DSI Annual Meeting 2017-Nov-17 to 2017-Nov-22

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#PlaytheCourse: A Gamified Operations and Supply Chain Management Course
 Kwon, Hee Yoon. and Özpolat, Koray.

3D Printing: Transforming the Supply Chain
 Veronneau, Simon.


A + B Procurement Auctions: Bidding Behavior, Complexity and Competition
 Wu, Andy Xioasong., Quiroga, Bernardo. and Moritz, Brent.

A Behavioral Experiment on the Underweighting Bias in Serial Supply Chains
 Sarkar, Sourish. and Kumar, Sanjay.

A Business Analytic Approach for Evaluating Airplane Maintenance Activities
 Hester, Mike., Joo, Seong-Jong., Finney, Daniel., Kubalek, Scott. and Thomas, Jessica.

A Case Study Approach in Reverse Supply Chain
 Dowlatshahi, Shad.

A Case of Individual and Group Behaviour within a Professional Sports Environment
 Davies, John.

A Circular Business Model (CBM) Acceptance Framework
 Nandi, Santosh. and Kaynak, Hale.

A Comparative Study of Three Teaching Modes in a Management Course
 Fadol, Yasir., Aldamen, Husam. and Saadullah, Shahriar.

A Comparison of Undergraduate versus Graduate Student Perception and Performance using Student-Sourced Projects in Operations Management Courses
 Jin, Alan. and Cunningham, Margaret.

A Comparison of Undergraduate vs. Graduate Student Perception and Performance using Student-Sourced Projects in Operations Management Courses
 Jin, Alan., Cunningham, Margaret. and Wu, Lifang.

A Comparison of “Made-in-China 2025” and “Industry 4.0”
 Li, Ling.

A Complementary Examination of Premium Academic Accounting Journals
 Wong, Hannah., Avdeev, Valeriya. and Rudnick, Martin.

A Comprehensive Simulation Study of Bullwhip Effect in a Supply Chain
 Paul, Siddhartha. and Das, Debabrata.

A Content-Filtering Recommender System for Restaurant Reviews
 Salehan, Mohammad., Zhang, Sonya. and Aghakhani, Navid.

A Contingent Assessment of Capability Building in Manufacturing Firms
 Mahapatra, Santosh., Barbieri, Paolo. and Jacobs, Mark.

A Critical, Systems View of Zero Waste-to-Landfill Initiatives
 Schvaneveldt, Shane.

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Bayesian Learning in Search Ads Using Generalized Dirichlet
 Yang, Wei.

Being the apprentice: entrepreneurial practices in business entertainment formats
 Baumann, Sabine.

Big Data - Building a Program Focused on Business Needs
 Philpot, Denise.

Big Data Analysis of Customers’ Opinions on Automotive Purchasing and Service
 Conlon, Sumali., Abrahams, Alan. and Diaz II, Chad.

Big Data Analytics: Integrated Supply Chain Design
 Wang, Gang.

Big Data Capabilities Create Business Value: the Mediating Role of Decision-Making Impact
 Sun, Shiwei. and Hall, Dianne.

Big Data: Big Significance and Big Opportunities in Oman
 Sharma, Sujeet. and Joshi, Ankita.

Big Five Personality Traits and Knowledge Flow in University-Industry Collaborative Innovation in China
 Yu, Yu.

Big and small data, its cultural impact on small to mid-market manufacturers that improves on organization performance
 Stout, Blaine. and Hong, Paul.

Big data analytics in logistics and supply chain management: Certain investigations for research and applications
 Wang, Gang.

Big data in local public service management
 Dusek, Tamas.

Blockchain Technology For Enhancing The Supply Chain Resilience
 Min, Hokey.

Blockchain: Implications to Operations Management
 Nandi, Madhavi Latha. and Nandi, Santosh.

Blockchain: the next innovative disruptor in finance?
 Raghavan, Kamala.

Blurred lines: YouTube and supply chain embedded consumers of the videogame industry
 Kwon, Hee Yoon.

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CSR Resource Profiles in Strategic Alliances: Event Study
 Yim, Sean.

Can Kiosk Machines and Business Intelligence Replace the Hotel Front-Desk Representative?
 Ti, Wei-Liang. and Goeke, Richard.

Can Managers Plan Assortments? An Experimental Study
 Vorotyntseva, Yulia., Katok, Elena. and Honhon, Dorothee.

Can QR technology save money in SCM?
 Crnkovic, Marko. and Crnkovic, Jakov.

Can analytics help improve the implementation of preventive care programs?
 Sava, M. Gabriela., Vargas, Luis., May, Jerrold. and Dolan, James.

Can individuals be moved toward sustainable habits through case studies?
 Galy, Edith. and Hernandez, Monica.

Capacity utilization and student school level impact on school bus load time
 Ellegood, William., Simon Solomon, Stanislaus. and Christie, Esha.

Carbon Disclosures, Carbon Outsourcing and Firm Performance
 Dhanda, Kanwalroop. and Malik, Mahfuja.

Cash and Inventory as Mediators for Financial Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions
 Kumar, Sanjay. and Li, sailu.

Cash to Cash and the Zone of Concern
 Mirchandani, Prakash. and Laik, Joyaditya.

Cash versus Non-cash Equity Income: Evidence of Association to Credit Ratings
 Schneider, Douglas., Cotten, Brett. and McCarthy, Mark.

Challenges in converting a traditional lecture format class to a hybrid/flipped class.
 Swenson Roth, Wendy.

Changing similarities between business passengers and leisure passengers; 2005-2015
 Cho, Woohyun. and Min, Dong-Jun.

Changing to stay the same: continuation of functional supply chains
 Shah, Piyush. and Kull, Thomas.

Channel Selection Intentions for Purchases in an Omni-Channel Retail Setting
 Xu, Xun. and Jackson, Jonathan.

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Data Envelopment Analysis Approach and Its Application for Biomass to Biofuel Supply Chain Design
 Hong, Jae-Dong.

Data Leakages and Information Compromises: Disclosure of Cybersecurity Breaches in Audited Financial Reports
 Stagliano, A J.

Data processing layers in the industrial internet of things: urgent need or unnecessary surplus?
 Wunck, Christoph. and Baumann, Sabine.

Data-Driven Management of Post-Transplant Medications: An APOMDP Approach
 Boloori, Alireza., Saghafian, Soroush., Chakkera, Harini. and Cook, Curtiss.

Debiasing problem identification for e-commerce initiatives
 Drake, John. and Paul, Ravi.

Decision Making Support through Data Science: an Integrative View
 Wang, Fen. and Wang, Xinbao.

Decision-Making Processes in Step Families and Their Potential Impact on Social Services
 Balassa, Boglárka.

Decision-theoretic Regression Analysis Based on Bayesian Prior and Posterior Samples
 Lu, Yonggang.

Decreasing the gap between industry and academia: The central Ohio river business association case
 Siegler, Janaína (Jane)., Ni, John. and Martins, Ricardo.

Decreasing the operational costs of nonprofit community-based blood centers.
 Fortsch, Sima. and Liao, Qunfeng.

Demand Planning for Cloud Computing: Effect of Random Variation in Demand
 Dutt, Abhijit., Kumar, Sanjeev. and Jain, Hemant.

Design and Evaluation of Online MBA Operations Management Course
 Metcalf, Ashley. and Habermann, Marco.

Designing servitized business models through cross-industry innovation
 naor, michael., Bernardes, Ednilson. and Druehl, Cheryl.

Determinants of Degree of Hotel Pricing-Revenue Management System Sophistication
 Baker, Timothy., Zhang, Lizao. and Xu, Xun.

Determinants of Profitability of Indian Commercial Banks
 Rao, Venugopala., Jain, Ravi. and Metri, Bhimaraya.

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E-Social Entrepreneurship: An Examination of Service Quality in Charity Mobile Apps
 Palacios, Sergio., Diaz, Violeta. and Camacho Acevedo, Mei-Ling.

E-government Affordances: Exploring Patterns of Use and Task Characteristics
 Carter, Lemuria. and Hadidi, Rassule.

Ecoregions: geographic segmentation of the conterminous United States of America
 Holman, Justin.

Effective Teaching through Effective Teams
 Karimi, Zari.

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Enterprise Analytical Dashboard on Decision Support: A Case Study
 Lea, Bih-Ru. and Yu, Wen-Bin.

Effects of Hospital Occupancy on Clinicians’ Trade-off Behavior between Service Time and Quality
 Choi, Yunsik., Fredendall, Lawrence., Roth, Aleda., De Los Santos, Babur. and Makowsky, Michael.

Effects of Online Word of Mouth on Product Resale Value
 Lee, Hsun-Ming., Zhang, Peiqin. and Shah, Vivek.

Effects of Transaction Costs and Bidders’ Valuations on Discrete Dutch Auction Design
 Li, Zhen. and Kuo, Chin-Chung.

Effects of a Multi-Period Time Fence
 DeYong, Gregory.

Efficacy and Financial Effectiveness of Single-Family NICU Rooms for Reducing Nosocomial Infections, Length of Stay, and Direct Cost of Care
 Sadatsafavi, Hessam., Niknejad, Bahar., Shepley, Mardelle. and Sadatsafavi, Mohsen.

Efficiency Evaluation of the Electrical Energy Storage Units
 AKGUN, AHMET. and Yildirim, Mehmet.

Efficiency at the Bedside: Positive News on How Physicians Ration Resources
 Trarbach, Judith. and Vogt, Bodo.

Efficiency of Non-compliance Chargeback Mechanisms in Retail Supply Chains
 Chen, Jimmy.

Elicitation of Robust and Quality Agile User Stories Using QFD
 Ussery, Sabrina.

Emotions and Value of Information as Regret-Preventing Mechanisms in Sequential Search Environments
 Tavana, Madjid., Santos Arteaga, Francisco Javier. and Di Caprio, Debora.

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Facilitator vs. Obstructor in Supplier Integration (SI) for New Product Development (NPD)
 Oh, Jae-young., Ellis, Scott. and Goldsby, Thomas.

Facility Location with disruptions using Subordinated Markov Chains
 Malladi, Vishwakant.

Factors Affecting Digital Piracy: A Logistic Regression Model
 Lee, C. Christopher., Lee, Byung. and Shabana, Kareem.

Factors Associated with Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives in the S&P 500
 Sebastianelli, Rose. and Tamimi, Nabil.

Factors Influencing Cloud Computing Adoption in Thailand
 Changchit, Chuleeporn., Cutshall, Robert. and Chuchuen, Chat.

Fatigue Aware Service Scheduling: Accounting for Sleep and Fatigue to Maximize Performance
 Bowden, Zeb.

Firm Clockspeed: Toward a Theory of Relativity
 Moghadas Khorasani, Sina. and Schmidt, Glen.

Firm Performance through Corporate Social Responsibility: Leveraging the Supply Chain
 Cheng, Feng. and Carter, Craig.

Firm-level Evidence of Business Value of IT – A Case Study
 Pathak, Sunil., Sharma, Mayank. and Krishnaswamy, Venkataraghavan.

Fitness Technology Use and Wellness Outcomes
 James, Tabitha. and Belanger, France.

Five Elements of Importing Asphalt Feedstock
 Lee, EunSu. and Bell, Michael.

Flexibility: the effect of upstream, process and downstream factors
 Sawhney, Rajeev. and Sumukadas, Narendar.

Floods Disaster Relief Services: A Structural Econometric Analysis of Flooding in Thailand
 Tungtisanont, Niratcha., Roth, Aleda. and Quiroga, Bernardo.

Focused factory and competition in the healthcare industry
 Song, Junghoon., De Jong, Jurriaan. and Suresh, Nallan.

Food waste salvage implications of supply information sharing in a dedicated repurposing supply chain
 Lowrey, John. and Boyer, Ken.

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Game theoretic approach in production quantity decisions for primary and by-product materials
 Choi, Chul Hun., Kim, Sang-Phil., Cao, Jinjian., Lee, Seokcheon. and Zhao, Fu.

Gender diversity and firm performance: The moderating role of sales growth
 Patel, Prity. and Alikaj, Albi.

Gender in Entrepreneurship: A Stereotype Threat Perspective
 Barnir, Anat.

Global Malware Attacks:
 Nicholas-Donald, Aurelia. and Britton, Anita.

Graduate School Selection with Data Envelopment Analysis and Analytical Hierarchy Process
 Dachapally, Mukesh. and Shan, Xiaojun.

Green Alliances Announcements and Stock Market Reactions: An Event Study
 Liu, Yu.

Green House Gas Emissions and Supply Chain Spillovers
 Song, Sining., dong, Yan., Kull, Thomas., Carter, Craig. and Xu, Kefeng.

Green SCM and Performance Improvements: A Latent Growth Modeling Approach
 Kim, Sung Tae. and Cha, JunWoo.

Green product design considering the involvement on environmental performance
 Lim, Heeju. and Park, Sam.


Hacking Logistics Processes: Evidence from an Exploratory Field Study
 Hahn, Gerd.

Health Care Supply Chain Management (SCM): A Hybrid Approach
 Cagle, Carol., Sisk, Faye. and Rutledge, Arthur.

Health IT Applications Impact on Nurses’ Perception of Performance: Reviewing the Organizational and Personality Factors
 Ashtari, Sadaf. and Bellamy, Al.

Health and Safety Practices in Advanced and Developing Economies: A Multi-level Analysis
 Betts, Teresa. and Super, Jan.

Healthcare Operations Review: Challenges and Findings
 Costa, Stacie. and Golmohammdi, Davood.

Healthcare Preferences and Choices among New York State Residents – The Impact of Income, Place of Living, and Demographic Characteristics
 Sadatsafavi, Hessam., Kong, Lu., Verma, Rohit. and Kurtic, Katelyn.

High Involvement Work Practices and team performance: Unlocking the ‘‘Black Box’’ using AMO framework
 Velaayudan, Arumugam. and Kennedy, Deanna.

High or Low? Some evidence about the US corporate tax rate.
 He, Yuanlong. and Thompson, Yin.

Higher education institutions take a flight in the public cloud
 LaMacchia, Carolyn. and Egan, William.

Hospital Quality Outcomes and Organizational Context
 Miller, William., Lowery, Chris. and Sumner, Andrew.

Host National Strategy: A Political Risk Conceptualization for Supply Chain and Operations Strategy
 charpin, remi. and Roth, Aleda.

How Costs, Market Growth, and Changes to Brand Image Perception Interact with Socially Conscious Product Development
 Sadjady Naeeni, Hannan., Freeman, Nickolas. and Robinson, Powell.

How Does Integrated EMR Lower Healthcare Cost in Underdeveloped Countries?
 ALNSOUR, Yazan. and Albizri, Abdullah.

How Does Social Orientation Influence Firm Innovation?
 Liu, Xiaojin., Chao, Raul. and Harris, Jared.

How Does Supply Chain Risk Management Practices Contribute to Product Quality? Evidence from Chinese Manufacture Industry
 Liu, Xueyuan., Liu, Pei. and Zhao, Xiande.

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ICT, Poverty and IS Curriculum
 Prattipati, Satya.

IT Fashion and AI in Organization
 Chen, Liqiang.

IT Value Revisited: Foresight, Hindsight, Description and Prescription
 Dutta, Amitava.

IT-Business Strategies Alignment In Strategic Planning
 Khan, Habib Ullah. and Johannes, Fillemon.

Identifying Linkages among Manufacturing Strategy, Manufacturing Performance, and Firm Sustainability
 Swain, Ajaya.

Identifying Noise Level in Military Logistics under Anti-Access/Area-Denial (A2/AD) Environment
 Gedik, Ridvan., Ausseil, Rosemonde., Bednar, Amy. and Cowan, Mark.

Identifying Robust Diversified Portfolios with Second-order Stochastic Dominance Constraints
 Xu, Peng.

Identifying factors contributing to readmission of type 2 diabetic patients across different time-frames using probabilistic decision support modeling
 Topuz, Kazim., Paiva, William., Delen, Dursun. and Sathyanarayanan, Shrieraam.

Identifying key Agile behaviors that enhance traditional project management methodology
 Kloppenborg, Timothy., Forte, Frank. and Lensges, Marcie.

Impact of Big Data Analytics on the Firm value and the Role of Firm Strategy
 Inamanamelluri, Tejovathi.

Impact of Breaks on Worker Productivity: Agribusiness Setting Submission to the 2017 DSI Annual Meeting
 Pendem, Pradeep., Green, Paul., Staats, Bradley. and Gino, Francesca.

Impact of Business Share Allocation on Collaboration between Suppliers in a Supply Chain
 Kim, Bosung. and Park, Soohoon.

Impact of Caregiver System Use on Healthcare Performance: A Contingency Perspective
 Jena, Rishikesh. and Shah, vishal.

Impact of Inventory Holding and Shipping Costs in a Drop Shipping Supply Chain
 Kamalapur, Raj. and Lyth, David.

Impact of K-12 School Administration’s Internal Service Quality on Teacher Retention
 Welter, James. and Bhattacharyya, Kuntal.

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Joint Purchasing and Pricing Decisions Facing Purchasing Prices Fluctuations and Stochastic Price-Dependent Demands
 Hu, Xiangling. and Su, Ping.

Jugaad Innovation in Healthcare
 Bordoloi, Sanjeev. and Sudheer, Siddharth Singh.


Keeping or Losing Face? -----How Mainzi Effects Direct Selling under Chinese Culture
 li, yuanqing., Pham, Ngoc. and Wang, Hongxin.

Knowledge Sourcing through Technology Licensing in Developing Economies: An Empirical Investigation
 Mishra, Anant. and Liu, Xiaojin.

Knowledge Value in Enterprise Technology Implementation: An Introductory Study
 Sasidharan, Sharath.

Knowledge Workers’ Role Integration in Using Mobile Technology
 Hu, Yuchen., Li, Mengxiao., Liao, Kun. and Deng, Xiaodong.

Knowledge complementarity: Transforming buyer-seller relationships for synergistic effects
 Ahrens, Fred. and Hong, Paul.


Lead User Innovation Within Information Systems –Post Implementation Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
 Allie, Amos.

Leadership traits during response and recovery stages of supply chain disruptions
 Shaheen (Lukina), Iana. and Azadegan, Arash.

Lean Supply Management: Linking Lean Objectives and Practices with Supply Management Responsibilities
 Naranjo, Fernando., Menor, Larry. and Johnson, Fraser.

Lean concepts of visual management and lean layouts: the intersection with museum layout and exhibit design
 Southard, Peter.

Lean, Environmental Damage, and Firm Performance in the Manufacturing Industry
 Manikas, Andrew. and Kroes, James.

Lean-Green and Triple Bottom Line: A Systematic Literature Review
 Bhattacharya, Ananya. and Nand, Alka.

Learning Experience and Technology- based Service Encounter in healthcare industry
 Lee, DonHee. and Lee, Sang M..

Learning and Forgetting Curves: A Systematic Literature Review and Implications for Future Research
 Smunt, Timothy., Glock, Christoph., Grosse, Eric., Jaber, Mohamad. and Göttmann, Sabrina.

Learning from Conformance Quality Failures that Triggered Product Recalls
 Hall, David. and Johnson-Hall, Tracy.

Learning with Censored Information: An Application to Inventory Management
 Cao, Ying., Honhon, Dorothee. and Hyndman, Kyle.

Lessons learned: redesigning an operations management course to support students for a data driven workplace
 Bishop, Debra. and Meyer, Brad.

Let’s Keep Variation Simple
 Jance, Marsha.

Leveraging Informational and Relational Capabilities for Performance
 Yang, Jie., Xie, Hongming. and Ikem, Fidelis.

Leveraging Innovation for Sustainability Performance
 Kim, Myung Kyo., Yoon, Jiho. and Sheu, Chwen.

Leveraging Supplier Innovation: The Role of TMT Supply Chain Experience
 Elking, Isaac. and Paraskevas, John-Patrick.

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MSU Culinary Services: On-The-Go Food Truck
 Prahinsk, Carol., Lee-Rodgers, Justyn. and Origer, Chris.

Machine Learning Classifiers for Financial Distress Prediction
 Wang, Haibo., Huang, Jun. and Wang, Wei.

Make America Great Again: Lessons About Selflessness from the Book of Ruth
 Friedman, Hershey. and Fischer, Dov.

Making Programming Fundamentals Relevant by Teaching Coding That Targets Multiple Platforms
 Seydel, John.

Management Practices for Individuals’ Information Securing Behaviors
 Deng, Xiaodong., Carr, Douglas. and Li, Hewu.

Managerial Aspects Impacting Operations of Armenian Technology Innovation Firms
 Odabashian, Vahe. and Manoukian, Agassy.

Managerial Perceptions of Big Data: A Dynamic Organizational Capability
 Lin, Canchu. and Kunnathur, Anand.

Managing Hospital Performance through Accountability and Timeliness of Utilization Reviews
 Gardner, John. and Wasden, Sarah.

Managing Physician Preferred vs. General Medical Supplies
 Nair, Anand. and Rosales, Claudia.

Managing Risk in Indian Projects
 Iyyunni, Chakradhar., Anantatmula, Vittal. and Kumar, Sunil.

Managing Supply Chain Networks Using Blockchain Technology
 Agarwal, Atul., Bangera, Varsha. and Kakulavarapu, Abhijna.

Managing Supply Chain Risk: Drivers and Strategies for Risk Mitigation
 Singh, Nitya. and Hong, Paul.

Managing Uncertainty and Equivocality:The Role of Heavyweight Manager and Customer involvement
 Park, Joseph., Hong, Paul. and Wallace, Steven.

Mapping the Product Development Process in Small to Medium Product Development Projects
 Marquis, James., Tenney, Dan. and Deeb, Ruba.

Mapping the field of humanitarian logistics and supply chain management: A bibliometric analysis
 Porterfield, Tobin., Nguyen, Nam., Han, Chaodong. and Kanjipuram, Manish.

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NPD in Pharmaceutical Industry
 Yoon, Jiho., Talluri, Srinivas. and Rosales, Claudia.

Natural Disasters and its Impact on Cooperation Against a Common Enemy
 Paul, Jomon. and Mathews, Timothy.

Natural Language Processing NLP analysis with big data
 Soti, Attila.

Natural disaster response and recovery and the relationship to disruption performance
 Aiemwongnukul, Raveekarn., Wong, Chee Yew., Huatuco, Luisa. and Vlachos, Ilias.

Net-CONWIP: Improving pull-based control systems
 Diaz, Rafael. and Ardalan, Ali.

New Class of Estimators of Population Mean Utilizing Median of Study Variable
 Yadav, S. K.., Sharma, Dinesh. and Mishra, S.S..

Newsvendors' decision making performance in a gamified experiment
 Zare, Sina.


Obamacare and the Consumer Experience: A Longitudinal Study in the Rio Grande Valley
 Pham, Ngoc., Pham, Huan. and Garcia-Ramon, Lorena.

On 3-Dimensional Capacitated Transportation Problem
 Khurana, Archana. and Adlakha, Veena.

On Finding Stable and Efficient solutions for the Team Formation Problem
 Yekta, Hoda., Day, Robert. and Bergman, David.

On Probabilistic Guarantees for a Class of Noisy Geometric Programs
 Fontem, Belleh.

On the Time to Graduation in a Business School: A case Study in Operations Management
 Asef-Vaziri, Ardavan.

Online Proctoring Tools – an evaluation for online quantitative courses
 DiLellio, James.

Online Social Influence and Personalized Recommendation: an Empirical Study
 He, Xiaoyun. and Karami, Amir.

Open innovation community: Which idea is better?
 WEI, TIE. and Guo, Qin.

Operations Management View of Technology Innovation
 Manoukian, Agassy. and Odabashian, Vahe.

Operations Management and Diversification Strategy
 Qian, Zhuang.

Operations Strategy in New Ventures of Nascent Entrepreneurs
 Stock, Gregory., McDermott, Christopher., McDermott, Peggy. and Reid, Bayly.

Opportunistic Behavior in Relief Supply Chain Management: A Public-Private Partnership Perspective
 Torrance, Christopher.

Optimal Anti-Hypertensive Therapy Plan for Diabetic Patients
 Mirghorbani, Saeideh., Melouk, Sharif. and Mittenthal, John.

Optimal Executive Compensation: The Dynamic Partial Adjustment Valuation Approaches
 Lin, Winston., Chou, Chia-Ching (Edward). and Hung, TingShu.

Optimal Incentive and Production Decisions for a Closed-Loop Supply Chain in presence of Product Exchange Offer
 Das, Debabrata. and Dutta, Pankaj.

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PCN Analysis – a powerful yet simple framework for service design
 Sampson, Scott.

Participation in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Hospital Performance: An Econometric Study of The ACO Incentive Structure
 Nwafor, Onyi. and Johnson, Norm.

Patagonia Inc.’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives and Their Contribution to Company Brand
 Petrie, Kelsey., Umble, Elisabeth. and Umble, Michael.

Pathways to Organizational Resilience: A Look at Anticipatory and Reactionary Strategies
 Cao, Ray Qing., Maldonado, Tiffany. and Carden, Lila.

Patient Use of the Online Clinic Appointment System
 Xie, Heng., Prybutok, Victor R.. and Prybutok, Gayle L..

Patient-Centered Capacity Planning for Primary Care Appointment Scheduling
 Dogru, Ali. and Melouk, Sharif.

Perceived Fairness and Educator’s Organizational Citizenship Behavior? Moderation Effect of Job Satisfaction Investigation in the GCC Countries
 Sawalha, Nabeel.

Perceived health, social networks, subjective wellbeing and perceptions of social environment: a case study in South Africa
 Moore, Ami., Ta, Anh. and Prybutok, Victor R..

Performance Evaluation of Mexican Airports System: A DEA Windows Analysis
 Pimentel, Victor. and Kling, Jim.

Performance Evaluation of Mexican Power Generation Plants: A DEA Windows Analysis
 Pimentel, Victor., Kling, Jim. and Aizezikali, Aishajiang.

Performance Measurement for Disaster Relief Operations with Military and Civil Defense Assets
 Adivar, Burcu., Mert, Ali. and Ari, Metin.

Performance of Effects of Logistics Capabilities with Strategic and Functional Alignment
 Park, Soomin. and Suresh, Nallan.

Performance of Public Sector Banks in India: A Study of Data Envelopment Analysis
 KUMAR, SUMAN. and Rangnekar, Santosh.

Personal branding or employee advocacy - expert's use of social networking site
 Makkonen, Pekka. and Schutskoff, Sanna.

Personal fabrication as an operational strategy: Value of delegating production to customer
 Sethuraman, Nagarajan., Parlakturk, Ali K.. and Swaminathan, Jayashankar.

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Quality-Trust relation in Cloud Computing Services
 LIU, XIAOTONG., Prybutok, Victor R.. and Rubino, Edoardo.

Queue Inference With Uncertain Observations
 Keith, Andrew. and Ahner, Darryl.


RFID Adoption Patterns in Retail: External and Internal Factors
 Kasiri, Narges.

Reactively or proactively motivated? Signaling trustworthiness in supply chain relationships
 Wallin, Cynthia., Jones, Stephen., Brewer, Barry., Fawcett, Amydee. and Fawcett, Stanley.

Readiness Metrics in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief
 Apte, Aruna.

Real Manipulation Activities, Corporate Governance, and Liquidity
 JHANG, SHIH-SIAN., Lin, Winston. and Hung, TingShu.

Recall timing and firm performance
 Kumar, Anupam. and Steven, Adams.

Reducing Information Overload with Aspect Based Analysis of Online Product Reviews
 Pathak, Sunil. and Sharma, Srinarayan.

Reining In Onion Prices by Introducing a Vertically Differentiated Substitute: Models, Analysis, and Insights
 Kullu, Muge., Palsule-Desai, Omkar D.. and Gavirneni, Nagesh.

Relational Ties and Knowledge Transfer in the New Product Alliance: the moderation role of relational formalization
 Liu, Dong. and Hooker, Robert.

Relational and Transactional Buyer-Supplier Relationship in Supplier Social Compliance
 Jajja, Muhammad Shakeel., Asif, Muhammad., Montabon, Frank. and Chatha, Kamran.

Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Machiavellianism in Kuwait
 Chawla, Sudhir., Ben Salmah, Ahmed. and Al-Sane, Fahad.

Relationship marketing meets web 3.0 - Understanding your customer segments and the online strategy
 McDonnell, Jennifer., Tomenko, Viacheslav., Vail, Colin., Vogel, Matthew., Xu, Zhenning. and Kohli, Amarpreet.

Religion and Operations Management
 Metters, Richard.

Relocation of second degree intra-UE: a study in the manufacturing industries
 Golini, Ruggero., Barbieri, Paolo., Fratocchi, Luciano. and Elia, Stefano.

Repair Shop Design Strategies in Spare Part Supply Systems
 Turan, Hasan., Al-Khatib, Maryam., Pokharel, Shaligram., Sleptchenko, Andrei. and El Mekkawy, Tarek.

Repeated Investment in a Shared Supplier under Uncertainty and Spillover
 Kim, Youngsoo., Kwon, H. Dharma. and Agrawal, Anupam.

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ST-VIKOR: Accounting for Stochastic Data and Risk Attitudes in Multi-Criteria Decision Making
 Tavana, Madjid., Di Caprio, Debora. and Santos Arteaga, Francisco Javier.

Scaling up civic engagement: Community-based learning for small to large classes
 Eboch, Karen.

Secure Encapsulation of Enterprise Digital Assets: A Strategy to Minimize the Impact of Ransomwares
 Raghavan, Kamala., Desai, Mayur. and Rajkumar, PV.

Security and Quality Control in Semiconductor Supply Chain
 Xu, Kefeng., Zhao, Yao. and Mahdikhani, Maryam.

Selecting Suppliers with Shortage Risk and Outsourcing Cost for a Make-to-Order Manufacturer
 Yue, Jinfeng., Yang, Zhenzhen., Yuan, Qianqian. and Yang, Feng.

Selection of Solid Waste Management Program for the University of Houston –
 Kambhampati, Krishna Deep. and Shan, Xiaojun.

Selection of a Best Online Job Portal in the United States using Analytical Hierarchy Process
 Matta, Nikhitha. and Shan, Xiaojun.

Self-Driving Vehicle Acceptance: An Experimental Study
 Amirkiaee, Seyede Yasaman. and Evangelopoulos, Nicholas.

Selling Television Commercial Times Under Competition
 Geng, Qin. and Mallik, Suman.

Semi-directed interpretations of complex supply networks: New insights into modern supply chain risk
 Simpson, Natalie. and Kao, Ta-Wei.

Sentiment Analysis of Public Opinions: A Case Study on Tesla’s Autonomous Electric Cars
 Yu, Wen-Bin., Lea, Bih-Ru., Mohini, Abhay. and Soni, Sahil.

Sequential Effects and Bidder Heterogeneity in B2B Auctions: Evidence from Truckload Spot Auctions
 Scott, Alex.

Service Delivery Delay in Multi-Class Service Processes
 Zhao, Xiaofeng.

Servitization and Manufacturer Innovation
 Golara, Sina. and Dooley, Kevin.

Servitization in humanitarian logistics: The competitive difference
 Heaslip, Graham., Kovacs, Gyöngyi. and Grant, David.

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Tax Ethics for Benefit Corporations
 Fischer, Dov. and Kraten, Michael.

Tax Policy and Sourcing Strategy – A Social Welfare Perspective
 Wang, Ziping. and Ma, Huafan.

Taxonomy of SCF Approval Strategies: A Study Based on Text Analysis
 Ying, Hao. and Zhao, Xiande.

Teaching Big Data: An Innovative Multi-Media PowerPoint Presentation
 Richter, Stephen., Rappaport, Jack. and Kennedy, Dennis.

Teaching Design of Experiments in a Business School
 McCullough, B.

Teaching Forecasting Methods and Forecast Error Calculations Utilizing a Simulation to Generate Meaning and Complexity
 Betts, Teresa.

Teaching Inventory Control with Gamification
 Andrulat, Alec., Egilmez, Gokhan. and Gedik, Ridvan.

Teaching project management online versus face-to-face
 Gu, Qiannong., Li, Kunpeng., Jitpaiboon, Thawatchai. and Smith, Sheila.

Technological Over Lap between Integrated Resources in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
 Ibrahim, Sherwat. and El Katsha, Paul.

Technological innovation as an enabler of reshoring
 Di Mauro, Carmela., Ancarani, Alessandro. and Mascali, Francesco.

Technology Driven Operations Management Education
 Hall Jr., Owen., Chun, Mark. and DiLellio, James.

Technology Uncertainty, Product Complexity, Knowledge Integration and Performance
 Rauniar, Rupak. and Rawski, Greg.

Technology and Student Retention in Online Courses
 Scarpin, Jorge Eduardo., Mondini, Vanessa. and Santiago Scarpin, Marcia Regina.

Tell Me What I Want: a Study of Personalized Assortment Planning for Learning Consumers
 Vorotyntseva, Yulia., Honhon, Dorothee. and Ulu, Canan.

Tension Level and Supply Chain Resilience
 Shin, Nina. and Park, Sangwook.

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Uncover the Black Box of Slack-Performance Relationship: An Investigation of the Impacts of Nurse Slack on Care Quality and Operating Costs
 Peng, Xiaosong (David)., Ye, Yuan. and Ding, Xin (David).

Uncovering Sustainable Business Practice Bundles
 Augustin-Behravesh, Shirley-Ann., Kinicki, Angelo., Basile, George. and Dooley, Kevin.

Undergraduate Business Program Assessment Using CompXM
 Lee, Peggy. and Wendeln, Kenneth.

Understanding Integrative Qualities and Dimensions of Social Commerce: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective
 Dai, Hua. and Hu, Tao.

Understanding Voice User Interface Continuance Intention: An empirical study
 Nguyen, Quynh.

Understanding and Managing Customer-Induced Negative Externalities in Congested Self-Service Environments
 Lee, Hyun Seok., Kesavan, Saravanan. and Deshpande, Vinayak.

Understanding the Antecedents of Fake News Awareness
 Negahban, Arash., Gerhart, Natalie. and Torres, Russell.

Understanding the Influence of Event Design on Crowd Emergence in Crowdsourcing: A Contatition Perspective
 Liu, Zhongzhi., Kull, Thomas., Dooley, Kevin. and Oke, Adegoke.

Understanding the Role of Trust Between Buyers and Suppliers in Influencing Suppliers’ Sustainability
 Rikhtehgar Berenji, Hossein., Murthy, Nagesh. and Yang, Zhibin (Ben).

Union Election Activity in Logistics
 Lowery, Chris., Miller, William., Beadles, N.. and Williams, Donnie.

United Nations Global Compact: state of the art and future research directions
 SARTOR, MARCO., Ebrahimpour, Maling., Orzes, Guido., Moretto, Antonella., Moro, Mattia. and Rossi, Matteo.

University Services for the Public: How to Offer and for How Much?
 Czakó, Katalin.

University as corporation: Identified sustainability criteria held in common between for- and non-profit firms
 Warren, Scott. and Peak, Daniel.

Updating the Latent Semantic Analysis Text Mining Algorithm
 Ashton, Triss.

Upstream versus Downstream Experience in Crowdsourcing Platforms with Interdependent Problem Domains: An Empirical Investigation
 Menon, Nirup., Mishra, Anant. and Ye, Shun.

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Value Added Tax (VAT) in Qatar: A perception of implementation
 Abdul Hadi, Fouad. and Anam, Ousama.

Value Creation in Big Data Analytics
 Chou, David.

Video Games as a Platform for Team Research and Practice
 Lavetti, Eric., Frazier, Shree. and McComb, Sara.

Virtual Health Communities and Social Support
 James, Tabitha., Belanger, France. and Villacis Calderon, Eduardo.


Waste in the Context of the Technological Business Planning Process
 Fernandes, June., Reis, Luciana., Barreto, Ezequiel., Di Serio, Luiz. and Paiva, Ely.

Web Facilitated Classroom Execution of the Table Top Beer Distribution Game
 Klotz, Dorothy.

Wells Fargo: Setting the Stagecoach Thundering Again
 barua, samir. and gujarathi, mahendra.

What is Driving America’s Deployment on AMI?
 Cardenas, Jesus. and Gemoets, Leopold.

What will affect consumer purchase behavior of hedonic and utilitarian goods?
 zhao, shaoqiong. and liu, feng.

When do Appointments of Corporate Sustainability Executives affect Shareholder Value?
 Arora, Priyank., Hora, Manpreet., Singhal, Vinod. and Subramanian, Ravi.

Where to Start in an Executive DBA Curriculum? The Case for Case Research
 Mullarkey, Matthew. and Gogan, Janis.

Which Condition Enhances SMEs Financing Outcome: Cases and Necessary Condition
 Song, Hua., Lu, Qiang. and Yu, Kangkang.

Who Subscribe to Identity Theft Protection Service? An Exploration of Antecedent Factors
 Li, Yuan., Wang, Jingguo. and Rao, H. Raghav.

Work Values, Generational Difference as Impacted by Computer Self Efficacy
 Stockham, Melia. and Lind, Mary.

Work-Life Balance Initiatives and Performance: The Role of Gender as a Moderator
 Medina, Efrain.

Workarounds in hospitals: Harmful or helpful responses to operational failures?
 Zheng, Sarah., Tucker, Anita., Gardner, John. and Bohn, Roger.


Xiamen and the US Plumbing Industry – Potential Effects of a Natural Disaster
 Fledderman, Adam. and Bhattacharyya, Kuntal.


Your reward scheme matters: Design impacts on job satisfaction, self-esteem, and commitment
 Warren, Scott.
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