DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25

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Dark side of Innovation: Supply Chain Disruptions
 Ambulkar, Saurabh., Blackhurst, Jennifer., Rungtusanatham, Johnny. and Ramaswami, Sridhar.

Data Analysis Of The Air Cargo Business
 MUN, KWON GI. and Zhao, Yao.

Data Automation Impact on Tourism Virtual Organizations
 Seydel, John. and Moeeni, Farhad.

Data Envelopment Analysis on Corporate Social Responsibility of Korean Business Groups
 Woo, Donghyup. and Suresh, Nallan.

Data-Driven Decision Making at Triage: Toward Better Patient Streaming in the Emergency Department
 Torabi, Elham., Froehle, Craig. and Miller, Christopher.

Decision Making Over Time with Multiple Criteria: A Rank-based Approach
 Chun, Young.

Decision Support Systems in Electronic Markets: Linguistic Aspects and System Robustness
 Siering, Michael.

Decision Support Systems or Business Intelligence: A Text Mining Approach
 Gerhart, Natalie. and George, Benjamin.

Decision Support for Strategic Planning at Commercial Airports
 Smith, L.., Xu, Liang., Wang, Ziyi. and Pan, Deng.

Decision making among academicians in selecting an academic conference to attend
 Sheel, Rahul.

Decisions of Logistics Management in Chinese Hospitals: A Case Study
 Shou, Yongyi. and Che, Wen.

Decisions on single period procurement policy with demand updating using human judgment
 Dutta, Pankaj. and Nagare, Madhukar.

Demand Forecasting System for Pharmacy Chain Stores
 Chiang, Yu-Min. and Huang, Kwei-Long.

Demographics and Smoking on a Smoke Free Campus
 Scott, Rebecca., Prybutok, Gayle. and Prybutok, Victor.

Deriving Competitive Advantage from Supply Chains’ Strategic Responses to Sustainability: RBV/R-A Theory Perspective
 Yalcin, Mehmet.

Design and Service Delivery for Thailand Tourism Clusters
 Tansitpong, Praowpan. and Taecharungroj, Viriya.

Design for Environment, Quality management innovation and firm performance
 Avery, Sherry., Mishra, Rajat., Gopalakrishna-Remani, Venugopal. and Napier, Randy.

Design for Six Sigma and Learning in Behavioral Healthcare
 Kovach, Jamison., Fredendall, Lawrence. and Choo, Adrian.

Designing Experiential Learning Projects: A Systematic Approach
 Wu, Yun., Zhu, Suning. and Sankar, Chetan.

Desperate CEOs: The Impact of Retiring CEO Performance on Firm Strategic Change Level
 Kang, Yungu., Park, Soolim. and Kang, Jingoo.

Determinants of Electronic Word of Mouth on Social Network Sites
 Merhi, Mohammad. and Khasawneh, Khaled.

Determinants of consumers’ participation in online virtual communities
 Lim, Jeen-Su., Heinrichs, John. and Lim, Kee.

Determining Optimal Order Quantities from a Pool of Suppliers with Nonidentical Salvage Values
 Keblis, Matthew., Xu, JianJun. and Feng, Youyi.

Determining Strategic Incentives for Attracting Outsourcing: A Model for Host Entities
 Gu, Qiannong., Jitpaiboon, Thawatchai. and Wang, John.

Determining the Relative Importance of Spectator Needs and Stadium Attributes for Soccer Stadium Using Entropy Method
 Govindaluri, Srikrishna. and Sharma, Sujeet Kumar.

Determining the Size, Strategic Mix and Optimal Usage of Military and Civilian Employees
 Paul, Jomon. and MacDonald, Leo.

Developing Business Analytics Courses or Certifications Program
 Choi, Hae.

Development and Assessment of Soft Skills in Business Schools: A Case Study
 Porterfield, Tobin., Johnson, Quincy., Graham, Bob. and Nesterkin, Dmitriy.

Digital Manufacturing Transformation Strategy of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in China
 Sun, Shiwei., Wang, Gaoshan. and Byrd, Terry.

Digital Strategy Repertoire and Competitive Performance in Online Retailing
 Pathak, Bhavik.

Dimensionality and relevance of maintenance performance measures
 Gomes, Carlos., Yasin, Mahmoud. and Simões, Jorge.

Disaster Operations Management: an Empirical Study from Thailand
 Tungtisanont, Niratcha Grace., Roth, Aleda. and Ferrand, Yann.

Disaster Relief Operations Scheduling with Multiple Resources
 Wang, Shengbin.

Diversity statements and senior management positions: Walking the talk or lip service?
 Barragan, Salvador., Southin, Nancy. and Romaniuk, Lesia.

Do Operationally Efficient Hospitals Show Better Financial Performance?
 Pai, Dinesh. and Hosseini, Hengameh.

Do employees commit to the organization in employee-organization relationship? An agency theory perspective
 Chen, Pei-Chen. and Wang, Ming-Chao.

Do online students want more contact?
 Shepherd, Morgan.

Does Cost Transparency Matter in Improving Efficiency of Buyer-Supplier Exchanges?
 Yang, Jie.

Does Market Respond to Firm’s Short-term Earnings’ Growth Rate and/or Earnings Change Besides the Meet or Beat Expectation Benchmark?
 He, Yuanlong.

Does a market responsive strategy increase supply chain risk? Evidence from Indian Manufacturing firms
 R, Sreedevi. and Saranga, Haritha.

Does gender diversity matter in e-retail leadership?
 Southin, Nancy., Barragan, Salvador. and Romaniuk, Lesia.

Does size matter? An examination of the relationship between size, growth and firm profitability
 Miles, Grant., Bement, Danuse. and Miles, Patti.

Does the Office of Patient Experience Matter in Improving Delivery of Care? An Econometric Study of US Hospitals
 Chandrasekaran, Aravind. and Sharma, Luv.

Does the Process of Applying for the Baldrige Award Improve Quality Outcomes?
 Mellat-Parast, Mahour. and Miller, Jason.

Does the environmental turbulence matter? The role of organizational inertia and network relationships on firms’ entrepreneurial orientation
 Wang, Ming-Chao., Chen, Pei-Chen. and Fang, Shih-Chieh.

Does your team learn from outside? Intellectual capital elements, knowledge transfer, and technical performance of innovation projects.
 Lee, Jung Young. and Swink, Morgan.

Downward Substitution as a Mitigation Strategy for Supply and Demand Risk
 Freeman, Nickolas., Narayanan, Arunachalam. and Keskin, Burcu.

Drivers and Performance Outcomes of Sustainable Manufacturing Practices
 Gouda, Sirish. and Saranga, Haritha.

Drivers of Traffic Congestion Externality: Insights from The Freeway Game
 Giraud-Carrier, Francois. and Agarwal, Atul.

Drop and Swap Strategy in Distribution Network Design and Transportation Planning
 Gao, Li-Lian., Robinson, E.. and Sahin, Funda.

Dynamic Flexibility—Operational Definition, Measurement & Analysis
 Qin, Baohua.

Dynamic Line Balancing in Assembly
 Marsh, Ben., Smith, Carlo. and Joo, Seong-Jong.
DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25
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