International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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HIV-Related Information Seeking Among Residential University Students in Three Caribbean Countries
 White, Livingston.

HPV-Campaign Effectiveness in the Light of Conflicting Messages: The Dutch Case
 Das, Enny., van Leeuwen, Lydia. and Ritterfeld, Ute.

Habermas and the Net
 Balnaves, Mark., Leaver, Tama. and Willson, Michele.

Habitual Use of Communication Technologies
 Kim, Young Hoon. and Boase, Jeffrey.

Habituation of the Orienting Response to Auditory Structural Features
 Falk, Matthew., Potter, Robert. and Wells, Taylor.

Hard-to-Reach? Using Health Access Status as a Way to More Effectively Target Segments of the Hispanic Audience
 Wilkin, Holley. and Ball-Rokeach, Sandra.

Hate Speech and the Abuse Clause in the European Human Rights Convention: A Bad Pair
 Cannie, Hannes. and Voorhoof, Dirk.

Health Communication and Face-Negotiation Theory in the Operating Room
 Kirschbaum, Kris.

Health Information-Seeking Behaviors Among Residents of a Multiethnic, Underserved, Urban Community: Does Ethnicity Matter?
 Geana, Mugur., Kimminau, Kim. and Greiner, K..

Health and the Public Sphere: The Politicization of Health Reporting, 1960s-2000s
 Hallin, Daniel., Briggs, Charles. and Brandt, Marisa.

Healthcare Perceptions and Mobile Phone Use: A Predictive Model of Text-Based Health Communication
 Peirce, L. Meghan. and Bakke, Emil.

Heartbeat Vietnam (Vi trai tim tre tho 2009): A Case Study of a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in Fundraising Activity in Vietnam via Social Media
 Luu, Jodie.

Heavy Thoughts: Cognitive Processing Styles and the Development of Implicit and Explicit Antifat Bias in Children
 Bissell, Kimberly. and Parrott, Scott.

Helpful and Unhelpful Messages for Korean Women With Breast Cancer
 Lee, Hyegyu., Joo, Hanna. and Park, Hee Sun.

Historical Continuity and Discontinuity: How Do the Chinese and Indian Media Construct Globalization?
 Song, Jing.

History From the Middle: A Gramscian Case for Studying Jewish Working-Class Media
 Dolber, Brian.

Hollywood’s Not in Hollywood: The Transformative Effects of Global Film Markets on Asian Masculinity and Representation
 Park, Michael.

Honey v. Vinegar: Testing Compliance-Gaining Theories in the Context of Freedom of Information Laws - TOP THREE PAPER
 Cuillier, David.

Hong Kong Cinema’s Pilgrimage to Hollywood: Globalization and the Reverse Current
 Fung, Anthony.

Horton and Wohl Revisited: Exploring Viewers’ Experience of Parasocial Interactions
 Hartmann, Tilo. and Goldhoorn, Charlotte.

How Affirmative Action (AA) Policy Affects the Information and Communication Technologies Sector in South Africa
 Mavuso Mda, Adele.

How Can We Tell When a Heuristic Has Been Used? Models for Measurement of Heuristics
 Bellur, Saraswathi. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

How Communication Among Residents and Community Institutions Impacts Health Literacy and Health Care Access in Diverse Ethnic Neighborhoods
 Matsaganis, Matthew.

How Deregulatory Has the European Union Really Been in the Audiovisual Sector?
 Humphreys, Peter.

How Did the Press Construct That Night?
 Lee, Yukun.

How Digital Divide Policy Was Domesticated in Taiwan?
 Chiang, Shulin.

How Does Virtual Community Influence Older Netizens' Social Capital? A Case Study of OldKids Website in Mainland China
 WU, Huan.

How Games Improve Your Work: The Effect of Interactive vs. Noninteractive Spare Time Media on Task Performance
 Klatt, Jennifer., Krämer, Nicole., Reinecke, Leonard., Sollmann, Max., Buksmann, Elena. and Hoepner, Jessica.

How Intercultural Persuasion Fails: A Chinese View
 Gong, Wenxiang.

How Judicial Advertising Can Mobilize Voters: An Experimental Study of the 2007 Pennsylvania Judicial Election
 Gottfried, Jeffrey., Ben-Porath, Eran., Gibson, James. and Jamieson, Kathleen.

How Message Characteristics Affect Identification: The Effects of Peripheral Cues in E-Mail Messages on Cognitive and Evaluative Identification
 Tanis, Martin. and Beukeboom, Camiel.

How Message Desirability Moderates the Influence of Presumed Influence on College Students’ Misperception of Sex-Related Peer Norms
 Chia, Stella.

How Much Do Parents’ Characteristics Influence Their Children’s Attitude Toward TV Snack/Fast-Food Advertising?
 Yu, Hyunjae.

How Much Is Too Much? Privacy Issues on Twitter
 Humphreys, Lee., Krishnamurthy, Balachander. and Gill, Phillipa.

How People Respond Tactfully: Looking at Indicators and Predictors of Tact
 Gabe, Vida. and Hughes, Mikayla.

How Users’ Trust in Source and In-group Status Affect the Hostile Media-Bias
 Hartmann, Tilo., Boskaljon, Nicolette., Tanis, Martin. and Dohle, Marco.

How the Egyptian Government Defied the Bush Administration’s Reform Agenda: Symbolic Action and Normative Complexity in the War on Terror
 Youmans, William.

How to Manage Crises Is How to Manage Anger: Exploring the Anger Management Model Based on Organizational Crisis Response Strategies, News Frames, Negative Emotions, and Negative Behavioral Intentions
 An, Seon-Kyoung.

How to Play Matters: Effects of Trait Hostility, Mapping Interface, and Character Identification on Aggressive Thoughts and Enjoyment After Playing a Violent Video Game
 Jung, Younbo., Lee, Kwan. and Park, Namkee.

How to Use Brand Characters to Promote Fruit and Vegetables
 de Droog, Simone.

Human Rights of Rites: Multiple Case Study of Rights-Based Antifemale Genital Cutting Projects
 Lee, Kyung Sun.

Humanitarian Photography in the 21st Century: New Approaches in Visual Communication From MSF, the ICRC, and IMRC
 Gorin, Valerie.

Hunt by the Crowd: An Exploratory Qualitative Analysis on Cyber Surveillance in China
 Pan, Xiaoyan.

Hyperlinking and the Long-Term Effects of Online News Strategy
 Weber, Matthew.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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