International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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I Knew It All Along! Evaluating Time-of-Decision Measures in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign
 Kogen, Lauren.

ICT Use and Social Capital in an International Context: A Comparison of the United States and Korea
 Kwak, Nojin. and Campbell, Scott.

ICTs for Development: From the Access-centric Approach to the Capability Approach
 Kang, Juhee.

ICTs, Taiwan’s Information Society, and Occupational Transformation
 Wang, Wei-Ching.

ITU: Moving Towards a Global Policy Framework on ICTs and Climate Change
 Candano, Catherine.

I'm Egyptian, I'm Muslim, But I'm Also Cosmopolitan: The Unlikely Young Cosmopolitans of Cairo
 Elsayed, Heba.

Icts And Ethnic Modernities: Rural-Urban Mobility And Space
 Fung, Anthony. and Qiu, Linchuan.

Identity, Invisibility, Intimacy and Impact: The Strategic Uses of Foreign Others in Japanese Media
 Holden, Todd.

Ideologies of Revitalisation of Endangered Languages
 Austin, Peter.

Image, Bonding, and Collective Identity Across Multiple Platforms: Avaaz on Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube
 Kavada, Anastasia.

Imagining the Russian Community: Novoye Russkoe Slovo, the First Red Scare, and the Palmer Raids, 1919-1920
 Popkova, Anna.

Impact of Celebrity Endorsement of Political Candidate on Young Voters
 Um, Nam-Hyun.

Impact of Endorser and Message Appeal on the Success of an Online AIDS PSA
 Kulkarni, Arti. and Jeong, Yongick.

Impact of Interpreting Frames on Attitude to Controversial Issue: Case of “Replacement Singing” in Beijing Olympics
 Chen, Huailin.

Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of Public Relations
 Nielsen, Anne. and Thomsen, Christa.

Implications of Natural Mapping for Video Game Theory and Research
 Skalski, Paul.

Implicit Goal Processes in Selective Exposure to Media
 Porticella, Norman.

Implied Audience, Narrative Positioning, and Identity Construction: A Study of Self-Disclosure in a Chinese Online Depression Support Group
 Zhu, Qinfeng.

Important Considerations in Multi-Level Modeling
 Park, Hee Sun.

Improving Human Reliability
 Giebel, Daniela.

In Love With Obama: German Press Coverage of the Presidential Elections Campaigns in the USA in 2004 and 2008
 Holtz-Bacha, Christina. and Zeh, Reimar.

In Search of Alien Aerials: The WWI Campaign Against Amateur Radio
 Arceneaux, Noah.

In Search of Cultural Values: Examining Public Relations Campaigns in Multicultural Australia
 Sison, Marianne.

In Search of National Identity in Contemporary Russia
 Popkova, Anna. and Kartoshkina, Yuliya.

Incentivize Me! How Incumbent Carriers in the United States Attempt to Extract Greater Deregulation and Incentives in Exchange for Making Next Generation Network Investments
 Frieden, Robert.

Incidental Discrete Affect and Risk Perception
 Siu, Wanda.

Including Limitations in News Coverage of Cancer Research: Effects of News Hedging on Fatalism, Medical Skepticism, Patient Trust, and Backlash
 Jensen, Jakob., Carcioppolo, Nick., King, Andy., Bernat, Jennifer., Davis, LaShara., Yale, Robert. and Smith, Jessica.

Increasing Deception Detection Accuracy With Strategic Direct Questioning
 Levine, Timothy., Shulman, Hillary. and Shaw, Allison.

Increasing Social Support for Depressed Individuals: A Cross-Cultural Assessment of an Affect-Expectancy Approach
 Siegel, Jason., Alvaro, Eusebio., Crano, William., Hohman, Zachary., Lienemann, Brianna. and O\'Brien, Erin.

Indian Journalists’ Use of New Technology: Ethical Issues
 Ramaprasad, Jyotika., Liu, Yu. and Garrison, Bruce.

India’s Media Revolution: Meaning and Materiality of Politics, Culture, and Technology in the World's Largest Democracy
 Aikat, Debashis.

Individual Motives and Video Game Investment: A Predictive Model of Violent Video Game Play
 Peirce, L. Meghan. and Bakke, Emil.

Individuals’ Motivations: What Influences Political Talk?
 Rill, Lesile.

Infants’ Visual Attention to Videos as a Function of Program Pacing
 Gola, Alice Ann. and Calvert, Sandra.

Influence in Online Health Information Exchange: A Test of SIDE vs. HSM
 Maloney, Erin. and Andrews, Kyle.

Influence of Cultural Change on ICT Use: Perception of International Students at a U.S. University
 Rathore, Animesh.

Influence of Presumed Influence in Strategic Communication: The Case of Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising
 Huh, Jisu.

Influence of Self-Affirmation on Responses to Gain- vs. Loss-Framed Antismoking Messages
 Zhao, Xiaoquan. and Nan, Xiaoli.

Influencing Citizen Behavior: Experiences From Multichannel Management Pilot Projects
 van de Wijngaert, Lidwien., Pieterson, Willem. and Teerling, Marije.

Information Insufficiency in Information Source Selection
 Lu, Li. and Yuan, Y. Connie.

Information Seeking From Media and Family/Friends Increases Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Cancer Patients
 Lewis, Nehama., Martinez, Lourdes., Freres, Derek., Nagler, Rebekah., Bourgoin, Angel. and Hornik, Robert.

Information Seeking and the Age Disparity in Receiving Adjuvant Chemotherapy Among Colorectal Cancer Patients
 Tan, Andy., Armstrong, Katrina., Freres, Derek., Schwartz, J.., Gray, Stacy. and Hornik, Robert.

Information Technology and Democratic Islam
 Howard, Philip.

Infotainment: Between Discursive Space and Populist Trap
 Brants, Kees.

Insights in Processes of Visual Perception and Its Effects: Results of an Experimental Eye-Tracking Study Using the Example of Election Posters
 Geise, Stephanie.

Institutional History of Journalism Award in China
 Huang, Shunming.

Institutional Holes and Knowledge Production: Guanxi Mechanisms in the Operation of Communication Journals in China
 Li, Hongtao.

Integrated Crisis Communication as New Approach in Crisis Management
 Neuhaus, Christian.

Integrating Models of Mass-Interpersonal Communication: Testing Moderation and Mediation Effects of Elaborative Processing and Interpersonal Discussion on Scientific Knowledge and Public Attitudes Toward Nanotechnology
 Ho, Shirley., Scheufele, Dietram. and Corley, Elizabeth.

Interaction to Achieve Self-Verification in the Romantic Relationships
 Imai, Tatsuya. and McCornack, Steve.

Interactive Brand Placement in Online Games: Effects on Girls
 van Reijmersdal, Eva., Jansz, Jeroen., Peters, Oscar. and Noort, Guda.

Interactive Software for Multimodal Analysis
 O\'Halloran, Kay.

Interactivity Versus Narrative: Using Think-Aloud Data to Understand the Enjoyment of Playing Adventure Video Games
 Klimmt, Christoph., Vorderer, Peter. and Nuss, Sebastian.

Intercultural Communication Between Migrant Workers, Their Employers, and Their Colleagues in Taiwan: A Preliminary Study
 Lee, Pei-Wen.

Intercultural Communication in Organizational Contexts: A Case Study of LIEP
 Lu, Jia.

Interdisciplinary Importation: Unearthing Historical Traces of the Indian Women’s Movement’s Media Production
 Parameswaran, Radhika. and Chitrapu, Sunitha.

Intergenerational Communication in the Context of Distance Caregiving
 Bevan, Jennifer. and Sparks, Lisa.

Intermedia Agenda-Setting Effects in Ghana: An Analysis of Topic Agenda Influences for Government-Owned and Private News Websites
 Sikanku, Etse.

Intermedia Agenda-Setting in the Age of Globalization: A Multinational Agenda-Setting Test
 Du, Ying Roselyn.

Intermedia Frame Building: The U.S. Beef Import Case in South Korea
 Hong, Seong Choul. and Choi, Changhee.

International Communication Research in Mainland China: Study of Major Journals
 Zhang, Yonghua.

International Faces: An Analysis of Self-Inflicted Face-ism in Online Profile Pictures
 Cooley, Skye. and Smith, Lauren.

International Students’ Communication Preferences Under Stress: People and Channels
 Gao, Fan.

International Students’ Communication With U.S. Faculty: A Further Examination of Anxiety/Uncertainty Management (AUM) Theory
 Chen, Yixin.

Internet Safety for Children: A Study of Policy Responses in China, Japan and South Korea
 Lim, Sun Sun.

Internet as Publicity for Cultural Products
 Verboord, Marc.

Interpersonal Discussions About Antismoking Campaigns: Why Smokers Talk and Why It Matters
 Brennan, Emily., Durkin, Sarah., Wakefield, Melanie. and Kashima, Yoshihisa.

Interruption and Patient Satisfaction in Resident-Patient Consultations
 Li, Han. and Yum, Young-ok.

Intersecting Difference: A Dialectical Perspective
 Putnam, Linda., Jahn, Jody. and Baker, Jane.

Interviews Within an Experimental Framework: A Potential on How to Make Sense of Sense-Making in Virtual Worlds
 Reinhard, CarrieLynn.

Interweaving of Media Sociocultural Identities and Power
 Le, Elisabeth.

Intrinsic Motivation in Exergames: Competition, Competitiveness, and the Conditional Indirect Effect of Presence (TOP 2 Faculty Paper)
 Song, Hayeon., Kim, Jihyun., Tenzek, Kelly. and Lee, Kwan.

Introducing an Investigative Framework for Young People’s Commercialized Media Environment
 Buijzen, Moniek., van Reijmersdal, Eva. and Owen, Laura.

Introduction: How to Compare Media Policy and Regulation
 Puppis, Manuel. and d\'Haenens, Leen.

Intuitive Moral Judgments of Virtual Violence
 Hartmann, Tilo.

Investigating Why Reward-Based Messages Sustain Cooperation Rates in Social Dilemmas
 Andrews, Kyle.

Investigating the Editorial Process of Television News Production in the People's Republic of China
 Jirik, John.

Investigation of U.S. Public Diplomacy in Iraq and Cuba in Terms of Sawa and Marti
 Al-Azdee, Mohammed.

Is Global Cyberspace Becoming Individualized or Globalized? Focusing on Global Hyperlink Network of 2003 and 2009
 Park, Han Woo., Barnett, George. and Chung, Chung Joo.

Is Internet Addiction a Distinct Construct From Other Psychopathological Conditions? Evidence From a Panel Study on a Representative Sample in Hong Kong, China
 Fu, KW.

Is It Better To Promote Fear Or Prevent Beauty?
 Kim, Nam Young. and Sanders, Meghan.

Is It Really All About Me? Social Awareness Streams on Twitter
 Lai, Chih-Hui., Boase, Jeffrey. and Naaman, Mor.

Is There Reason for Concern? The Role of Hypochondriacal Tendencies for Online Health Information Search
 Baumgartner, Susanne. and Hartmann, Tilo.

Is There a “European Turnout”? Participation in Regional, Federal, and European Elections in the 2009 “Super Election Year” in Germany
 Faas, Thorsten.

Is the Internet a Foe or Friend of Video Rentals? The Effect of the Internet on the Expenditures of Video Rentals
 Ji, Sung Wook.

Is the Internet ‘Europeanizing’ or ‘Americanizing’ Global Journalism? An Analysis of the Form of Danish, French, and U.S. Online and Print Newspapers
 Benson, Rodney., Powers, Matthew., Vera Zambrano, Sandra., Ørsten, Mark. and Willig, Ida.

Islam Hadhari: An Ideological Discourse Analysis of Islamization Texts in Malaysia
 Yahaya, Azlan.

Issues Management and Media Transparency: Sanlu Group’s Media Manipulation in China
 Yang, Aimei. and Veil, Shari.

I’d Like to Help But Have No Time! Individual and Organizational Motivations Influencing Service Behavior
 Agarwal, Vinita.

iPhone Therefore I Am: Looking for Worlds in a Mediated Time of Distraction (Twenty+ Tweets)
 DeLuca, Kevin.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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