International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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"Flexibility in One Place Presumes Rigidity Elsewhere": Record Industry Turbulence and the 1985-87 Legislative Lockdown of Recording Artists (Top Three Paper)
 Stahl, Matt.

"I Poisoned My Baby": Motherhood Between Blame and Victimization
 Aronis, Carolin.

"Ideology of Differences": A Critique and an Alternative Approach
 Chang, Hui-Ching.

"Keitai Trail": Probing and Bridging People's Video Messages by Mobile Phone
 Toriumi, Kiyoko.

"Looking at Herself": The Problem of "Real Women" in Women’s Liberation Cinema
 Thornham, Sue.

"Lucky Cloud" Over the World: Chinese Journalism and Nationalism in the Beijing Olympics Global Torch Relay
 Han, Le.

"Out the Door," "Back for More," or "New Horizons": Multiple Meanings for Encore Careers
 Richardson, Margaret., Simpson, Mary. and Zorn, Ted.

"Warring Media, Conflicting Discourse": Media Construction of Egao Culture
 Zhang, Lin.

"Yankee Go Home": Class and Place in Swedish Television News
 Reimers, Eva.

"You Speak in Your Language and I Speak in My Language": Linguistic Tensions in a Globalizing Environment
 Shoemaker, Martha.

(Dis-)Performing “Western Civilized Humanness”
 Gamble, Christopher.

(Re)defining Globalization From the Standpoint of Indian Women
 Shenoy, Suchitra.

(Re)mediating Place via Mobile Media and Neighborhood Games
 Mathews, Jim.

(Re)membering the Present: Metonymic Strategies in "Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra"
 Mejia, Robert.

30+ Years of Cultivation Surveys: A Meta-Analysis
 Dossche, Dorien. and Van den Bulck, Jan.

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A "Spoiled Identity": Living With HIV/AIDS in African Contexts
 Ndiaye, Khadidiatou.

A Bad Economy Is Good for Political Learning? Testing an Economic Theory of Political Communication Effects
 Shen, Fei.

A Band’s Forum Website: Building a Virtual Online Community in Indonesia
 Sarah, Siti. and Sukandar, Rudi.

A Close Look at Young People’s Mobile TV Adoption: How Is It Different From General Mobile TV Adoption?
 Lee, Hyunjoo., Kim, Daejoong., Ryu, Jungho. and Lee, Sungjoon.

A Collection of Everyday Organizational Textual Activities
 Day, Dennis. and Wagner, Johannes.

A Comparative Content Analysis of Newspaper and Weblog Reporting on Attempts to Pass a Media Shield Law
 Anderson, C.W..

A Comparison of Blood Donors and Nondonors in Terms of Social Capital and Media Usage
 Lu, Jia.

A Complete Waste of Time: Analysing the Preference for Unsuitable Video Games
 Joeckel, Sven., Dogruel, Leyla. and Siegmund, Ilka.

A Conceptual Model of User Engagement With Media
 Oh, Jeeyun., Bellur, Saraswathi. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

A Content Analysis of the Normalization of Plastic Surgery in the News: A Comparative Study Between Korea and the US
 Kim, Yeonsoo.

A Continuous Measure of the Level of Presence Using Electroencephalography (EEG) Recording of Gamma Band Synchrony
 Biocca, Frank.

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Hurtful Messages in Close Relationships
 Zhang, Shuangyue. and Merolla, Andy.

A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Privacy Management in Facebook and Cyworld
 Gibbs, Jennifer. and Cho, Seong Eun.

A Cross-Cultural Study of Social Relationships and Use of Social Networking Sites in the US and China
 Chu, Shu-Chuan. and Choi, Sejung Marina.

A Cross-National Study of Mobile Internet Services: A Comparison of U.S. and Korean Mobile Internet Users
 Shin, Dong-Hee.

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BBC News and the Financial Crisis: Dilemmas of Financial Reporting
 Schifferes, Steve.

Backchannel Responses and Enjoyment of the Conversation: The More Does Not Necessarily Mean the Better
 Li, Han. and Aguilera, Laura.

Bañamos: The Bathing of Spectacle of Travel, Modernity, and Place as Folklore and Performance
 Maiquez, Reagan.

Be(com)ing Cyber Mocro’s: Social Networking Sites, Migrant Youth, and Glocalized Youth Cultures
 Leurs, Koen.

Becoming an International Star: Studying the H. Stern Brand Internationalization Process
 Albino, José., Carrieri, Alexandre., Almeida, Ana Luiza., Almeida, Bernardo., Guimarães, Felipe. and Sepúlveda, Luiza.

Being With the Media
 Frosh, Paul.

Belonging and Trust in Online Communities: The Case of CouchSurfing as a Global Cooperative Social Network
 Roy Lafontaine, Pascale., Rosen, Devan. and Hendrickson, Blake.

Between Idiosyncratic Self-Interests and Professional Standards: A Contribution to the Understanding of Participatory Journalism in Web 2.0. Results From an Online Survey in Germany (TOP THREE FACULTY PAPER)
 Frohlich, Romy., Quiring, Oliver. and Engesser, Sven.

Between Resistance and Dominant Ideology: Two NGOs’ Efforts to Communicate the Movement for Roma Rights
 Schneeweis, Adina.

Between the Korean Wave and the Japanese Wave: BoA and the East Asian Pop Culture Flow
 Kwak, Sunyoung.

Beyond Access: Differential Engagement in Online Video-Sharing Forums
 Chun, Heasun. and Lee, Hyunjoo.

Beyond Being There: A Grounded Investigation of the Value of Virtual Worlds for Remote Family Interaction
 Bleumers, Lizzy. and Jacobs, An.

Beyond Eurocentrism, Toward Empowerment: A Holistic Examination of CSR Research and Practice – Insights From Singapore
 Lee, Mui Hean., Mak, Ka Ying. and Pang, Augustine.

Beyond Factual Knowledge: The Impact of Online News Features on Self-Perceived Knowledge
 Opgenhaffen, Michael. and d\'Haenens, Leen.

Beyond First and Second Order Measures: Cultivation of Epistemological Beliefs
 Bilandzic, Helena. and Sukalla, Freya.

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CCTV Undressed: Authority, New Media, and Public Sphere in China
 Bai, Ruoyun.

CSR as Issues Management
 Roper, Juliet.

Cable Channel Diversity and Its Relationship to Network Programming in South Korea From 1997 to 2007
 Choi, Sujin.

Cable Stations: Architectures of Community and Security
 Starosielski, Nicole.

Cablese [STOP]: How the Telegraph Influenced Language Use
 Raghavan, Aditi.

Cadillac Consumer: Race, Labor, and Consumption
 Mukherjee, Roopali.

Cads and Dads on Screen: Do Film Representations of Partner Scarcity Affect Partner Preferences?
 Taylor, Laramie.

Can Public Policy Save the News? The Uncertain History and Future of Public Service Journalism
 Pickard, Victor.

Can We Replicate Experimental Findings Based on Non-Interactive Stimuli With Interactive Stimuli?
 Lee, Kwan. and Sah, Young June.

Can a Declining Company Still Be Successful in Agenda-Building? A Case Study of Wachovia
 Lee, Sun Young.

Cancer Information Disparities Between U.S.- and Foreign-Born Populations
 Zhao, Xiaoquan.

Capture-Recapture Analysis in Journalism Research
 Engesser, Sven. and Kramer, Benjamin.

Carnival in Cyberspace: Egao as a Chinese Internet Subculture
 Zhang, Lin.

Casting the Ubiquitous Net of Control: Internet Surveillance in China From Golden Shield to Green Dam
 Tai, Zixue.

Celebrity Activists in Social Profit Campaigning: A Survey With the Flemish Public on Views and Effectiveness
 Van den Bulck, Hildegarde., Panis, Koen., Van Aelst, Peter. and Hardy, Anne.

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DIY Zines and Direct-Action Activism in Canada
 Jeppesen, Sandra.

DR and the History of, 1994-2006: The Concept of Public Service as Driving Force
 Brugger, Niels.

Dangerous Liaisons: A Cultivation Investigation of the Relationship Between Media Consumption and Economic Expectations
 Hetsroni, Amir.

Deception and Self-Disclosure: The Roles of Self-Awareness, Avatar Similarity and Attraction
 Hooi, Rosalie. and Cho, Hichang.

Decision-Making Groups Attenuate the Discussion Bias in Favor of Shared Information: A Meta-Analysis
 Reimer, Torsten., Reimer, Andrea. and Czienskowski, Uwe.

Decision-Making as a Situated and Dislocated Practice
 Grosjean, Sylvie. and Robichaud, Daniel.

Decisional Implications of Justices’ Oral Argument Styles: Eight Cases About Same-Sex Marriage
 Tracy, Karen. and Parks, Russell.

Defined and Delivered: Social Networks, Homophily Theory, and the Risks of Online Targeted Advertising
 Kogen, Lauren.

Defining Citizen Journalism in the Journalistic Field
 Hong, Yejin. and Ernste, Thomas.

Defining Face and Conflict in Romantic Relationships: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Uganda and Ethiopia
 Fletcher, Courtney.

Defining Hyperlocal Media: Proposing a Framework for Discussion
 Metzgar, Emily., Kurpius, David. and Rowley, Karen.

Defining Media Enjoyment in Functional Terms
 Tamborini, Ron., Grizzard, Matthew., Bowman, Nicholas., Reinecke, Leonard., Lewis, Robert. and Eden, Allison.

Democracy and Diversity in Wikipedia: A Preliminary Exploration of Social Network Analysis on Users' Contribution
 Wei, Xiao., Tang, Shukun., Yang, Jiang. and CHU, Jianxun.

Democratic Theory as Explanatory Factor for International Differences in Political Media Coverage
 Hemmer, Katharina.

Democratizing Journalism: Realizing the Citizen's Agenda for Local News
 Meijer, Irene.

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Editorial Inkblots: A Comparative Analysis of Presidential Election Cartoons from 1960, 1980, and 2008
 Kline, Susan. and Hill, Megan.

Effect of Customer-Based Brand Equity on the Use of Broadcast Networks’ Web Sites
 Jung, Eun Hwa.

Effect of Health Campaigns and Interpersonal Communication on Cannabis Use: The Role of Evaluative Tone
 van den Putte, Bas., Monshouwer, Karin., Bruijn, Gert-Jan. and Swart, Bianca.

Effect of Motivational Relevance and Photo Thumbnails on Online News Selection Based on Readers’ Goals
 Bae, Soyoung. and Song, Daesik.

Effect of Playing Violent Video Games Cooperatively Competitively on Subsequent Cooperative Behavior
 Ewoldsen, David., Eno, Cassie., Okdie, Bradley., Guadagno, Rosanna. and DeCoster, Jamie.

Effect of Trust and Privacy Concerns on Social Networking: A Trust-Based Acceptance Model for Social Networking Systems
 Shin, Dong-Hee.

Effective Communication Between Parents and Nurses in Special Care Nurseries
 Becker, Tara., Jones, Liz. and Watson, Bernadette.

Effects of Emotional Responses to Televised Ads in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign
 Kaid, Lynda., Dunton Miles, Maridith A.. and Painter, David.

Effects of Entertainment (Mis)education: Exposure to Entertainment Television Programs and Organ Donation Intention
 Yoo, Jina. and Tian, Yan.

Effects of ICT Affordances on Knowledge Sharing: The Role of Perspective-Taking
 Lee, Chei Sian.

Effects of International Stories, Previous Knowledge, and Credibility on Images of Foreign Nations: An Image Theory Perspective
 Kononova, Anastasia., Alhabash, Saleem. and Cropp, Fritz.

Effects of Internet Connectedness and Information Literacy on Quality of Life
 Leung, Louis.

Effects of Issue Ownership and Issue Obtrusiveness on Corporate Reputation
 Cha, Heewon., Song, Yeonhee. and Kim, Jangyul.

Effects of Motives for Internet Use, Aloneness, and Age Identity Gratifications on Online Social Behaviors and Social Support Among Adolescents
 Leung, Louis.

Effects of Personalized TV Ads on Candidate Evaluation and Voting Decisions
 Maier, Michaela. and Adam, Silke.

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FIRO-MMO: Towards a Theory of Relationships in MMOs
 Hong, Renyi. and Chen, Vivian Hsueh-Hua.

Face Management in Social Predicaments Caused by Others: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Between U.S. and China
 Guan, Xiaowen.

Facebook and Nonprofit Organizations: A Content Analysis
 Das, Antara.

Facets of Exposure to TV-News: A Comparison of News-Exposure Measures Based on People-Meter Data
 Wonneberger, Anke., Schoenbach, Klaus. and Van Meurs, Lex.

Factors Affecting Ethical Practice of Public Relations Professionals Within Public Relations Firms
 Ki, Eyun-Jung., Choi, Hong-Lim. and Lee, Jonghyuk.

Factors Affecting Exercise Intentions and Self-Presence in Avatar-Based Exergames
 Jin, Seung-A.

Factors Affecting Public Support for Healthcare as a Government Priority
 Elasmar, Michael. and Gordon, Jenna.

Factors Influencing Willingness to Contribute Information to Online Communities
 Li, Xigen.

Fallen Heroes: The Recovery of White Western Heroes
 Lacy, Michael. and Haspel, Kathleen.

Familiar Characters and Toddlers’ Learning From Video
 Lauricella, Alexis., Gola, Alice Ann. and Calvert, Sandra.

Family Planning (Re)defined: How Young Nepalese Women Understand and Negotiate Contraceptive Choices
 Basnyat, Iccha. and Dutta, Mohan.

Family Structure and Adolescent Drug Use
 Crano, William.

Fantasizing Sex and Sexuality: Framing Sexual Content As Product of Imagination
 Bashir, Manaf.

Fate, War, Investigator, and Coordinator: Exploring Metaphors of Distant Caregiving
 Ramadurai, Vandhana.

Features of Nonverbal Communication of Youngsters Afflicted With Asperger Syndrome
 Lehtinen, Mari.

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Games With a Continuum: A Case Study on the Development of Online Game Industry in China and Beyond
 JIANG, Qiaolei.

Gaming to Improve Children’s Health
 Staiano, Amanda.

Gatekeeping and Google’s Scholars: Search and Re-Search in Singapore
 Paragas, Fernando.

Gauging an Integrated Model of Public Relations Value: Scale Development and Cross-Cultural Studies
 Huang, Yi-Hui.

Gender Differences in Impression Management Characteristics Used Amongst Malay Users in mIRC: A Preliminary Study
 Attan, Sri Azra., Bolong, Jusang. and Hasan, Hamisah.

Gender Representations of Older People in Japanese TV Ads
 Prieler, Michael., Kohlbacher, Florian., Hagiwara, Shigeru. and Arima, Akie.

Gender Trouble in the Public Sphere: Mainstream Press Discourses of Sex Trafficking
 Simões, Rita.

Gendered Avatars
 Hou, Chia-I.

Gendered “Japan” in War: Seven Samurai and Princess Mononoke
 Yoshida, Kaori.

Geographic Distance and Communication During Courtship
 Stafford, Laura.

Getting Informed: Researching Circulations and Establishments of a So-Called Serious Game
 Hansbøl, Mikala.

Global Agenda and National Image Through Cross-Cultural Communication
 Li, Benqian.

Global Capitalism and Social Control: The Power and Resistance in China’s Postsocialist Blogosphere
 Wang, Shaojung.

Global Cities and the Illegal Immigration Debate
 Rojecki, Andrew.

Global, Hybrid, or Multiple? The New Cultural Geography of Identities
 Straubhaar, Joseph.

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HIV-Related Information Seeking Among Residential University Students in Three Caribbean Countries
 White, Livingston.

HPV-Campaign Effectiveness in the Light of Conflicting Messages: The Dutch Case
 Das, Enny., van Leeuwen, Lydia. and Ritterfeld, Ute.

Habermas and the Net
 Balnaves, Mark., Leaver, Tama. and Willson, Michele.

Habitual Use of Communication Technologies
 Kim, Young Hoon. and Boase, Jeffrey.

Habituation of the Orienting Response to Auditory Structural Features
 Falk, Matthew., Potter, Robert. and Wells, Taylor.

Hard-to-Reach? Using Health Access Status as a Way to More Effectively Target Segments of the Hispanic Audience
 Wilkin, Holley. and Ball-Rokeach, Sandra.

Hate Speech and the Abuse Clause in the European Human Rights Convention: A Bad Pair
 Cannie, Hannes. and Voorhoof, Dirk.

Health Communication and Face-Negotiation Theory in the Operating Room
 Kirschbaum, Kris.

Health Information-Seeking Behaviors Among Residents of a Multiethnic, Underserved, Urban Community: Does Ethnicity Matter?
 Geana, Mugur., Kimminau, Kim. and Greiner, K..

Health and the Public Sphere: The Politicization of Health Reporting, 1960s-2000s
 Hallin, Daniel., Briggs, Charles. and Brandt, Marisa.

Healthcare Perceptions and Mobile Phone Use: A Predictive Model of Text-Based Health Communication
 Peirce, L. Meghan. and Bakke, Emil.

Heartbeat Vietnam (Vi trai tim tre tho 2009): A Case Study of a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in Fundraising Activity in Vietnam via Social Media
 Luu, Jodie.

Heavy Thoughts: Cognitive Processing Styles and the Development of Implicit and Explicit Antifat Bias in Children
 Bissell, Kimberly. and Parrott, Scott.

Helpful and Unhelpful Messages for Korean Women With Breast Cancer
 Lee, Hyegyu., Joo, Hanna. and Park, Hee Sun.

Historical Continuity and Discontinuity: How Do the Chinese and Indian Media Construct Globalization?
 Song, Jing.

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I Knew It All Along! Evaluating Time-of-Decision Measures in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign
 Kogen, Lauren.

ICT Use and Social Capital in an International Context: A Comparison of the United States and Korea
 Kwak, Nojin. and Campbell, Scott.

ICTs for Development: From the Access-centric Approach to the Capability Approach
 Kang, Juhee.

ICTs, Taiwan’s Information Society, and Occupational Transformation
 Wang, Wei-Ching.

ITU: Moving Towards a Global Policy Framework on ICTs and Climate Change
 Candano, Catherine.

I'm Egyptian, I'm Muslim, But I'm Also Cosmopolitan: The Unlikely Young Cosmopolitans of Cairo
 Elsayed, Heba.

Icts And Ethnic Modernities: Rural-Urban Mobility And Space
 Fung, Anthony. and Qiu, Linchuan.

Identity, Invisibility, Intimacy and Impact: The Strategic Uses of Foreign Others in Japanese Media
 Holden, Todd.

Ideologies of Revitalisation of Endangered Languages
 Austin, Peter.

Image, Bonding, and Collective Identity Across Multiple Platforms: Avaaz on Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube
 Kavada, Anastasia.

Imagining the Russian Community: Novoye Russkoe Slovo, the First Red Scare, and the Palmer Raids, 1919-1920
 Popkova, Anna.

Impact of Celebrity Endorsement of Political Candidate on Young Voters
 Um, Nam-Hyun.

Impact of Endorser and Message Appeal on the Success of an Online AIDS PSA
 Kulkarni, Arti. and Jeong, Yongick.

Impact of Interpreting Frames on Attitude to Controversial Issue: Case of “Replacement Singing” in Beijing Olympics
 Chen, Huailin.

Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of Public Relations
 Nielsen, Anne. and Thomsen, Christa.

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Japanese College Students' Media Exposure to Sexually Explicit Material, Perceptions of Women, and Sexually Permissive Attitudes
 Omori, Kikuko., Zhang, Yan Bing., Ota, Hiroshi. and Imamura, Makiko.

Japanese Media and Youth Consciousness in Postauthoritarian Taiwan: A Discourse Analysis of Taiwanese Online Bulletins
 Yang, Hsin-Yen.

Jerks Without Faces: The XTube Spectacle and the Modernity of the Filipino Bakla
 Dumdum, Omar.

Journalism and Communication Studies in Korea for the First Ten Years After Liberation, 1945-1954
 Lee, Min Ju.

Journalism and Freedom of Expression in Turkey: Notes on the Public Sphere
 Christensen, Miyase.

Journalism and Technology Use in Six European Countries: Results From a Comparative Research Project
 Ornebring, Henrik.

Journalism, Accountability, and the Possibilities for Structural Critique: A Case Study of Coverage of Whistleblowing
 Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin. and Hunt, Joanne.

Journalistic Practices That Transcend the Culture of Silence in Colombia
 Arroyave, Jesus.

Journalists’ Moral Judgment About Children: Do As I Say, Not As I Do?
 Coleman, Renita.

Journalists’ Roles in Online Networks
 Fleck, Matthes., Meckel, Miriam. and Fieseler, Johannes.

Joy, Sadness, and Fear: Risk and Efficacy Perception and Message Frames
 Siu, Wanda.

Judgment-Heuristic or Attitude-Influenced? Explaining Perceptions of News Bias in a Regulated Press System
 Chia, Stella. and Cenite, Mark.


Keeping Up With the Digital Age: How the American Red Cross Uses Social Media to Build Relationships
 Kuch, Beth., Briones, Rowena., Liu, Brooke. and Jin, Yan.

Keyword Economy: Search Engines as Techno-Linguistic Artefacts
 Liao, Han-Teng.

Koogling Judaism: Mediatization of Religion and Everyday Life in Israel
 Rosenthal, Michele.

Kuuki as a Social Force and Compliance Without Attitude Change
 Ito, Youichi.


Laboring for a ‘Good Name’: Thoughts on Gender, Affective Labor, and the Rise of Digital Reputation
 Hearn, Alison.

Lagged Associations Between Local TV News Viewing and Fatalistic Beliefs About Cancer Prevention
 Lee, Chul-joo. and Niederdeppe, Jeff.

Language Planning for Endangered Languages: Majority and Minority Perspectives
 Sallabank, Julia.

Late Night Humor and Policy Assessment: Mediating Role of Political Emotions
 Kwak, Nojin. and Lee, Hoon.

Latent Profile Analysis: Using Categorical Variables in a Structural-Equation Model
 Matsunaga, Masaki.

Leadership Education in the Public Relations Curriculum: Reality, Opportunities, and Benefits
 Erzikova, Elina. and Berger, Bruce.

Leadership Within the Wire: Comparing Leadership in Virtual Teams and Online Multiplayer Gaming Clans
 Sivunen, Anu. and Siitonen, Marko.

Learning From Field Research: Why Emphasizing Only the C in ABC May Not Be an Effective Strategy for the Developing World
 Tustin, Nupur.

Legal Transphobia: The Case of Hong Kong
 Erni, John.

Lesson Learned From Organizational Crisis: Corporate Communication and Business Ethics
 Cheng, S.. and Seeger, Matthew.

Let’s (Not) Talk About Sex: An Analysis of the Verbal and Visual Coverage of Women’s Beach Volleyball During the 2008 Olympic Games
 Bissell, Kimberly. and Smith, Lauren.

Lewis Mumford’s Ecology of Cites and the “Destiny of Megalopolis”
 Haratonik, Peter.

Lifelogging: Visions of Absent Audiences
 Brake, David.

Linguistic Abstraction and Stereotype Transmission Among Political Neutrals: Evidence for an Ingroup Promotion Hypothesis
 Reid, Scott., Poland, Ryan., So, Jiyeon. and Bates, Cynthia.

Linguistic Politics: Creating a Communication Canon Post WWII
 Miller, Erin.

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Maintaining Morality: Repeated Exposure to Narrative Entertainment and the Salience of Moral Intuitions
 Eden, Allison., Tamborini, Ron., Grizzard, Matthew., Lewis, Robert. and Weber, Rene.

Maintaining Procedural Legitimacy Through Justification: A Natural-Setting Study of Procedural Justice Determinations
 Langone, Christopher.

Maintaining Reputation in Times of Crisis: A Time Series Analysis
 Ingenhoff, Diana.

Make It Big: Modeling the Media Strategies of the LGBT Rights Movement in Taiwan
 Hou, Cheng-Nan.

Malaysian Lawyers’ Perceptions of Accommodation Strategies Used in Courtrooms
 David, Maya.

Managing Affect in Talk-in-Interaction: An Analysis of Audience Experience With Baseball on Television
 Ho, Shin-Jung.

Managing Impressions and Gaining Control: Performances of Emotion Work in Financial Organizations
 Nekrassova, Dina.

Managing Media Clusters: Is Creativity Really Changing China?
 Keane, Michael.

Manifestation of Cultural Values in Southeast Asia's Social Media Landscape
 Ou, Meimin.

Mapping Political Connections in Japan: The Functions of Hyperlinks on Japanese Diet Member Websites
 Tkach-Kawasaki, Leslie.

Mapping the Australian Networked Public Sphere
 Bruns, Axel., Burgess, Jean., Highfield, Tim., Kirchhoff, Lars. and Nicolai, Thomas.

Mapping the Interest in News of Other Countries
 Lee, Francis., Cohen, Akiba., Godo, Elizabeth., Goodrum, Abby. and Wainberg, Jacques.

Mapping the Norwegian Blogosphere
 Moe, Hallvard.

Mapping the Territory: Online Child Safety and Free Speech Advocacy
 Powell, Alison. and Hills, Michael.

Mapping the Underlying Circuits of Social Support for Bullied Victims: An Appraisal-Based Perspective
 Matsunaga, Masaki.

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Naming Power: Exploring Shifts in Contemporary Migrants’ Personal Name Use During Settlement in Canada
 Dechief, Diane.

Narrative Health Communication and Behavior Change: The Influence of Exemplars in the News on Intention to Quit Smoking
 Kim, Hyun Suk., Bigman, Cabral., Leader, Amy., Lerman, Caryn. and Cappella, Joseph.

National Aspirations and Regional Tensions: A Catalan Account?
 Xifra, Jordi.

National Identity Construction in the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics: From the Perspective of Media Rituals
 Cui, Xi.

National Identity and the Media in Communist and Postcommunist Romania
 Nastasia, Diana. and Nastasia, Sorin.

National Memory and Political Discourses in Journalism: Discursive Constructions of “Sites of Memory” in China Daily
 Han, Choonghee.

Nationhood, Equality and Human Rights: Canada’s Apology to First Nations
 Belanger, Patrick.

Negotiating Hegemony: Alternative and Mainstream Media Coverage of the Globalization Debate
 Groshek, Jacob.

Network Centrality and Similarity of Discourse: A Sociosemantic Approach to Leadership
 Saint-Charles, Johanne., Mongeau, Pierre. and Perrault, Marie-Claude.

Networked Media Relations
 Raupp, Juliana.

Networks and the Social Imagination: Key Moments in the History of the Open Internet
 Streeter, Thomas.

New Co-Orientation Paradigms in Cross-Cultural Settings: The Case Between Hong Kong and Mainland Journalists
 Yan, Yan.

New Convergence Policy by the Democratic Government in Japan
 Sugaya, Minoru.

New Perspectives on the Digital Divide in U.S. Homes With 6-to-9-Year-Old Children
 Jordan, Amy. and Kotler, Jennifer.

New Strength of Competition and Innovation: China’s Independent Television Production
 Liu, Bonnie.

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Obama, Pro or Con? Politically Congenial Media and Cross-Party Preference in the 2008 Election
 Roodhouse, Elizabeth.

Of Booties, Culos, and Hips That Don't Lie: Latina Audiences Voice Frustration and Talk Back
 Baez, Jillian.

Oh That Hurts! A Study of Communication Styles and Intercultural Relations
 Chang, Yanrong (Yvonne). and Liu, Jing.

Old Habits Die Hard: Revisiting Cultural Imperative of Global Software Piracy
 Mun, Seung-Hwan.

Old Wine in New Bottles? The Positioning of Participation in 17 NIH Funded CBPR Projects
 Peterson, Jeffery. and Gubrium, Aline.

Older Adults’ Perspectives on HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategies for Rural Kenya
 Muturi, Nancy. and Mwangi, Samuel.

On Barnyard Scrambles: Towards a Rhetoric of Public Relations
 Ihlen, Oyvind.

On Being 'Fat': Obese and Overweight Australians Respond to News Depictions of Obesity and Overweight
 Blood, Richard (Warwick)., Holland, Kate., Thomas, Samantha., Karunaratne, Asuntha. and Lewis, Sophie.

On Making Us Whole: The Dynamics of Fertility in the 2008 Presidential Election
 Avance, Rosemary., Crocco, Andrew. and Marvin, Carolyn.

On News Images
 Zelizer, Barbie.

On the Politicization of Political Communication: Partisanship and Bias
 Esmark, Anders.

On the Trail of 007: Media Pilgrimages Into the World of James Bond
 Reijnders, Stijn.

On the Visibility of Trust in the Interaction Dynamics of Collaborative Governance Project Board Discussions
 van Oortmerssen, Lise. and van Woerkum, Cees.

Online Communication and Social Well-Being: How Playing World of Warcraft Affects the Players’ Social Competence and Loneliness
 Visser, Mandy. and Antheunis, Marjolijn.

Online Photo Sharing as Mediated Communication
 Oeldorf-Hirsch, Anne. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

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PSB and Its Creative Online Service in Taiwan: PeoPo as Taiwan's Number One Website for Citizen Journalism
 Lo, Shih-Hung. and HO, Gwo-Hwa.

Parent Power: How Parents and Caretakers Can Reduce the Effects of Food Advertising
 Buijzen, Moniek.

Parody and Resistance on the Chinese Internet
 Li, Hongmei.

Participation and Social Change: Indian Idol and Social Implications of Reality TV Shows in India
 Ganguly, Lauhona.

Participatory Design of an Electronic Reminder System to Improve Breast Cancer Screening Among Underserved Populations
 Lustria, Mia Liza., Kazmer, Michelle., Glueckauf, Robert., Hawkins, Robert., Randeree, Ebrahim., Rosario, Ivee., McLaughlin, Casey. and Redmond, Sarah.

Partner Surveillance on Social-Network Sites: A Test of the Trust-Surveillance Hypothesis
 Tokunaga, Robert.

Passing Through Surveillance: Mobility, Subjectivity, and the Visual Economy of Sensor Art
 Gardner, Paula.

Pathos and PR
 Ihlen, Oyvind.

Pathways to Political Knowledge: News Encounters With Knowledge-Inducing Information
 Elenbaas, Matthijs.

Patterns of Relationships Between Issues
 Geiss, Stefan.

Peace Journalism: Dark Past and Hopeful Futures in News Coverage of Racial Reconciliation
 McMahon, Rob. and Chow-White, Peter.

Peer Pressure Among Parents? Understanding Parents’ Decisions to Use Very Young Children’s Television Media
 Lee, H. Erin. and Cho, Jaehee.

Peer or Expert? The Persuasive Impact of YouTube Video Producers and Their Moderating Mechanism
 Paek, Hye-Jin., Hove, Thomas., Jeong, Hyun Ju. and Kim, Mikyoung.

People’s Myth: The ‘Miracle’ of China’s Modern Media Coverage of Humanitarian Disasters
 Yin, Liangen. and wang, haiyan.

Peranakan English: A Case Study of the Informal Correspondences of Tun Dato’ Sir Tan Cheng Lock
 Soon, Lim.

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Queering Relationships: Perceived Relational Effects of Coming Out Conversations
 Manning, Jimmie.


Racial Framing in Coverage of the 2008 Presidential Election
 Gross, Kimberly., Harvey, Johanna. and Low, Claire.

Racial Triumph and Success on Reality Game Shows: The American Dream on The Apprentice
 Park, Ji Hoon.

Re-Emerging Sentiment of “Asianness”:The Meaning of Korean Television Dramas in the Japanese Fandom
 Ju, Hyejung.

Ready or Not, Here it Comes: Disaster Preparedness Messages on Children's Websites
 Ryan, Erin., Hilyard, Karen. and Hocke, Tatjana.

Reality and Newsworthiness: Coverage of International Terrorism by China and the United States
 Shoemaker, Pamela., Zhang, Di. and Wang, Xiuli.

Reasons for Information Technology Adoption and Sophistication in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
 Ghobakhloo, Morteza.

Reasons for Viewing and Topics of Interest in Domestic and Foreign Television News
 Nguyen Vu, Hong Nga., Chan, Joseph., Hanitzsch, Thomas., Mujica, Constanza., Porath, William., Quandt, Thorsten. and Zhou, Baohua.

Receiver Apprehension and Multicommunicating
 Kushniryk, Alla.

Receiving and Processing Emergency Alerts Through Desktop, Laptop, and Hand-Held Devices: The Role of Anxiety
 Xie, Wenjing.

Reconceptualizing Interactivity in Online Consumer Communities
 Meng, Jingbo.

Red or Blue? The Use of Dichotomous Colors in News Coverage (Top Student Paper)
 Zelenkauskaite, Asta., Gao, Ya. and Powell, Rich.

Redefining Journalistic Role: Journalism as the New Knowledge Profession
 Donsbach, Wolfgang. and Rentsch, Mathias.

Redefining Mobile Society: Emerging Concepts and Theories of Wireless Communication
 Aikat, Debashis.

Reducing Hostile Media Perceptions for an Environmental Controversy Through Media Literacy
 Vraga, Emily., Tully, Melissa., Atkin, Heather. and Rojas, Hernando.

References as Indication of Being On-Task/Off-Task in the Course of Mediation Sessions
 Vasilyeva, Alena.

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Same Disasters, Different Stories: How Three Arab Newspapers Framed the Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina
 Dabbous, Yasmine. and Miller, Andrea.

Same Events, Two Stories: Comparing the Photographic Coverage of the 2008 Anti-China/Olympics Demonstrations in Chinese & U.S. Newspapers
 Huang, Ying. and Fahmy, Shahira.

Same Minds Think Alike: I-Sharing Promotes Social Connectedness
 van Bel, Daan., Smolders, Karin., Ijsselsteijn, Wijnand. and de Kort, Yvonne.

Same Path, Different Experience: Culture’s Main and Moderating Effects on the Links Between Causal Attribution, Emotion, and Interaction Goals in Negotiation
 Liu, Meina.

Same Tongzhi, Different Destiny: Examining the Gay Website Regulations in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan
 Hou, Cheng-Nan.

Scandinavian Youth Meet Religion in the Media
 Lövheim, Mia. and Lundby, Knut.

Scripts of Sexual Desire and Danger in U.S. and Dutch Female Teen Magazines: A Cross-Cultural Content-Analytic Comparison
 Joshi, Suchi., Peter, Jochen. and Valkenburg, Patti.

Searching for and Communicating Online Health Information to a Close Other
 Nazione, Samantha. and Smith, Sandi.

Securitainment: Watching the Border for Fun and Safety
 Andrejevic, Mark.

Seeking Ontological Security Beyond the Nation: The Role of Transnational Television
 Georgiou, Myria.

Self, Information Topics of Interest, Information Seeking Media Use
 Lee, Hyunjoo. and Woelfel, Joseph.

Self-Construal, Congruent Visuals, and Their Effects on Perception and Purchase Intention
 Zhou, Shuhua., Ye, Yinjiao. and Xu, Jie.

Self-Presence, Explicated (TOP Student Paper)
 Ratan, Rabindra.

Self-Presentation on Facebook: Managing Content Created by the User and Others
 Smock, Andrew.

Semantic Network Analysis Bridging Between Texts and Categories: An Analysis of Views on Advanced Life Science
 Hibino, Aiko.

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TV Debate Nonverbal: An Explorative Analysis of the Structure and Effects of Nonverbal Communication in the German Chancellor TV Debate in 2009
 Geise, Stephanie., Boger, Isabell., Kruppok, Kerstin., Maier, Anna. and Vogelsang, Isabell.

TV and Internet Usage Among African-Americans and Their Effects on Material Values and Socialization Processes
 Park, David., Villar, Maria Elena. and Amador, Jorge.

Tabloidization of the Political Discourse: Polish Case
 Piontek, Dorota.

Taiwan’s Information Society and Wage Inequality
 Wang, Wei-Ching.

Taking the Copyfight Online: Comparing the Copyright Debate in Congressional Hearings, in Newspapers, and on the Web
 Herman, Bill.

Talking About Sustainability: Responses to Frames in Persuasive Messages About Sustainable Agriculture and Food
 Van Gorp, Baldwin. and van der Goot, Margot.

Talking Objects of Denys Arcand
 Rampazzo Gambarato, Renira.

Talking and Complying: The Role of Interpersonal Discussion and Social Norms in Public Communication Campaigns
 Frank, Lauren., Chatterjee, Joyee., Chaudhuri, Sonal., Lapsansky, Charlotte., Bhanot, Andy. and Murphy, Sheila.

Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Using Web 2.0 in Teaching
 Kale, Ugur. and Goh, Debbie.

Teaching Journalism and Mass Communication in the Trend Toward Convergence: A Content Analysis of Faculty Hiring Announcements With a New Media Emphasis
 Du, Ying Roselyn.

Techno-Political Activism as Counterpublic Spheres: Discursive Networking Within Deliberative Transnational Politics?
 Breindl, Yana. and Houghton, Tessa.

Technology Adoption and Content Consumption in Chinese Television: Local City, National City, and Global City
 Lu, Jia.

Teen Publics and Public Relations: Toward an Intersectional, Culture-Centered Approach to Campaign Design
 Vardeman-Winter, Jennifer.

Telecommunications Reform and Network Expansion: Lessons From APEC Countries
 Hung, Chen-Ling., Lu, Ching-Chih. and Yeo, Benjamin.

Televised Electoral Debates in Poland: Pursuing the American Model
 Piasecki, Marek.

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U.S. Adults' Health Communication Channel Preferences by Class, Race, and Place
 Blake, Kelly., Flynt-Wallington, Sherrie. and Viswanath, K..

U.S. Presidential Politics on a Global Stage: A Content Analysis of 2008 Election Coverage on Al Jazeera, the BBC, and Russia Today
 Cruikshank, Sally Ann.

U.S. and International Coverage of the Election of Barack Obama: Trends and Differences
 Ghanem, Salma. and Selber, Kimberly.
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US Public Service Broadcasting: The Case of National Public Radio Online
 Riley, Patricia., Usher, Nikki. and Porter, Vikki.

Ubiquitous Computing From an Ecological Perspective: Policy Concerns Related to U-City in South Korea
 Shin, Dong-Hee. and Kim, Yeolib.

Ubiquitous Media, Ubiquitous Memory
 Hoskins, Andrew.

Ummah, Islam, and Nationalism: Dilemmas of Identity Negotiation in Contemporary Pakistan
 Dasgupta, Satarupa.

Umuganda in Rwanda: The Interorganizational Control of Peasant Labor
 Ryan, Sarah.

Uncertainty as Problem-Dynamics in Hong Kong Context and its Presentation in Media
 Du, Juana. and Tong, Suk Chong.

Uncle Sam and Ma Bell Meet the KGB: The Hidden Hand of Security in Telecommunications Policy
 Laprise, John.

Understanding Civic Engagement: Online and Offline Networks and Weak Ties
 Gil de Zuniga, Homero. and Valenzuela, Sebastian.

Understanding Expressive Engagement in Urban China: Differentiating Domains, Settings, and Media Effects
 Pan, Zhongdang., Jing, Gang., Yan, Wenjie. and Zheng, Jiawen.

Understanding How Students Conceptualize Knowledge: The Case of Singapore
 Lee, Chunwah.

Understanding Online Intimate Relationships
 Ku, Linlin.

Understanding Perceptions and Use of ICTs to Support Knowledge Management: Perspectives From the SECI Model
 Lee, Chei Sian., Goh, Dion. and Sumant, Kelkar Rujuta.

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Valenced Strategy Framing in Election Campaign Coverage and its Effects on Voters
 Bogdanova, Petya. and Lecheler, Sophie.

Validating Online Risk-Reducing Strategies
 Noort, Guda.

Value-Framing of Issues in the 2004 Presidential Campaign by American Newspapers in Russian
 Medvedeva, Yulia.

Victims of the Visuals? Exploring the Effects of Victim Visuals on Perceptions and Reactions to Crisis Events
 Coombs, William. and Holladay, Sherry.

Video Game Play: A Concept Explication
 Zhang, Di.

Viewing Brazil: Local Audiences and the Interpretation of the Nation
 La Pastina, Antonio. and Straubhaar, Joseph.

Views From the Field: Public Relations Industry-Academia Relationships
 Cheng, I-Huei. and de Gregorio, Federico.

Virtual Brokerage and Closure: Network Structure and Social Capital in a Large Virtual World
 Shen, Cuihua.

Virtual Junk Food Playgrounds in Europe: Advergames Targeting Children in the UK and Hungary
 Lustyik, Katalin., Flowers, Arhlene. and Gulyas, Emese.

Virtual Materiality: Collectors and Collection in the Brazilian Music Blogosphere
 Fullerton, Lindsay. and Rarey, Matthew.

Virtually Urban: Modeling the City and the Public
 Hodges, Benjamin.

Vision of the Past and the Present: Value and Significance of China's Experience on Communication Studies
 wu, yumin.

Visual Communication Experiences With Body Images in Popular Films
 Hoffmann, Dagmar.

Visual Communication Experiences and Paralympic Sports-Testimonials
 Moeller, Carsten., Oberhaeuser, Kai. and Sikorski, Christian von.

Visual Dimension of Protest: Analysis of Interactions During the Russian March
 Zuev, Dennis.

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Walled-In, Reaching Out: Benefits and Challenges of Migrant Workers’ Use of ICTs for Interpersonal Communication
 Lim, Sun Sun. and Thomas, Minu.

War Reporting in the 21st Century: Political Phenomenological Perspectives on Embedding, ICTs, and Citizen Journalism
 Markham, Tim.

Weaving the Life of Guatemala: A Participatory Approach to Cross-Cultural Filmmaking
 De La Cruz, Sonia.

Web Credibility 2.0? Effects of Source and Content Credibility on Evaluation of Online Restaurant Reviews (TOP 3 Student Paper)
 Kim, Young Ji.

Web Production, News Judgment, and Emerging Categories of Online Newswork in Metropolitan Journalism
 Anderson, C.W..

Web2.0 Use Among Chinese Civil Society Organizations
 Shi, Song.

Website Interactivity Effects Explained by Consumers’ Online Flow Experience
 Noort, Guda., Voorveld, Hilde. and van Reijmersdal, Eva.

Weight Marks on Models: Information Labels Reduce Body Dissatisfaction Incited by the Thin Body Ideal
 Veldhuis, Jolanda., Konijn, Elly., Hoogervorst, Hanneke. and Beliaeva, Tanya.

Western Journalism’s “Other”: The Legacy of the Cold War in the Study of Media Systems
 Szpunar, Piotr.

Western Public Relations Theories in China: Hegemonic Influence or Intellectual Coexistence
 Zhang, Ai.

What Are You Laughing At? Examining White Identity and Enjoyment of Black Entertainment
 Banjo, Omotayo.

What CSR Can Tell Us About Public Relations and Issues Management
 Taylor, Maureen. and Kent, Michael.

What Does Media Sport Cultivate? Lessons From ‘MyFootballClub’
 Ruddock, Andy., Rowe, David. and Hutchins, Brett.

What Does the Audience Want? Understanding Media Choices by Examining the 2009 American Presidential Inauguration
 Lee, Angela.

What Influences Trust Building in Cross-Cultural Distributed Work Teams: A Multilevel Analysis
 Huang, Meikuan. and Lambotte, Francois.

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Yet Another Miniature Campaign: The 2009 Televised Debate
 Maier, Juergen., Faas, Thorsten. and Otto, Lukas.

You Are What You Post: Using Social Network Profiles to Express Identity
 Gearhart, Sherice. and Kang, Seok.

You Don’t Know Me But Can I Be Your Friend? Accepting Strangers as Friends in Facebook
 Leow, Serena. and Wang, Zuoming.

Young People and Privacy Online: Policy and Activism From Canada
 Shade, Leslie.

Young Swedish Female Top-Bloggers and the Performance of Authentic Selves
 Lovheim, Mia.

Youth Leaders’ Competing Narratives on Ethnic Conflict: An Indonesian Case
 Sukandar, Rudi.

Youth Publics and Construction of Citizenship in a Transnational Space
 Volkmer, Ingrid.

Youthful Interpretations of Social Networking Sites: Integrating Concerns in Reception Analysis and Digital Literacies
 Das, Ranjana.
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