DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25

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SBIR/STTR collaboration between small businesses and nonprofit universities
 Pan, Mengyang., Hill, James., Chandrasekaran, Aravind. and Rungtusanatham, Johnny.

SEM-Neural network modeling to predict the mobile commerce adoption in Oman
 Sharma, Sujeet Kumar., Govindaluri, Srikrishna. and Yadav, Rajan.

Scaling up Student Assessment: Issues and Solutions
 Van Vliet, Paul.

Selecting Appropriate E-Procurement Solutions for Your Purchase Needs
 Truong, Dothang.

Selecting the best supply chain strategy
 Ellegood, William.

Sensitivity Analysis of Early and Late Response Bias within Structural Equation Modeling
 George, Benjamin., Scott, Rebecca. and Prybutok, Victor.

Servitization and Product Innovation
 Golara, Sina. and Dooley, Kevin.

Servitization and its antecedents: a grounded-theory approach
 Varma, Nikhil., Tyagi, Rajesh., Pineau, Pierre-Olivier. and Pasin, Federico.

Setting Bin Sizes for Two-Bin Inventory Control Systems
 Kanet, John.

Sharing medical process knowledge among physicians in the same specialty practice group to improve healthcare delivery
 Li, Yulong. and Lowe, John.

Should Online Content Providers Be Allowed to Sponsor Data Usage?
 Cho, Soohyun., Qiu, Liangfei. and Bandyopadhyay, Subhajyoti.

Showrooming and the Length of Product Line
 Luo, Yilong. and Sun, Jiong.

Simulating Impatience
 Moeeni, Farhad.

Simulating the behavioral aspect of agents in Emergency Room with respect to high reliability characteristics
 Mahdikhani, Maryam.

Simulation Analysis of Vendor-Managed versus Retailer-Managed Inventory Policies
 Seydel, John., Wang, Xiaobin. and Moeeni, Farhad.

Six Sigma vs. Performance Solutions By Milliken
 McMurtrey, Mark.

Smoothing Mixed-Model S-Line and U-Line Balances
 Visich, John. and Khumawala, Basheer.

Social Media Management Strategies and Service Operations
 Niu, Run. and Fan, Ying.

Social and Environmental Supplier Selection Criteria to Support the Triple Bottom Line
 Visich, John., Reyes, Pedro. and Gu, Qiannong.

Social network and its use of technology
 Chou, David.

Socially Responsible Supply Chain Designs for the Bottom of the Pyramid
 Prattipati, Satyanarayana. and Gnanendran, Kingsley.

Specialization, Slack Orientation, and Adaptive Capacity in Uncertain Environments
 Ford, Matthew.

Stakeholder Quality Management in Open Government Information Technology Projects
 Joseph, Malcolm., Raisinghani, Mahesh., Wang, Fen. and Wang, Xinbao.

Stalled Supply Chains: Large-Truck Delays and Solutions to the Problem
 Frohlich, Markham.

Stepwise Approach for Selecting Corporate Welfare Beneficiaries with Social Network Analysis
 Kang, Yeon Sil. and Cho, BooYun.

Stochastic Cost Volume Profit Analysis with Mellin Transform
 Liang, Hongyan. and Patuwo, Eddy.

Stock market impact from supply chain disruption: A comparison between Japan and the US
 Liu, Jiangxia., Kumar, Sanjay. and Sarkar, Sourish.

Stockout based substitution and its impact on the supply chain
 Celebi, Heidi. and Evers, Philip.

Strategic Healthcare Supply Chain: A Large Scale Survey
 Peng, Xiaosong. and Narayanan, Arunachalam.

Strategic Retailers with Endogenous Sequence of Events in Supply Chain
 Choi, Hyun-cheol. and Kim, Yongjae.

Strategic Sourcing Risk Management in Electronics Manufacturing Industry: A Multiple Case Study Approach in Germany and the United Kingdom
 Ho, William., Kotula, Martin., Talluri, Srinivas. and Dey, Prasanta.

Strategic perspectives of 3PL providers towards reverse supply chain activities
 Southin, Nancy.

Strategies to enhance the efficacy of collaborative problem solving in complex environment
 Giannoccaro, Ilaria.

Strategy and Outsourcing decisions
 Awe, Olajumoke.

Structure and process in IT decision making: The balancing act
 Seetharaman, Priya.

Structure, Process and Outcome Quality of US Hospitals
 Elsaleiby, Aber.

Students’ Perception of a Blended Learning Environment
 Bayrak, Tuncay. and Akcam, Bahadir.

Study The Effects Of Product Quality On Customer Satisfaction In The Automotive Industry
 Xu, Lu. and Prybutok, Victor.

Study of Green Organizations’ Attitudes and Behaviors towards Sustainable Development
 Allevato, Eugene.

Study on Efficient Operation of Coffee Franchises in Korea and the Improvement Focusing the Customer Analysis of Importance – Satisfaction
 Kim, Changhee.

Study on SCM lead time reduction for changes in the manufacturing process
 Son, Jiyoon. and Kim, Soo-wook.

Supplier Evaluation and Selection in the US Public Transportation Industry: Determining Supplier Attribute Importance and Developing an Evaluation Framework
 Scott, Marc. and Szmerekovsky, Joseph.

Supply Base Complextity: A Useful Lens?
 Krause, Daniel.

Supply Chain Driven Innovation in the US
 Freitas de Paula, Veronica., Tate, Wendy., Freitas de Paula, Verica. and Schmelzle, Ulrich.

Supply Chain Leadership
 Verghese, Anto. and Koufteros, Xenophon.

Supply Chain Management Performance: The Impact of Sharing and Communication on Flexibility and Partner Satisfaction
 Niranjan, Suman., Savitskie, Katrina. and Spulick, Stephen.

Supply Chain Planning under Possible Job Action
 Benli, Ömer. and Ramsdale, Phil.

Supply Chain Practice, Information Sharing and Supply Chain Resilience
 Rastogi, Siddharth. and Benton, W.C..

Supply Chains with Excessive Scrap: Incentivizing Input Reduction vs. Enhancing Recycling Capabilities
 Aydinliyim, Tolga., Cil, Eren. and Murthy, Nagesh.

Supply Uncertainty and firm economic performance in developing economy environments: Examining the role of buyer-supplier relationships
 Amoako-Gyampah, Kwasi., Boakye, Kwabena., Famiyeh, Samuel. and Adaku, Ebenezer.

Supply chain disruptions during new product development: Assessing managerial response
 Yan, Tingting. and Azadegan, Arash.

Sustainability Management Practices of Food Manufacturers
 Land, Anna., Seuring, Stefan. and Pullman, Madeleine.

Sustainable Logistics/Transportation
 Ellram, Lisa., Mena, Carlos. and Larson, Paul.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Emerging Economies: The Effects on Social Capital and Supplier Performance
 Lee, Su-Yol. and Bae, Seha.

Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy and Practices Coalignment and its Role on Performance.
 Palacios, Sergio. and Mora, Carlo.

Sustainable supply chain distribution network design
 Ablanedo Rosas, Jose., Mukhopadhyay, Somnath. and Tahiliani, Rajesh.

System Dynamics at the Water Food Energy Nexus: A Sustainable Supply Chain Management Case Study
 Allen, Samuel. and Sarkis, Joseph.

System Dynamics in Navigable Inland Waterways
 Oztanriseven, Furkan. and Nachtmann, Heather.
DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25
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