DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25

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3D Printing Adoption in Manufacturing
 Schniederjans, Marc. and Schniederjans, Dara.

3D Printing in Logistics
 Schniederjans, Dara.

“Broken Window” as a Metaphor for the Signal of Supply Chain Security
 Wang, Liyuan., Chen, Yi-Su. and Linderman, Kevin.

“Greening” of the Supply Chains: Case Studies of the Leading Global Corporations
 Movassaghi, Hormoz. and Kasiri, Narges.

“What Does Supply Network Complexity Mean to A Company’s Performance? Empirical Evidence from Supply Base Side”
 Yu, Degan., Ni, John. and Schniederjans, Dara.


A Behavioral Experiment on Inventory Management with Supply Chain Disruption
 Sarkar, Sourish. and Kumar, Sanjay.

A Business Model for the Strategy of Implementing Cloud Computing
 Chung, H..

A Call for Healthcare Disaster Recovery Project Management Research
 Zuckweiler, Kathryn. and Rosacker, Kirsten.

A Case Study Approach to Supplier Selection for Product Design
 Dowlatshahi, Shad.

A Case Study Using a Web-based Teamwork Evaluation Tool for Program Learning Assessment
 Morgan, Shona. and Stewart, Alice.

A Comparative Study of College Athletic Program Efficiencies: A Data Envelopment Analytic Approach.
 Poliakoff, Parker. and Huq, Faizul.

A Comparison of the Information Societies of China and India
 Pick, James. and Sarkar, Avijit.

A Conceptual Model of Global New Product Adaptation and Development
 Zou, Qi. and Lim, Jeen-Su.

A Content Analysis of Recruiting Ads
 Lowery, Chris. and Kim, Hyung Jin.

A Continuous Improvement Model for Student Satisfaction with Their Learning Environments
 MacLeod, Kenneth., Paul, Ravi. and Swart, William.

A DEA Model for Switching a Business Strategy
 Lin, Chinho., Tsai, Hua-Ling. and Tsai, Yue-Gang.

A Decision-Tree-Based Classifier for Credit Assessment Problems under a Big Data Environment
 Chern, Ching-Chin., Lei, Weng U. and Chen, Shu-Yi (Max).

A Delphi Study of RFID Adoption Trends in Retail
 Bhattacharya, Mithu., Ulferts, Gregory. and Howard, Terry.

A Design Thinking Approach to Developing Academically Impactful MIS Research
 Cerveny, Robert. and Behara, Ravi.

A Fixed Effects Panel Analysis of Service Design Links to Operational Profitability
 West, David. and Dellana, Scott.

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BOYD Security Challenge: Users Awareness and Training
 Guidy-Oulai, Anne-Marie.

Barriers of Adopting Statistics by Firms Adopting Lean Methodology
 Iyengar, Deepak. and Rao, Shashank.

Bayesian Inference for Assessing Effects of Email Marketing Campaigns
 Wu, Jiexing., LI, KATE. and Liu, Jun.

Becoming a Glocalized Family Business Culture
 Barragan, Salvador., Salamanca Pacheco, Elizabeth. and Erogul, Murat.

Behavioral Models in Operations Management: A Case of Six Sigma
 Swain, Ajaya.

Benchmarking Supply Chain Collaboration using Data Envelopment Analysis 
 Aggarwal, Shikha., Srivastava, Manoj. and Aggarwal, Vijay.

Benefits and Challenges of Student Self-selected Projects as a Pedagogical Tool in Undergraduate Operations Management Class
 Jin, Alan., Cunningham, Margaret. and Wu, Lifang.

Better Late Than Now: Delayed vs. Instantaneous Retail Price Discounts
 Jalili, Monire. and Pangburn, Michael.

Beyond Formal Training and Development: The Effect of Perceived Organizational Support for Development
 Nguyen, Cau., Mayfield, Jacqueline. and Mayfield, Milton.

Biases in Future-Oriented Delphi Studies: A Cognitive Perspective
 Winkler, Jens.

Bidding Strategies for Advantaged and Disadvantaged Bidders in Procurement Auctions
 Donohue, Joan., Fry, Timothy. and Whitcomb, Kathleen.

Big Data (BD) in the Supply Chain
 Frohlich, Markham.

Big Data Identity and its Relationship to Decision Confidence
 Woo, Hyunjong. and Kwon, Tae Hyoung.

Big Data and Causality
 Wang, Xuan. and Schneider, Helmut.

Big Data’s Influence on Supply Chain Management
 Hill, Craig. and Miller, Keith.

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CAPM Addendum to Project Management Courses
 Kanabar, Vijay.

Camera Based Assistive News Paper Reading Model For Blind Person
 Singh, Supankumar.

Can Information Technology Overcome the Perils of Supply Chain Complexity?
 Harnowo, Akhadian., Burke, Gerard., Mackelprang, Alan. and Aasheim, Cheryl.

Can Lean Practices Facilitate Service Customization?
 Raja, Mohammed., Damali, Uzay., Barut, Mehmet. and Narayanaswamy, Ravi.

Can Managers be Emotional? The Effects of Supply Chain Disruptions on Managers’ Emotions and Decisions
 Polyviou, Mikaella., Knemeyer, A.. and Rungtusanatham, Johnny.

Can Regulated Prices Address Supply Chain Risks? - The Lessons of the Long Term Power Purchase Agreement Terminations
 Herczeg, Andras. and Vastag, Gyula.

Capability hierarchy in innovation and mass customization: a cross-culture empirical examination
 Liu, Zhongzhi., McCardle, Jie., Kull, Thomas. and Krumwiede, Dennis.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Trends and Implications for the Logistics Industry
 Shimada, Tomoaki. and Ang, Soo-Keng.

Carbon reporting as an extension of sustainability accounting rules
 Sisaye, Seleshi.

Causal relationship among environment, operations strategy focus, and performance
 Jeong, EuiBeom. and Kim, DaeSoo.

Causes and Consequences of Telemedicine Adoption in Clinics with Clinical Decision Support System
 Liu, Xiaojin., Goldstein, Susan., Soderberg, Karen. and Sinha, Kingshuk.

Challenges and Solutions for Integrative Omni-channel Supply Chains
 Xu, Shenghan.

Changing Inventory Practices at VA’s New England System
 Nyaga, Gilbert.

Channel Selection and Distribution Strategy in E-Commerce: An Application of User Generate Product Reviews
 Lee, Chieh.

Chinese Firms' Direct Investment in the US Market
 Zhao, Jun.

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Dark side of Innovation: Supply Chain Disruptions
 Ambulkar, Saurabh., Blackhurst, Jennifer., Rungtusanatham, Johnny. and Ramaswami, Sridhar.

Data Analysis Of The Air Cargo Business
 MUN, KWON GI. and Zhao, Yao.

Data Automation Impact on Tourism Virtual Organizations
 Seydel, John. and Moeeni, Farhad.

Data Envelopment Analysis on Corporate Social Responsibility of Korean Business Groups
 Woo, Donghyup. and Suresh, Nallan.

Data-Driven Decision Making at Triage: Toward Better Patient Streaming in the Emergency Department
 Torabi, Elham., Froehle, Craig. and Miller, Christopher.

Decision Making Over Time with Multiple Criteria: A Rank-based Approach
 Chun, Young.

Decision Support Systems in Electronic Markets: Linguistic Aspects and System Robustness
 Siering, Michael.

Decision Support Systems or Business Intelligence: A Text Mining Approach
 Gerhart, Natalie. and George, Benjamin.

Decision Support for Strategic Planning at Commercial Airports
 Smith, L.., Xu, Liang., Wang, Ziyi. and Pan, Deng.

Decision making among academicians in selecting an academic conference to attend
 Sheel, Rahul.

Decisions of Logistics Management in Chinese Hospitals: A Case Study
 Shou, Yongyi. and Che, Wen.

Decisions on single period procurement policy with demand updating using human judgment
 Dutta, Pankaj. and Nagare, Madhukar.

Demand Forecasting System for Pharmacy Chain Stores
 Chiang, Yu-Min. and Huang, Kwei-Long.

Demographics and Smoking on a Smoke Free Campus
 Scott, Rebecca., Prybutok, Gayle. and Prybutok, Victor.

Deriving Competitive Advantage from Supply Chains’ Strategic Responses to Sustainability: RBV/R-A Theory Perspective
 Yalcin, Mehmet.

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E-Tailer Website Attributes and Online Trust
 Sebastianelli, Rose. and Tamimi, Nabil.

Economic Investment Decision for Uncertain Line Ratings
 Jabarnejad, Masood. and Valenzuela, Jorge.

Effect of Cloud Computing on IT performance
 Das, Sidhartha., Canel, Cem. and Khumawala, Basheer.

Effect of Sector Division on Air Traffic Controller Workload: A Study on Oman
 Al Hinai, Asrar. and Al-Zaidi, Asma.

Effect of Standardization on Efficiency of Hospitals for Purchasing Implantable Medical Devices
 Saboorideilami, Vafa.

Effect of advertising policy on advertising spending efficiency
 Byun, Kyung-Ah. and Bari, Abdullahel.

Effect of m-mentoring on students retention and progression
 Sherif, Karma. and Desai, Mayur.

Effects of Anticipatory Emotions on Consumer Preferences: Moderating Role of Product Involvement and Mediating Role of Affective Evaluations
 Buyukkurt, Kemal. and Kittson, Cathy.

Effects of Consumer Awareness and Supply Chain Coordination Strategy on Pollution Abatement Efforts
 Kim, Bowon. and Sim, Jeong Eun.

Efficiency and Productive Slacks in Urban Transportation: A Two-Stage SDEA-Beta Regression Approach
 Pedro, Lucilene. and Wanke, Peter.

Efficient Movement of Patients through Post-Acute Care with Bundled Payments
 Courtad, Brenda. and Magazine, Michael.

Efficient port operations on congestion
 Lee, Yong Joo. and Joo, Seong-Jong.

Electronic Health Records and User Participation: Digital Natives versus Digital Immigrants
 Mishra, Rajat. and Napier, Randy.

Emerging Mobile Internet Based Disruptive Innovations and Their Ripple Effects
 Zhang, Ruidong.

Emissions and Firm Performance under Competitive Environment
 Dong, Yan., Carter, Craig., Xu, Kefeng. and Song, Sining.

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Facilitating Future Thinking, Critical Thinking, And Ethical Decision Making Using Hybrid Learning Multi-Touch Tablet Technology
 Claiborne, Claudius. and Desai, Mayur.

Facility Network Design for Dialysis
 Klein, Michael., Verter, Vedat. and Moses, Brian.

Factors Associated with Early Career Success for University Graduates
 Sandvig, J. Chris. and Tyran, Craig.

Factors influencing CSR engagement of MNE subsidiaries- A perspective from the competitive dynamics theory
 Peng, Yu-Shu.

Factors that Affect Cloud Computing Use
 Liu, Xiaotong. and Prybutok, Victor.

Factory Golf: A Hands-on Six Sigma Project Simulation
 Neve, Benjamin.

Finding the bottom line of the triple bottom line: A sustainable supply chain event study
 Rogers, Zachary. and Carter, Craig.

Focus, Competition and Quality in Healthcare
 Song, Junghoon., De Jong, Jurriaan. and Suresh, Nallan.

Football fans satisfaction and team ethical behavior
 Di Mauro, Carmela. and Ancarani, Alessandro.

Forecasting and Inventory Levels in the Pharmaceutical Industry
 Iacocca, Kathleen. and Gnanendran, Kingsley.

Forecasting for Effective Hotel Revenue Management
 Mukhopadhyay, Somnath., Samaddar, Subhashish. and Nargundkar, Satish.

Forecasting the Demand for New products: An Agent-Based Simulation Model
 Negahban, Ashkan. and Smith, Jeffrey.

Framework for Assessing Lean Thinking in Hospitals
 Narayanamurthy, Gopalakrishnan. and Gurumurthy, Anand.

Frenemies: Investigating the Increasing Interdependencies of Direct Competitors through Supply Networks
 Simpson, Natalie. and Kao, Ta-Wei.

From Behavior to Failure: Self-Schema Activation Model of Consumer Self-Regulation
 Devezer, Berna. and Dogerlioglu-Demir, Kivilcim.


Gambling and Sport – Spot Fixing: It’s Just Not Cricket!
 Davies, John.

Gender Differences & Levels of Management’s Perceptions of Justice and Their Impact on Organization Sustainability
 Karkoulian, Silva., El Haddad, Rania. and Assaker, Guy.

Gender and usage motive differences in social media usage behavior
 Lim, Jeen-Su., Lim, Kee. and Heinrichs, John.

Global Supply Chain Decisions in Multiple Markets: Impact of Transfer Pricing
 Wang, Ziping. and Yue, Xiaohang.

Governance Mechanisms as Signals for Trust and Control in Inter-organizational Relationships
 Moussaoui, Issam. and Hofer, Christian.


High Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts: Potential Problems for Taxpayers, Opportunities for Policy Makers
 Smith, Sheldon.

Hospital Supply Chain Management and Design: An International Study
 Veronneau, Simon., Landry, Sylvain. and Roy, Jacques.

Hospital focus: the effects of focus mismatch on hospital outcomes
 Castel, Matthew., Vickery, Shawnee. and Narayanan, Sriram.

Hospital inventory management – new trends and novel inventory practices in healthcare
 Rosales, Claudia., Magazine, Michael. and Rao, Uday.

How Espoused Cultural Values Affect Smartphone Users in China?
 Lu, June., Wei, June. and Yu, Chun-Sheng.

How Online Marketplace Sellers' Manipulation Influence Buyers' Evaluations?
 Huang, Eugenia., Lin, Shu-Chiung. and I-Ting, Hsieh.

How Replenishment Systems Mistreat Retail Project Quantity Items
 Riley, Jason., Venkataraman, Sriram. and Klein, Richard.

How do organizations interpret being green: A survey to examine their thinking
 Skiver, Ryan.

How does online search influence the consumer's purchase?
 Li, Wanxi.

How supply networks change after external shocks: the case of automotive and aerospace and defense.
 Cimon, Yan.

How the health data can be more secure: A practical approach based on hybrid cryptographic techniques
 Choi, Heejun. and Hong, Paul.

How well do we need to know our demand distribution before placing orders?
 Fortsch, Sima. and Khapalova, Elena.

Hub and Spoke Model for Green Ventures: An Impression Management Perspective
 Prasad, Sameer. and Tata, Jasmine.

Human Resource Management Strategies of a Start-up and Job Retention: The Moderator Role of the Millennial Mindset
 Wang, Wei. and Gutierrez-Wirsching, Sandra.

Hydro Energy Supply Chain: Insights, Security, and Sustainability
 MUN, KWON GI., Zhao, Yao. and Rafique, Raza.


IT Governance and Strategic Alignment: Examination of a Reciprocal Relationship via a Common Antecedent
 Bradley, Randy., Pratt, Renée., Parks, Rachida. and Wynn, Donald.

IT Outsourcing Trends: A Review of the Changing Outsourcing Practices
 Tafti, Mohammed.

Identifying Coordination Mechanisms within Perioperative Services of a Hospital
 Fredendall, Lawrence., Taaffe, Kevin., Greenstein, Joel., Huynh, Nathan. and Vidal, Jose.

Identifying the factors affecting organizational competence and performance in green supply chains: From a social perspective
 Chao, Pei-Ju. and Wu, Chang-Yao.

Impact of CSR Executives on CSR Performance: Who is the Right Person to do the Right Things?
 Park, Soolim., Kang, Yungu. and Kang, Jingoo.

Impact of Firm’s Diversification Strategies on Inventory Performance
 Qian, Zhuang. and Wang, Charles.

Impact of Homework Assignment Delivery Systems and Student Characteristics on Student Learning Outcomes in Operations Management Courses
 Chen, Hui-chuan.

Impact of Non-Traditional Factors on the Quality of the Business Environment in the Developing World
 Vanteddu, Gangaraju.

Impact of Supply Network Structure on Resilience
 Li, Yuhong. and Zobel, Christopher.

Impact of Tax Inversion
 Rosacker, Kirsten. and Rosacker, Robert.

Impact of information security strategy on information security compliance intention
 JongWon, Park., Woo, Hyunjong. and Kim, Hyungyu.

Impact of logistic capabilities on supply chain risk
 R, Sreedevi. and Saranga, Haritha.

Impact of supply chain competition on green product and process design
 Zhu, Wenge. and He, Yuanjie.

Implementing Business Continuity Software: Determinants of Organizational Success
 Kendall, Julie., Kendall, Ken. and Lee, Kin.

Implementing US Fuel Economy Regulations: Stakeholder and Policy Synergies and Challenges
 Allen, Samuel. and Chernicoff, William.

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Joint Segmentation and Graphical Representation of Product Spaces Using Three-Mode Binary Data: A Comparison of Two Models
 Buyukkurt, Kemal.

Joint resource sharing and problem solving roles in evolving collaborative culture: a supply chain perspective
 Kumar, Gopal., Banerjee, Rabindra., Geraghty, John. and Meena, Purushottam.

Judging University Competitions with iPads
 Abdinnour, Sue. and Chaparro, Barb.


Knowledge Management and Service Quality Capabilities for Performance: An empirical study of Logistics Service Providers
 Yuen, Simon.


Lean Human Resource Management System Practices and Transformation
 Marshall, David. and Goldsby, Thomas.

Lean Implementation in Central Eastern European Health Care Based on Best Practices
 Herczeg, Andras. and Lorincz, Marta.

Lean Implementation in Educational Institute – A Study Based on Action Research Methodology
 Narayanamurthy, Gopalakrishnan. and Gurumurthy, Anand.

Lean Management Implementation in a Developing Country: The Case of Pakistan
 Bhutta, Mohammed Khurrum., Egilmez, Gokhan., Huq, Faizul. and Chatha, Kamran.

Learning to Become Resilient, A Cognitive Perspective of Supply Chain Disruption
 Manhart, Pam. and Blackhurst, Jennifer.

Leveraging Collaborative Consumption with Identity-Descriptive Information in Sharing Economy Platforms
 Kim, Junghwan. and Cho, Sunyoung.

Limited Partners in VC-backed Companies: Evidence From a Global Perspective
 Abdou, Khaled. and Gupta, Pia.

Linking Global Customer Attitudes to Good Soldier Syndrome
 Chun, Wootae.

Linking Performance and Resource Configurations during Business Cycle: A Longitudinal Study in the US Hotel Industry
 Zhang, Jie. and Verma, Rohit.

Live Cases: A Combination of Guest Speaker and Case
 Cunningham, Margaret. and Jin, Alan.

Local leaders during political changeover: resolving disagreements
 Chakrabarti, Bhaskar. and Nath, Suman.

Location Analytics Across the Curriculum
 Ramakrishna, Hindupur., Sarkar, Avijit. and Vijayaraman, Bindiganavale.

Location-based mobile applications: A workforce under surveillance
 Koohikamali, Mehrdad., Peak, Dan. and Prybutok, Victor.

Logistics Contract
 Ang, Soo-Keng.

Longitudinal influence of patenting in US manufacturing firms on firms' performance
 Singhal, Cherry.


M-Commerce Value Propositions and Information System Adoption Behavioral Intention
 Shin, Nina. and Park, Sangwook.

M-shoppers’ and Information Searchers’ Perceptions of M-shopping Factors
 Palacios, Sergio. and Jun, Minjoon.

MOOCs as Disruptive Innovation
 Setzekorn, Kristina. and Patnayakuni, Nainika.

MOOCs: The Enduring Importance of “Teacher Presence”
 Foroughi, Abbas.

Macroeconomic Influence on Procurement Strategy’s SC cost Performance: A Systems Dynamics Simulation Study
 Schmelzle, Ulrich. and Tate, Wendy.

Management Attribute and Leadership Effectiveness: a Case Study of Two Thailand Corporations
 Laohavichien, Tipparat.

Managerial Segmentation of Service Offerings in Work Commuting
 Silver, Steven.

Managing Conflict Minerals: An Exploratory Study of Supply Chain Due Diligence
 Blome, Constantin., Schleper, Martin. and Hofmann, Hannes.

Managing Multiple Consulting Projects: A Multi-level Application of the Demand-Based Approach
 Bumblauskas, Daniel., Rosol, Sarah. and Bumblauskas, Paul.

Managing Online User-Generated Product Reviews
 Tang, Kwei., Fang, Yu-hui. and Wu, Arthur.

Managing Operations to Realize Reliability Intentions: An Ethnographic Study on Operational Integrity of Fall Prevention Operations
 Memar Zadeh, Maryam.

Market Knowledge and Design to Change: The Role of Technology
 Paiva, Ely. and da Silva, Eliciane.

Market Process in Reverse Supply Chains for Electronic Waste
 O\'Reilly, Patrick.

Marketing Channels and Firm Performance
 Awe, Olajumoke.

Measuring Carbon-efficiency of Operations with Data Envelopment Analysis: Differences in Stakeholder Pressure and Carbon Management Practices
 Lee, Soo-Hyun., Lee, Su-Yol., Kim, Jae-Yun. and Shim, Kwang-Sic.

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New Technology Diffusion: Empirical Results from Energy Sector
 Salazar, Ronald., Rawski, Greg. and Hudson, Don.

Non-response Bias Assessment in OM and Logistics Survey Research
 Clottey, Toyin.


ORCON – an Excel-based tool for analysis of ordinal consistency in the pairwise comparison of objects
 Moshkovich, Elena. and Mechitov, Alexander.

Offshoring and the change of the degree of supply base concentration over time from agency perspective
 Cheon, Kwanheui. and Kaynak, Hale.

On Unit Free Forecast Accuracy Metrics for Intermittent Demands
 Ren, Luh-Yu. and Ren, Peter.

On comparative statics of an inventory model for deteriorating items with advertising- and stock-dependent demand
 Bari, Abdullahel. and Mesak, Hani.

Online Learning Readiness: a Comparative Study of Students’ Perceived Responsibility for Learning at Undergraduate Level
 Azadian, Farshid. and Cunningham, Kathryn.

Operational Efficiency of Local Truckload Operators
 Zolfagharinia, Hossein. and Haughton, Michael.

Operational Innovations and Service Quality on Organizational Performance
 Lee, DonHee. and Lee, Sang.

Operationalizing Sustainability for Integrated Bottom Line Performance
 Sroufe, Robert.

Operations Management Perspective of Entrepreneurship in Technology Startups: A Relevance Analysis
 Manoukian, Agassy. and Odabashian, Vahe.

Opportunism in Manufacturing Outsourcing
 Skowronski, Keith. and Benton, W.C..

Optimal Consumption and Portfolio of Investment in a Financial Market with Jumps
 Jin, Gan.

Optimal Picking Sequence for a Conveyor Belt Order Picking System
 Tian, Feng.

Optimal Product Pricing for a Small Business facing Non Linear Demand
 Bajwa, Ahmad. and Fontem, Belleh.

Optimal Sourcing under Consumer Stockpiling: A Multi-Tier Approach
 Narasimhan, Ram., Yoon, Jiho. and Kim, Myung Kyo (M.K.).

Optimal fencing in airline industry
 Raza, Syed. and Turiac, Micheal.

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PG&E Increases Customer satisfaction by Big Data
 Du, Hongwei.

Partial Adjustment Towards Maximum CEO Compensations
 Lin, Winston. and Chou, Chia-Ching.

Perception of Online Product Quality: A Signaling Perspective
 Jena, Rishikesh. and Soror, Amr.

Perceptions of Kuwaiti Tourists
 Chawla, Sudhir. and Kathawala, Yunus.

Perceptions of Supervisor Behavior and Ethical Character: A Simulation Study of Employee Helpfulness
 Francis, Clare., Hollingworth, David. and Valentine, Sean.

Performance model for transportation procurement e-marketplaces
 Collignon, Stephane., Cook, Deborah. and James, Tabitha.

Performance of Financial Institutions During Periods of Executive Transition
 McKee, Gregory. and Kagan, Albert.

Personalized Medicine and Stakeholders’ Perceptions
 Aroh, Adaeze. and Cata, Teuta.

Physics of the Firm
 Kenyon, George., Neureuther, Brian. and Irwin, George.

Planning Allocation and Delivery of Blood Units during a Civil War
 Gonul Kochan, Cigdem., Kulkarni, Shailesh. and Nowicki, David.

Positioning decision for hedonic and utilitarian products
 Chen, Yuwen., Dholakia, Ruby. and Ni, John.

Power Imbalance in Supply Chains: Antecedents and Repercussions
 Song, Fei. and Montabon, Frank.

Predicting National Basketball Association Attendance Using Random Forests
 King, Barry.

Predicting Wellness: An Analytic Approach to Preventative Care
 Behara, Ravi., Agarwal, Ankur., Rao, Vinaya. and Baechle, Christopher.

Predicting the helpfulness of online hotel reviews
 Hu, Ya-Han., Chen, Kuanchin. and Tarn, Mike.

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Quality Assessment in High-Contact Services using Golder’s (2012) Integrative Quality Framework
 Damali, Uzay. and Ozkul, Ahmet.

Quality Drivers for Hospitals
 Wani, Deepa., Venkataraman, Sriram. and Malhotra, Manoj.

Quality Excellence and Customer Satisfaction in High-End Services: A Comprehensive Analysis of Upscale & Luxury Hotels
 Verma, Rohit., Zhang, Jie. and Han, Hyunjeong "Spring".

Quality Performance Measurement in Information System
 Costlow, Kathy., Raisinghani, Mahesh., Wang, Fen. and Wang, Xinbao.

Quality Practices and Employee Empowerment in U.S. Hospitals: A Socio-Technical Perspective
 Metcalf, Ashley., Habermann, Marco. and Fry, Timothy.

Quantitative Risk Management – Supply Chain Risk Analysis
 Ang, Soo-Keng.

Quantitative modeling for management inventory under upstream and downstream trade credits
 Al-khateeb, Faisal.


R&D and market performances in a three-stage supply chain
 Yoo, Seung Ho. and Seo, Yongwon.

Re-invigorating Business Education curriculum for enhanced service delivery: The place of soft skills
 Ogedengbe, Frank.

Realignment of the Physical Distribution Process in Omni-channel Supply Chain
 Ishfaq, Rafay., Defee, Cliff., Gibson, Brian. and Raja, Uzma.

Relationship Between the Experience of Perceived and Physician Diagnosed Arthritis and the Presence of DSM-IV Major Depression (MDD) Among Older Adults
 Schmidt, Ryan.

Relationship between Culture, Work Method, Self-efficacy, and Performance: A Comparison of the United States and the People’s Republic of China
 Chang, Cha-Jan., Torkzadeh, Reza., Xiao, Zhi. and Deng, Honghui.

Relationship between Operational Efficiency and Financial Performance of Indian Banks: An Application of Analytics
 Natarajan, Ramachandran., Jain, Ravi. and Metri, Bhimaraya.

Relationship between manufacturing strategy and performance among Indian manufacturing firms
 Muthuraj, Birasnav.

Relationships among supply chain strategies, performance, and environmental turbulences
 Arora, Amit., Arora, Anshu. and Sivakumar, K..

Research and Development Expenditures Fit and Financial Performance
 Garguri, Abdalla.

Research on Main Reason and Prevention and Control Countermeasures of Adolescent Constitutional Deterioration from the Health Management Perspective
 Hu, Gengdan. and Wang, Dan.

Research on theory and practice of building the campus sports culture to promote the international power sports city
 Jiang, Li ping. and Chen, Yi fei.

Reshoring and Insourcing: Drivers and Future Research Directions
 Foerstl, Kai., Kirchoff, Jon. and Bals, Lydia.

Responding to Suppliers Suffering Financial Distress
 Wagner, Stephan., Bode, Christoph. and Peter, Moritz.

Rethinking Security in the World of Internet of Things
 Huang, Derrick., Behara, Ravi. and Goo, Jahyun.

Reverse Logistics in an Internal Closed Loop Supply Chain
 Srivastava, Rajesh. and Kirche, Elias.

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SBIR/STTR collaboration between small businesses and nonprofit universities
 Pan, Mengyang., Hill, James., Chandrasekaran, Aravind. and Rungtusanatham, Johnny.

SEM-Neural network modeling to predict the mobile commerce adoption in Oman
 Sharma, Sujeet Kumar., Govindaluri, Srikrishna. and Yadav, Rajan.

Scaling up Student Assessment: Issues and Solutions
 Van Vliet, Paul.

Selecting Appropriate E-Procurement Solutions for Your Purchase Needs
 Truong, Dothang.

Selecting the best supply chain strategy
 Ellegood, William.

Sensitivity Analysis of Early and Late Response Bias within Structural Equation Modeling
 George, Benjamin., Scott, Rebecca. and Prybutok, Victor.

Servitization and Product Innovation
 Golara, Sina. and Dooley, Kevin.

Servitization and its antecedents: a grounded-theory approach
 Varma, Nikhil., Tyagi, Rajesh., Pineau, Pierre-Olivier. and Pasin, Federico.

Setting Bin Sizes for Two-Bin Inventory Control Systems
 Kanet, John.

Sharing medical process knowledge among physicians in the same specialty practice group to improve healthcare delivery
 Li, Yulong. and Lowe, John.

Should Online Content Providers Be Allowed to Sponsor Data Usage?
 Cho, Soohyun., Qiu, Liangfei. and Bandyopadhyay, Subhajyoti.

Showrooming and the Length of Product Line
 Luo, Yilong. and Sun, Jiong.

Simulating Impatience
 Moeeni, Farhad.

Simulating the behavioral aspect of agents in Emergency Room with respect to high reliability characteristics
 Mahdikhani, Maryam.

Simulation Analysis of Vendor-Managed versus Retailer-Managed Inventory Policies
 Seydel, John., Wang, Xiaobin. and Moeeni, Farhad.

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TAM- A Cross-Industry and a Cross-Cultural Perspective
 Rauniar, Rupak., Rawski, Greg. and Hudson, Don.

Task Performance in Knowledge Intensive Environments: An Empirical Analysis of the Interplay between Worker and Managerial Experience
 Madiedo, Juan., Chandrasekaran, Aravind. and Salvador, Fabrizio.

Teaching Assistant Support System
 Huang, Albert. and PENG, KUOFANG.

Teaching Business Analytics Courses in Business Schools--Findings from Syllabi and instructor interviews
 Mollick, Joseph.

Technology and customer relationships: the case of quick service restaurants
 Streed, Odile. and Kagan, Albert.

Testing Behavioral-Based Service Innovations: A Methodological Review of Video and Storyboard Experiments
 Victorino, Liana. and Dixon, Michael.

Testing the Moderation Effects of Governance Mechanisms on Strategy, Structure/Processes and Performance in Hospitals
 Dobrzykowski, David., McFadden, Kathleen. and Vonderembse, Mark.

Text Mining the Content of Masters of Business Analytics Programs
 Keeling, Kellie. and Pavur, Robert.

The Age of Data Analytics:Twenty-first Century Relationships between Statistics and Business Journals
 Whiteside, Mary., Nerur, Sridhar. and Eakin, Mark.

The Age of Data Hits the University Curriculum: The Development of a Cross-college Data Analytics Program
 Meyer, Brad.

The Association between Operational Glitches and External Quality Failures: The Mitigating Role of Transactive Memory Systems
 Cotta, Diogo., Salvador, Fabrizio. and Rungtusanatham, Johnny.

The Association between Ownership Type and Hospital Performance Level
 Chang, Kathryn.

The Challenge of Lean Implementation: Role of Incentive and Performance Evaluation Systems
 Agarwal, Atul.

The Changing Business Model of B-Schools: On-Site v. Off-Site Curricula
 Powless, Seth., Schafer, Sarah., Gordon Moore, Terribeth. and Insch, Gary.

The Complementary role of IS capability in a supply chain
 Qrunfleh, Sufian. and Tarafdar, Monideepa.

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U.S. Government Budget Sequestration Revisited: Developing Federal Agency Budgets during Uncertain Times and Limited Fiscal Resources
 Byrne, Theordore.

Understanding of Technological Opinion Leadership
 Thakur, Ramendra., angriawan, arifin. and Summey, John.

Understanding the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) as a Measure of Critical Thinking
 Smith, Suzanne.

Understanding the Practices of Charitable Food Logistics using a Newsvendor Model
 Obaze, Yolanda. and Prybutok, Victor.

Understanding the Role of Institutional Pressures and Organizational Value in the Corporate Environmental Strategy
 DAI, JING., Chan, Hing Kai. and Yee, W.C. Rachel.

Underwriters efficiency in new issue market
 Hotkar, Vinay.

University’s online program marketing
 Wang, Jianfeng., Conaway, Michael. and Gleason, Andrew.

Unraveling the Lead-Time Uncertainty Paradox
 Tyworth, John. and Saldanha, John.

Use of Case Writing Projects in Teaching Data Mining for Business Intelligence
 Mollick, Joseph.

Users Participation in Social Media Based Brand Communities: A Dynamic Perspective
 He, Xiaoyun., Zhang, Feng. and Negahban, Arash.

Using Big-Data Analytics for Border Security
 Wang, Haibo. and Wang, Wei.

Using CRC Cards For Capturing Complex Community Planning Of Impacts Due to Changes in Extreme Weather Frequencies and Magnitude
 Galluppi, Kenneth., Putnam, Hana., Selover, Nancy. and Chhetri, Nalini.

Using College Football Scores to Illustrate Basic Statistical Concepts with Minitab
 Kowalski, Scott.

Using Modified Beer Game to Teach Supply Chain Disruptions
 Kumar, Sanjay. and Liu, Jiangxia.

Using Preventable Hospitalizations Rates to Analyze the Impacts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care
 Jefferson, Theresa., Wren, Gloria. and Sharkey, Phoebe.

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Value and Motive Content of Stories in Children's Readers of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC): 1950-2000
 Silver, Steven. and Gao, Yan.

Value of Vendor Managed Inventory in E-Commerce Environment
 Kamalapur, Raj. and Lyth, David.

Vehicle Routing Problem with Driver Helpers
 Lu, Shih-Hao. and Suzuki, Yoshinori.


Waiting Time and Cost: The Effect of Healthcare or Hospitality Context and Process Sequence
 Verma, Rohit. and Froehle, Craig.

Waste Management in Hospitals
 Kirchoff, Jon. and Reuter, Carsten.

Wearable Technologies: Studying Groups and Teams to Inform Healthcare Management
 Hare, Kevin., Kennedy, Deanna. and Kennedy, Kevin.

Web Mining Applications and Societal Benefits
 halawi, Leila.

What Does the Stock Market and Mortgage Interest Rate Tell Us about Real Estate Returns?
 Lee, Kuo-Hao (Howard).

What Events can an Accounting Number Predicts?
 Hall, Steven., Agrawal, Vipin. and Agrawal, Pushpa.

What drives social network sites penetration and adoption? A cross country analysis
 Zhang, Jie., Wu, Xianghua., Udo, Godwin. and Bagchi, Kallol.

What is the right logistics configuration for your product?
 Hua, Stella. and Johnson, Danny.

What promotes the adoption of social media in the teaching of IS/ICT and what constrains it? - Students’ perspective
 Siakas, Kerstin., Makkonen, Pekka., Georgiadou, Elli. and Rahanu, Harjinder.

When Does Involving Internal and External Partners in Service Innovation Pay Off?
 Yen, HsiuJu.

When and How Diversity Works: The Role of Identity in Buyer-Supplier Relationships
 Ta, Ha. and Hofer, Adriana.

Why Does A College Graduate Want To Be An IT Entrepreneurs?
 Chen, Liqiang.

Why Supplier Integration Fails? The Impact of Salesperson’s Behavioral Constraints
 Oh, Jae-Young., Ellis, Scott. and Holsapple, Clyde.

Why is Carl Casper smiling? Research into the entrepreneurial characteristics of food truck owners.
 Wheeler, Jane. and Lanza, JoeJohn.

Wielding buyer power: Agri-supply chain in India
 Dutta, Amitava., Roy, Rahul. and Seetharaman, Priya.

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