International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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FIRO-MMO: Towards a Theory of Relationships in MMOs
 Hong, Renyi. and Chen, Vivian Hsueh-Hua.

Face Management in Social Predicaments Caused by Others: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Between U.S. and China
 Guan, Xiaowen.

Facebook and Nonprofit Organizations: A Content Analysis
 Das, Antara.

Facets of Exposure to TV-News: A Comparison of News-Exposure Measures Based on People-Meter Data
 Wonneberger, Anke., Schoenbach, Klaus. and Van Meurs, Lex.

Factors Affecting Ethical Practice of Public Relations Professionals Within Public Relations Firms
 Ki, Eyun-Jung., Choi, Hong-Lim. and Lee, Jonghyuk.

Factors Affecting Exercise Intentions and Self-Presence in Avatar-Based Exergames
 Jin, Seung-A.

Factors Affecting Public Support for Healthcare as a Government Priority
 Elasmar, Michael. and Gordon, Jenna.

Factors Influencing Willingness to Contribute Information to Online Communities
 Li, Xigen.

Fallen Heroes: The Recovery of White Western Heroes
 Lacy, Michael. and Haspel, Kathleen.

Familiar Characters and Toddlers’ Learning From Video
 Lauricella, Alexis., Gola, Alice Ann. and Calvert, Sandra.

Family Planning (Re)defined: How Young Nepalese Women Understand and Negotiate Contraceptive Choices
 Basnyat, Iccha. and Dutta, Mohan.

Family Structure and Adolescent Drug Use
 Crano, William.

Fantasizing Sex and Sexuality: Framing Sexual Content As Product of Imagination
 Bashir, Manaf.

Fate, War, Investigator, and Coordinator: Exploring Metaphors of Distant Caregiving
 Ramadurai, Vandhana.

Features of Nonverbal Communication of Youngsters Afflicted With Asperger Syndrome
 Lehtinen, Mari.

Feelings of Physical Presence in Haptic Interfaces
 Jin, Seung-A.

Feminism and Globalized Domestic Service: From the Universal to the Transnational
 Natividad, Beverly.

Fight or Flight: Intercultural Communicators' Management Strategies in Social Predicament
 Guan, Xiaowen. and Park, Hee Sun.

Fight vs. Flight: A Game Theory Perspective on Conflict Escalation and Abuse
 Honeycutt, James., Sheldon, Pavica. and Hardaway, Melissa.

Filipino Diaspora in Japan: Exploring Religiosity in Timog Online's Forum
 Figer, Reggy.

Filipino Journalists Decide: Is Online Journalism a Threat or an Ally?
 Tandoc, Edson Jr..

Films, TV Shows, YouTube, and the Creativity of Fan Communities
 Mikos, Lothar.

Financial Crisis News: Short-Term and Long-Term Effects on Consumer Trust and Stock Exchange Rates
 Kleinnijenhuis, Jan., van Atteveldt, Wouter., Wang, Shenghui. and Oegema, Dirk.

Financial Services Advertising Over the Recession: A Cross-Cultural Study of Magazine Ads in the U.S. and Korea
 Ahn, Hongmin., Song, Young A. and Sung, Yongjun.

Financial and Business Journalism: Hong Kong and the UK Compared
 Tambini, Damien.

Finding a Home Away from Home: International College Students’ Use of Online Social Networking Sites for Bridging and Bonding Social Capital
 Phua, Joe. and Jin, Seung-A.

Finding a Place for the National Media System in the Age of Transnational Media: A Case Study of Korean Reality Shows
 Lee, Kyung.

For the World to Know: Engineering Messages of Protest During Color Revolutions
 Venger, Olesya.

Forecasting the Experience of Future Entertainment Technology: “Interactive Storytelling” and Media Enjoyment
 Klimmt, Christoph., Roth, Christian., Vermeulen, Ivar., Vorderer, Peter. and Roth, Franziska.

Forever Laying Low the ‘Shibboleth of Freedom of the Press’: The 1940s Newspaper Crisis and the Struggle to Restructure the Fourth Estate
 Pickard, Victor.

Foucault’s “Materiality of the Incorporeal” and Communication in Modern Society
 Macmillan, Alexandre.

Foundations of Communication as a Practical Discipline: Praxis, Inquiry, Metadiscourse
 Craig, Robert.

Framing China Under Global Financial Crisis: Projection of Power in U.S. Elite Media Discourse
 Song, Yunya.

Framing Drivers’ Perceptions of the Road: How a Voice Interface Enhances Drivers’ Experience and Performance
 Joo, Yeon Kyoung.

Framing Moral Responsibility: The Influence of Moral Emotions on Persuasive Health Messages
 Lee, Sun-Young.

Framing and Praising Allah on YouTube
 Mosemghvdlishvili, Lela. and Jansz, Jeroen.

Framing the H1N1 Flu Pandemic: Effect of Visual and Textual Frames on Perceptions of Flu Susceptibility, Severity, and Attributions for Its Global Outbreak
 Wong, Norman., Harvell, Lindsey. and Anaz, Necati.

Freedom of Expression: Institutionalization and Appreciation Among the Population in Different Countries
 Naab, Teresa., Hefner, Dorothee., Scherer, Helmut., Schmid, Hannah. and Hansen, Mareike.

Frequency of and Satisfaction With Foreign News on Television
 Stepinska, Agnieszka., Lo, Ven-Hwei., Kuo, Eddie., Wang, Tai-Li. and Xu, Xiaoge.

Friendships Among Users of Social Network Sites: The Quality of Online, Offline, and Mixed-Mode Friendships
 Antheunis, Marjolijn., Valkenburg, Patti. and Peter, Jochen.

From Creator of Change to Supporter of the Traditional: The Changing Role of
 Krumsvik, Arne.

From Fans to Friends: Reconceptualising Audiences Online
 Sandvoss, Cornel.

From Global to (G)local? Audiovisual Flows and Audience Preferences in Central and Eastern Europe
 Stetka, Vaclav.

From Message to Behavior: Self-Other Perceptual Gap in a Health Communication Context
 Sun, Ye.

From Murrow to Mediocrity? The Evolution of Radio Foreign News From World War II to the Iraq War (TOP THREE FACULTY PAPER)
 Cozma, Raluca.

From Protectionism to Co-Optation: The Transition of the TV Drama Importation Policy in China - TOP STUDENT PAPER
 Tai, Yuhui.

From Steamed Bun to Grass Mud Horse: E Gao as Alternative Political Discourse
 Meng, Bingchun.

From the Dinosaur to the Mouse: The Evolution of Communication Technologies
 Blondheim, Menahem. and Shifman, Limor.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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