International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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Laboring for a ‘Good Name’: Thoughts on Gender, Affective Labor, and the Rise of Digital Reputation
 Hearn, Alison.

Lagged Associations Between Local TV News Viewing and Fatalistic Beliefs About Cancer Prevention
 Lee, Chul-joo. and Niederdeppe, Jeff.

Language Planning for Endangered Languages: Majority and Minority Perspectives
 Sallabank, Julia.

Late Night Humor and Policy Assessment: Mediating Role of Political Emotions
 Kwak, Nojin. and Lee, Hoon.

Latent Profile Analysis: Using Categorical Variables in a Structural-Equation Model
 Matsunaga, Masaki.

Leadership Education in the Public Relations Curriculum: Reality, Opportunities, and Benefits
 Erzikova, Elina. and Berger, Bruce.

Leadership Within the Wire: Comparing Leadership in Virtual Teams and Online Multiplayer Gaming Clans
 Sivunen, Anu. and Siitonen, Marko.

Learning From Field Research: Why Emphasizing Only the C in ABC May Not Be an Effective Strategy for the Developing World
 Tustin, Nupur.

Legal Transphobia: The Case of Hong Kong
 Erni, John.

Lesson Learned From Organizational Crisis: Corporate Communication and Business Ethics
 Cheng, S.. and Seeger, Matthew.

Let’s (Not) Talk About Sex: An Analysis of the Verbal and Visual Coverage of Women’s Beach Volleyball During the 2008 Olympic Games
 Bissell, Kimberly. and Smith, Lauren.

Lewis Mumford’s Ecology of Cites and the “Destiny of Megalopolis”
 Haratonik, Peter.

Lifelogging: Visions of Absent Audiences
 Brake, David.

Linguistic Abstraction and Stereotype Transmission Among Political Neutrals: Evidence for an Ingroup Promotion Hypothesis
 Reid, Scott., Poland, Ryan., So, Jiyeon. and Bates, Cynthia.

Linguistic Politics: Creating a Communication Canon Post WWII
 Miller, Erin.

Linking Agenda-Building Efforts and Public Opinion: An Exploration of the Relationships Among Gubernatorial Communications, Media Coverage, and Job Approval Ratings
 De Moya, Maria., Kim, Ji Young. and Kiousis, Spiro.

Linking Small Arms, Child Soldiers, NGOs, and Citizen Diplomacy: Nicolas Cage and the Lord of War
 Stohl, Michael., Stohl, Cynthia. and Stohl, Rachel.

Listening for Change: The Having a Baby in Queensland Survey
 Gallois, Cindy., Miller, Yvette., Thompson, Rachel., Lee, Christina., Walsh, Teresa., Porter, Julie. and Lawrence, Faye.

Live From DC: Saturday Night Live Political Parody References in Presidential Rhetoric
 Compton, Josh.

Living Kidney Donor Decision Making and Communication
 Smith, Sandi., Nazione, Samantha., LaPlante, Carolyn., Clark-Hitt, Rose., Park, Hee Sun., Sung, Randall. and Leichtman, Alan.

Living With Strangers: Cinema of Tsai Ming-Liang
 Chang, Kai-man.

Lo Que Se Ve No Se Pregunta: “Mujercitos” in Alarma Periodicals During the '70s in Mexico
 Vargas Cervantes, Susana.

Local Against Global: Mainland China’s Cultural Policy and Counter-Hegemony Strategies Toward Global Hollywood
 Su, Weiqun (Wendy).

Local Knowledge: China’s Perspective on Media Research
 Huang, Dan.

Local Roots and Global Wings: Television Drama and Hybridity in Moroccan Cultural Identities
 Campaiola, Jill.

Local vs. International Television Drama: Niche Analysis of South Korean Audience’s Use of Korean, American and Japanese Dramas
 Chang, Byeng-Hee., Khang, Hyoungkoo., Jeong, Irkwon. and Chung, Jin-Young.

Locating the Hinge: When Material Decision-Making for the Internet Becomes Immaterial Communication Policy
 Braman, Sandra.

Look at Us: Collective Narcissism in College Student Facebook Photo Galleries
 Mendelson, Andrew. and Papacharissi, Zizi.

Looking Both Ways: Communication Research in Australia
 Turnbull, Susan.

Looking Inward With an Outward Thrust in the Age of Information and Globalization: Reflections of Nigerian Video Films and Industry
 Alozie, Emmanuel.

Looking Through the Eyes of an Avatar
 Hoffmann, Laura., Klatt, Jennifer., Lam-chi, Anh., Haferkamp, Nina. and Krämer, Nicole.

Looking Under the Hood of Web-Based Tailoring: A Meta-Analysis of Second-Generation Tailored Health Behavior Change Interventions
 Lustria, Mia Liza., Noar, Seth., Cortese, Juliann., van Stee, Stephanie., Glueckauf, Robert. and Lee, Jung A.

Looking at Beautiful Drama: Framing Journalistic Pictures
 Nita, Bianca-Olivia. and Lecheler, Sophie.

Losing Public Trust: German Banks During the Financial and Economic Crises: Theoretical Remarks and Empirical Results
 Bentele, Guenter.

Lying in Context: The Sequential Organisation of Hiding Misconduct
 Reynolds, Edward.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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