International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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Japanese College Students' Media Exposure to Sexually Explicit Material, Perceptions of Women, and Sexually Permissive Attitudes
 Omori, Kikuko., Zhang, Yan Bing., Ota, Hiroshi. and Imamura, Makiko.

Japanese Media and Youth Consciousness in Postauthoritarian Taiwan: A Discourse Analysis of Taiwanese Online Bulletins
 Yang, Hsin-Yen.

Jerks Without Faces: The XTube Spectacle and the Modernity of the Filipino Bakla
 Dumdum, Omar.

Journalism and Communication Studies in Korea for the First Ten Years After Liberation, 1945-1954
 Lee, Min Ju.

Journalism and Freedom of Expression in Turkey: Notes on the Public Sphere
 Christensen, Miyase.

Journalism and Technology Use in Six European Countries: Results From a Comparative Research Project
 Ornebring, Henrik.

Journalism, Accountability, and the Possibilities for Structural Critique: A Case Study of Coverage of Whistleblowing
 Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin. and Hunt, Joanne.

Journalistic Practices That Transcend the Culture of Silence in Colombia
 Arroyave, Jesus.

JournalistsÂ’ Moral Judgment About Children: Do As I Say, Not As I Do?
 Coleman, Renita.

JournalistsÂ’ Roles in Online Networks
 Fleck, Matthes., Meckel, Miriam. and Fieseler, Johannes.

Joy, Sadness, and Fear: Risk and Efficacy Perception and Message Frames
 Siu, Wanda.

Judgment-Heuristic or Attitude-Influenced? Explaining Perceptions of News Bias in a Regulated Press System
 Chia, Stella. and Cenite, Mark.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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