DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25

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U.S. Government Budget Sequestration Revisited: Developing Federal Agency Budgets during Uncertain Times and Limited Fiscal Resources
 Byrne, Theordore.

Understanding of Technological Opinion Leadership
 Thakur, Ramendra., angriawan, arifin. and Summey, John.

Understanding the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) as a Measure of Critical Thinking
 Smith, Suzanne.

Understanding the Practices of Charitable Food Logistics using a Newsvendor Model
 Obaze, Yolanda. and Prybutok, Victor.

Understanding the Role of Institutional Pressures and Organizational Value in the Corporate Environmental Strategy
 DAI, JING., Chan, Hing Kai. and Yee, W.C. Rachel.

Underwriters efficiency in new issue market
 Hotkar, Vinay.

University’s online program marketing
 Wang, Jianfeng., Conaway, Michael. and Gleason, Andrew.

Unraveling the Lead-Time Uncertainty Paradox
 Tyworth, John. and Saldanha, John.

Use of Case Writing Projects in Teaching Data Mining for Business Intelligence
 Mollick, Joseph.

Users Participation in Social Media Based Brand Communities: A Dynamic Perspective
 He, Xiaoyun., Zhang, Feng. and Negahban, Arash.

Using Big-Data Analytics for Border Security
 Wang, Haibo. and Wang, Wei.

Using CRC Cards For Capturing Complex Community Planning Of Impacts Due to Changes in Extreme Weather Frequencies and Magnitude
 Galluppi, Kenneth., Putnam, Hana., Selover, Nancy. and Chhetri, Nalini.

Using College Football Scores to Illustrate Basic Statistical Concepts with Minitab
 Kowalski, Scott.

Using Modified Beer Game to Teach Supply Chain Disruptions
 Kumar, Sanjay. and Liu, Jiangxia.

Using Preventable Hospitalizations Rates to Analyze the Impacts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care
 Jefferson, Theresa., Wren, Gloria. and Sharkey, Phoebe.

Using Sudoku as an Ice Breaker and a Learning Tool
 Ernstberger, Kathryn. and Venkataramanan, Munirpallam.

Using social media to improve entrepreneurial customer interactions, customer capital and business performance
 Jin, Yan. and Marsillac, Erika.
DSI Annual Meeting 2015-Nov-20 to 2015-Nov-25
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