DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25

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ORCON – an Excel-based tool for analysis of ordinal consistency in the pairwise comparison of objects
 Moshkovich, Elena. and Mechitov, Alexander.

Offshoring and the change of the degree of supply base concentration over time from agency perspective
 Cheon, Kwanheui. and Kaynak, Hale.

On Unit Free Forecast Accuracy Metrics for Intermittent Demands
 Ren, Luh-Yu. and Ren, Peter.

On comparative statics of an inventory model for deteriorating items with advertising- and stock-dependent demand
 Bari, Abdullahel. and Mesak, Hani.

Online Learning Readiness: a Comparative Study of Students’ Perceived Responsibility for Learning at Undergraduate Level
 Azadian, Farshid. and Cunningham, Kathryn.

Operational Efficiency of Local Truckload Operators
 Zolfagharinia, Hossein. and Haughton, Michael.

Operational Innovations and Service Quality on Organizational Performance
 Lee, DonHee. and Lee, Sang.

Operationalizing Sustainability for Integrated Bottom Line Performance
 Sroufe, Robert.

Operations Management Perspective of Entrepreneurship in Technology Startups: A Relevance Analysis
 Manoukian, Agassy. and Odabashian, Vahe.

Opportunism in Manufacturing Outsourcing
 Skowronski, Keith. and Benton, W.C..

Optimal Consumption and Portfolio of Investment in a Financial Market with Jumps
 Jin, Gan.

Optimal Picking Sequence for a Conveyor Belt Order Picking System
 Tian, Feng.

Optimal Product Pricing for a Small Business facing Non Linear Demand
 Bajwa, Ahmad. and Fontem, Belleh.

Optimal Sourcing under Consumer Stockpiling: A Multi-Tier Approach
 Narasimhan, Ram., Yoon, Jiho. and Kim, Myung Kyo (M.K.).

Optimal fencing in airline industry
 Raza, Syed. and Turiac, Micheal.

Optimal fencing investment, market segmentation, pricing, and production decisions for a process targeting firm with price dependent demand leakage
 Raza, Syed. and Abdullahkutty, Faseela.

Optimization of Maintenance Policy in the Presence of Competing Risks
 Varzgani, Nilofar., Katehakis, Michael. and Govindaraj, Suresh.

Optimizing Advance and Spot Selling Prices of Service Capacity in a Monopolistic Market
 Zhang, Hongkai., Mesak, Hani. and Ma, Jiehui.

Optimizing Facility Location and Inventory Allocation Decisions for Non-Blood Inventories in Blood Operations
 Gopalakrishnan, Mohan. and Yoo, Eunae.

Order Management in Real Time with Capacity Reservation under varying Cost Structure
 Srivastava, Rajesh. and Kirche, Elias.

Organizational Culture and Supply Chain Performance: Empirical Study in China
 Liao, Ying. and Zhang, Xuezhi.

Organizational Ethics and Quantitative Analyses: Are they compatible?
 Hollingworth, David. and Valentine, Sean.

Organizational Learning: A Comparison between Single-Level and Two-Level Measurement
 Park, Young-Sun., Kim, Ilhyung. and Springer, Mark.

Organizational Power Across the Disciplines: A Text-Analytic Exploration
 Cannon, Alan. and Nerur, Sridhar.

Outsourcing to Emerging Markets:Effects on Firm’s Green Supply Chain Performance
 Dutta, Pritha. and Steven, Adams.

Outsourcing under Competition: When to Choose a Competitor as a Supplier?
 Kemahlioglu-Ziya, Eda. and Perdikaki, Olga.

Outsourcing, Governance Mechanisms and Customer Satisfaction in E-commerce
 Bhagwat, Abhijit. and Niranjan, Tarikere.

Overcome the challenge to Supply chain collaboration
 Chiang, Chung-Yean. and Liu, Zhengyu.
DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25
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