International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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Maintaining Morality: Repeated Exposure to Narrative Entertainment and the Salience of Moral Intuitions
 Eden, Allison., Tamborini, Ron., Grizzard, Matthew., Lewis, Robert. and Weber, Rene.

Maintaining Procedural Legitimacy Through Justification: A Natural-Setting Study of Procedural Justice Determinations
 Langone, Christopher.

Maintaining Reputation in Times of Crisis: A Time Series Analysis
 Ingenhoff, Diana.

Make It Big: Modeling the Media Strategies of the LGBT Rights Movement in Taiwan
 Hou, Cheng-Nan.

Malaysian Lawyers’ Perceptions of Accommodation Strategies Used in Courtrooms
 David, Maya.

Managing Affect in Talk-in-Interaction: An Analysis of Audience Experience With Baseball on Television
 Ho, Shin-Jung.

Managing Impressions and Gaining Control: Performances of Emotion Work in Financial Organizations
 Nekrassova, Dina.

Managing Media Clusters: Is Creativity Really Changing China?
 Keane, Michael.

Manifestation of Cultural Values in Southeast Asia's Social Media Landscape
 Ou, Meimin.

Mapping Political Connections in Japan: The Functions of Hyperlinks on Japanese Diet Member Websites
 Tkach-Kawasaki, Leslie.

Mapping the Australian Networked Public Sphere
 Bruns, Axel., Burgess, Jean., Highfield, Tim., Kirchhoff, Lars. and Nicolai, Thomas.

Mapping the Interest in News of Other Countries
 Lee, Francis., Cohen, Akiba., Godo, Elizabeth., Goodrum, Abby. and Wainberg, Jacques.

Mapping the Norwegian Blogosphere
 Moe, Hallvard.

Mapping the Territory: Online Child Safety and Free Speech Advocacy
 Powell, Alison. and Hills, Michael.

Mapping the Underlying Circuits of Social Support for Bullied Victims: An Appraisal-Based Perspective
 Matsunaga, Masaki.

Market, Departmental Interests and Ideology: Exploring the Predicament of Laws and Regulations of Media Convergence From the Development of Mobile TV in China
 Lei, Weizhen.

Marriage as Text: Communicating and Constructing Identities in Taiwan's Transnational Families
 Sandel, Todd. and Liang, Chung-Hui.

Mass Media and Intellectual Agenda-Setting: Some Insights From Australian Journalism History
 O\'Donnell, Penelope. and McKnight, David.

Mass Publics and Spectacular Citizenship: The American Music Festival
 Bruce, Caitlin.

Materiality of the Self: Toward a Reconceptualization of Identity in Communication
 Sekimoto, Sachi.

Materializing Guanxi: Exploring the Communicative Practice of Liao Tian in Chinese Business Settings
 Hardy, Mylene. and Jian, Guowei.

Materializing Intersectional Approaches in Diversity Training: An Analysis of Organizational Diversity Training Materials
 Cruz, Joelle.

Matters of Global Strategic Communication: Exploring Dimensions of Media Opacity and Effects on Media Credibility
 Tsetsura, Katerina. and Klyueva, Anna.

Matters of Media Ethics: Understanding Media Nontransparency Through Individual Approach to Journalistic Ethical Decision-Making
 Grynko, Anastasiya. and Tsetsura, Katerina.

Matters of the Disintegration of the State Model in the English Speaking Caribbean--Restructuring and Redefining Public Service Broadcasting
 Storr, Juliette.

Matthew Effect or Ceiling Effect? Evolution of the Digital Divide: A Cross-Society and Within-Society Comparison
 ZHANG, Lun. and Zhu, Jonathan.

Meanings, Structures and Cultural Contexts: Discourses of Traditional Healers in Rural Bangladesh
 Dutta, Mohan. and Jamil, Raihan.

Measuring Cell Phone Use: Effects of Question Format (Decomposition and Reference Period)
 Vanden Abeele, Mariek. and Roe, Keith.

Measuring Conservativeness of Dress Among Female Television News Anchors
 Brunner, Gwendolyn., Zapata-Ramos, Mari., Kim, Yeonsoo. and Cox, Jennifer.

Measuring Diversity and Democracy in Online Search
 Granka, Laura.

Measuring Media Use as Affordances: A Heuristics Approach to Interactivity
 Sundar, S. Shyam. and Bellur, Saraswathi.

Measuring Online Privacy Concern and Protection in the (Social) Web: Development of the APCP and APCP-18 Scale
 Taddicken, Monika.

Measuring Relationship Maintenance Behaviors: Critique and Development of a Revised Relationship Maintenance Behavior Scale
 Stafford, Laura.

Media Agenda Setting on the Rule of Law and Legitimacy in East Africa
 Kalyango, Jr., Yusuf. and Wanta, Wayne.

Media Convergence Through Mobile Peer-to-Peer File Sharing in the Republic of Armenia
 Pearce, Katy.

Media Convergence: An Old, Old Story
 Miller, Toby.

Media Coverage of Postpolitical-Election Violence in Africa: An Assessment of the Kenyan Example
 Onyebadi, Uche. and Oyedeji, Tayo.

Media Debate and Private Discourse on Language Policy in Malaysian Law
 Powell, Richard.

Media Discourse in Malaysia: An Epistemological Critique of Language and Society
 Khan, Mahmud.

Media Enjoyment and Appreciation: The Role of Perceived Cognitive and Emotional Challenge in Entertainment Experience
 Bartsch, Anne. and Oliver, Mary.

Media Framing of Corporate Crisis in Global Production: Is China Really the Problem?
 Zheng, Nan., Lasorsa, Dominic. and Yeh, Yi-Hsin.

Media Imperialism Revisited: A Historical Analysis of Television in Barbados
 Estwick, Evene.

Media Life
 Speers, Laura., Blank, Peter. and Deuze, Mark.

Media Literacy and News Credibility: Does Knowledge of Media Ownership Increase Skepticism in News Consumers?
 Ashley, Seth., Poepsel, Mark. and Willis, Erin.

Media Literacy as a Constructive Intervention in Development Communication
 Yoon, Jiwon.

Media Movements and Civic Pragmatism: Democratizing Access to the Press in Latin America
 Waisbord, Silvio.

Media Principles and Multimodality
 Holsanova, Jana.

Media Representations of Race Cue the State of Media Opening in Brazil (Top Paper 3rd Place)
 Rosas-Moreno, Tania.

Media Scholar and/or Media Reformer: Academic Work and Media Policy-Making in Taiwan
 Lo, Shih-Hung.

Media That Alert or Direct You to Objects and Locations Anywhere Around the Body
 Biocca, Frank., Bohil, Corey., Owen, Charles. and Tang, Kwok.

Media Use and Class Identity in Urban China: An Analysis of Survey Data From Shanghai
 Zhou, Baohua.

Media Witnessing: Exploring Audience Discourses of Distant Suffering
 Kyriakidou, Maria.

Media and Political Communication in New Democracies in Africa
 Mwangi, Samuel.

Media as Shelter for the Lonely and Socially Excluded
 Bouwman, Tamara., Das, Enny. and Hartmann, Tilo.

Media, Commodification, and the Imagination of Religion in Late Modernity
 Hoover, Stewart.

Media, Cultural Diversity, and Globalization
 Zayani, Mohamed.

Mediated Relations: A Reflection on Conceptualizing Social Capital in the Online World
 Vergeer, Maurice., Lim, Yon Soo., Hsu, Chien-Leng. and Park, Han Woo.

Mediatization of Karma: Represented Pious Practices in Korean Buddhist Television
 Park, Jin Kyu.

Meeting Up Offline: How Offline Gatherings Affect Online Communities (TOP 2 Student Paper)
 Sessions, Lauren. Religious Organizations and Faith Brand Community Building Online
 Kong, Jie Young., Cheong, Pauline. and Trethewey, Angela.

Memorable Messages for Navigating College Life
 Nazione, Samantha., LaPlante, Carolyn., Smith, Sandi., Cornacchione, Jennifer., Russell, Jessica. and Stohl, Cynthia.

Memory Cultures and Conceptions of 'Imagining'
 Wang, Jian.

Memory, Empathy, Solidarity: Jews & Rwandan Tutsis and the Communication Resulting From Shared Experiences of Atrocity
 Schimmel, Noam.

Men Versus Women: Images and Discourses in Her World and FHM Singapore
 Khoo, Michele.

Merkel vs. Steinmeier: A Quasi-Experimental Study on the Effects of Involvement on the Evaluation of TV-Debates
 Bacherle, Patrick.

Metaframes and Transnational Homogenization in News on Trade Negotations: One Frame to Rule Them All?
 Andersen, Rune.

Metamorphoses of the State in Telecommunications - TOP THREE PAPER
 Bauer, Johannes.

Methodological Issues With Large-Scale Social Science Data From Online Communities
 Williams, Dmitri.

Microanalysis of the 2008 Presidential Debates: Direct Confrontation Over the Record
 Han, Ji Won.

Militarization, Human Rights and Media: Im/material Intersections and Media Reform in Thailand, Philippines and Burma (Myanmar)
 Brooten, Lisa.

Minority Comparison Model: Effects of Whites' Multiracial Evaluation on Symbolic Racism and Racialized Policy Preferences
 Baek, Young Min. and Lee, Angela.

Minority Report: The Effect of Opinion Minorities in Small Group Deliberation
 Kim, Nuri., Siu, Alice. and Sood, Gaurav.

Mixing Advertising and Editorial Content in Radio Programs: Appreciation and Memory of Brand Placements Versus Commercials
 van Reijmersdal, Eva.

Mobile Communications and the Public Sphere in South Korea: Possibilities and Limitations
 Lim, Hyun-Chin. and Lee, Joonkoo.

Mobile Internet Uses in Everyday Life and a Sense of Place: A Korean Case Study
 Lee, Dong-Hoo.

Mobile Internet in France: Between Innovation and Social Contexts of Media Reception
 MARTIN, Corinne.

Mobile Organizations for Ontological Security During Disasters
 Mangold, Benjamin.

Mobile People, Mobile Societies, Mobile Cultures Not Just Mobile Learning
 Traxler, John.

Mobile Phone Tracking and the Spatial Expansion of Labor Control
 Lee, Kwang-Suk.

Mobile Phone Use and Delinquent Tendencies Among Japanese Teenagers
 Ishii, Kenichi.

Mobile Phone Use and the Scope of Social Perspective: Why and How Mobile Phone Use Correlates With Social Trust?
 Kobayashi, Tetsuro.

Mobile Phone Use on the Israeli Home Front During the 2006 Lebanon War and 2009 Gaza Conflict
 Cohen, Akiba. and Schejter, Amit.

Mobile Phones Without Guarantees: The Promises of Technology and the Contingencies of Culture
 Wallis, Cara.

Mobilizing Information in Univision Online’s Election 2008 Forum
 Gonzalez, Carmen.

Modeling Face-to-Face Conflict Mediation
 Tollison, Andrew., Green, Erik., Maxwell, Madeline. and Richardson, Emily.

Models of Political Consulting in Poland in 1989 – 2009 in Comparative Perspective
 Biskup, Bartlomiej.

Mom, Apple Pie, and Policy: The Social Construction of Normal Family Structures in Canadian Child Care Policy
 Fritz, Melissa.

Moral Intuitions: Morality Subcultures in Disposition Formation
 Eden, Allison. and Tamborini, Ron.

Morality in Virtual Reality: The Moral and Immoral Self and Other
 Segovia, Kathryn., Bailenson, Jeremy. and Monin, Benoit.

More Different Than Similar: Values in Political Speeches of Leaders From Developed and Developing Countries
 Waheed, Moniza., Schuck, Andreas., De Vreese, Claes. and Neijens, Peter.

More or Less Absence From Work Due to Family Matters?
 ten Brummelhuis, Lieke., ter Hoeven, Claartje., de Jong, Menno. and Peper, Bram.

Mortality Salience in News Coverage of Immigrant Criminals: Effects on Viewer’s Emotional Responses, News Evaluations, and Crime Perceptions
 Pan, Po-Lin. and Zhou, Shuhua.

Movable Type: Findings from the 'Young, Mobile, Networked' Study
 Crawford, Kate.

Mu-Fi’s Digital Divide Attempt: Bull’s Eye or Achilles Heel?
 Ortiz, Julio.

Multidimensions of Social Capital and Their Relationships to News Media Use
 Moon, Soo Jung. and Hyun, Kideuk.

Multimedia Voices Among the Rural Poor: “Communicators for Development” as a Popular Journalism Culture in the Dominican Republic
 Ferreira, Leonardo.

Multimodality in Video Spots Or: Is There Non-linearity Within Linearity?
 Bucher, Hans-Juergen.

Multinational Advertising Campaigns as Intercultural Communication: Successes and Blunders in Mainland China
 Ha, Louisa. and Zang, Lina.

Multitasking Within Same Modality and Between Modalities: An Examination of Task Performance and Eye Movement
 Wang, Zheng., Srivastava, Jatin., David, Prabu., D\'Angelo, Jonathan., Moreland, Jennifer., Brady, Christine. and Powers, Stacie.

Mumford’s Megamachine and the Post-Industrial City of Consumption
 Simpson, Tim.

Music Video Remakes: History, Practice, and Meaning of User Production
 Jean Christian, Aymar.

Music and Wine Online: Background Music Increases Congruent Online Wine Sales
 Beukeboom, Camiel., Vermeulen, Ivar., Boot, Loes., Utz, Sonja. and Das, Enny.

My Knowledge Is More Important Than Yours: A Battle of Competing "Truths"
 Chen, Simin Michelle.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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