International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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A "Spoiled Identity": Living With HIV/AIDS in African Contexts
 Ndiaye, Khadidiatou.

A Bad Economy Is Good for Political Learning? Testing an Economic Theory of Political Communication Effects
 Shen, Fei.

A Band’s Forum Website: Building a Virtual Online Community in Indonesia
 Sarah, Siti. and Sukandar, Rudi.

A Close Look at Young People’s Mobile TV Adoption: How Is It Different From General Mobile TV Adoption?
 Lee, Hyunjoo., Kim, Daejoong., Ryu, Jungho. and Lee, Sungjoon.

A Collection of Everyday Organizational Textual Activities
 Day, Dennis. and Wagner, Johannes.

A Comparative Content Analysis of Newspaper and Weblog Reporting on Attempts to Pass a Media Shield Law
 Anderson, C.W..

A Comparison of Blood Donors and Nondonors in Terms of Social Capital and Media Usage
 Lu, Jia.

A Complete Waste of Time: Analysing the Preference for Unsuitable Video Games
 Joeckel, Sven., Dogruel, Leyla. and Siegmund, Ilka.

A Conceptual Model of User Engagement With Media
 Oh, Jeeyun., Bellur, Saraswathi. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

A Content Analysis of the Normalization of Plastic Surgery in the News: A Comparative Study Between Korea and the US
 Kim, Yeonsoo.

A Continuous Measure of the Level of Presence Using Electroencephalography (EEG) Recording of Gamma Band Synchrony
 Biocca, Frank.

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Hurtful Messages in Close Relationships
 Zhang, Shuangyue. and Merolla, Andy.

A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Privacy Management in Facebook and Cyworld
 Gibbs, Jennifer. and Cho, Seong Eun.

A Cross-Cultural Study of Social Relationships and Use of Social Networking Sites in the US and China
 Chu, Shu-Chuan. and Choi, Sejung Marina.

A Cross-National Study of Mobile Internet Services: A Comparison of U.S. and Korean Mobile Internet Users
 Shin, Dong-Hee.

A Cross-National Study of Social-Networking Services Between the U.S. and Korea
 Shin, Dong-Hee. and Kim, Yeolib.

A Different Fate of the Print Revolution: Why Imperial China Had No Copyright?
 Mun, Seung-Hwan.

A Digital Get-Together: An Exploratory Study of Internet Blogging in the Arab World
 Khakimova, Leysan.

A Fermented Filipino National Identity: Causes and Cure
 Lofranco, Louella.

A Fool in the Door: Inducing Empathy to Increase Compliance
 Vermeulen, Ivar. and Beukeboom, Camiel.

A Goffman for the Media and Communication Researcher
 Ytreberg, Espen.

A History of ABC Online News
 Burns, Maureen.

A Holey Web: The European Network of News Flows - A Network Analysis (TOP STUDENT PAPER)
 Moller, Judith.

A House Divided? Christian Music in Black and White
 Banjo, Omotayo. and Morant, Kesha.

A Life Course Perspective on Fandom (Top Three Paper)
 Harrington, C. Lee. and Bielby, Denise.

A Life-Span Perspective on Media Use: Television Viewing in the Lives of Older Adults
 van der Goot, Margot., Beentjes, Johannes. and van Selm, Martine.

A Matter of Perception: Third-Culture Individuals’ Interpersonal Sensitivity
 Lyttle, Allyn., Barker, Gina. and Cornwell, Terri.

A Mediated Model of Fear of Crime and Television: The Role of Personal Risk Perception and Perceived Ability to Cope With Crime
 Custers, Kathleen.

A Meta-Analysis of Cultivation Experiments: The Priming Effect on John and Jane, Who Are Watching Prime Time Television
 Dossche, Dorien.

A Meta-Analysis of Research on Problematic Internet Use (PIU): Testing a Composite Model of PIU
 Tokunaga, Robert. and Rains, Steve.

A Mixed-Method Study Examining Patient Expectations in a Tertiary Eye Care Centre in India
 Mocherla, Shobha., Raman, Usha. and Holden, Brien.

A Model of Antecedents to Extractive Information Seeking Strategies Within the Hiring Process
 Carr, Caleb.

A Model of Work-Life Conflict and Quality of Employee-Organization Relationships (EORs): Transformational Leadership, Procedural Justice, and Family-Supportive Workplace Initiatives
 Jiang, Hua.

A Modified Webstyle Analysis of Comparing Campaign Blogs and Websites: The Case Study of Taiwan’s 2008 Legislative Election
 Wang, Tai-Li.

A Multifaceted Perspective on Blogs and Society: Case Studies of Blogospheres in Southeast and East Asia
 Lai, Chih-Hui.

A Multilevel Model of Risk and Benefit Perception
 Shih, Tsung-Jen., Scheufele, Dietram. and Corley, Elizabeth.

A Narrative Perspective on Extremist Im/materiality
 Corman, Steven.

A National Study of College Students’ Multiplatform Video Consumption and Satisfaction
 Ha, Louisa.

A Path From the Internet to Political Participation: How Deliberation and Postmaterial Values Influence Civic Engagement
 Kim, Minha.

A Plea for a Scholarly Community: Professional and Academic Culture Among Chilean JMC Educators
 Mellado, Claudia.

A Relational Orienting Typology for Sibling Dyads: Biological Relatedness, Identity, and Parenting Practices as Predictors
 Tafoya, Melissa. and Hamilton, Mark.

A Season in Syberia: Gameplay as Activity in Point-and-Click Adventure Video Games
 Holt, Richard. and Chang, Hui-Ching.

A Situational Theory of New Media Behaviors: Using Multitasking With Mobile Phones as an Example
 Zhang, Weiyu.

A Social Cognitive Perspective on the Flexibility of Social Comparison to Idealized Media Images: A Review of Current Literature and Implications for Future Research
 Hu, Fan.

A Study of Contemporary Chinese Art’s Reaction to the Current Sociopolitical Climate in China
 Cheung, Ming.

A Study on the News Values of International Disasters: Change of Determinants on News Coverage of International Disasters in the U.S. News Media
 Jeong, Yongick. and Lee, Sun Young.

A Systematic Analysis of Forms and Functions of Mediatized Entertaining Campaigns and Assessment of Their Quality
 Hagen, Lutz.

A Theoretical Exploration of Organization Greening and Change
 Liu, Jingfang.

A Theoretically Grounded Approach to Understanding Early Adopters’ and Nonadopters' HPV Vaccination Beliefs
 Cohen, Elisia.

A Theory of Political Campaign Media Connectedness, Part II: Clarifying Debate Viewing and Online Media
 Holbert, R.. and Geidner, Nick.

A Think-Aloud Investigation Into Youths' Knowledge Structures for Internet Literacy
 Nekmat, Elmie. and Lim, Sun Sun.

A Three Cultures Model Approach to Understanding Organizational Communication: A Case Study of a Multi-National Organization
 Blankson, Herbert. and Hale, Claudia.

A Transmodern Perspective on Intercultural Communicative Competence
 Upadhyaya, Bhavana.

A Two-Stage Model of New Media-Based Collective Action
 Liu, Jingfang.

A World More Intimate: Exploring the Role of Mobile Phones in Maintaining and Extending Social Networks
 McEwen, Rhonda.

Accommodating Convergence in the Digital Age: Regulator’s Perspective
 Liu, Yu-li.

Accounting for Differences in Cancer Patients' Information-Seeking Behavior
 Bourgoin, Angel., Fraze, Taressa. and Hornik, Robert.

Active Within Structures: Integration of Divergent Theories and Measures
 Tang, Tang. and Cooper, Roger.

Active vs. Passive Blog Use: Implications for Interpersonal Discussion and Political Participation
 Gil de Zuniga, Homero., Hsu, Shih-Hsien. and Bachmann, Ingrid.

Activist Bloggers and Collective Action: Collective Individualism as a Force to Contend With
 Soon, Carol.

Activist Online Resource Mobilization and Tactics: Relationships Between Resource-Dependencies and Tactical Behavior
 Sommerfeldt, Erich., Wolfe, Kevin. and Johnson, Christal.

Activist Public Relations: Activist Practitioners' Perceptions of Publics, the Internet, and Media
 Sommerfeldt, Erich.

Acts That Matter: New Ethicscapes in the Global World
 Nielsen, Anne. and Knudsen, Britta.

Adolescent Television Viewing and the Cultivation of Unrealistic Perceptions About Smoking and Smokers: Examining the Moderating Role of Sensation Seeking
 Nan, Xiaoli.

Ads Make Sense! Online Advertising on Popular Children’s Websites
 Cai, Xiaomei., Zhao, Xiaoquan. and Botan, Carl.

Advertising Phuket’s Nightlife on the Internet: A Case Study of Gender Constructions in Sex Tourism
 Na Pattalung, Piengpen., Chandler, Robert. and Hobbs, Jeffrey.

Advertising Strategies at the Jewish Daily Forward: Commodification and Americanization in Historical Perspective
 Dolber, Brian.

Advocacy Communication: Using Communication to Advocate for Structural and Normative Public Benefit
 Wilkins, Karin.

Affect Priming During the Processing of News Articles
 Baumgartner, Susanne. and Wirth, Werner.

Affective Antecedents of the Perceived Effectiveness of Antidrug Advertisements: An Analysis of Adolescents’ Momentary and Retrospective Evaluations
 Yzer, Marco., Vohs, Kathleen., Luciana, Monica., Faber, Ronald., Cuthbert, Bruce. and MacDonald III, Angus.

Affective Dispositions and Media Choices
 Hastall, Matthias.

African Newspaper Coverage of AIDS: Comparing New Models of Press-State Relations and Structural Factors in Sub-Saharan Anglophone Africa
 Pollock, John., D\'Angelo, Paul., Shaw, Donna., Burd, Amanda., Kiernicki, Kristen. and Raudenbush, Janna.

Agenda-Setting Effects of Incidental Exposure to Political Information on the Internet
 Lee, Jae Kook.

Agenda-Setting: Awareness, Salience, Priority, or Just Cognitive Priming?
 Gehrau, Volker.

Agents of Change? How Western Media Assistance Impacts Journalists in Developing Countries
 Fengler, Susanne., Pies, Judith., Goetz, Ursula. and Stube, Marlene.

Aggressive Communication: A Life Span Perspective
 Wright, Kevin. and Craig, Elizabeth.

Aggressive Mimicry as Ambiguous Communication About Organizational Forms and Its Theoretical Implications for Community Ecology Models
 Heiss, Bettina.

Al Jazeera and the Democratization Process in the Middle East
 El Gody, Ahmed.

Aligning Research and Scholarship With Education, Industry and Policy: Australian Instances
 Cunningham, Stuart.

All the News You Want to Hear: The Impact of Partisan News Consumption on Political Participation - TOP STUDENT PAPER
 Dilliplane, Susanna.

Alternative American Voices in Global Climate Change Reporting
 Candano, Catherine.

Am I Being Watched?: The Effects of Governmental Regulations of the Internet on Youth Perceptions of the On-line Expression Environment in South Korea
 Lee, Ju Young.

Ambiguous Accounts: How Media Attributes Shape Deception and Availability Management
 Birnholtz, Jeremy., Hancock, Jeff., Guillory, Jamie. and Bazarova, Natalya.

Ambiguous Intergroup Leadership Roles Leading to Ambiguous Intergroup Communication: The Scandinavian Management Tradition
 Lemmergaard, Jeanette. and Kristensen, Mette.

Ambivalent Attitudes and Persuasion
 Chang, Chingching.

American Exceptionalism, the French Exception, and Regulation of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing on the Internet
 Eko, Lyombe.

America’s Global Standing According to Popular News Sites From Around the World
 Segev, Elad. and Blondheim, Menahem.

Amma’s Daughters: Moving Beyond Gender as Identity
 Upadhyaya, Bhavana.

An Advertising Literacy Workshop to Enhance Young Adolescents’ Understanding of Traditional and Emerging Advertising of Food
 Lin, Jih-Hsuan. and Peng, Wei.

An Agenda of Connecting, A Representation of Distancing?
 Ketterer, Stephanie.

An Analysis of Candidates McCain and Obama’s Rhetoric During the 2008 Presidential Campaign
 Vitiello, Thomas. and Hinrichsen, Malte.

An Anatomy of a YouTube Meme (Top Three Paper)
 Shifman, Limor.

An Application of the Reasoned Action Approach to Women’s Intention to Be Vaccinated Against HPV
 Dillard, James. and Seo, Kiwon.

An Appraisal Domain Analysis of Message Framing Effects
 Seo, Kiwon. and Dillard, James.

An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Real-Name System on Internet Bulletin Boards: Focusing on How the Real-Name System and Users' Characteristics Influence the Use of Slanderous Comments and Abusive Language
 Choi, Jeong Min., Na, Hyun Soo. and Park, Yon Kyu.

An Empirical Study of Competing Applications: Three Comparison Processes (TOP 3 Faculty Paper)
 Lin, Julian. and Chan, Hock Chuan.

An Exploratory Study to Define Issue-Focused Coalitions
 Kuch, Beth. and Briones, Rowena.

An Independent Lens: The Documentary Film as a Medium of Discourse for Women in the US During the "War on Terror"
 Ali, Isra.

An Infrastructure Divide? Comparing Social and Infrastructural Factors in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia
 Pearce, Katy.

An Initial Test of a Cognitive-Emotional Theory of Esteem Support Messages
 Holmstrom, Amanda. and Burleson, Brant.

An M-Learning Reflexivity: Learning About the Mobile and Using the Mobile for Learning
 Paragas, Fernando.

Analyzing Communication Difficulties in Medical Institutions: Intercultural Communication Between Patients and Health Care Providers
 Yeh, Jung-huel.

Angry But Excited, Thus Engaged
 Lee, Hoon.

Anonymous Review as Strategic Ritual: Examining the Rise of Anonymous Review Among Chinese Communication Journals
 Li, Hongtao.

Antecedents of Public Relations Planning and New Media Tactics in the Rhetoric of Isocrates
 Marsh, Charles.

Apartheid? Not Us! South Africa as an Ideological Discursive Category in Israeli Media Discourse
 Livio, Oren.

Applying the Extended Parallel Process Model to Exam Posters in 2008 Chinese Annual Antidrug Campaign
 Shi, Rui.

Are We Evolved to Live with Mobiles? An Evolutionary View of Mobile Communication
 Lai, Chih-Hui. and Katz, James.

Are You Doing What I'm Doing? Goal Projection in Conversation
 Palomares, Nicholas.

Argumentativeness, Religion, and Self-Construal: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
 Croucher, Stephen.

Arts Coverage in Major Newspapers on Three Continents: A Comparative Analysis
 Alonso, Paul.

Asia's Social Media Map and Online User Behavior
 Netzley, Michael.

Assessing Change in SPCC and Instructional Effectiveness the Right Way
 Hodis, Georgeta. and Hodis, Flaviu.

Assessing Communication and Political Knowledge in Political Campaigns From a Geospatial Perspective
 Liu, Yung-I.

Assessing Political Outcomes of New Media Use in the 2008 Presidential Election
 Groshek, Jacob. and Dimitrova, Daniela.

Assessing Quality of Deliberation and Its Consequences: Evidence From Deliberative Polling
 Westwood, Sean. and Sood, Gaurav.

Assessing Techno-Centric Models of Good Governance: A Case Study of Public-Private Partnership in Bangalore, India
 Rao, Anuradha.

Assimilation Into the Literary Mainstream? The Classification of Ethnic Minority Authors in Newspaper Reviews in the United States, the Netherlands and Germany
 Berkers, Pauwke., Janssen, Susanne. and Verboord, Marc.

At the Intersection of the Digital Divide and the Knowledge Gap: The Results From Three Knowledge Acquisition Measures
 Yang, JungAe. and Grabe, Maria.

Attitudinal Effects of Textual Characteristics of Verbal Irony
 Burgers, Christian., van Mulken, Margot. and Schellens, Peter Jan.

Attractive Endorsers in Advertising and Body Dissatisfaction: Expected and Unexpected Findings
 Asbeek Brusse, Elsbeth.

Attributions for Group Failure: Effects on Group Processes and Performance in Computer-Mediated Groups
 Bazarova, Natalya. and Hancock, Jeff.

Audience Measurement Systems and Ideas of the Nation in the Postcolonial World
 Chakrabarti, Santanu.

Audience Responses to Controversy: Medium Comparison Between Letters to the Editor and Blogs
 Stephens, Donna. and Heo, Nokon.

Audience and Journalists’ Views on UGC: Exploring Normative and Practical Frameworks
 Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin., Williams, Andrew. and Wardle, Claire.

Audience as the “Citizen-Subject” of Globalizing Television in Turkey
 Haydari, Nazan.

Authenticity and Expectation Violations in Online Consumer Communities
 Sanders, William.

Automated and Manual Abstraction of Populist Rhetoric in Political News Coverage
 van Atteveldt, Wouter. and Takens, Janet.

Automatic Mapping of Social Networks: Time Series Analysis of News Sentiment and Presidential Job Approval
 Danowski, James.

Avatar Building and Gender Formation on Sites for Tween/Teen Girls
 Randall, Neil. and Powell, Meredith.

Avatar Creation and Video Game Enjoyment: Effects of Life-Satisfaction, Game Competitiveness, and Identification With the Avatar
 Trepte, Sabine., Reinecke, Leonard. and Behr, Katharina-Maria.

Avatar and Maintenance of the Self: An Exploratory Study on Avatar Customization and Gratifications
 Bae, Keunmin.

Avatars and Emotional Engagement in Asynchronous Online Communication
 Taylor, Laramie.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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