz, Mohammad. and Bhutta, M Khurrum.


Healthcare Management: Veteran’s Usage Intention and Continued Medical Services
 Robertson, Rachael., Prybutok, Victor. and Oppong, Joseph.

Healthcare Supply Chains: Overcoming Physician Resistance to Change
 Steward, Michelle., Wu, Zhaohui. and Hartley, Janet.

Hidden Potential And Imprints -- A New Theory of Quality
 Chung, Chen.

Higher Education: Learning from Business
 Pelosi, Marilyn.

Hofstede, GLOBE, and Minkov: Identifying Core Predictors of Civilization-Level Culture
 Voss, Richard.

How Analytic Tasks Suppress Neural Networks Used for Social Cognition, and Visa Versa
 Jack, Anthony.

How Do Websites Engage Customers? An Evaluation of the Impact of Web Page Visual Appeal on Customers’ Initial Perceptions
 Pengnate, Supavich. and Sarathy, Rathindra.

How Robust are Multiple Comparisons?
 Eakin, Mark. and Whiteside, Mary.

How Visual Information Affects Consumer Choices in Fast-Food Restaurants
 Boonme, Kittipong., Hanus, Bartlomiej. and Prybutok, Victor.

How do product reviews help reduce uncertainty in online transactions? A discussion in the context of electronic device purchase
 Yang, Jing. and Sarathy, Rathindra.

How does ICT help improve SC performance? An empirical cross country, cross theory comparison
 Zhang, Xuan., Van Donk, Dirk Pieter. and Jayaram, Jayanth.

How does the Enterprise Co-create Value with Consumers on Social Media
 Yang, Ming-Hsien. and Kao, Tzu-Yi.

How much supplier squeezing is too much?
 Wuttke, David., Blome, Constantin. and Chevalier, Philippe.

How should we define technology in classrooms?
 Sedlack, Derek.

How to Increase Enterprise Competitiveness? Green Management as a Mediator in Corporate Greening
 Hsu, Ya-ti. and Kuo, Lopin.

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ICT possession and usage among Congolese SMEs: An exploratory study
 Kabongo, Jean.

Identifying Major Factors for Supply Chain Risk from Natural Disasters: A Case Study
 Liao, Kun. and Bayazit, Ozden.

Identifying the Best Path to Optimality in a Grants Administration Workload Assignment Problem
 Martin, Megan., Chacko, Josey., Collignon, Stephane. and Ragsdale, Cliff.

Identifying the Intellectual Cores of AIS Research in IS Discipline Through a Latent Semantic Analysis
 Li, Yibai., Wang, Xuequn., Martin, Todd. and Lin, Xiaolin.

Identity Orientation, Organizational Identification, and Leadership Involvement
 Gonzalez, Jorge. and Chakraborty, Subhajit.

Illuminating the Shadow Economy: An Exploratory Study of Tax Evasion Predictors
 Hutchinson, Robert.

Illustrating Process Enabling Information Technologies with Microsoft Dynamics
 Schultz, Todd.

Impact of Buyer-Supplier Cooperation in Buyer and Supplier Relationships: Insights from Indian industries
 Vijayaraghavan, T.A.S., Irudayaraj, I.S.F. and Mitra, Arijit.

Impact of Employment Status on Information Security Policy Compliance
 Sharma, Shwadhin. and Warkentin, Merrill.

Impact of Forecast Errors in CPFR Collaboration Strategy
 Kamalapurkar, Raj.

Impact of Gasoline Prices on Consumer Purchase Decisions
 Dhakar, Tej., Amendah, Eklou. and Zhang, Yan.

Impact of IT Internal Relationship Management on IT Internal Service Quality and IT Internal User Satisfaction: A Social Capital Perspective
 Jia, Lin. and Byrd, Terry.

Impact of Improved Demand Uncertainty on Capacity Procurement Decisions
 AYTAC, BERRIN. and Wu, David.

Impact of Information Attributes on Supply Chain Decision Making
 Crnkovic, Jakov. and Tayi, Giri.

Impact of Inland Ports on Southern California’s Freight Transportation Network
 Asef-Vaziri, Ardavan.

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Joint Bidding and Pricing Models
 Puranam, Karti.

Joint pricing on new and refurbished items in various closed-loop supply chain structures
 Yoo, Seung Ho.

Just-in-Time Teaching as Innovative Instruction tool: An Empirical Study
 Hall, Laura., Parra, Fernando. and Cardenas, Jesus.


Knowledge Chemistry: Providing a Quality Approach Measurement Tool
 Randles, Theodore., Miller, William. and Blades, Christopher.

Knowledge Innovation with RFID and HIT to Improve OR Processes
 Southard, Peter. and Kumar, Sameer.

Knowledge Sharing and Problem-Based Learning
 Cruz, Albert. and Lauridsen, Barbara.

Knowledge-based Supplier Development, Social Capital, and Supplier Learning
 Hur, Daesik., Kim, Hyojin. and Yang, Jinseok.


Labor Productivity Benchmarking for Major Accounting Firms
 Joo, Seong-Jong., Fetzer, Florian. and Klaus, Jan Philipp.

Lean healthcare: variance in lean implementation, driving factors, and impact on hospital quality and efficiency
 Min, Yong Taek., Kim, Jay., Restuccia, Joseph. and Shwartz, Michael.

Lean in healthcare: perceptions on Lean thinking impacting Lean sustainability
 Lindsay, Claire.

Lean manufacturing production under stable demand vs. Customer to Order under Hockey Stick demand

Learning Spaces: Designs for Embracing the Social Context of Learning
 Yourstone, Steven.

Learning and Knowledge Creation in Continuous Improvement Efforts – Final Results from a Pilot Study
 Kovach, Jamison. and Fredendall, Lawrence.

Learning by Doing: A Modular Framework for Short-term Travel Courses
 Boardman Liu, Linda. and Shapiro, Mary.

Level of centralization in Supply Network Governance: A behavioural approach based on complexity science
 Giannoccaro, Ilaria.

Leveraging Online Social Networking: Opportunities for Financial Advisers
 Chung, Christine. and Chung, Q.

Leveraging Social Media for Supply Chain Competitive Intelligence: An Exploratory Study

Linking Innovation Orientation, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Centered Outcomes: A study of USA Hospitals
 Dobrzykowski, David., Callaway, Stephen. and Vonderembse, Mark.

Linking quality performance to cost performance: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis in the U.S. Healthcare Industry
 Theokary, Carol., Ren, Justin., Heineke, Janelle. and Shwartz, Michael.

Linking sites of knowing in new product development and supply chain management for effective problem-solving during development
 Primus, Dirk.

Liquidity and Solvency: Evidence from the United Kingdom Life Insurance Industry
 Wang, Yau-Hsuan.

Little Green Entrepreneurs: An Integrated Case Study of Sleepy Hollow Rag Rugs
 Horne, Susan.

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MIS Course: Online Versus On-Campus
 Prattipati, Satya.

Made to Stick: Toward Memorable and Effective MBA Communications
 Anderson, Joe.

Making Decisiuon Making Research Matter: Some Issues and Remedies
 nutt, paul.

Management of Innovation in the Product and Technology Markets
 Erzurumlu, Sinan. and Ramachandran, Karthik.

Management's Perceived Effectiveness of ISO 9001 System Implementation in Japanese Companies
 Shimada, Tomoaki., Ang Soo-Keng, James. and Okamoto, Nobuki.

Manager Dissemination of Task and Relational Processes to Enhance Small Business Viability
 Watson, Warren., Neri, Luis. and Pavur, Robert.

Managing Dual Distribution Channels under Uncertainty
 Esenduran, Gokce., Xiaoyuan Lu, Lauren. and Swaminathan, Jayashankar.

Managing Engineering Design for Competitive Sourcing in Closed-Loop Supply Chains
 Aydinliyim, Tolga. and Murthy, Nagesh.

Managing Logistics Risks in a Supply Chain
 Park, Taeho., Chai, Myungki., Dayoung, Kim. and Choi, Sooho.

Managing Multiple Retailer Demand: A System Dynamics Model Based Study
 Janamanchi, Balaji.

Managing Service Supply Chains – Contingency and Institutional Explanations
 Huuskonen, Arto. and Turkulainen, Virpi.

Managing Tensions between Evidence-Based and Patient-Centered Healthcare Delivery: An Exploratory Study
 Senot, Claire., Chandrasekaran, Aravind., Ward, Peter. and Tucker, Anita.

Managing Water Under Uncertainty: Rebalancing Planning and Operations
 Goldsmith, Suzy. and Samson, Danny.

Managing the supply risk to improve supply chain performance
 He, Yuanjie.

Manufacturing Supply Chains and Sustainability: A Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach
 Faisal, MohdNishat.

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National Culture and Supply Chain Disruptions Management
 Kumar, Sanjay., Demirag, Ozgun., Bhute, Jade. and Chan, Jodie.

Nationalism, MNCs’ Acquisitions and Global Markets
 Anwar, Syed.

Negative Synergy As An Evolutionary Block To Effective Globaal Marketing Decision Making
 Mathews, Mayes. and Jackson, Shannon.

Network linkages, Knowledge Diffusion, and Industry Development Pattern:
 Chen, Sze-Ting., Fong, Cher Min. and Chung, Hsi-Mei.

No Social Networking Sites at Work? Hospitality Students' Attitudes and Intention to Comply
 Zhong, Yun Ying. and Erdem, Mehmet.

Norming of Student Evaluations of Instruction: Impact of Non-Instructional Factors
 Nargundkar, Satish. and Shrikhande, Milind.


Ocean States Circuits: A data analysis and forecasting exercise
 Kroes, James., Chen, Yuwen. and Mangiameli, Paul.

Offering the Right Quantity Discount for the Right Reason
 Jackson, Jonathan. and Munson, Charles.

On the Asymptotic Optimality of Scheduling Heuristics
 Kalczynski, Pawel. and Kamburowski, Jerzy.

On the axiomatization of the satiation and habit formation utility models
 He, Ying., Dyer, James. and Butler, John.

Online Assessments Tools: What Works and What Doesn’t Work
 Siha, Samia.

Online Marketing at Big Skinny
 Kominers, Scott.

Operation Quality and Customer's Choice through Operation Exposure
 Cho, Woohyun.

Operational Drivers of E-Service Quality During an Order Procurement Stage of Internet Retailing
 Cho, Yun Kyung.

Operational Impacts of Sequencing Methods for Service/Product Recovery
 Contiero, Enrico.

Operational Principles of Elevator at the High-Rise Residential Building
 Kim, Changhee. and Yang, Hongsuk.

Operationalising dynamic capabilities: A supply network configuration approach
 Alinaghian, Leila. and Srai, Jagjit.

Operations Reality Show: An Experiential Service Learning and Storytelling Project
 Ding, Xin.

Optimal Fee Structure for Online Service Providers
 Kim, Kihoon.

Optimal Joint Pricing and Quantity Decisions for a Firm in Multiple Market Segments with Customer Cannibalization
 Raza, Syed.

Optimal Performance of Lean Manufacturing Cells with Chained Labor Flexibility
 Suresh, Nallan.

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Patients' Access to Healthcare and Physician's Capacity Decision under Payor Mix
 Jiang, Tingting.

Payout Policy, Ownership Structure, Taxation, and Corporate Value: Evidence from Brazil
 Colombo, Jéfferson. and Terra, Paulo.

Perceptions of Community-Governance: Development of a Measurement Instrument
 Kayhan, Varol.

Perceptions of Team Environment, Decision Process Quality, and Shared Leadership Behaviors: Examining Antecedents of Perceived Team Effectiveness
 Carter, William. and George, Benjamin.

Perceptions of Teamwork in Technology-Based Courses
 Tabatabaei, Manouchehr.

Performance Based Contracting in Buyer-Supplier-Customer Triads
 Wynstra, Finn., Rooks, Gerrit., Türksever, Hülya. and Van der Valk, Wendy.

Performance Characteristics of Marketing Second-hand Products on Chinese-version Yahoo! and eBay Auction Websites
 Hsieh, Pei-Hsuan.

Performance Implications of Global Sourcing: A Resource-Based View
 Liu, Lei. and Lockström, Martin.

Performance Measurement Practices in Manufacturing Firms: The Case of Iranian Manufacturing Sector
 Alavi, Jafar., Yasin, Mahmoud., Gomes, Carlos. and Shafieyoun, Rasoul.

Performance Measurement Systems: Nature, Objectives, and Organizational Performance
 Kathuria, Ravi. and Lucianetti, Lorenzo.

Performance Through the Lens of Organizational Culture: A Case of New Zealand’s District Health Boards (DHBs)
 Looi, Evelyn S. Y.., Everett, Andre. and Greatbanks, Richard.

Performance Trade-offs in Mixed-model S-line and U-line Balance Designs
 Visich, John., Hong, Yunsook., Pinto, Peter. and Khumawala, Basheer.

PhD Pedagogy Early in the Program: Learning the Field of OM through Immersion in Research
 Napier, Randall., Cagle, Carol., Frazier, Gregory. and Masters, Brad.

Pharmaceutical Capacity Planning: Partial Outsourcing and Heterogeneous Capacities
 Okajima, Hiroko., Xu, Susan. and Zhao, Hui.

Plan Ahead for Students Sharing Ideas with Laptops
 Hsieh, Pei-Hsuan.

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Quality Assurance in Healthcare: A Three-Stage Value-Added Systems Framework
 Mousavidin, Elham. and Goel, Lakshmi.

Quality Improvement and Knowledge Management for Improved Patient Safety
 McFadden, Kathleen., Gowen III, Charles., Lee, Jung Young. and Sharp, Barton.

Quality strikes back?
 Corbett, Lawrence.


Readiness of College Students’ E-Textbook Adoption
 Choi, Hae. and Choi, Haiwook.

Real-Time Optimization of a Supplier and Carrier Selection Problem – An Agent-Based Simulation Approach
 Yang, Xu.

Redefining Excellence in Designing and Teaching Global Supply Cahin and Operations Management Undergraduate Programs
 Jensen, John., Malhotra, Manoj. and Ahire, Sanjay.

Reducing Market Separations in Supply Chains at the Bottom of the Pyramid
 Scott, Nehemiah. and Tarafdar, Monideepa.

Relationship Conflict, Conflict Management and Performance of IT Development Teams: The Mediating Role of Team Support and Team Cohesion.
 Nesterkin, Dmitriy., Li, Xiaolin. and Porterfield, Tobin.

Relationship specific bargaining power in retail and manufacturing dyads: Buyer and seller performance implications
 Mackelprang, Alan. and Malhotra, Manoj.

Relevance of Balanced Scorecard Measures in eCommerce
 Mistry, Jamshed.

Remanufacturing Scheduling: Research Progress, Industry Practice, and Future Needs
 Morgan, Shona. and Gagnon, Roger.

 Chappell, Laura. and LeBlanc, Louis.

Resolving The Knowledge Sharing Dilemma In Supply Chain Innovation Projects: A Game Theory Approach
 Nasr, Eman. and Noori, Hamid.

Resource Staging for Effective Emergency Response
 Dooley, Monique.

Responsible Attitude Matters in Small-Scale Retailing-A Product-Harm Crisis Experiment
 Yeh, Quey-Jen. and Chang, Tai-Ping.

Retailer Pricing and Supply Chain Strategies for New Short Product Lifecycle Goods
 Avittathur, Balram., Shah, Janat. and Patil, Rahul.

Rethinking Variation in the Application of the Queuing Formula: L=λW
 Hayati, Fazel.

Returns and the Bullwhip Effect
 Chatfield, Dean.

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SLA Defined Metrics as a Tool to Manage Outsourced Help Desk Support Services
 Green, David.

Salvation Army – Dallas ARC
 Narayanan, Arunachalam.

Sample Research Submission
 Ostrom, Stephen.

Sample selection and neural network rule extraction for credit scoring
 Setiono, Rudy.

Sample size determination for lower confidence limits for estimating multivariate process capability indices
 Pan, Jeh-Nan.

Scheduling Optimization: How Can We Machine All These Parts?
 Benanzer, Todd., Jen, Hui-Chiao. and Bai, Yun.

Scheduling a permutation flowshop with sequence-dependent family setups to minimize total tardiness
 Schaller, Jeffrey. and Gupta, Jatinder.

Sealift or Airlift For Global Mobility?
 Anderson, Bradley. and Prevett, Tyler.

Searching for Empirical Validity in an Assurance of Learning System
 Avery, Sherry., Lirely, Roger. and Doty, Harold.

Securing Information Assets: A Framework for Threat Modeling at the Organizational Level
 Elsaleiby, Aber. and Kunnathur, Anand.

Security Awareness and Training in the Social Computing Era: Modeling Behavioral Change in a Hyper-Connected Environment
 Oulai, Anne Marie. and Rea, Alan.

Selecting Collaborative Partners and Developing Relationships - The Case of New Zealand and Chinese Firms
 Porteous, Matthew. and Everett, Andre.

Selection as an Elite Government Contractor and a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Market
 Lee, Hanie., Tang, Charles. and Lee, John.

Selection of the Best Portfolio based on Value-at-Risk
 Batur, Demet., Choobineh, Fred. and Olson, David.

Self-Graded Homework, Gender and Student Comprehension: What's the Connection?
 Simkin, Mark.

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THE Project Competition: A Case Study
 Johnson, Dana.

TPB and MES: A Comparison of Behavioral Intention Findings Regarding IT in an Academic Setting
 Leonard, Lori., Manly, Tracy. and Riemenschneider, Cindy.

Tactical Purchasing Helps Companies Manage Cost and increase Profitability
 Kocakulah, Mehmet., Thornburg, Brandon. and Danko, Dori.

Teacher as Cognitive Archaeologist: A Study of Teaching Animation Principles to Business Students—The Five-Frame Walk Cycle
 Flor, Nick.

Teaching Decision Making in Sports & Entertainment
 Krishnamoorthy, Srinivas.

Teaching Humanitarian Disaster Management in Operations Management Class
 Gu, Qiannong., Visich, John., Zalila, Faiza. and Lutz, Heather.

Teaching Introductory Business Statistics online or in class?
 Morin, Danielle., Ly, Samie Li Shang., Nebebe, Fassil. and Thomas, Jennifer.

Teaching Operations Cases in the On-Ground Classroom with a Prior Online Discussion
 Miller, Richard., Stodnick, Michael. and Keblis, Matthew.

Teaching Organizational Learning Theories via Film with Two Different Reasoning Approaches
 Lo, Amber. and Lee, Velma.

Teaching Service Operations with PCN Analysis
 Sampson, Scott.

Teaching the Traveling Salesman Problem: A Parcel Delivery Service Teaching Case
 Hill, Stephen. and Lam, Marco.

Teaching with Hands-on Experience: A Logo Selection Exercise
 Girard, Tulay.

Teaching with Technology: Online Resources as a Pedagogical Aid in Teaching a Graduate Course in Quality Control
 Boakye, Kwabena., Wen, Chao. and Prybutok, Victor.

Teamwork and Multi-Touch Systems to Improve Learning
 Post, Jerry.

Technological Enablers For Supply Chain Management
 Venkatraman, Santosh.

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US Touristic Clusters: The impact of the Geographic Effect on Hotel’s Economic Performance
 Peiro-Signes, Angel., Segarra-Ona, Maria-del-Val. and Verma, Rohit.

Undergraduate Statistics: Are Students’ Fears Unwarranted?
 Wen, Chao., Insley, Robert. and Iaeger, Paula.

Understanding Care Delivery in Intensive Care Units
 Gupta, Ashish., Dong, Yue. and Pickering, brian.

University-Industry Interaction and Its Effects on Firm’s Innovation: Empirical Evidence from Brazilian Firms.
 Puffal, Daniel. and Teixeira, Rafael.

Untangling the Service Infusion Paradox: An Organizational Learning Perspective
 Choi, Min., Rabinovich, Elliot., Rhim, Hosun. and Shin, Hojung.

Up and Down Movements in the S&P 500, 1950 to 2011
 Malliaris, Mary. and Malliaris, Anastasios.

Use and Misuse of Co- in Service Management
 Sampson, Scott.

Use of Statistical Process Control to Enhance Data and Decision Quality
 Ezell, Jeremy., Hazen, Benjamin., Hall, Dianne. and Jones-Farmer, L. Allison.

Use of laddering approach to measure consumer personal value structures
 Lin, Chin-Feng. and Fu, Chen-Su.

User Evaluations of Service Offerings in Intermodal Work Commuting
 Silver, Steven.

User Experiments of a Social Classification System
 Li, Ling. and Fu, Liuliu.

Using Behavioral and Technical Trading Rules for Individual Investors to Beat the Markets: The S&P 100
 Laosethakul, Kittipong. and Coe, Thomas.

Using Cloud Computing Service: A Perspective from Users’ Information Security, Privacy Concern, and Trust
 Widjaja, Andree. and Chen, Jengchung Victor.

Using Data Mining to Analyze Supply Chain Strategy
 Nag, Barin., Han, Chaodong. and Yao, Dong-qing.

Using Financial Statement Data and Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Earnings Growth
 Growe, Glenn.

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Valuation Models with Closed Form Solutions for Derivatives in a Consumer Finance Market with Systematic Jump Risks
 Jin, Gan.

Value at Risk and Stable Paretian Distributions
 U, Sio Chong. and So, Yuk Chow.

Value-Based Purchasing: P4P Versus Public Reporting
 VAN MATRE, JOSEPH. and Slovensky, Donna.

Value-added activities in the Fareshare supply chain
 Hughes, Kate.

Vertical Integration, Innovation and Alliance Portfolio: Implications for Firm Performance
 Narayanan, Sriram. and Lahiri, Nandini.

Veterans’ Adoption Decision of E-government: Moderating Role of the Digital Divide
 Lawson-Body, Assion., Illia, Abdou. and Lee, Simon.

Visualization of Public Health Data in the Philippines: An Exploratory Study of GIS Applications
 Liu, Xiang. and Kelekar, Uma.

Voice of the Patient : A Text Analysis Approach to Improving Patient Satisfaction
 Behara, Ravi. and Potenti, Fabio.


Warehouse Utilization in a Changing Global Economy
 Klingenberg, Beate.

Water Usage: Sustainability in the Agricultural Supply Chain
 Jaska, Patrick. and Reyes, Pedro.

What Effect Do Student Learning Preferences (VARK) Have on an Active-Learning Project in an Intermediate Accounting I Course?
 Sage, Judith. and Sage, Lloyd.

What Lies behind a Cyber bully?
 Taneja, Aakash. and Zakrzewski, Kayla.

When Fair Procedures Don’t Work: The Self-threat Model of Justice
 Lilly, Juliana., Wipawayangkool, Kamphol. and Virick, Meghna.

When Retreat is the Best Defence: A Systems Perspective on a WorkForce Planning Initiative
 Davies, John.

When do Emissions Reductions Improve Profits?
 Narayanan, Sriram., Jacobs, Brian., Modi, Sachin. and Closs, David.

When does customer integration make sense? The impact of organizational structure and context
 Blome, Constantin., Eckstein, Dominik., Germain, Richard. and Henke, Michael.

When is external legitimacy less important? The case of U.S. online higher education industry
 Chakraborty, Subhajit. and Abebe, Dr. Michael.

Who Needs Customer Service?
 Naor, Michael., Coman, Alex. and Ronen, Boaz.

Why Are Brand Drugs Priced Higher Than Their Generic Equivalents?
 Iacocca, Kathleen., Sawhill, James. and Zhao, Yao.

Why did you put that there? Teaching Facility Layouts through Experiential Learning
 Lindsey, Matthew. and Rogers, Pamela.

Wilson's Formula with Nonlinear Holding Cost and Random Quality
 Paknejad, Javad., nasri, farrokh. and Affisco, John.

With or Without You: Teaching Statistics in a Technology Mediated Environment
 Cichocki, Dianna.

Workscape: The Impact of Physical Surroundings on Employees
 Lee, Miri. and Choi, Sunmee.


XBRL Implementation in U.S. Firms. Are we Keeping Pace with Other Countries?
 Chawla, Sudhir., Ghosh, Kaushik. and Kathawala, Yunus.


Yield and Quality Trade-offs: Decision Making is a Tough Business
 Ball, George. and Shah, Rachna.

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
 Braunscheidel, Michael.


Zone Pricing for The Time-definite Less-than-truckload Industry
 lin, cheng-chang. and Lee, Shwu-Chiou.
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