DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25

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Lean Human Resource Management System Practices and Transformation
 Marshall, David. and Goldsby, Thomas.

Lean Implementation in Central Eastern European Health Care Based on Best Practices
 Herczeg, Andras. and Lorincz, Marta.

Lean Implementation in Educational Institute – A Study Based on Action Research Methodology
 Narayanamurthy, Gopalakrishnan. and Gurumurthy, Anand.

Lean Management Implementation in a Developing Country: The Case of Pakistan
 Bhutta, Mohammed Khurrum., Egilmez, Gokhan., Huq, Faizul. and Chatha, Kamran.

Learning to Become Resilient, A Cognitive Perspective of Supply Chain Disruption
 Manhart, Pam. and Blackhurst, Jennifer.

Leveraging Collaborative Consumption with Identity-Descriptive Information in Sharing Economy Platforms
 Kim, Junghwan. and Cho, Sunyoung.

Limited Partners in VC-backed Companies: Evidence From a Global Perspective
 Abdou, Khaled. and Gupta, Pia.

Linking Global Customer Attitudes to Good Soldier Syndrome
 Chun, Wootae.

Linking Performance and Resource Configurations during Business Cycle: A Longitudinal Study in the US Hotel Industry
 Zhang, Jie. and Verma, Rohit.

Live Cases: A Combination of Guest Speaker and Case
 Cunningham, Margaret. and Jin, Alan.

Local leaders during political changeover: resolving disagreements
 Chakrabarti, Bhaskar. and Nath, Suman.

Location Analytics Across the Curriculum
 Ramakrishna, Hindupur., Sarkar, Avijit. and Vijayaraman, Bindiganavale.

Location-based mobile applications: A workforce under surveillance
 Koohikamali, Mehrdad., Peak, Dan. and Prybutok, Victor.

Logistics Contract
 Ang, Soo-Keng.

Longitudinal influence of patenting in US manufacturing firms on firms' performance
 Singhal, Cherry.

DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25
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