DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25

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M-Commerce Value Propositions and Information System Adoption Behavioral Intention
 Shin, Nina. and Park, Sangwook.

M-shoppers’ and Information Searchers’ Perceptions of M-shopping Factors
 Palacios, Sergio. and Jun, Minjoon.

MOOCs as Disruptive Innovation
 Setzekorn, Kristina. and Patnayakuni, Nainika.

MOOCs: The Enduring Importance of “Teacher Presence”
 Foroughi, Abbas.

Macroeconomic Influence on Procurement Strategy’s SC cost Performance: A Systems Dynamics Simulation Study
 Schmelzle, Ulrich. and Tate, Wendy.

Management Attribute and Leadership Effectiveness: a Case Study of Two Thailand Corporations
 Laohavichien, Tipparat.

Managerial Segmentation of Service Offerings in Work Commuting
 Silver, Steven.

Managing Conflict Minerals: An Exploratory Study of Supply Chain Due Diligence
 Blome, Constantin., Schleper, Martin. and Hofmann, Hannes.

Managing Multiple Consulting Projects: A Multi-level Application of the Demand-Based Approach
 Bumblauskas, Daniel., Rosol, Sarah. and Bumblauskas, Paul.

Managing Online User-Generated Product Reviews
 Tang, Kwei., Fang, Yu-hui. and Wu, Arthur.

Managing Operations to Realize Reliability Intentions: An Ethnographic Study on Operational Integrity of Fall Prevention Operations
 Memar Zadeh, Maryam.

Market Knowledge and Design to Change: The Role of Technology
 Paiva, Ely. and da Silva, Eliciane.

Market Process in Reverse Supply Chains for Electronic Waste
 O\'Reilly, Patrick.

Marketing Channels and Firm Performance
 Awe, Olajumoke.

Measuring Carbon-efficiency of Operations with Data Envelopment Analysis: Differences in Stakeholder Pressure and Carbon Management Practices
 Lee, Soo-Hyun., Lee, Su-Yol., Kim, Jae-Yun. and Shim, Kwang-Sic.

Measuring Levels of Supply Chain Synchronization: A Supply Chain Performance Metric
 Jenkins, Matthew.

Measuring the Comparative Efficiency of Production Processes for Auto Parts
 Joo, Seong-Jong., Liao, Kun. and Lee, Yong Joo.

Measuring the Relative Performance of Major League Baseball Teams in the 2014 Season
 Carbone, Samantha., Lee, C.., Smith, Carlo. and Joo, Seong-Jong.

Mediating Role of Organisational Culture on Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility
 Upadhaya, Bedanand., Munir, Rahat., Blount, Yvette. and Su, Sophia.

Mediating Role of Social Sustainability Performance on Reputation
 Sroufe, Robert. and Gopalakrishna-Remani, Venugopal.

Merits and Demerits of Human Judgment in Retail Store Replenishment Ordering
 Tenhiala, Antti. and Aggarwal, S..

Mitigating the effect of buyer’s dependence on supplier – The role of internal resource and external mechanism
 Chowdhury, Mesbahuddin., Prajogo, Daniel. and Nair, Anand.

Mobile Users’ Perception and Adoption of Biometric Authentication
 Chun, Sun. and Chung, Dalsang.

Model to create entrepreneurial communities
 Rios-Ramirez, Antonio.

Modeling Location Diffusion, Resource Allocation and Rebalance in Car Sharing Industry-A Zipcar Example and Analysis
 Chen, Wei.

Modeling crowd-sourced logistics
 Castillo, Vincent., Rose, William. and Bell, John.

Moderating Effect of the Environment on the Relationship between Innovation and Firm Performance
 Srivastava, Saurabh. and Ojha, Divesh.

Multivariate Nonparametric versus Time Series Approaches for Time-Varying Risk Hedging
 Chen, An-Sing., Leung, Mark. and Chou, Ching-Yun.
DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25
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