International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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Games With a Continuum: A Case Study on the Development of Online Game Industry in China and Beyond
 JIANG, Qiaolei.

Gaming to Improve Children’s Health
 Staiano, Amanda.

Gatekeeping and Google’s Scholars: Search and Re-Search in Singapore
 Paragas, Fernando.

Gauging an Integrated Model of Public Relations Value: Scale Development and Cross-Cultural Studies
 Huang, Yi-Hui.

Gender Differences in Impression Management Characteristics Used Amongst Malay Users in mIRC: A Preliminary Study
 Attan, Sri Azra., Bolong, Jusang. and Hasan, Hamisah.

Gender Representations of Older People in Japanese TV Ads
 Prieler, Michael., Kohlbacher, Florian., Hagiwara, Shigeru. and Arima, Akie.

Gender Trouble in the Public Sphere: Mainstream Press Discourses of Sex Trafficking
 Simões, Rita.

Gendered Avatars
 Hou, Chia-I.

Gendered “Japan” in War: Seven Samurai and Princess Mononoke
 Yoshida, Kaori.

Geographic Distance and Communication During Courtship
 Stafford, Laura.

Getting Informed: Researching Circulations and Establishments of a So-Called Serious Game
 Hansbøl, Mikala.

Global Agenda and National Image Through Cross-Cultural Communication
 Li, Benqian.

Global Capitalism and Social Control: The Power and Resistance in China’s Postsocialist Blogosphere
 Wang, Shaojung.

Global Cities and the Illegal Immigration Debate
 Rojecki, Andrew.

Global, Hybrid, or Multiple? The New Cultural Geography of Identities
 Straubhaar, Joseph.

Globality and the Media in Mainland China and Hong Kong: A Cross-System Comparison
 He, Zhou.

Globalization and the South Koreans’ “A Single-Blood Nation” Self-Image: An Analysis of Korean Newspaper Coverage
 Kim, Jang Hyun., Chung, Chung Joo. and Son, Hyeonju.

Globalization, Advertising, and 2008 Summer Olympics
 Yuan, Yuan.

Globalized Assemblages: Studying Globalization and Uncertainty Management in Organizations
 Flyverbom, Mikkel.

Globalizing Macau: News Frame and English Language Press in Macau
 Wu, Mei. and Lam, Anni.

Globalizing Television: Ugly Betty and the American Dream
 Molina-Guzman, Isabel.

Goffman, Ritualized Performance, Media Formats, and Top 40 Radio
 Rothenbuhler, Eric.

Goffman’s ‘Participation Framework’ Rethought for the Age of Facebook
 Livingstone, Sonia.

Goodbye, Harry? Audience Reactions to the End of Parasocial Relationships: The Case of “Harry Potter”
 Schmid, Hannah. and Klimmt, Christoph.

Googling the H1N1 Flu: Investigating Media Frames in Online News Coverage of the Flu Pandemic
 Wang, Weirui., Smith, Rachel. and Worawongs, Worapron.

Grassroots & Astroturf: Governing Through Cultures of Convergence in Obama-land
 Hay, James.

Grassroots Women’s Movements and Political Communication in India: Vernacular Rhetoric and Street Play Performance
 Garlough, Christine.

Grief and the Contradictions of Identity: Japanese Americans View Images of Japan in American Media
 Lopez, Lori.

Group Practices That Support the Use of Digital Knowledge Repositories: A Multilevel Analysis of Information Provision
 Huang, Meikuan., Barbour, Joshua., Su, Chunke. and Contractor, Noshir.

Guilty Pleasure or Curiosity? Consumption of Reality Programming and Common Voyeurism
 Baruh, Lemi.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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