International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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DIY Zines and Direct-Action Activism in Canada
 Jeppesen, Sandra.

DR and the History of, 1994-2006: The Concept of Public Service as Driving Force
 Brugger, Niels.

Dangerous Liaisons: A Cultivation Investigation of the Relationship Between Media Consumption and Economic Expectations
 Hetsroni, Amir.

Deception and Self-Disclosure: The Roles of Self-Awareness, Avatar Similarity and Attraction
 Hooi, Rosalie. and Cho, Hichang.

Decision-Making Groups Attenuate the Discussion Bias in Favor of Shared Information: A Meta-Analysis
 Reimer, Torsten., Reimer, Andrea. and Czienskowski, Uwe.

Decision-Making as a Situated and Dislocated Practice
 Grosjean, Sylvie. and Robichaud, Daniel.

Decisional Implications of Justices’ Oral Argument Styles: Eight Cases About Same-Sex Marriage
 Tracy, Karen. and Parks, Russell.

Defined and Delivered: Social Networks, Homophily Theory, and the Risks of Online Targeted Advertising
 Kogen, Lauren.

Defining Citizen Journalism in the Journalistic Field
 Hong, Yejin. and Ernste, Thomas.

Defining Face and Conflict in Romantic Relationships: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Uganda and Ethiopia
 Fletcher, Courtney.

Defining Hyperlocal Media: Proposing a Framework for Discussion
 Metzgar, Emily., Kurpius, David. and Rowley, Karen.

Defining Media Enjoyment in Functional Terms
 Tamborini, Ron., Grizzard, Matthew., Bowman, Nicholas., Reinecke, Leonard., Lewis, Robert. and Eden, Allison.

Democracy and Diversity in Wikipedia: A Preliminary Exploration of Social Network Analysis on Users' Contribution
 Wei, Xiao., Tang, Shukun., Yang, Jiang. and CHU, Jianxun.

Democratic Theory as Explanatory Factor for International Differences in Political Media Coverage
 Hemmer, Katharina.

Democratizing Journalism: Realizing the Citizen's Agenda for Local News
 Meijer, Irene.

Demystifying the Sad Film Paradox: A Critical Analysis of the Question of Why People Enjoy the Reception of Sad Films
 Krämer, Nicole. and Witschel, Thomas.

Designful Play: Qualities of Youth Engagement With the Creation of an International Social Network
 Stornaiuolo, Amy. and Marple, Stacy.

Designing Authenticity: Zapotec Weavers in Oaxaca
 Curtin, Melissa.

Determinants of Behavioral Responses to Online Privacy: The Effects of Concern, Risk Beliefs, Self-Efficacy, and Communication Sources on Self-Protection Strategies
 Cho, Hichang.

Determinants of Uploading User-Generated Video Content on the Internet: Toward an Integrated Model
 Park, Namkee., Lee, Kwan. and Jung, Younbo.

Developing ChatCoder 2.0: Improving Computer Analysis of Cyber-Predation Conversations
 Edwards, Lynne., Kontostathis, April., Bayzick, Jennifer., McGhee, India., Moore, Kristina. and Leatherman, Amanda.

Developing a Video-Based Approach to the Most Significant Change Evaluation Methodology
 Brough, Melissa. and Lapsansky, Charlotte.

Development and Validation of Motivational Messages to Improve Chronic Disease Patients’ Adherence With Prescribed Medications
 Kreps, Gary., Villagran, Melinda., Zhao, Xiaoquan., Ledford, Christy., Weathers, Melinda., Keefe, Brian. and McHorney, Colleen.

Diachronic Framing Effects in Competitive Opinion Environments: The Moderating Role of Attitude Certainty
 Matthes, Jorg.

Dialogue in Public Information Campaigns: A Communicative Action Approach to Evaluating Citizen Voice
 Chang, Leanne. and Jacobson, Thomas.

Differences and Similarities Between Koreans and Americans in Lying and Truth-Telling
 Choi, HyeJeong., Park, Hee Sun. and Shim, Jae.

Diffusion of Self-Conception in Journalism Since the Start of World Wide Web
 Haller, Michael. and Sattler, Sebastian.

Digital Literacies and the Media Studies 2.0 Debate
 Meikle, Graham.

Dinamics of Corporate Identity: A Case Study of a Brazilian Soccer Club
 Albino, José., Carrieri, Alexandre., Almeida, Ana Luiza., Barros, Frederico., Saraiva, Frederico. and Figueiredo, Diego.

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising for Stigmatized Illnesses: Does It Contain Stigma Reducing Message Components?
 Kang, Hannah. and An, Soontae.

Dis/locating the Birth of an Organization Through Its Im/materiality
 Chaput, Mathieu.

Disagreeing With Others as a Minority: Argument Strength, Civility, and Their Impacts on Response Favorability in Online Discussion
 Kim, Jin Woo., Rhee, June Woong., Kim, Hye Mi. and Suh, Hyun Seung.

Discourse Coalitions in the Media: The Reconfiguration of Peru’s Environmental Governance
 Takahashi, Bruno.

Discourse and Its Artifacts: Technology and Language Use
 Krippendorff, Klaus.

Discourses of Advertising in Malaysia: "Think and Act Local and Global"
 Hashim, Azirah.

Discovery Interviews: Patient Stories as a Mechanism for Improving Health Practitioner Communication
 Jones, Liz., Leach, Lori., Cahill, Louise., Colquist, Shoni. and Harden, Hazel.

Discrete Affect and Extended Parallel Process Model
 Siu, Wanda.

Discussing Politics Online: The Interactive Relationship Between Offline Political Talk and Online Political Discussion
 Bae, Soo Young., Kwak, Nojin. and Campbell, Scott.

Diversity Management Through Intergroup Concertive Control: A Bona Fide Group Study of Employee Network Groups
 Baker, Jane.

Dividing Attention: The Effects of Commercial Interruptions on Comprehension and Enjoyment of Complex Televisual Narratives
 Panek, Elliot.

Do Better-Looking Members of Congress Receive More TV Coverage?
 Waismel-Manor, Israel. and Tsfati, Yariv.

Do Not Tell Me What You Watch, or You May Risk Being Disliked: An Experimental Study on the Effects of Impression Management
 Scherer, Helmut., Naab, Teresa., Adjei, Brenya. and Niemann, Julia.

Do Satisfied Television Viewers Watch More? Examining Moderating Influences on Television Program Loyalty
 Guo, Miao.

Do Violent Video Games Impair the Effectiveness of In-Game Advertisements? The Impact of Gaming Environment on Brand Recall, Brand Attitude, and Purchase Intention
 Yoo, Seung-Chul. and Pena, Jorge.

Does Al Jazeera Provide Contra-Media-Flow Information? How the Iranian Election and Its Consequences Were Framed on Al Jazeera Arabic and CNN International
 Schenk, Susan. and Khalifa, Mohamed.

Does Corporate Advertising Work in a Crisis? The Examination of Inoculation Theory
 Kim, Sojung.

Does Discussion With Disagreement Discourage All Types of Political Participation?
 Lee, Francis.

Does Evil Have a Shape? Comparing Body Types of Heroes and Villains in Disney Animations
 Alsip, Mary Katherine.

Does Family Communication Affect Healthy Lifestyle Choices? An Exploration of Family Talk Among Latinos and African Americans
 Katz, Vikki., Wilkin, Holley. and Hether, Heather.

Does Interactivity in Video Games Intensify or Attenuate Their Effects? Measuring Video Game Interactivity and Assessing Its Interaction With Video Game Violence
 Weber, Rene. and Bates, Cynthia.

Does Market-Driven Journalism Lead to Sensationalism in Television News? Explaining Sensationalism in 11 Countries
 Hardy, Anne., De Swert, Knut. and Sadicaris, Danielle.

Does Mobile Phone Make Egalitarian Couples? The Effect of Mobile Phone Use on Perceived Behavioral Control
 Kim, Ban-ya.

Does Mother Know Best? An Actor-Partner Interdependence Model of College-Age Females’ HPV Vaccination Behavior
 Raup Krieger, Janice., Kam, Jennifer., Katz, Mira. and Roberto, Anthony.

Does Perceived Motivation Affect CSR Effectiveness?
 Rim, Hyejoon.

Does Tragic Drama Have Hedonic Value? The Two Aspects of Sadness and Media Enjoyment
 Ahn, Dohyun.

Does the Type of Campaign Make the Difference? An Experimental Study of Campaign Effects on Citizens’ EU Evaluations in 11 Countries
 Maier, Michaela. and Adam, Silke.

Doing Unto Others: Effects of Relationship on Positive and Negative Reciprocity in a Trust-Dictator Game
 Hong, Renyi., Tan, Kian Wee Nathanael., Goh, Shimin Tiffany., Ong, Shu-Lin, Natalynn. and Jung, Younbo.

Dokdo Belongs to Korea: Diaspora and Civic Engagement on Facebook
 Ng, Li Ting.

Domestic or Europeanized Election Campaigns? The Role of Euro-Skeptic Parties in the 2009 European Parliament Election
 Adam, Silke. and Maier, Michaela.

Driven to the Internet? Satisfaction With Physician-Patient Communication as a Predictor of Consumers’ Online Information Seeking
 Kim, Soyoon. and Southwell, Brian.

Dual Organizational Identification and Expatriates’ Adaptation
 Ishii, Kumi. and Shearman, Sachiyo.

Dynamics of the Media's Issue Attention: Some Implications for Agenda Setting Research
 Geiss, Stefan.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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