International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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PSB and Its Creative Online Service in Taiwan: PeoPo as Taiwan's Number One Website for Citizen Journalism
 Lo, Shih-Hung. and HO, Gwo-Hwa.

Parent Power: How Parents and Caretakers Can Reduce the Effects of Food Advertising
 Buijzen, Moniek.

Parody and Resistance on the Chinese Internet
 Li, Hongmei.

Participation and Social Change: Indian Idol and Social Implications of Reality TV Shows in India
 Ganguly, Lauhona.

Participatory Design of an Electronic Reminder System to Improve Breast Cancer Screening Among Underserved Populations
 Lustria, Mia Liza., Kazmer, Michelle., Glueckauf, Robert., Hawkins, Robert., Randeree, Ebrahim., Rosario, Ivee., McLaughlin, Casey. and Redmond, Sarah.

Partner Surveillance on Social-Network Sites: A Test of the Trust-Surveillance Hypothesis
 Tokunaga, Robert.

Passing Through Surveillance: Mobility, Subjectivity, and the Visual Economy of Sensor Art
 Gardner, Paula.

Pathos and PR
 Ihlen, Oyvind.

Pathways to Political Knowledge: News Encounters With Knowledge-Inducing Information
 Elenbaas, Matthijs.

Patterns of Relationships Between Issues
 Geiss, Stefan.

Peace Journalism: Dark Past and Hopeful Futures in News Coverage of Racial Reconciliation
 McMahon, Rob. and Chow-White, Peter.

Peer Pressure Among Parents? Understanding Parents’ Decisions to Use Very Young Children’s Television Media
 Lee, H. Erin. and Cho, Jaehee.

Peer or Expert? The Persuasive Impact of YouTube Video Producers and Their Moderating Mechanism
 Paek, Hye-Jin., Hove, Thomas., Jeong, Hyun Ju. and Kim, Mikyoung.

People’s Myth: The ‘Miracle’ of China’s Modern Media Coverage of Humanitarian Disasters
 Yin, Liangen. and wang, haiyan.

Peranakan English: A Case Study of the Informal Correspondences of Tun Dato’ Sir Tan Cheng Lock
 Soon, Lim.

Perceived Network Connection: A Reliability and Validity Assessment of an Individual-Level Measure of Group Attachment
 Geidner, Nick.

Perceived Reality in Media Messages: An Explication of Its Dimensional Structure
 Popova, Lyudmila.

Perceptions of Causes and Outcomes of Internet Deviant Behaviors at Work and School: A Preliminary Framework
 Kim, Sunny. and Byrne, Sahara.

Performativity and Femininity in Parco Advertisements: The Nightingale Sings for No One but Herself
 Sato, Toyoko.

Performing Gender and Ethnicity in Sociotechnological Networks
 Leurs, Koen.

Personal Data Protection in E-Government: Where Are We Now? An Overview of the U.S. Legal Landscape
 Wu, Yuehua.

Personalization in News: How Format and Narrative Engagement Influence News Selection, Learning, and Attitude Change
 Bilandzic, Helena., Hastall, Matthias., Kinnebrock, Susanne. and Busselle, Rick.

Perspectives of Tribal Language Speakers of South Asia
 Abbi, Anvita.

Photo Journalism as a Mechanism of Inclusion and Exclusion of New Immigrants
 Van Gorp, Baldwin.

Physiognomy & Freakery: The Joker on Film
 Rodriguez, Mario.

Physiological, Cognitive, and Emotional Responses to Counter Alcohol Abuse Messages Based on Sensation Seeking Tendency: Fear vs. Humor
 Lee, Moon. and Shin, Mija.

Pirates of Silicon Valley: State of Exception and Dispossession in Web 2.0
 Jakobsson, Peter. and Stiernstedt, Fredrik.

Places of the Imagination
 Reijnders, Stijn.

Platforms for Mediated Sociability/Entertainment and Online Social Capital: The Case of Facebook and Video Games
 Skoric, Marko. and Kwan, Grace.

Playing Me: A Study of Gender, Gameplay, and Game Preference Effects on Avatar Selection
 Dunn, Robert. and Guadagno, Rosanna.

Pluralism and Democratic Legitimacy: Election News Exposure in Hungary, Taiwan, and the United States
 Gottfried, Jeffrey.

Polarization in Less Than 30 Seconds: Continuous Monitoring of Voter Response to Campaign Advertising
 Iyengar, Shanto., Jackman, Simon., Hahn, Kyu. and Lim, Jongho.

Polish Plumber as a Pawn in the British Newspaper Discourse on Polish Post-EU Enlargement Immigration to the UK (Top Paper - 1st Place)
 Hoops, Joshua., Thomas, Ryan., Drzewiecka, Jolanta. and Ross, Susan.

Politeness Practice and Social Distance: The Bulge Found in Bangla Social Media
 Das, Anupam.

Political Cartoons in a Model African State: A Case Study of Botswana Newspapers
 Akpabio, Eno.

Political Consumerism, Young Citizens, and the Internet
 Ward, Janelle. and De Vreese, Claes.

Political Cultures, Citizenships and Journalism in Peru
 Quiróz, Teresa.

Political Deliberation in Three Regions on the Internet: Folk Discourse in Chinese New Media Context
 Lei, Weizhen. and Wang, Tianjiao.

Political Instability and Press Freedom Violations: Extending and Updating Hallin and Mancini’s Three Models of Media and Politics
 Youmans, William.

Poor Framing in Television News: Redundancy Between Audio and Visual Modalities in Political News
 van Hoof, Anita., Takens, Janet. and Oegema, Dirk.

Positive Effects of Media on Family Interactions
 Pigeron, Elisa.

Positive Emotions Liberate Our Cognitive Judgment: The Influence of Positive Emotions on Context Effect
 Min, Jihye., Shin, Wooyeol. and Kim, Joohan.

Postcolonial Constructions of HIV/AIDS: Meaning, Culture, and Structure
 Dutta, Mohan. and Sastry, Shaunak.

Postconvergence Social Networking: The Mobile Facebook
 Bakke, Emil.

Pragmatism and Environmental Communication
 Russill, Chris.

Predicting Gambling Behavior of South East Asian Youths With Sensation Seeking and Motivation System Activation
 Park, Byungho.

Predicting Health Information Seeking in an Interactive Cancer Communication System: An Interplay Between Perceived Social Support and Emotional Well-Being
 Kim, Sojung., Shah, Dhavan., Namkoong, Kang., McTavish, Fiona. and Gustafson, David.
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Predicting My Own Space in the Internet: Bloggers and Civic Participation
 Bang, Sungsoo.

Predictive Model of Effective Antismoking Arguments Using Computerized Text Analysis: Personal, Textual Features, and Their Interaction
 Baek, Young Min., Cappella, Joseph., Lerman, Caryn. and Strasser, Andrew.

Predictors of Localism in Public Television Scheduling in the United States
 Smallwood, Amber. and Moon, Soo Jung.

Predictors of Participation in a Computer Support Group for Breast Cancer: Focusing on Supportive Communication Behaviors During Discussion
 Kim, Eunkyung., Han, Jeong Yeob., Shah, Dhavan., Shaw, Bret., McTavish, Fiona. and Gustafson, David.

Predictors of Safe Home Food Handling Practices: Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior
 Shapiro, Michael., Porticella, Norman., Jiang, Li. and Gravani, Robert.

Predictors of Sexual Initiation Among Chinese College Students
 Xiao, Zhiwen.

Preferred Communication Channels Between Students and Faculty Within Extra Class Interactions
 Parsloe, Sarah., Benton, Amanda., Davis, Daniel. and Strang-Wolf, Nicholas.

Premature Speculations: Looking for Theory in All the Wrong Places
 Hazleton, Vincent.

Presence in 3DTV : A Study on the Perceptive Characteristics of the Presence in Three Dimensional Imaging Programs
 Kweon, Sang Hee., Cho, Eun-Joung., Cho, Byeong-Cheol. and Kim, Eum-Mi.

Presidential Candidate Framing and Participation in Late-Night Comedy: The Political Punditry of Television Humor Writers
 Gilkerson, Nathan.

Priming News Credibility Judgments: Interactions in the World of User-Created Content
 Veenstra, Aaron., Vraga, Emily., Edgerly, Stephanie. and Kim, Sojung.

Priming Stereotypical Associations: Grand Theft Auto Video Games and African-American Depictions
 Cicchirillo, Vincent., Mahood, Chad. and Appiah, Osei.

Pro- and Anti-Americanism in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Moehler, Devra. and van de Walle, Nicolas.

Problematic Articulations in Vernacular Soldier Videos From the War in Iraq
 Smith, Christina.

Problematic Citizenship: Arab Speakers in the European Union
 Slade, Christina.

Problematic Provider-Patient Interactions Reported by Gay and Bisexual Men
 Rintamaki, Lance., Moskowitz, David. and Seal, David.

Processing Emotional Stimuli: The Competition Between Positivity and Negativity for Eye Movements and Attention
 Tao, Chen-Chao.

Processing Fluency and Processing Style as Determinants of Affective and Cognitive Responses to Threatening Anecdotes
 Berger, Charles.

Processing Humor in TV Commercials: Differential Response Latencies Between Humor Types
 Buffing, Kim., Lagerwerf, Luuk. and Vermeulen, Ivar.

Processing Political Messages From Favored Candidates: The Effect of Candidate Favorability on Attitudes Toward Issues
 Chung, Sungeun. and Waheed, Moniza.

Producing Quality: A Social Network Analysis of Coproduction Relationships in High-Grossing vs. Highly Lauded Films
 Miller, Jade.

Productive Identities: Game Creation and the Self
 Hong, Renyi. and Chen, Vivian Hsueh-Hua.

Professional Efficacy Among Arab American Journalists
 Martin, Justin.

Professional North/Conflictual South: Western European Patterns of Interaction and Conflict Between Politicians and Journalists
 Schwab, Stephanie. and Medrano, Juan Diez.

Professional and Territorial Cultures in Chilean Journalism
 Mellado, Claudia.

Profiling Online Content Creators: Advancing the Paths to Democracy
 Bachmann, Ingrid., Correa, Teresa. and Gil de Zuniga, Homero.

Promoting Civic Engagement Through Ethnic Media
 Yu, Sherry. and Ahadi, Daniel.

Promoting Intercultural Competence Through Electronic Games and Simulations
 Struppert, Anika.

Promoting Public Relations Values: Emotional Labor in the Age of Transparency
 Tsetsura, Katerina.

Protesting Retail Liberalization in India: An Examination of Discursive Strategies Used by Small Retailers
 Gaur, Rajesh.

Proximity and the Mediation of Distant Suffering: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the 2003 SARS Outbreak
 Joye, Stijn.

Psychological Effects of Social and Political Communication in Terrorism: A Criticism Theory Experimental Analysis.
 Cuesta, Ubaldo. and Menendez, Tania.

Public Health, Development, and Global Surveillance: A Postcolonial Appraisal of PEPFAR
 Sastry, Shaunak. and Dutta, Mohan.

Public Media and the Web in the U.S. The Case of
 Park, David. and Grosse, Meghan.

Public Memory, Public Diplomacy, and Virtual States
 Seib, Philip.

Public Relations as Dialogic Expertise?
 Pieczka, Magda.

Public Relations, Materiality, and Marginalization in a Global Context: A Postcolonial Interrogation
 Dutta, Mohan.

Public Relations, Terrorism, and Critical Pedagogy in Postconflict Northern Ireland
 Somerville, Ian., Purcell, Andy. and Morrison, Fred.

Public-Service Broadcasting Online: Assessing Compliance With Regulatory Requirements
 Latzer, Michael., Braendle, Andreas., Just, Natascha. and Saurwein, Florian.

Pulling Towards or Pulling Away: Deliberation, Disagreement, and Opinion Strength in Political Participation
 Wojcieszak, Magdalena.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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