DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25

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A Behavioral Experiment on Inventory Management with Supply Chain Disruption
 Sarkar, Sourish. and Kumar, Sanjay.

A Business Model for the Strategy of Implementing Cloud Computing
 Chung, H..

A Call for Healthcare Disaster Recovery Project Management Research
 Zuckweiler, Kathryn. and Rosacker, Kirsten.

A Case Study Approach to Supplier Selection for Product Design
 Dowlatshahi, Shad.

A Case Study Using a Web-based Teamwork Evaluation Tool for Program Learning Assessment
 Morgan, Shona. and Stewart, Alice.

A Comparative Study of College Athletic Program Efficiencies: A Data Envelopment Analytic Approach.
 Poliakoff, Parker. and Huq, Faizul.

A Comparison of the Information Societies of China and India
 Pick, James. and Sarkar, Avijit.

A Conceptual Model of Global New Product Adaptation and Development
 Zou, Qi. and Lim, Jeen-Su.

A Content Analysis of Recruiting Ads
 Lowery, Chris. and Kim, Hyung Jin.

A Continuous Improvement Model for Student Satisfaction with Their Learning Environments
 MacLeod, Kenneth., Paul, Ravi. and Swart, William.

A DEA Model for Switching a Business Strategy
 Lin, Chinho., Tsai, Hua-Ling. and Tsai, Yue-Gang.

A Decision-Tree-Based Classifier for Credit Assessment Problems under a Big Data Environment
 Chern, Ching-Chin., Lei, Weng U. and Chen, Shu-Yi (Max).

A Delphi Study of RFID Adoption Trends in Retail
 Bhattacharya, Mithu., Ulferts, Gregory. and Howard, Terry.

A Design Thinking Approach to Developing Academically Impactful MIS Research
 Cerveny, Robert. and Behara, Ravi.

A Fixed Effects Panel Analysis of Service Design Links to Operational Profitability
 West, David. and Dellana, Scott.

A Focus on Estimation Instruction
 Klein, Gary.

A Framework for Developing a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy
 Deans, Candace.

A Framework for Learning Curve Applications in Personalized Services
 Rachamadugu, ram. and Elsaleiby, Aber.

A Framework of Adaptive Assessment in Talent Management
 Wang, Wei (April). and Wang, Haibo.

A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Solve an Agricultural Planning Problem Considering the Effect of Greenhouse Gas Emission
 Jana, Rabin., Sharma, Dinesh. and Chakraborty, Bidushi.

A Healthcare Service Design Planning Model for Tele-Health
 Yu, Jiun-Yu.

A Hybird Model For Stock Prediction
 Yan, Si. and Qi, Yanliang.

A Hybrid Intelligent System for Breast Cancer Identification
 Sharma, Dinesh. and Hota, H.S..

A Literature Review of Remanufacturing Production Planning and Control
 Gagnon, Roger. and Morgan, Shona.

A Longitudinal Analysis of Supplier Working Relations in Component Markets
 Carnovale, Steven., Henke, John. and Yeniyurt, Sengun.

A Marginal Conditional Stochastic Dominance based Model of Enhanced Index Tracking

A Meta-analytic and Latent Semantic Analysis to Develop Quality Management Theory
 Peng, Xianghui. and Prybutok, Victor.

A Pilot Assessment of Student Retention of Excel Spreadsheet Skills
 Sousa, Kenneth.

A Portfolio Optimization Model for Investment Planning in the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces
 Rempel, Mark. and Young, Chad.

A Preliminary Data / Wealth Simulation of an Information System Under Attack
 pendegraft, n. and Rounds, Mark.

A Preliminary Study of Chinese Business Students’ Attitudes Toward Statistics

A Proposed model of Co-creation Dynamics for Service Innovation
 Chen, Ja-Shen., Kerr, Don. and Ang, Chinhui.

A Qualitative Study of Emerging Benefits Using Data Management and Analytics Tools
 Ugray, Zsolt., Paper, David. and Johnson, Jeffrey.

A Quality Differentiation Model for Regulated and Non-Regulated Taxi Services in Thailand
 Tansitpong, Praowpan.

A Quasi-Experimental Study Comparing Smart Phone Keyboard Layouts
 Lind, Mary. and Geary, Micheal.

A Quasi-Robust-Optimization Approach to Big Data Regression
 Scheibe, Kevin., Ragsdale, Cliff. and Blackhurst, Jennifer.

A Recommder System Approach to Sorting Online Reviews
 Salehan, Mohammad. and Mousavizadeh, Mohammadreza.

A Research-Based Approach to Teaching Critical Thinking in Strategic Management
 angriawan, arifin.

A Reverse Logistics Framework in presence of Incentive Offer and Advertisement-dependent Demand
 Dutta, Pankaj. and Das, Debabrata.

A Review of Ethical Issues in Supply Chain Management
 Rogers, Mary Margaret.

A Revisit and Revaluation of the Quantity Flexibility (QF) Contracts under Rolling Planning Horizon
 Chung, Wenming. and Talluri, Srinivas.

A Road map to Nigeria’s Entrepreneurial Greatness
 Ogedengbe, Frank.

A Sensitivity Analysis in Supply Chain Management with Demand Uncertainty
 Gu, Qiannong. and Sharma, Sushil.

A Slicing Tree Representation and Harmony Search based Heuristic Algorithm for Unequal Area Facility Layout Design
 Kang, Sumin. and Chae, Junjae.

A Student Self-Managed Project for Learning Tax Topics Investigated at Five Universities
 Sage, Judith. and Sage, Lloyd.

A Study of Antecedents of Review Helpfulness from the View of Elaboration Likelihood Model
 Mousavizadeh, Mohammadreza., Koohikamali, Mehrdad. and Salehan, Mohammad.

A Study of How Healthcare Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (HFMEA™) Affects Performance of Hospital Processes
 Lee, Brandon. and Fredendall, Lawrence.

A Study of Trends and Research in Mobile Apps: Demand, Supply, and Value Creation
 He, Xiaoyun., Holifield, Forrest. and Ang, David.

A Study on Organizational adjustments due to Green IT
 Sayeed, Lutfus., Onetti, Alberto. and Talaia, Marco.

A Study on Sustainable Supply Chain Management in GCC Countries
 Faisal, MohammedNishat.

A Taxonomy for Managing Commodity Price Risk
 Gaudenzi, Barbara., Zsidisin, George., Hartley, Janet. and Kaufmann, Lutz.

A Typology of Service Process Automation in a Quasi-Manufacturing Service Setting
 Wang, Ping.

A coopetative approach to contagion risk management in supply chain
 Azimian, Alireza., Kilgour, Marc. and Noori, Hamid.

A decade of research on mobile commerce: Review and analysis
 Illia, Abdou.

A decision framework to distinguish CSR activities from business activities
 Sheel, Rahul. and Vohra, Neharika.

A descriptive analysis of underserved patients
 Hsu, Sonya Hsiu-Yueh., Guilbeau, Janis. and Alexander, Christine.

A hierarchical approach to supply chain risk management
 Zhao, Xiaofeng.

A policy Network Analysis of China’s IGT Innovation Policy: evidence from China 1991-2013
 Xia, Fan.

A scm field study of the brewing industry: shouldn’t everybody have a course like this?
 Newman, William. and Brymer, Rhett.

A survey of the Use of Decision Support Tools by Family Physicians
 Mollick, Joseph.

AQ/PQ definition for faculty at AACSB business school: an integrated model
 Desai, Mayur. and Raghavan, Kamala.

About the scale-free forecast accuracy metric MAD/MEAM: results from simple moving average methods on i.i.d. normal time series
 Ren, Peter. and Ren, Luh-Yu.

Achieving Sustainability and Cost Efficiency through Souring Plan and Supplier Development
 Li, Gang. and Xia, Yu.

Active and Problem Based Learning and College Student Persistence
 Foltz, Laura. and Foltz, Charles.

Additive Manufacturing as a Sustainable Alternative for Conventional Manufacturing
 Khorram Niaki, Mojtaba. and Nonino, Fabio.

Additive Manufacturing management: A review and research agenda
 Khorram Niaki, Mojtaba. and Nonino, Fabio.

Adoption of M-Payment Services: A Privacy Perspective
 Johnson, Vess., Torres, Russell. and Negahban, Arash.

Age and Time Stress: Does Occupation Matter?
 Chapa, Olga., Dagher, Grace. and Hayes, Linda.

Airport connectivity and performance: From Social network perspetives
 Her, Jewon., Choi, Donghyun., Kwon, Ohyun. and Hwang, Sunjae.

Aligning Governance Mechanisms with Task Characteristics to Improve Service Capabilities──An Empirical Study of Professional Service Outsourcing in an Emerging Market
 Liu, Zuoming., JAYARAMAN, Vaidy. and Luo, Yadong.

Alliance Formation: A Prisoner’s Dilemma Perspective
 Paraskevas, John-Patrick. and Eckerd, Stephanie.

An Agency Theory Perspective on Risks in Service Triads
 Sengupta, Sourav., Niranjan, Tarikere. and Krishnamoorthy, Mohan.

An Analysis Of Menus Of Multi-part Tariffs
 Choi, Ryan.

An Analysis of the Effects of Global Sourcing Practices on Ethical Consumption in the United States
 Bregman, Robert. and Peng, Xiaosong.

An Analytics Model to Predict Drug Courts Outcome
 Majidi Zolbanin, Hamed.

An Assessment of Influence of Mass Media Oriented Information on Consumers’ Information Retrieval Activities on the Internet
 Kitanaka, Hideaki., Matsui, Yoshiki. and Sato, Osam.

An Automated Decision Support System for Sensor-Based Irrigation Scheduling
 Patel, Sandip.

An Empirical Analysis of Patient Safety Culture and Hospital Performance Using the AHRQ Survey on Patient Safety Culture
 Stock, Gregory. and McFadden, Kathleen.

An Empirical Analysis to Identify Unique Characteristics of Best in Class Not-for-Profit Hospitals
 Paul, Jomon., MacDonald, Leo. and Quosigk, Benedikt.

An Empirical Examination of the Effect of Exploration and Exploitation on Logistics Performance
 Li, Ling., Zhang, Weiyong. and Zhou, Honggeng.

An Empirical Investigation into the Factors Influencing the Adoption of Cloud Computing Technologies
 Ramakrishnan, Thiagarajan., Ngamassi, Louis. and Rahman, Shahedur.

An Empirical Investigation regarding the Universal Effectiveness of TQM Practices across National Boundaries
 Cho, Young Sik. and Jung, Joo.

An Empirical Study of Intellectual Capital on Branding Of Management Institution, W.R.T. Few Institutions in Nagpur Zone, India
 Khedkar, Eknath. and Shukla, Shyam.

An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Product Architecture and Product Performance
 Mallick, Debasish., Ahmad, Sohel. and Schroeder, Roger.

An Empirical Study on the Mobile Health with Post-Acceptance Model of IS Continuance
 tsai, pei-ling.

An Empirically Grounded Model of Supply Chain Transparency
 Shevchenko, Anton., Pagell, Mark., Lévesque, Moren. and Johnston, David.

An Evaluation of Machine Learning Methods and Visualization of Results to Characterize Large Healthcare Document Collections
 West, Vivian., West, David., Borland, David. and Hammond, William.

An Examination of Big Data Capabilities in Creating Business Value
 Sun, Shiwei., Zhu, Suning., Cheng, Xiaoye. and Byrd, Terry.

An Examination of the Behavior of Weekly Stock Prices of Fortune 500 Firms and S&P Small Cap 600 Firms
 Kim, Young., Davis, Edward. and Moses, Charles.

An Examination of the Impact of Faculty Approaches to Teamwork Development on Teamwork Quality and Success in Business Education
 Horn, Dewaynna. and Rose, Katherine.

An Experimental Study to Explore Attacker Framing in Response to Changes in Security and Reward
 Rounds, Mark., pendegraft, n. and Alves-Foss, Jim.

An Extended Framework for Supply Chain Risk Management:
 Burns, Laird.

An Integrated Research Framework for Identifying Factors to Affect the Use of Health Information Exchange
 Sher, Ming-Ling., Hwang, Hsin-Ginn. and Lin, Hui-Ting.

An Integrated Research Framework for Investigation of Individuals’ Intention to Provide Health Information
 Hwang, Hsin-Ginn., Lin, Hui-Ting. and Hsiao, Ju-Ling.

An Integrated Terminal Operating System for Enhancing the Efficiency of Seaport Terminal Operating Companies
 Min, Hokey., Ahn, Seung Bum., Lee, Hyang Sook. and Park, Heekeon.

An Intelligent Decision Support System for Adaptive Prediction of Student Attrition
 Chen, An-Sing., Rosales, Ricardo., Leung, Mark. and Sun, Minghe.

An Investigation of the Impact of Team Members’ Multiculturalism and the Diversity of Outside Ties on Team Creativity
 Zamanian, Azadeh. and Gonzalez, Jorge.

An Investigation of the Impact of Trust, Knowledge, and Power/Dependence Asymmetries on Relational Performance in Buyer-Supplier Dyads
 DuHadway, Scott., Narasimhan, Ram., Narayanan, Sriram., Schoenherr, Tobias. and Vickery, Shawnee.

An Organization Theoretic Understanding of Excellence in Humanitarian Operations
 Mahapatra, Santosh. and Rao, Bhavanee.

An Orthogonal Genetic Algorithm for Index Tracking Problem
 Bao, Liang.

An activity-based approach for the capacitated flow-recharging location problem
 Lin, Cheng-Chang. and Lin, Rou-Sin.

An allocation of vertically differentiated prescriptions: a case of Thailand’s comorbidities and benefit plans
 Tansitpong, Praowpan., Hoonlor, Apirak. and Chaovalitwongse, W..

An efficient heuristic for the Capacitated Lot Sizing Problem with Setup Carryover and Setup Splitting
 Mohan, Srimathy., Chen, Cheng-Lung. and Zhang, Muhong.

An empirical study of the effectiveness of supplier management strategies
 SONG, EUNGSOK., Kim, DaeSoo. and Park, MyungSub.

An empirical study on information technologies to improve plant flexibility
 Sato, Osam., Ueda, Yutaka., Matsui, Yoshiki., Kitanaka, Hideaki. and Shimada, Tomoaki.

An ethnographic study of operating room waste
 Dreyfus, David., Nair, Anand. and Rosales, Claudia.

An improved algorithm for Battery Swapping System of the battery-operated bus
 HyeokYeon, Lee., Chae, Junjae. and Park, Jun-Seok.

An investigation of the drivers and impact of use of Supply Chain Analytics: An organizational information processing theory perspective
 Srinivasan, Ravi. and Swink, Morgan.

Analysis of Lean Supply Chain Management and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
 Zhou, Steve. and Ji, Fiona.

Analysis of disruptions and mitigation capabilities in phases of supply chain resilience
 da Silva, Eliciane. and Paiva, Ely.

Analysis of the Integration of Information Technology Security and Healthcare Logistics
 Scott, Rebecca. and Hanus, Bartlomiej.

Analytical Hierarchy Process In Supplier Selection
 Ahmad, Norita. and Jackson, Eric.

Analytics in healthcare: technology alone is not enough!
 Haidar, Salma., Oliveira, Marcos., McCormack, Kevin., Ladeira, Marcelo. and Cavalcanti, Claudia.

Analyzing a Firm’s Cloud Deployment between Cloudbursting and Private Cloud: From the Service Supply Chain Perspective
 Chen, Li-Ming.

Analyzing the Impact of Work Values on Strategic HR Practices: Study of the Causal Relationship on Gen Y Employees in India
 Gankar, Sayalee. and Rai, Soumi.

Analyzing the Structure of Production Control for a Responsible Supplier
 Chen, Li-Ming.

Anchored Decisions in Multi-Factor Decision-Making
 Jenson, Richard.

Animated PowerPoint Presentations for Teaching Quality Management & Control Concepts and Techniques
 Treleven, Mark., Watts, Charles. and Callarman, Thomas.

Antecedent and Consequence of Social Networking Site Value
 Rauniar, Rupak., Rawski, Greg. and Hudson, Don.

Antecedents and Consequences of Green Operations Management in Chinese SMEs: the Mediating role of Green Absorptive Capacity
 Zhu, Tianyu., Chung, Jua. and Min, Soonhong.

Antecedents and Consequences of Measuring Quality in a Balanced Scorecard Framework: Does Measurement Matter?
 Calantone, Roger., Castel, Matthew., Lucianetti, Lorenzo. and Vickery, Shawnee.

Antecedents of Supply Chain Flexibility: Upstream, Process and Downstream Factors
 Sawhney, Rajeev. and Sumukadas, Narendar.

Antecedents of Supply Chain Integration in Humanitarian Relief Organizations
 Ataseven, Cigdem., Nair, Anand. and Ferguson, Mark.

Antecedents of Supply Chain Integration: Intergroup Emotions as Predictors of Behavior
 Duarte, Melania., Wiengarten, Frank. and Gimenez, Cristina.

Antecedents to Six Sigma Adoption
 Jacobs, Brian. and Swink, Morgan.

Application of Cognitive Load Theory in Programming Teaching
 Li, Xiaoqing.

Application of Lean Manufacturing Techniques to Improve Manufacturing Process
 Metri, Bhimaraya., Singh, Ajit. and Singh, Rajwinder.

Application of Two-Stage Risk-Averse Optimization to Real-time Interday Portfolio Management
 Gulten, Sitki.

Apply Total Quality Management (TQM) in Organizational Information Security Management
 Chen, Liqiang. and Chen, Xiaofeng.

Are certifications competing, complementing or substituting? Performance implications of quality, environmental and health & safety certification
 Wiengarten, Frank., Longoni, Annachiara., Humphreys, Paul. and Fynes, Brian.

Arguing the Value of Product Quality Signaling in the Presence of Negative Publicity
 Yeh, Quey-Jen. and Chang, Tai-Ping.

Assessing Business Performance in Global Supply Chains
 Aigbedo, Henry.

Assessing Gender as Moderating Variable in Urgent Care Service Quality
 Qin, Hong., Boonme, Kittipong., George, Benjamin. and Prybutok, Victor.

Assessing and Mitigating the Effects of Seaport Disruptions
 Saldanha, John. and Swan, Peter.

Assessing the Impact of Omni-Channel Fulfillment Operations on Firm Performance
 Peinkofer, Simone., Esper, Terry., Smith, Ronn. and Williams, Brent.

Assessing the Impact of Revenue-Sharing Contracts in Supply Chains with Competing Manufacturers
 Kim, Sungki., Shin, Nina. and Park, Sangwook.

Assessing the Implementation of Leanness on Patient Satisfaction: Empirical Investigation of Front-line Hospital Operations
 Choi, Yunsik., Fredendall, Lawrence., Roth, Aleda., Musitano, Anne., Fierro, Rosanna., Hung, Dorothy., Pelletier, Lori., Bowhan, Jack., Holden, Richard., Dickson, Eric. and Whitcomb, John.

Attributes of Security Breach Notification Laws in the United States
 Green, David. and Martin, Nancy.

Auditor Independence
 Burrowes, Ashley. and Jinkens, Robert.

Automated Clinical and Healthcare Time Series Forecasting through Neighborhood Search Heuristics
 Choy, Murphy.
DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25
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