International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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CCTV Undressed: Authority, New Media, and Public Sphere in China
 Bai, Ruoyun.

CSR as Issues Management
 Roper, Juliet.

Cable Channel Diversity and Its Relationship to Network Programming in South Korea From 1997 to 2007
 Choi, Sujin.

Cable Stations: Architectures of Community and Security
 Starosielski, Nicole.

Cablese [STOP]: How the Telegraph Influenced Language Use
 Raghavan, Aditi.

Cadillac Consumer: Race, Labor, and Consumption
 Mukherjee, Roopali.

Cads and Dads on Screen: Do Film Representations of Partner Scarcity Affect Partner Preferences?
 Taylor, Laramie.

Can Public Policy Save the News? The Uncertain History and Future of Public Service Journalism
 Pickard, Victor.

Can We Replicate Experimental Findings Based on Non-Interactive Stimuli With Interactive Stimuli?
 Lee, Kwan. and Sah, Young June.

Can a Declining Company Still Be Successful in Agenda-Building? A Case Study of Wachovia
 Lee, Sun Young.

Cancer Information Disparities Between U.S.- and Foreign-Born Populations
 Zhao, Xiaoquan.

Capture-Recapture Analysis in Journalism Research
 Engesser, Sven. and Kramer, Benjamin.

Carnival in Cyberspace: Egao as a Chinese Internet Subculture
 Zhang, Lin.

Casting the Ubiquitous Net of Control: Internet Surveillance in China From Golden Shield to Green Dam
 Tai, Zixue.

Celebrity Activists in Social Profit Campaigning: A Survey With the Flemish Public on Views and Effectiveness
 Van den Bulck, Hildegarde., Panis, Koen., Van Aelst, Peter. and Hardy, Anne.

Celebrity Suicide and the Search for the Moral High Ground: Comparing Frames in Media and Audience Discussions of the Death of a Flemish Celebrity
 Van den Bulck, Hildegarde. and Claessens, Nathalie.

Censorship and Self-Censorship in a New Media Environment: Observations From China and Hong Kong
 Chan, Joseph.

Censorship and Sensibility
 Ho, Josephine.

Challenges Communicating Puberty and Decision Making Information to Teens: Development of an Online Tailored Intervention
 Cortese, Juliann., Lustria, Mia Liza., Sarkar, Madhurima., Redmond, Sarah., McLaughlin, Casey. and Rosario, Ivee.

Challenges of Tracking Topical Discussion Networks Online
 Highfield, Tim., Kirchhoff, Lars. and Nicolai, Thomas.

Changes in Public Opinion After a Public-Deliberation Event
 Mao, Yuping. and Adria, Marco.

Channeling the Economy: Mass Media and Economic Perceptions
 van Egmond, Marcel., Boomgaarden, Hajo. and van der Brug, Wouter.

Chick Flicks Prefer Blondes: What Chick Flicks Reflect About the American Woman's Beauty Ideal
 Nunez, Rocio.

Children’s Media Use, Their Right of Well-Being, and Media Literacy in Korea
 Kim, Eun-Mee.

China Cases Analysis: Consensus on New Media and Its Cultural Influence
 Meng, Wei.

China as the “Communist Bandits”: Evolution of Gongfei in Taiwan’s Identity Politics
 Chang, Hui-Ching.

Chinese Journalists’ Use of New Media Technology: Ethical Issues
 Liu, Yu.

Chinese Media Capital in Global Context
 Curtin, Michael.

Chinese Migrant Workers in Media Agenda During Global Recession
 chu, kejun. and Huang, Rong.

Churches in the Public Sphere: When Church Services are Broadcast via the Internet
 Chang, Jong In.

Cibercampaigns in the South of Europe: Parties, Bloggers and Voters
 Sampedro, Víctor.

Circulation and Geographic Determinations of Advertising Placements in Internet Newspapers
 Jeong, Yongick., Kulkarni, Arti. and Kim, Nam Young.

Citizen Journalism and Democracy: How User-Generated News Use Relates to Political Knowledge and Participation
 Kaufhold, Kelly., Valenzuela, Sebastian. and Gil de Zuniga, Homero.

Click, Drag, Flip, and Mouse-Over: Effects of Modality Interactivity on User Engagement With Web Content
 Sundar, S. Shyam., Xu, Qian., Bellur, Saraswathi., Jia, Haiyan., Oh, Jeeyun. and Khoo, Guan-Soon.

Climate Change Communication and Regional Media Systems
 Eskjaer, Mikkel.

Climate on Cable: The Effects of Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC on Global Warming Beliefs and Perceptions
 Feldman, Lauren., Roser-Renouf, Connie. and Leiserowitz, Anthony.

Clinical Trial Enrollment Decisions for Cancer Patients and Healthy Adults: Thoughts, Emotions, or Social Influence?
 Yang, Zheng., McComas, Katherine., Gay, Geri., Leonard, John., Dannenberg, Andrew. and Dillon, Hildy.

Co-chair of preconference
 Couldry, Nick.

Coalition Signals and Vote Intentions
 Meffert, Michael. and Gschwend, Thomas.

Cocreation of Meaning in Environmental Communication
 Botan, Carl.

Cognitive Outcomes of Political Blog Consumption: The Role of Media Sophistication as a Social Function
 Veenstra, Aaron.

Cognitive Process and Persuasive Effects of Pictorial-Metaphor Advertisings
 ZHANG, Lun. and Yao, Mike.

Collapsing the Continuum: An Analysis of the Ways Multiple Role Engagement Challenges Previous Conceptions of Boundary Management Theory
 Cruz, Disraelly.

Collective Action: A Quantitative Model of Engagement and Interaction in Social Networks
 Cheliotis, Giorgos. and Wang, Rong.

Collective Dynamics of the Spiral of Silence: The Role of Quasi-Statistical Monitoring
 Sohn, Dongyoung. and Geidner, Nick.

College Students’ Perceptions About Responsible Drinking Social Causes: The Effects of Sponsorship Identity, Perceived Motives, and Source Credibility
 Kim, Yeonsoo. and Park, Sun-young.

Combating Middle East Stereotypes Through Media Literacy Education in Elementary School
 Hobbs, Renee., Cabral, Nuala., Ebrahimi, Aggie., Yoon, Jiwon. and AlHumaidan, Rawia.

Combating the Thought That Helping is Hopeless: Grounding Compassion and Compassion Fatigue in Theory
 Patel, Sheetal.

Coming to Terms With Sexualization
 Duits, Linda. and Van Zoonen, Liesbet.

Communicating Climate Change: Exploring the U.S. Climate Scientists’ Roles in Policy Making Process
 Tsai, Jiun-Yi.

Communicating Urban Spaces On and Off Screen: The Mediation of Los Angeles in the Films Crash and Quinceañera
 Villanueva, George Allen.

Communicating in the Multichannel Age: Interpersonal Communication Motivation, Interaction Involvement, and Channel Affinity
 Sun, Shaojing., Hullman, Gwen. and Wang, Ying.

Communicating with Citizens? Representations of “Public Opinion” in Polish Public Discourse
 Szwed, Robert.

Communication Barriers in Medical Care for Non-Japanese Patients: Through the Eyes of Medical Interpreters
 Nadamitsu, Yoko.

Communication Ecologies: Observing New Immigrants Negotiations of Identity
 Ball-Rokeach, Sandra. and Gonzalez, Carmen.

Communication Efficacy as a Mediator Between Past and Subsequent Communication Following Events That Increase Uncertainty
 Jang, Su Ahn.

Communication Ethics in the Context Communication for Security
 Schütz, Christine.

Communication Infrastructure Theory and Civic Media Game Approach: Linking Theory and Practice
 Jung, Joo-Young. and Mizukoshi, Shin.

Communication Technology Interface Proximity and User Emotion: Comparing Desktop, Laptop, and Hand-Held Device
 Xie, Wenjing.

Communication That Matters: A Comparison of Ethnocentrism and Willingness to Communicate in Chinese and U.S. Students
 Butcher, Margaret. and Haggard, Carrol.

Communication in Aotearoa New Zealand-Situated Scholarship: Engaging Globally and Acting Locally
 Henderson, Alison., Simpson, Mary. and Weaver, Celia.

Communication in Aotearoa New Zealand: Interdisciplinarity and Fields of Study
 Henderson, Alison., Simpson, Mary. and Weaver, Celia.

Communication in Workplace: The Ethnic Malays Malaysian Communication Characteristics
 Abu Bakar, Hassan. and Mustaffa, Che Su.

Communicative Triggers of Age Salience for Three Generations: Reported Events, Frequencies, and Valences
 McCann, Robert., Giles, Howard., Mcllrath, Mary. and Mulac, Anthony.

Communicative and Cognitive Meaning: Using Semantic Network Analysis for Comparing Public Discourse and Personal Understandings of EU Politics
 Baden, Christian.

Community and Communication Revisited: Community Pluralism, Communication Mediation, and Civic Engagement
 Nah, Seungahn.

Comparative Analysis of Media Frame and Audience Frame in Hong Kong and Macau: A Case Study of Ao Menlong Scandal
 Chen, Huailin.

Comparative Communication Policy Research in Africa
 Eko, Lyombe.

Comparative Communication Policy Research in Asia
 Kwak, Ki-Sung.

Comparative Communication Policy Research in Europe and North America
 Humphreys, Peter.

Comparative Study of the American and Korean Female Elders’ Perception of Subjective Age and Self-Concept and the Impact on Responses to Age Segmentation Cues (ASCs)
 Kang, HyunMee. and Yu, Hyunjae.

Comparing Aims and Online Content: The Web Presence of U.K. Youth Organizations
 Ward, Janelle.

Comparing Consumers' Online Shopping Behaviors in Taiwan and the United States
 Wu, Ming-Yi.

Comparing Legacy News Sites With Citizen News and Blog Sites: Where’s the Best Journalism?
 Duffy, Margaret., Thorson, Esther. and Jahng, Mi.

Comparing Media Content Across Cultures
 Roessler, Patrick.

Comparing Media Representations of Spanish Political Leaders Throughout Crisis
 Vicente-Mariño, Miguel.

Comparing Political, Cultural, and Economic Indicators of Access to Information in Arab and Non-Arab States
 Relly, Jeannine. and Cuillier, David.

Comparing the Think-Aloud and Thought-Listing Method to Assess Children’s Advertising Processing: A Serendipitous Finding
 Rozendaal, Esther., Buijzen, Moniek. and Valkenburg, Patti.

Competing Discourse of Nationalism in the Global News Arena: The Analysis of the News Program in Context of Russia Today
 Hsu, Shih-Hsien.

Competing With Whom? Where? And How? An Empirical Study of Online Newspaper Competition
 Yang, Mengchieh. and Chyi, Hsiang.

Competition and Innovation: Independent Production in China’s TV Market
 Liu, Bonnie.

Complaints and Troubles Talk in the Discursive Construction of International Student Identities
 Johnson, Greer. and Haugh, Michael.

Computer-Mediated Impression Formation: A Test of the Sticky-Cues Model Using Facebook
 Van Der Heide, Brandon.

Computer-Mediated Social Support and Uncertainty Management for People Living With Diabetes: An In-Depth Interview Study
 Kim, Hyo. and Willis, Erin.

Conducting Social Scientific Research on the Internet: A Comparison of Offline and Online Methods
 Medders, Ryan.

Confident or Depressed About Motherland-Cognitive Dissonance and Selective Media Exposure Between Hong Kong and China
 He, Juntao. and CUI, Li.

Configuring Commuters' Accessibility to Multimedia Mobile Services: The Case of Bluetooth "Augmented" Advertising in the Paris Metro
 licoppe, christian.

Conflict Avoidance in Families: Functions, Outcomes, and Applied Implications
 Caughlin, John., Hardesty, Jennifer. and Middleton, Ashley.

Conflict Management Styles of Americans and Indonesians: Exploring the Effects of Gender and Collectivism/Individualism
 Rizaladdin, Su\'udy. and Zhang, Yan Bing.

Conflict Styles Among Muslims and Christians in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States: An Analysis of Religious and National Difference
 Croucher, Stephen.

Connecting Social Norms and Social Networks: A Study of Unhealthy Weight Control Intentions and Internalization of the Thin-Ideal in China
 Tang, Lu. and Chen, Chien-fei.

Connecting With Strong Ties Through New Media: A Study on the Psychological Dimensions of Social Capital
 Yu, Rebecca.

Connection vs. Control: Mobile Phone Usage of Foreign Domestic Workers in Sinagpore
 Lin, Trisha Tsui-Chuan.

Constant Connections: Piloting a Mobile Phone Based Peer Support Program for Nuer (Southern Sudanese) Women
 Wollersheim, Dennis.

Constituting the National Cultural Economy: The KOCCA and Cultural Policy Discourses in South Korea
 Lee, Jung-yup.

Construct(ivist)s of Alternative Masculinities: Pet Shop Boys Score Potemkin
 Scott, Travers.

Constructing Distance: Coverage of Local vs. Nonlocal Events by Hong Kong Newspapers
 Guo, Zhongshi., Huang, Yu., To, Yiuming. and Chan, Fong Yee.

Constructing Users-Oriented Communication Knowledge Map: A Framework of the Science of Meaning
 Chao, Yaly.

Constructing a New Information Society in the Tropics: Examining Brazilian Approaches to Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) Through the Lens of the User and the Nonuser
 Spence, Jeremiah., Straubhaar, Joseph., Machado, Nadie., Correa, Teresa. and Lee, Kyung Sun.

Construction of Discursive Entelechies of Remembering
 Volkmer, Ingrid.

Consuming Modern Mexico: Television and Consumer Culture on the Mexico-Belize Border
 Pertierra, Anna.

Content Co-Creation Networks in Bilingual Wales
 Petzold, Thomas.

Content in Context Improves Deception Detection
 Levine, Timothy., Blair, John. and Shaw, Allison.

Contention Between Framing by News Sources and Framing by Media
 Chang, Peng Kee., Abu Hassan, Musa. and Tamam, Ezhar.

Contested Images of the Other: An Assessment of the Ethnographic Reality Series
 Mast, Jelle.

Contesting the Public Sphere in Muslim Society: New Media in Malaysia
 Lule, Jack.

Context and Content of Mobile Newspapers in China: Case Study of “i-news”
 Zhang, Guoliang. and Hu, Wei.

Context, Reconceptualization, and the Emergence of Meaning in Intercultural Communication
 Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, Barbara.

Contextualizing Frames in Political Discourse: Using Semantic Network Analysis to Investigate Political Parties’ Framing Strategies - TOP STUDENT PAPER
 Baden, Christian.

Contingencies of Self-Worth and Social Networking Site Behavior
 Stefanone, Michael., Lackaff, Derek. and Rosen, Devan.

Contingent Computer Interactions for Young Children’s Object Retrieval Success
 Lauricella, Alexis., Pempek, Tiffany., Barr, Rachel. and Calvert, Sandra.

Control and Spontaneity in the Beijing Olympic Theater
 Liang, Limin.

Controlling the Internet in China: The Real Story
 Dong, Fan.

Convergence Culture & the Legacy of Feminist Cultural Studies
 Driscoll, Catherine.

Convergence: A Plea for Sociological Specificity
 Couldry, Nick.

Conversational-Dominance and Ambiguity-Generation as Factors in Predicting Perceived Power: A Study in Chinese Heterosexual Partners
 Shing Tung, Tang. and ZHANG, YIN.

Conversations About a Youth Antismoking Campaign: Predictors and Consequences for Smokers and Nonsmokers
 Dunlop, Sally.

Coordination and Control of Global Public Relations After International Mergers and Acquisitions: A Delphi Panel Investigation
 Jain, Rajul. and Molleda, Juan-Carlos.

Copycat Homicide: Are We Looking Closely Enough?
 Boyson, Aaron.

Copyright and Creative Innovation in China: An Evolutionary Approach?
 Montgomery, Lucy.

Copyright and Creativity in Communications Research: The Knowledge Cost of Confusion and Misunderstanding
 Herman, Bill. and Carter, Edward.

Copyright and Plagiarism: A Moral Rights Alternative
 Carter, Edward.

Corpora, Cognitive Linguisitics, Discursive Construction of Identities
 Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, Barbara. and Tomaszczyk, Jerzy.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a Halo Effect in Issue Management: Public Response to Negative News About Prosocial Local Private Company
 Cho, Seung Ho. and Kim, Yong-Chan.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Reputation in Emerging Economy Contexts: An Indian Case Study
 Mitra, Rahul.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Impact of Perceived Motives and Prior Reputation on Effects of Fit of CSR Programs
 Kim, Yeonsoo. and Ferguson, Mary Ann.

Correlations of Media Habits Between Generations and Across Media Modalities: Parental Influence on Children’s TV Watching and Video Game Playing
 Yang, Grace. and Huesmann, Rowell.

Cosmopolitan Challenges: Community and Biculturalism
 Slade, Christina.

Counterpublics and Labor History: Theorizing Jewish Working-Class Media in the 20th Century
 Dolber, Brian.

Covering the Crisis: Economic News and Economic Expectations
 Boomgaarden, Hajo., van Spanje, Joost., Vliegenthart, Rens. and De Vreese, Claes.

Creating Multiple Voices in the Classroom: Space2cre8 as a Facilitator for Negotiating Cultural Identity
 Silseth, Kenneth., Vasbo, Kristin. and Erstad, Ola.

Creating a Bond Between Caregivers Online: Impact on Caregivers' Coping Strategies
 Namkoong, Kang., DuBenske, Lori., Shaw, Bret., Gustafson, David., Hawkins, Robert., Shah, Dhavan., McTavish, Fiona. and Cleary, James.

Creating the Third Space vs. Intensifying Hollywood Domination
 Jin, Dal Yong.

Credibility and Creative Ceremony: Monastic Activists and the Ecology Movement of Thailand
 Pinkerton, Craig.

Credibility in the Blogosphere: Source Effects on the Selection of Online Science Information
 Winter, Stephan., Krämer, Nicole., Schielke, Kathrin. and Appel, Jana.

Criminal Defamation in the New Media Environment: The Case of the People’s Republic of China
 Yan, Mei Ning. and Zhang, Chengbin.

Crisis Communication and Forgiveness: An Experimental Study on the Interrelationships Among Causal Attribution, Message Appeal, and Forgiveness
 Rhee, Yunna. and Moon, Vicky(Beach).

Cross Generation Knowledge Gap: Socio-Economic Status (SES) Model of Macau
 Li, Xiaoqin.

Cross-Cultural Study of Emerging Interpersonal Norms of Text Messaging in India and United States
 Shuter, Robert. and Chattopadhyay, Sumana.

Cross-Cultural and Technological Challenges in Web-Based Instruction: Matters for Communication
 Olaniran, Bolanle., Williams, Indi. and Rodriguez, Natasha.

Cross-Generational Gender Constructions: Women, Teenagers, and Technology
 Thornham, Helen.

Cross-National Newspaper Coverage of Climate Change: A Community Structure Approach
 Pollock, John., Reda, Eugene., Bosland, Alyssa., Hindi, Moe. and Zhu, Dominica.

Cross-National Newspaper Coverage of Human Trafficking
 Koerner, Melissa., Harrison, Jennifer., Omland, Jessica., Rush, Ashley. and Pollock, John.

Cross-Ownership, Markets, and Content on Local TV News
 Yanich, Danilo.

Cultivated Performances: What Cultivation Analysis Says About Media, Binge Drinking and Gender
 Ruddock, Andy.

Cultivating Romantic Fantasies? Exposure to Western Television and Perceptions of Romantic Relationships in Egypt
 El-Toukhy, Sherine. and Brown, Jane.

Cultivating Worry: Individuals’ News Consumption and Thoughts About Developing Cancer
 Bernat, Jennifer.

Cultivation Effects of Video Games: A Longer-Term Experimental Test of First- and Second-Order Effects
 Chong, Yew Mun., Teng, Kie Zin., Siew, Sok Cheng. and Skoric, Marko.

Cultivation Theory and Mental Image
 Chung, Jee. and Bissell, Kimberly.

Cultural Anxiety in Chinese Movies’ International Ambition:The Case of Red Cliff
 Liu, Zhaoxi.

Cultural Connections in a Globalized World: The Power of Bollywood in the United States
 Karan, Kavita.

Cultural Differences in Ad Persuasion
 Chang, Chingching.

Cultural Globalization and the Global Spread of English: Different Fields, Similar Paradigms
 Kuppens, An.

Cultural Identity Beyond the Nation State: Bollywood and FijiTV as Contributing Factors in Indo-Fijian Identity
 Uppal, Charu.

Cultural Influence on the Perceptions of Excellent Leadership in Public Relations
 Meng, Juan. and Berger, Bruce.

Cultural Value Orientations Among Students in Japan, Thailand, and the United States: Cross-Cultural Comparisons and Predictors of Intrapersonal Communication Affect
 McCann, Robert., Honeycutt, James. and Keaton, Shaughan.

Culture and Self-Construal as Predictors of Relational Responses to Emotional Infidelity: China and the United States
 Zhang, Ruifang., Ting-Toomey, Stella. and Lee, Peter.

Culture, the New Ecological Paradigm, and the Environment: The Direct and Mediated Effects of Culture on Environmentally Friendly Behaviors
 Hanna, Ashley., Sur, Jennifer. and Lee, Hye-ryeon.

Culture-Centered Engagement With INGO Delivery of Health Services: Negotiating Meanings of Health Through Tzu Chi Foundation and Buddhist Philosophy
 Dillard, Sydney. and Dutta, Mohan.

Cyber-Campaigns in Southern Europe: Only for a Dissatisfied, Yet Very Active, Minority
 Sampedro, Víctor., López Rey, José. and Poletti, Monica.

Cyberbullying: Predicting Victimisation and Perpetration
 Walrave, Michel. and Heirman, Wannes.

Cybermasculinity of Parody Cultures in DCinside
 Kwon, Jungmin.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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