Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice 2015-Oct-15 to 2015-Oct-18

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"A Talk to Teachers": Reflections on Baltimore in the face of not "new" understandings
 Bierzynski, Danielle.

1 Teachers’ Beliefs, Educational Policy and Family Factors of New Immigrant Children in Taiwan

'It was illegal to be Mexican'-After-affects and the Tucson Mexican American Studies Ban
 Niccolini, Alyssa.

“Fevered Imaginations” and “Fantastical Contexts”: Fantasies of Education Policy
 Jervis, Lauren.

“I would still use tests.” Preservice teachers’ theorize about their classrooms under neoliberal “reforms”
 Boucher, Jr., Michael.

“Next Stop, Bloor/Yonge”: A Critical Historical-Cartographical Reading of the Toronto Subway
 Smith, Bryan.

“Only By Knowing What to Move”: The Ethics of (Aesthetic) Coercion
 Osmond, Chris.

“…and no Black boy wants a mocha queen”: Race, Gender and “Acting White” in School
 Wozolek, Boni.

• Capsized Culture/Seafaring Discourse – Rescuing Curriculum and Our Planet
 Appelbaum, Peter.


A Curriculum of Desire
 Adams, Erin.

A Game of Beads? Exploring an Ethics of Teaching
 Ware, Jason. and Givens, Tanner.

A Glitch in the System-Terror, Censorship & Incivility
 Niccolini, Alyssa.

A Philosophical Foundation for Education Reform: Habermas's Funds of Knowledge
 Hall, Kristin.

Academic Writing and Publications
 Slattery, Patrick.

Acoustemology of (Alter-global) Gender & Sexuality Education
 Appelbaum, Peter.

All of This is Yours; Global Citizenship Education as Emancipatory Practice for African American Preschoolers
 Hancock, Robin.

American Horror Stories: (Un)dead Pasts and Uncanny Curriculum in the Gothic Sensibilities of History Education
 Helmsing, Mark.

An Analysis of 27 Documentaries about Education
 Bach, Jacqueline.

An Embodied Becoming-Other: Material Feminism, Curriculum, and the Mutually Entangled Spirit
 Robbins, Kirsten. and Elfreich, Alycia.

An Ethic of Teacher Leadership: Stories of Transaction and Fidelity
 Castner, Daniel.

Art as Critical Curriculum: Taking a Stance in the Teaching and Learning of the History of the Danish Slave Trade
 Hougaard, Naja.

Artistic Articulation
 Strople, Christopher.


Back to the Future: The Margaret Interviews
 Martin, Karl.

Beach Reading: Jaws as a Curriculum of Community
 Helmsing, Mark.

Becoming Teachers: Art & Creative Practice in Social Justice Education
 Martin, Troy.

Being and (un)becoming: Re-imagining teacher-student relationship from onto-epistemological perspective
 Han, Shaofei.

Beyond Marriage Equality: Identifying Needs of LGBTQ-Parented Youth
 Snow, Shannon.

Black Girl in Another Place and in Othered Space
 Williams, Tiffany.

Breaking the Strings of Standardization: Using Profanity to Achieve Hermeneutic Understanding
 Smith, Mychelle.


Campus rape culture as a heterosexist discourse: Lessons from LGBTQ student survivors
 Wooten, Sara.

Capturing to the Murmur of the World: A New Image of Thought
 Richardson, Jack.

Children’s Literature as Pedagogical Content and Method in Cultivating Global Teacher Ethics
 Liu, Laura.

Citizens of Tomorrow, Today: Student Councils and the Political Futurity of Youth
 Bethune, Jennifer.

Coloniality and International Teacher Education
 Rahatzad, Jubin. and Dockrill, Hannah.

Conflicting Views of Art Instruction, 1899-1938
 Watras, Joseph.

Constructing the institutionalized individual: a reflection on the purpose of education.
 Fowler, Teresa.

Cosmopolitical possibilities: Approaching the limit of presence in curricular theory
 Wright, Bryan.

Coyote Style Teaching: The Time of the Trickster is Now
 Heck, Marsha.

Crisis Ordinariness & Teacher Education: Reading "Cruel Optimism" Pedagogically
 Garrett, Jim.

Critical Race Curriculum as Oppositional Language for Teachers in Urban Schools
 Flowers, Natasha.

Critical theory and international development in higher education: Understanding challenges in maintaining quality standards after international monetary support ends
 Peck, Leah.

Culturally Responsive Leadership: Providing a Voice for the Voiceless within Educational Curriculum
 Vaughn, Timothy.

Curriculum Theorizing in New Times: From Literacy to Sensibility
 Phung, Thanh.


Democracy & Dragons: How do we teach citizenship in a continually devolving Wales?
 Smith, Kevin.

Democracy, Ethics and Teacher Education Curriculum Thoughts on Cross-Paradigm Conversational Practices
 Kelly, Tom.

Disabling Education
 Buffington-Adams, Jamie.

Dress Code: The Oppressive Curriculum
 Aghasaleh, Rouhollah.


Education Futures: Discourse as Driver of Innovation
 moore, victoria.

Education and disaster aid in New Orleans
 Browne, Prudence.

Emotion in the City: Pedagogical explorations of Baltimore’s 2015 Unrest
 Grosland, Tanetha.

Emptying Curricular Space
 Hermann, Rita.

Examining Critical Witnessing in Teacher Preparation: Troubling the Notion of the Calibrated Child
 Leafgren, Sheri., Pond, Gavin., Abner, Megan., Aburmaieleh, Ameera., Flot, Lauren., Gundler, Megan., Lyons, Abby. and Rudy, Kristin.

Excavating Traces of Place through the Othered Self
 DeSilva, Naamal.

Exploring the Hidden Curriculum Experienced by African American Female Students and the Academic Achievement Implications
 Anderson, Jantina.

Exploring the Power of Parental Counternarratives of Dis/Ability
 Vaughan, Kelly.

Exploring youth identity: A poem in one or more parts
 Ward, Maranda.


Failing to Conform: Identity, Teacher Candidates and the edTPA
 Hebert, Cristyne.

Falling Down Memory Holes: 17th Century Openings
 Winfield, Annie.

Fostering Empathy Through Visual Culture Art Integration
 Bradshaw, Darden.

Fourfold Curriculum Theorizing: Informing an Ethical Response to William Pinar's Second Reconceptualizing Challenge
 Henderson, James.

From Event-alizing Inquiry to Fractal Curriculum History
 Lopez, Licho.


Globalization and Common Core State Standards: Implications for Teacher Education Trends in the United States
 Singh, Navin.

Globally Elite: Educating for Global Citizenship within an Elite Context
 Howard, Adam., Stewart, Patrick. and Thinley, Sangay.

Goodbye Developmentally Appropriate Practices, Hello Audit Culture
 Riek, Jodie.


Historicizing Transnational School Reforms (or, Why Not an Ethnography)?
 Kirchgasler, Christopher.

Humanizing Education: (re)Thinking Education through Ubuntu
 Robinson-Morris, David.


Identity, Culture, and Curriculum at the Intersections of Globalization and Postcolonialism in India
 Asher, Nina.

Imagination in Teacher Education
 Lee, Sungyoon.

Imagining Jacques Rancière’s Ethic of Emancipation Within the Context of Teacher Education
 Zimmerman, Aaron.

In Search for Wholeness: Resisting the Seduction of Certainty
 Oraby, Ebtissam.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum Design and Embodied Cognition
 Browskowski-Durow, Brandi.

Interest in Science: From a Matter of Fact to the Processes of its Materializing
 Kirchgasler, Kathryn.

Interrogating Power, Privilege, and White Supremacy in a Predominantly White Institution
 Martin, Jennifer.

Introducing the International Journal of Curriculum and Social Justice
 Gershon, Walter.

Investigating Relational Aesthetics through Encounters with Place
 Schneider, Jennifer.

Is There a Queerer Pedagogy? Or Stop Reading Queer
 Greteman, Adam.


Lifelong Learner as the product of “making-up-future-citizen” project in OECD’s PISA
 Kim, Jonghun.

Losing to Boehner
 Poetter, Thomas.


Making modernity, Identity and Schooling in Taiwan, 1895~1920.
 Lee, Yi-Chen.

Making up a professional teacher in the era of lifelong learning
 Kim, Ji-Hye.

Making “the African:” Braiding the Social Sciences and Modern Schooling in the History of Education
 Kirchgasler, Christopher.

Making-up "multicultural family" in South Korea: Globalization, lifelong learner, and gender performativity
 Lee, Sun Young.

Mementos and Microbial Saints: Mid-Apocalypse Pedagogies of Consumptive and Scientific Salvation
 Burdick, Jake. and Sandlin, Jennifer.

Mind the Gap: Hypermodernity and the Loss of Critical Distance
 Briton, Derek.

Missing Conversations in Academia
 Huckaby, Fran.

More Fluid Worlds: Spaces, Architectures, and New Materialisms
 Tillett, Wade.

My valuable broken body: Knowing differently through embodied experience
 Vanderbilt, Sandra.


Nationalizing ‘the Global’: Traveling Discourse on Globalization in Curriculum Reforms in S. Korea
 Kim, Ji-Hye.

Neil Postman’s Conserving Approach to Media Education
 Mason, Lance.

Neoliberal Dragons
 Huckaby, Fran.

New Materialist Pedagogy: Reconsidering Community Art and Refugee Youths
 Bae-Dimitriadis, Michelle.

New Times for Africana Philosophy
 Muhammed, Armiya.

Nonviolence Curriculum and Crafting Agency in the Community College Classroom: A Critical Perspective of the Value of Interconnectedness
 Davis, Robert.


On Making Room for Others: Group Psychology and Education
 Robinson, Angela.

On/Beyond Currere
 Adams, Susan. and Buffington-Adams, Jamie.

One Story of an Initial Organizing Effort To Create an Urban Neighborhood Freirean Empowerment Zone
 Scheurich, Jim.


Parallel Problems: Students in Poverty, Online Education, and Neoliberal Discourses
 Howell, Crystal.

Parasitism Revealed: On the Absence of Concession
 Winfield, Annie.

Pedagogy of the Ragged Company: The Examination of Leadership through Prismatic Inquiry
 Fisher, Marni.

Personal reflections on a feminist history of differential consciousness: From Amandla-Matla! and End Youth Prisons! to La conciencia de la mestiza!
 Sharma, Suniti.

Political Considerations for Neoliberal Education Reform Researchers
 Mitchell, Gareth.

Presenter Fran Huckaby
 Huckaby, Fran.

Presenter Jennifer Job
 Job, Jennifer.

Presenter Kelly Vaughan
 Vaughan, Kelly.

Protesting dispossession through creating new spaces
 Banda, Roselyn.

Putting Badiou and Dewey in Dialogue: Transactional Fidelity or Fidelity to Transacting?
 Castner, Daniel.


Re-Conceptualizing Mathematics Research and Curricula: Equity as More than Six Letters with No Traction
 Gatza, Andrew. and Tillema, Erik.

Re-Reading Pragmatism: The Consequences of Friendship
 Greteman, Adam.

Red & Black Nightmares: AutoPoetic Narratives of Black Boys Abroad
 Jackson, Johnnie.

Redefining Education: Piloting Prism Theory and Prismatic Inquiry
 Fisher, Marni.

Reimagining Baltimore: A call for cultural fluency, conflict transcendence, and doing things differently
 James-Hassan, Martha.

Rejecting Babel: Freire’s literacy campaigns in Africa and the future of multilingual education in the United States
 Barros, Sandro.

Rethinking Socratic Education: An Ontological Reading of Plato's Early Dialogues for Contemporary Education
 dewar, matthew.

Rethinking curriculum theorizing in the contemporary conflict-ridden world
 Ndemanu, Michael.

Rethinking pedagogy of engagement: looking beyond the technical view
 Nguyen, Cuong.


Schooling Racialized Bodies: Curriculum at the Intersection of Visibility and Absence
 Wozolek, Boni.

Schooling, Neoliberal Practices, and Critical Geographies: Contemporary US Schooling as a Jim Crow Space
 Gershon, Walter.

Situating Environmental Education Research Using a Framework of Policy, Place, and Partnerships
 DeSilva, Naamal.

Social Activism and Community Collaboration
 Mitchell, Roland.

Stop the Recording so You Can Listen to the Meaning: Settler Lands and Sensual Eruptions through Purposeful Approaches for Listening to Curriculum
 Mitchell, Roland. and Mitchell, Reagan.

Stories, Counter-Stories, and Refusals to Tell
 Dockrill, Hannah. and Rahatzad, Jubin.

Subjectivity, the self, and curriculum theory
 Robbins, Kirsten.


TESOL Teacher Education in Libya: A Case Study
 Elsherif, Entisar.

Teacher Decision-Making in a Complex Adaptive System With New Education Project
 gorunmek, fatih.

Teacher Performance Assessment, Governmentality, and Resistance
 Coloma, Roland.

Teaching Social Justice Using the Colonizers' Language of Spanish
 Hathaway Miranda, Heather.

The Aesthetic Experience and Korean Art: Releasing the Social Imagination in New Times
 Moon, Seungho.

The City as Curriculum: The Baltimore Uprising and Spaces of Exception
 Helfenbein, Robert.

The Colonized Spirit of the Afro-Caribbean Woman: A Miseducation of the Will
 Myers, Shauna.

The Common Spaces of Artistic Teaching and Educative Mentoring
 Chandler, Chelsea. and Krise, Kelsy.

The Curriculum of the Phallus
 Wooten, Sara.

The Eagles Are Coming!: The Strengths and Weaknesses of a Triple-Chaired Dissertation Committee
 Fisher, Marni.

The Generation of Diverse Knowledges Through a Social Justice Youth Empowerment Program
 Job, Jennifer.

The Hermeneutic Circle: Curriculum, Interpretation, and the Cultural Politics of the Mentally Ill
 Elfreich, Alycia. and Shaver, Erik.

The Imaginative Space of Negativity
 Bishop, Diana.

The Other and Self in Dialogue: A Confucian-Western Reflection on International Professional Development as 仁 (ren) and 人道 (rendao)
 Liu, Laura.

The Paradoxical Nature of Unitary Curricula and Policies Amidst Increasing Multiculturalism in U.S. Schools
 Fetman, Lisa.

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Un-naturalizing time and observation in teacher development
 Lee, Sun Young.

United States Education and the Future of American Democracy: What Are We Teaching Our Students?
 Becker, Chad.


Vouchers are X: Conceptual Framing of Education Vouchers in the Public Discourse over Indiana’s 2011 Choice Scholarship Program.
 Jernigan, Jeremy.


We Are All Zombies Now
 Huddleston, Gabriel.

What Can We Learn from Jurgen Habermas about Reading the Word and the World Critically?
 Lee, Cheu-jey.

What are the Terms and Limits of So-called Creativity?
 Spencer, Caitlin.

When one is Too Many: Queer Youth, Suicide and Resilience of Spirit
 Wozolek, Boni.
Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice 2015-Oct-15 to 2015-Oct-18
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