DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25

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BOYD Security Challenge: Users Awareness and Training
 Guidy-Oulai, Anne-Marie.

Barriers of Adopting Statistics by Firms Adopting Lean Methodology
 Iyengar, Deepak. and Rao, Shashank.

Bayesian Inference for Assessing Effects of Email Marketing Campaigns
 Wu, Jiexing., LI, KATE. and Liu, Jun.

Becoming a Glocalized Family Business Culture
 Barragan, Salvador., Salamanca Pacheco, Elizabeth. and Erogul, Murat.

Behavioral Models in Operations Management: A Case of Six Sigma
 Swain, Ajaya.

Benchmarking Supply Chain Collaboration using Data Envelopment Analysis 
 Aggarwal, Shikha., Srivastava, Manoj. and Aggarwal, Vijay.

Benefits and Challenges of Student Self-selected Projects as a Pedagogical Tool in Undergraduate Operations Management Class
 Jin, Alan., Cunningham, Margaret. and Wu, Lifang.

Better Late Than Now: Delayed vs. Instantaneous Retail Price Discounts
 Jalili, Monire. and Pangburn, Michael.

Beyond Formal Training and Development: The Effect of Perceived Organizational Support for Development
 Nguyen, Cau., Mayfield, Jacqueline. and Mayfield, Milton.

Biases in Future-Oriented Delphi Studies: A Cognitive Perspective
 Winkler, Jens.

Bidding Strategies for Advantaged and Disadvantaged Bidders in Procurement Auctions
 Donohue, Joan., Fry, Timothy. and Whitcomb, Kathleen.

Big Data (BD) in the Supply Chain
 Frohlich, Markham.

Big Data Identity and its Relationship to Decision Confidence
 Woo, Hyunjong. and Kwon, Tae Hyoung.

Big Data and Causality
 Wang, Xuan. and Schneider, Helmut.

Big Data’s Influence on Supply Chain Management
 Hill, Craig. and Miller, Keith.

Big quality, Value Co-creation, and Customer Satisfaction in Healthcare Services
 Kwon, Junhyuk. and Prybutok, Victor.

Bitcoin and Digital Currencies
 Green, David.

Bone Marrow Transplant with Finite Waiting Rooms
 Li, Bo. and Arreola-Risa, Antonio.

Boosting Interactions between You and Potential Customers-SOLOMO and X Factors Approach
 Chiang, Jeongwen., Lin, Chen. and Zhang, Yufei.

Brand Development through Online Consumer Engagement
 Yuksel, Kamer.

Building Resilient Business Models for Domestic Advantage and Global Competitiveness: Case of Indian Global Firms
 Singh, Nitya. and Hong, Paul.

Bullwhip Effect in a Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
 Jin, Ming., Schmidt, Glen. and DeHoratius, Nicole.

Business Analytics and Operations Management: A Review
 Chircu, Alina. and Li, Gang.

Business Information Systems Curriculum: A Proposal
 Sagheb_Tehrani, Mehdi.

Business Intelligence and Analytics and the Ability to Seize Opportunities: The Role of Personnel Expertise
 Torres, Russell.

Buyer-Supplier Relationship Dependency in Supply Networks: Impact on Operating Performance
 Ghosh, Soumen., Bellamy, Marcus. and Hora, Manpreet.

Buyer-Supplier Transactional and Innovational Relationships.
 Nasr, Eman., Kilgour, Marc. and Noori, Hamid.

Buyer-Supplier Trust in the Health Sector
 Schneller, Eugene. and Abdulsalam, Yousef.

By-Product Design and Environmental Sustainability
 Jagani, Sandeepkumar.
DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25
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