International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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Editorial Inkblots: A Comparative Analysis of Presidential Election Cartoons from 1960, 1980, and 2008
 Kline, Susan. and Hill, Megan.

Effect of Customer-Based Brand Equity on the Use of Broadcast Networks’ Web Sites
 Jung, Eun Hwa.

Effect of Health Campaigns and Interpersonal Communication on Cannabis Use: The Role of Evaluative Tone
 van den Putte, Bas., Monshouwer, Karin., Bruijn, Gert-Jan. and Swart, Bianca.

Effect of Motivational Relevance and Photo Thumbnails on Online News Selection Based on Readers’ Goals
 Bae, Soyoung. and Song, Daesik.

Effect of Playing Violent Video Games Cooperatively Competitively on Subsequent Cooperative Behavior
 Ewoldsen, David., Eno, Cassie., Okdie, Bradley., Guadagno, Rosanna. and DeCoster, Jamie.

Effect of Trust and Privacy Concerns on Social Networking: A Trust-Based Acceptance Model for Social Networking Systems
 Shin, Dong-Hee.

Effective Communication Between Parents and Nurses in Special Care Nurseries
 Becker, Tara., Jones, Liz. and Watson, Bernadette.

Effects of Emotional Responses to Televised Ads in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign
 Kaid, Lynda., Dunton Miles, Maridith A.. and Painter, David.

Effects of Entertainment (Mis)education: Exposure to Entertainment Television Programs and Organ Donation Intention
 Yoo, Jina. and Tian, Yan.

Effects of ICT Affordances on Knowledge Sharing: The Role of Perspective-Taking
 Lee, Chei Sian.

Effects of International Stories, Previous Knowledge, and Credibility on Images of Foreign Nations: An Image Theory Perspective
 Kononova, Anastasia., Alhabash, Saleem. and Cropp, Fritz.

Effects of Internet Connectedness and Information Literacy on Quality of Life
 Leung, Louis.

Effects of Issue Ownership and Issue Obtrusiveness on Corporate Reputation
 Cha, Heewon., Song, Yeonhee. and Kim, Jangyul.

Effects of Motives for Internet Use, Aloneness, and Age Identity Gratifications on Online Social Behaviors and Social Support Among Adolescents
 Leung, Louis.

Effects of Personalized TV Ads on Candidate Evaluation and Voting Decisions
 Maier, Michaela. and Adam, Silke.

Effects of Pictorial Vividness and Numeric Representation on Attitudes Toward the Tibetan Conflict in China
 Dunn, Robert., Zhou, Shuhua. and Lent, Mark.

Effects of Readers’ Comments on Internet News Sites on Construction of Social Reality
 Lee, Eun-Ju.

Effects of Television Spots: Relationships Among Candidate Evaluation, Issue Learning, and Voter Political Information Efficacy
 Kaid, Lynda., Painter, David. and Dunton Miles, Maridith A..

Effects of a Narrative and Summary of Scientific Evidence on Attributions of Responsibility for Obesity
 Niederdeppe, Jeff., Shapiro, Michael. and Porticella, Norman.

Effects of an Indian-Produced Prosocial Children's Television Programme in Nepal
 Brown, William. and Strong, Deborah.

Effects of “Burying” the News Lead: How “Macroproposition” Placement Influences Cognitive Resource Allocation In Reading of Paced Text
 Sternadori, Miglena. and Wise, Kevin.

Efficacy of Antiracism Inoculation
 Lee, Sang.

Eighteenth Century Video Games: Using the Hegelian Dialectic to Explain How Individuals' Identify With Avatars During Game Play
 Downs, Edward.

Elderly People as a Homogeneous Group of Adopters? Analysing Influencing Factors on the Adoption and Appropriation of Media and Technological Devices by People Over 50 Years
 Dogruel, Leyla.

Elections, Society, and Cyber-Political Culture: Use of New Technologies During the 2008 Spanish General Election
 Sampedro, Víctor., Poletti, Monica. and Sanchez Duarte, Manuel.

Electrifying Speeches: The Technologizing of the Voice in the Early-20th-Century US
 Malin, Brenton.

Emancipative Value Change and Trust in the News Media in Democratic and Authoritarian Regimes
 Mueller, Jan.

Emerging Mediascape, Same Old Theories? A Case Study of Online News Diffusion in Korea
 Kim, Eun-Mee., Im, Yung-Ho., Kim, Kyungmo. and Kim, Yeran.

Emotional Gratification in Media Use: Exploring Experiential and Functional Types of Entertainment Gratification
 Bartsch, Anne., Viehoff, Reinhold. and Mangold, Roland.

Emotional Politics: Seeing- Feeling- Voting? A Comparative Analysis of Emotional News Photography in the German Election Campaign 2009
 Doeveling, Katrin. and Grittmann, Elke.

Emotional Stakeholders: A Threat to Organizational Legitimacy?
 Luoma-aho, Vilma.

Empathic Exchanges in Online Cancer Support Groups: Distinguishing Message Expression and Reception Effects
 Han, Jeong Yeob., Shah, Dhavan., Kim, Eunkyung., Namkoong, Kang., Lee, Sun-Young., Moon, Tae Joon., Cleland, Rich., Bu, Q., McTavish, Fiona. and Gustafson, David.

Empathy, Identification, and Realism in Reponses to Stories About Individual and Social Causes of Obesity
 Shapiro, Michael., Niederdeppe, Jeff. and Porticella, Norman.

Employer Brand Identification: A Case Study of a Low-Prestige Company
 Frandsen, Sanne.

Employers’ Use of the Internet and New Communication Technologies to Evaluate Job Applicants: A Theoretical Agenda
 Carr, Caleb., Klautke, Hannah., Miller, Vernon. and Walther, Joseph.

Encouraging Teachers to Promote Cover-the-Cough in Schools: A Tailored Multimedia Intervention
 David, Prabu., Henry, Aletheia., Srivastava, Jatin., Orcena, Jason. and Thrush, Jennifer.

Enemy's Leader Television Appearances During Wartime
 Grebelsky-Lichtman, Tsfira.

Engaged, But Not Immersed: Tracking the Mediated Public Connection of Filipino Elite Migrants in London
 Ong, Jonathan. and Cabanes, Jason.

Engaging Beyond the Screen: Investigating Audience's Use and Appeal of Television Program Websites
 Tsay, Mina. and Krakowiak, K. Maja.

Engaging Youth Through Hyper-Local Media: A Quasi-Experiment Within the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election
 Puig Abril, Eulalia., Soth, Andrew. and Rojas, Hernando.

English Influences in Polish Conversation
 Tomaszczyk, Jerzy.

Entertaining Ideas: Social Issues in Primetime Television
 Klein, Bethany. and Wardle, Claire.

Entertainment Media Use as a Coping Resource for Cancer Patients and Their Families
 Prestin, Abby.

Entertainment and Melancholia
 Vorderer, Peter. and Klimmt, Christoph.

Entertainment as Eudaimonic Well-Being: Dimensions and Measurement
 Schramm, Holger., Wirth, Werner. and Hofer, Matthias.

Epistemological (In)differences and How the Commonplace Is Challenging the Aesthetic Thinking in Cultural Journalism and Vice Versa (Top Student Paper)
 Jaakkola, Maarit.

Ergonomic Diagrams, Medical Perception, and the Technological Subject
 Scott, Travers.

Erving Goffman, Arlie Hochschild, and the Issues of Communication and Control in Family Media Studies
 Clark, Lynn.

Estimating Self-Reported News Exposure Across and Within Typical Days: Should Surveys Use More Refined Measures?
 Tewksbury, David., Althaus, Scott. and Hibbing, Matthew.

Estimating the Effect of Direct Network Externalities on the Demand of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games: The Value of Social Network
 Xu, Xuexin. and Fu, Wayne.

Ethnography of iPod Touch Jailbreakers in Korea
 Ki, Seol.

Evaluating Restaurant Reviews and Reviewers on
 Xiong, Li.

Every Night Is a Saturday Morning: Examining Kidult Culture Through Cartoon Network's Adult Swim
 Lee, Hye Jin.

Everyday Life on TV: Perspectives of Brazilian Society in a Big Brother Fan Community
 Campanella, Bruno.

Evolution of Arab Internet, Web, and Telecommunications as Predictors of 'Civil Society' Development
 Danowski, James.

Examining Affective Dispositions in Online Comments Readerships of Sporting Events
 Pan, Po-Lin. and Combs, Sandra.

Examining Dialectical Tensions in the Discourse of Organizational Telework Policies
 Gibbs, Jennifer., Scott, Craig., Kim, Young Hoon. and Lee, Sun Kyong.

Examining Effective Government Communication: Media Use, Perceived Communication Effectiveness, Government Transparency, and Trust in Government
 Chen, Yi-Ru Regina., Cheong, Angus. and Li, Xiaoqin.

Examining Foreign Media Use in China
 Yao, Mike., He, Zhou., Lee, Chin-Chuan., Lee, Francis. and Lin, Wan-Ying.

Examining the Effects of Credibility and Need for Cognition on Exposure to Attitude-Consistent and Attitude-Inconsistent Web Pages on a Health Topic
 Medders, Ryan., Metzger, Miriam., Sim, Elisia. and Flanagin, Andrew.

Examining the Effects of Media Literacy Interventions: A Meta-Analysis
 Jeong, Se-Hoon., Cho, Hyunyi. and Hwang, Yoori.

Examining the Impact of Multiple Negative Online Consumer Reviews and Review Helpfulness Ratings on Persuasion
 Neo, Rachel.

Examining the Need for Reflection in Collaborative Qualitative Research
 Westwood, Sean. and Segovia, Kathryn.

Examining the Role of Microblogs in Supporting Information Exchange
 Sreenivasan, Nirupama., Lee, Chei Sian. and Goh, Dion.

Examining the Third-person Effect and the Hostile Media Effect of Media Polls in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election
 Wei, Ran., Lo, Ven-Hwei. and Chia, Stella.

Exchanging Treatment Information in Computer-Mediated Support Groups: How Health Self-Efficacy Moderates Effects on Emotional Well-Being
 Namkoong, Kang., Shah, Dhavan., Han, Jeong Yeob., Kim, Sojung., Yoo, Woohyun., McTavish, Fiona. and Gustafson, David.

Expanding the Understanding of Polychronic Organizational Values: Application to the Millennial Generation’s Job Seeking
 Stephens, Keri. and Cho, Jaehee.

Experiences in Media Play: A Critical Practice on Mobile and Mobility
 Wu, Tusey-jen.

Experts and Amateurs in Mass Communication: Questioning the Distinction
 Ross, Philippe.

Explicating Mechanisms of Communication Effects on Political Participation
 Jung, Nakwon.

Explicating Multitasking With Computers: Gratifications and Situations
 Zhang, Weiyu. and Zhang, Lingzi.

Exploratory Investigation of Interpersonal Discussions in Response to a Safer Sex Mass Media Campaign
 Helme, Donald., Noar, Seth., Allard, Suzie., Zimmerman, Rick., Palmgreen, Philip. and McClanahan, Karen.

Exploring Consequences of the Hostile Media Effect
 Gunther, Albert.

Exploring Differences and Similarities in Predictors and Use of Upward Influence Tactics in Two Countries
 Botero, Isabel., Foste, Elizabeth. and Pace, Kristin.

Exploring Item Nonresponse in Public Opinion Surveys About Nanotechnology: Evidence From 21 Countries
 Shih, Tsung-Jen., Scheufele, Dietram. and Corley, Elizabeth.

Exploring Journalistic Practice Outside the Mainstream: A Survey of Australian Travel Journalists’ Role Perceptions
 Hanusch, Folker.

Exploring Online Political Conversation Among Young Adults in the 2008 Presidential Election
 Huang, Kanni., Kang, Juhee. and Hagerstrom, Amy.

Exploring Problematic Mobile Phone Use: Relationships Between Adolescents’ Characteristics and Mobile Phone Addiction
 Park, Namsu., Hwang, Yongsuk. and Huh, Eun.

Exploring Structural Inequality in the Internet Use Behavior: Evidence From A Major Chinese Metropolis
 Pan, Zhongdang., Yan, Wenjie., Jing, Gang. and Zheng, Jiawen.

Exploring the Link Between Objectively and Subjectively Assessed Interactivity on Global Brand Websites
 Voorveld, Hilde., Neijens, Peter. and Smit, Edith.

Exploring the Role of Political Ideology and Media Use for the Strength of U.S. Stereotypes
 Rinke, Eike. and Lück, Julia.

Exposure to Attention-Inducing Content and Dynamics of Political Knowledge Gain as Moderated by Close-Mindedness: A Comparative Study of Denmark, England, and Spain
 Jebril, Nael., Albæk, Erik. and De Vreese, Claes.

Extensional Mapping-Chains for Studying Concept Drift in Political Ontologies
 Wang, Shenghui., Takens, Janet., van Atteveldt, Wouter., Kleinnijenhuis, Jan. and Schlobach, Stefan.

e-Research Applications for Tracking Online Socio-Political Capital in Asia-Pacific Region
 Sams, Steven., Hsu, Chien-Leng., Lim, Yon Soo., Vergeer, Maurice. and Park, Han Woo.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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