Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice 2017-Oct-12 to 2017-Oct-15

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"If we are going to feminize boys, we will withdraw our support": A rhizoanalysis of conversations around gender in a private Jewish preschool
 Morvay, Jenna.

(Un)complicated Conversation: An Autoethnographic Journey of a High School Principal Navigating Neoliberal Curriculum Adoption
 Thompson, Kent.

40 Years Later: How “All Children Can Learn” May be Destroying Education in the U.S.
 Youngbauer, Vincent.

‘Tricked’ and ‘Trumped’ by the Lack of Difficult Phenomena in Picturebooks: Querying Disasters and Death
 Bliss, Stacey.

“Because I care about them, like, whatever”: A successful young White teacher’s complicated theories of solidarity, curriculum, and her emotional labor
 Boucher, Jr., Michael., Hoff, Meagan. and Sarker, Amber.

“Immutable mobility” of teaching: Synchronized time, digitized observation, and standardized teaching in the edTPA
 Lee, Sun Young.

“Survivors Approaching!”: Zombie Apocalypse Narratives and the Sustaining of Teacher Community
 Osmond, Chris.

“This is my story too!”: Four White Women’s Understandings of Gender and (Race)
 Jordan, Valin.


A Biographical Examination of Curriculum as Theological Text
 Martin, Karl.

A Nation Unto Themselves: Nationality and Ethnicity in Three High School World Literature Reading Lists
 Chappel, Jacquelyn.

A Not-So Forgotten Minority
 Mohamad, Wafa.

A Philosophical Lineage of Affect for Education
 Kutner, Mel. and Robinson, Brad.

A Political Ontological Approach and the Decolonization of Ethnographic Research
 Fúnez-Flores, Jairo.

A Soft Offering for the Oft Suffering: Black/Brown Voices and the Echoes of Grief
 Thomas, Samira.

Adolescent Girls as Critical Pedagogues: The Significance of Counterstorytelling
 Vanderbilt, Sandra.

Aesthetic Cultivation Through Knowledge Acquisition: A New Interpretation of Kant’s Critiques
 Lee, Sungyoon. and Sim, Jang-Hoo.

Articulating the Curriculum of Sudbury Schools Using Schwab's Four Commonplaces of Curriculum
 Bradford, Melissa.


Bargains, Roles, and the Underlife: Everyday Social Roles at a Good Urban Elementary
 Gershon, Walter.


Can Radicals Be Department Chairs? A Duoethnography
 Nunez, Isabel. and Gorlewski, Julie.

Claiming Educational Sovereignty
 Ares, Nancy.

Coffee House Classrooms: Creolizing the Enlightenment in the Public Spaces of the Transatlantic World
 Andermann, Robyn.

Conversing About the Nature of Mathematics in Different Curricular Frameworks
 Braz Dias, Ana Lucia. and Lessa Gonçalves, Harryson.

Currere and the Voice of the Student, a Narrative.
 Griggs, Charles.


Dear Claude: A Duoethnography of Identity and Displacement
 Wang, Ying. and Zhu, Mila.

Departmentalized Elementary Science Instruction
 King, Roberta.

Designerly Ways of Reading: Lessons from Drama for Embracing Design Thinking in the English Language Arts Curriculum
 Bogard, Treavor.

Developing Intellectually Vibrant Activists: Young Women of Color and Creative Dissent
 Weems, Lisa.

Disability Studies in Education Meets (Again) Curriculum Studies: Reflections on Dis/ability and Collaborative Autoethnographic Methods
 Vanderbilt, Sandra., Vaughan, Kelly. and Hernandez-Saca, David.

Disrupting Historical Practices of Listening in Schools
 Bausell, Sarah.

Diversity and Disavowal: The Cruel Optimism and (Im)possible Politics of Difference in the Neoliberal University
 Jimenez, Justin.

Duoethnography as a Transformative Experience of Human Education
 Bradford, Melissa. and Inukai, Nozomi.


Education for Humanity: The Radical Hope of Ubuntu and Buddhism in Higher Education
 Robinson-Morris, David.

Entanglement with Alice in Wonderland
 Yang, Shufang.

Exploring the Curriculum of Fragmentation: Building a Currere Oriented Representation of the Educational “I”
 Poetter, Thomas.


Fathoming Past/Present Epistemology: Where Our Minds Touch the Soles of Our Feet
 Winfield, Annie.

Fighting For Precious Knowledge: Youth Activism and the Ongoing Struggles for Ethnic Studies
 Coloma, Roland.

Figuring a Techne of Transformation
 Kopp, Drew.

Film as Research: Authentic Projects in Graduate Education
 McQueen, Jayna., Huckaby, Fran. and Alexander, Curby.

Finding What We're Looking For: Utilizing Anticolonial Feminism to Analyze Curricula
 Carroll, Shawna.

From Bad to BadAss: Teacher Activism in the Age of Corporate Reform
 Weeda, Jocelyn.


Gentrifying the jungle
 Stabler, Albert.


Habits of Heart: Results from a K-12 Teacher Mindfulness Study
 Dunn, Molly.

History Sucks: Saturations of Sadness in History Education
 Helmsing, Mark.


I am What I am Becoming: A Complicated Conversation with Myself
 Adams, Susan.

Impacts of a System of Reason: What Teacher Talk Can Tell Us About Standardized Curriculum
 Bhathena, Catherine.

Impressions of a Crisis: Traces of Black Solidarity
 McCall, Seth.

In 8100 Again: The Sounds of Students Breaking
 Wozolek, Boni.

Inlakesh and the Skole: Toward a Curriculum of Transcendence
 Falk, Thomas.

Innately Performative: A (Post)ethnographic Study of Un/Becoming an Elementary Science Teacher
 Wallace, Maria.

Intellectual Humility & the Difficult Knowledge of Theology
 Jarvie, Scott. and Burke, Kevin.


James Baldwin, Hanif Kureishi, and Some Thoughts on Curriculum Work Today
 Asher, Nina.


Land-based Curriculum: Refugee Youth’s Mobile Walk
 Bae-Dimitriadis, Michelle.

Living Theory: Embracing a Slow Curriculum in an Age of Speed
 Han, Shaofei., Robinson-Morris, David. and Wallace, Maria.

Looking to Famous People with Autism: Role Models or Celebrity Culture?
 Morein, Heidi. and Appelbaum, Peter.


Many Sounds and Visions of Teaching: Plurality, Polyphony, Teleidoscopes, and Complicating the Conversation
 Chandler, Chelsea.

Method as Method: Act II
 Huddleston, Gabriel. and Rocha, Sam.

Mo(ve)ments in Re-thinking the Induction of the ‘Child’ and ‘Novice Teacher’
 Han, Shaofei. and Wallace, Maria.


Navigating Racial Battle Fatigue: Incorporating Critical Race Theory Tenants in the Graduate School Experience
 Brownlee, Lewis.


Ontological Learning and Educating for Critical Posthumanism:   Curricular Intervention to Incite New Being of Human Beings
 White, Carolyne. and Moghaddam, Fatemeh.

Origins of achievement gap between White and Black students: End or no end in sight?
 Samuels, Amy. and Ndemanu, Michael.


POP-ing Science Teacher Education: Exploring Possibilities of Permeability Through Nomadic Engagements
 Byers, Christie. and Wallace, Maria.

Pop Culture Pedagogy 2.0: A Political Curriculum in the Age of Trump
 Helmsing, Mark. and Huddleston, Gabriel.

Precedent Chaos. Or Marrow Work: A Poetics of Education
 Beymer, Alecia. and Jarvie, Scott.


Quantum Leap: Space-time mattering in Early Childhood
 Gordon, Kay.


Reason in an Age of Civic Illiteracy: Deontics, rationality, and theoretica
 Wright, Bryan.

Reclaiming an educational commons: Towards a curricular framework of civic agency, nonviolence, and community
 Lukasik, Jason.

Redos and Retakes: Grading for Equity and to Promote a Growth Mindset
 Webb, Mary.

Refusal of the Call: Timorous Soul of the Domesticated Libido
 Ohlinger, Joe.

Resisting a Curriculum of Control
 Robbins, Kirsten.


Soap Opera Curriculum: Affect, Citizenship, and Learning to Live the Good Life on Daytime Television
 Helmsing, Mark.

Sound Police: Silencing, Deafness as Deficit, and Indigenous Absences in Schools
 Gershon, Walter.

Standardized Entrance Examination in the Era of the Panopticon: the Bilingual and Minority Student
 Khan, Shana.

Struggle and Singularity in Teacher Education: Exploring the Significance of Humanities-Oriented Curriculum Development
 Casemore, Brian. and Talbert, Rachel.

Students, Seeds, Soils: Listening to the conversation of school gardens and their curricula
 Katunich, John.


Teaching Curriculum Theory in the US and Abroad: Mapping Spaces of Possibilities
 Rodriguez, Encarna. and Dentith, Audrey.

Teaching Gender & Sexuality in Education: Challenges and Triumphs as a DV Survivor
 Hathaway Miranda, Heather.

The Future Child: Pedagogy and the Post-Anthropocene
 Adsit-Morris, Chessa. and Lakind, Alexandra.

The Modern Urban: Neoliberalism, Gentrification, school choice and the misappropriation of the urban experience of pre-service teachers in magnet schools
 Elfreich, Alycia. and Shaver, Erik.

The Mothership Connection: Utopian Funk from Bethune and Beyond
 Wozolek, Boni.

The Need for Culturally Relevant Curriculum and Instruction in Culturally Relevant Schools
 Williams Jr., Willie.

The Person Behind Me: Making Sense of What it Means to Teach the Past
 Konle, Stephanie.

The Racialization of Western Curricula and Impact on Translanguaging
 Moody, Stephanie. and Asadi, Lobat.

The Relational Teacher
 Lessing, Avi.

The Shining School on the Hill: Teacher Pedagogy in a “Successful” Charter School
 Mitchell, Gareth.

The Uberization of Teacher Credentialing: The Disruption Will Not be Theorized.
 sloan, kris.

The Understanding of the Educational Meaning about the ‘Yoo-Su’ Children's Out-Of-School Lives in China’s Rural Region

Theorizing About Community: Nuanced Stories of Pubic Housing
 Vanderbilt, Sandra.

Theorizing from the Intersections of Motherhood and Scholarship
 Vaughan, Kelly. and Super, Gia.

Transformation "Inside-Out": Some Notes on Pedagogy Across Carceral Borders
 Matthews, Sara.

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Video Explorations of Affect Theory: Vignettes of Thoughts
 W, Alex.


Wastelands: Disrupting Environmental Pedagogies and Narratives
 Campbell-Ghazinour, Ashley.

What Can We Learn about Writing from Habermas? A Case Study
 Lee, Cheu-jey.

When Home Becomes Unfamiliar: The Pedagogical Implications of Ghosts and Haunting
 Jarvie, Scott. and Schmitt, Adam.
Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice 2017-Oct-12 to 2017-Oct-15
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