International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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BBC News and the Financial Crisis: Dilemmas of Financial Reporting
 Schifferes, Steve.

Backchannel Responses and Enjoyment of the Conversation: The More Does Not Necessarily Mean the Better
 Li, Han. and Aguilera, Laura.

Bañamos: The Bathing of Spectacle of Travel, Modernity, and Place as Folklore and Performance
 Maiquez, Reagan.

Be(com)ing Cyber Mocro’s: Social Networking Sites, Migrant Youth, and Glocalized Youth Cultures
 Leurs, Koen.

Becoming an International Star: Studying the H. Stern Brand Internationalization Process
 Albino, José., Carrieri, Alexandre., Almeida, Ana Luiza., Almeida, Bernardo., Guimarães, Felipe. and Sepúlveda, Luiza.

Being With the Media
 Frosh, Paul.

Belonging and Trust in Online Communities: The Case of CouchSurfing as a Global Cooperative Social Network
 Roy Lafontaine, Pascale., Rosen, Devan. and Hendrickson, Blake.

Between Idiosyncratic Self-Interests and Professional Standards: A Contribution to the Understanding of Participatory Journalism in Web 2.0. Results From an Online Survey in Germany (TOP THREE FACULTY PAPER)
 Frohlich, Romy., Quiring, Oliver. and Engesser, Sven.

Between Resistance and Dominant Ideology: Two NGOs’ Efforts to Communicate the Movement for Roma Rights
 Schneeweis, Adina.

Between the Korean Wave and the Japanese Wave: BoA and the East Asian Pop Culture Flow
 Kwak, Sunyoung.

Beyond Access: Differential Engagement in Online Video-Sharing Forums
 Chun, Heasun. and Lee, Hyunjoo.

Beyond Being There: A Grounded Investigation of the Value of Virtual Worlds for Remote Family Interaction
 Bleumers, Lizzy. and Jacobs, An.

Beyond Eurocentrism, Toward Empowerment: A Holistic Examination of CSR Research and Practice – Insights From Singapore
 Lee, Mui Hean., Mak, Ka Ying. and Pang, Augustine.

Beyond Factual Knowledge: The Impact of Online News Features on Self-Perceived Knowledge
 Opgenhaffen, Michael. and d\'Haenens, Leen.

Beyond First and Second Order Measures: Cultivation of Epistemological Beliefs
 Bilandzic, Helena. and Sukalla, Freya.

Beyond Political Knowledge: Predicting Voting From the Multiplicative Effect of Media Evaluation and Exposure
 Fu, Hanlong. and Mou, Yi.

Beyond Watchdogs and Mouthpieces: Taking the State-Owned Press Seriously
 Mody, Bella., Maki, Justin., Hofschire, Linda., Swenson, Tamara. and Mansouri, Anaa.

Beyond the Glamour and Glory: Critical Discourse Analysis of the People’s Daily Editorials on Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
 Zhang, Weidong.

Beyond the Interaction Paradigm? Radical Constructivism, Universal Pragmatics, and Peircean Pragmatism
 Bergman, Mats.

Beyond the Principle of Relative Constancy: Determinants of Media Expenditures Into the Era of Internet in U.S.
 Su, Linsen.

Bias in the Flesh: Attack Ads and the Effects of Visual Cues in the 2008 Presidential Campaign
 Messing, Solomon., Plaut, Ethan. and Jabon, Maria.

Biblical Stories and Mythical Narratives of Korean Television Drama
 Yoon, Sunny.

Big Brother Is Watching You
 Sobieraj, Sabrina., Krämer, Nicole. and Manstead, Antony.

Big Macs/Peanut Butter and Jelly: An Exploration of Dialectical Contradictions Experienced by the Sandwich Generation
 Semlak, Julie. and Pearson, Judy.

Bijin-Tokei: Pin-Up Documentary or a Discourse of Digital City?
 Sato, Toyoko.

Blaming Dishonest Businesses and Incompetent Bureaucrats: A Framing Analysis of Chinese Product Recalls
 Pan, Ji., Wei, Ran. and Liu, Hui.

Blockbuster Titillation: Voyeurism and the Freakshow
 Pearl, Sharrona.

Blog Posting, Issue Involvement, and Civic Participation
 Park, Nohil., Jeong, JiYeon. and Han, JungHo.

Blogging the Writers Strike: Identity, Interaction, and Engagement for Collective Action
 O\'Brien, Nina.

Blogs and Freedom of Information: Policy Responses in Thailand and Malaysia
 Magpanthong, Chalisa. and McDaniel, Drew.

Bodies in Space and Place: Relationality, Mobility, Identity
 Harindranath, Hari.

Body Images of Successful Actors: The Good, the Bad, the Handsome and the Ugly
 Schwab, Frank., Wedegärtner, Sonja., Carolus, Astrid. and Unz, Dagmar.

Body of Evidence: CSI, the Detective Genre, and the Posthuman Condition
 Yaacobi-Gross, Tally. and Pinchevski, Amit.

Bollywood and Hollywood: A Political Economic Analysis of Coproductions
 Rasul, Azmat. and Proffitt, Jennifer.

Bollywood and Turkish Film in Belgium: A Structural Comparative Approach of Diasporic Cinema in Antwerp
 Vandevelde, Iris., Smets, Kevin., Meers, Philippe., Vande Winkel, Roel. and Van Bauwel, Sofie.

Bollywood at Large: Who is Watching Bollywood Films?
 Roy, Anjali.

Bottom of the Pyramid Expenditure Patterns on Mobile Phone Services in Selected Emerging Asian Countries
 Agüero, Aileen. and de Silva, Harsha.

Boundary Setting: How Polysemy Affects Media Effects Theory
 Van den Bulck, Jan.

Box Office and Bollywood: An Analysis of Soft Power Content in Popular Hindi Cinema
 Schaefer, David.

Brainy Einsteins: A Qualitative Content Analysis of the Marketing of Baby Videos
 Ryan, Erin.

Brand Monitoring and Marketing: How Technology Has (and Has Not) Changed the Game
 Khoo, Nicholas Aaron.

Breaking and Making Borders: PR Practice, the Web, and World Opinion
 McKie, David. and Toledano, Margalit.

Bridging Critical Theory and Design Learning: Social Media and Generative Pedagogy
 Boler, Megan. and Lottridge, Danielle.

Broadcast Journalism Practices in Indonesia: A Journey Through Challenges Over Social Change and Training Opportunities
 Muchtar, Nurhaya.

Broadcasting 2.0. The Case of Al-Jazeera English
 Powers, Shawn.

Business as Usual, or an Unusual Business? Celebrating and Blaming Business During the Global Financial Crisis in Australian Journalism
 Bromley, Michael.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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