International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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Naming Power: Exploring Shifts in Contemporary Migrants’ Personal Name Use During Settlement in Canada
 Dechief, Diane.

Narrative Health Communication and Behavior Change: The Influence of Exemplars in the News on Intention to Quit Smoking
 Kim, Hyun Suk., Bigman, Cabral., Leader, Amy., Lerman, Caryn. and Cappella, Joseph.

National Aspirations and Regional Tensions: A Catalan Account?
 Xifra, Jordi.

National Identity Construction in the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics: From the Perspective of Media Rituals
 Cui, Xi.

National Identity and the Media in Communist and Postcommunist Romania
 Nastasia, Diana. and Nastasia, Sorin.

National Memory and Political Discourses in Journalism: Discursive Constructions of “Sites of Memory” in China Daily
 Han, Choonghee.

Nationhood, Equality and Human Rights: Canada’s Apology to First Nations
 Belanger, Patrick.

Negotiating Hegemony: Alternative and Mainstream Media Coverage of the Globalization Debate
 Groshek, Jacob.

Network Centrality and Similarity of Discourse: A Sociosemantic Approach to Leadership
 Saint-Charles, Johanne., Mongeau, Pierre. and Perrault, Marie-Claude.

Networked Media Relations
 Raupp, Juliana.

Networks and the Social Imagination: Key Moments in the History of the Open Internet
 Streeter, Thomas.

New Co-Orientation Paradigms in Cross-Cultural Settings: The Case Between Hong Kong and Mainland Journalists
 Yan, Yan.

New Convergence Policy by the Democratic Government in Japan
 Sugaya, Minoru.

New Perspectives on the Digital Divide in U.S. Homes With 6-to-9-Year-Old Children
 Jordan, Amy. and Kotler, Jennifer.

New Strength of Competition and Innovation: China’s Independent Television Production
 Liu, Bonnie.

New Technologies in Light of the Old: Metaphors, Precedents, and Law
 Sawhney, Harmeet., Suri, V. Ratandeep. and Lee, Hyangsun.

News Frames of the Population Issue in the Philippines: Do They Reflect Strategic Frames of Message Sources?
 David, Clarissa., Atun, Jenna Mae., Fille, Erika. and Monterola, Christopher.

News Framing, Pre-Existing Schemas, and Public Opinion on International Trade
 Zha, Wei., Goidel, Robert. and Sylvester, Judith.

News Media Use, Citizen Communication, and Civic Participation: A Communication Mediation Model
 Kim, Mingyu., Woo, Jisuk. and Choi, Jeong Min.

News Values in Conversations About Media Content
 Gehrau, Volker.

News Values in Conversations About News Issues
 Sommer, Katharina.

News Values in Conversations About Single News Events
 Sommer, Denise.

News Values: Approaches and Perspectives
 Fretwurst, Benjamin.

No Radicalization Without Identification: Dynamics of Radicalization and Polarization Within and Between Two Opposing Web Forums
 Oegema, Dirk., Van Stekelenburg, Jacquelien. and Klandermans, Bert.

Normalising Neoliberalism? Understanding Knowledge Interests in Academic Discourse on Boundaryless Careers
 Roper, Juliet., Ganesh, Shiv. and Inkson, Kerr.

Not All Created Equal? The Content Characteristics and Usefulness of Online Consumer Reviews.
 Willemsen, Lotte.

Not So Different After All: Framing Abortion in Media and Nonmedia Blogs
 Yun, Gi Woong., Park, Sung-Yeon., Holody, Kyle., Yoon, Kisung., Xie, Shuang., Birzescu, Anca., Vukasovich, Christian. and Prater, Angela.

Not in Europe and Not in America: A Third Way From a Small Island Somewhere in the Atlantic
 Gregory, Anne.

Nuclear Facility Episodic Storytelling Themes in Syrian Press Coverage: A Content - Textual Analysis
 Al-Azdee, Mohammed.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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