International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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Racial Framing in Coverage of the 2008 Presidential Election
 Gross, Kimberly., Harvey, Johanna. and Low, Claire.

Racial Triumph and Success on Reality Game Shows: The American Dream on The Apprentice
 Park, Ji Hoon.

Re-Emerging Sentiment of “Asianness”:The Meaning of Korean Television Dramas in the Japanese Fandom
 Ju, Hyejung.

Ready or Not, Here it Comes: Disaster Preparedness Messages on Children's Websites
 Ryan, Erin., Hilyard, Karen. and Hocke, Tatjana.

Reality and Newsworthiness: Coverage of International Terrorism by China and the United States
 Shoemaker, Pamela., Zhang, Di. and Wang, Xiuli.

Reasons for Information Technology Adoption and Sophistication in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
 Ghobakhloo, Morteza.

Reasons for Viewing and Topics of Interest in Domestic and Foreign Television News
 Nguyen Vu, Hong Nga., Chan, Joseph., Hanitzsch, Thomas., Mujica, Constanza., Porath, William., Quandt, Thorsten. and Zhou, Baohua.

Receiver Apprehension and Multicommunicating
 Kushniryk, Alla.

Receiving and Processing Emergency Alerts Through Desktop, Laptop, and Hand-Held Devices: The Role of Anxiety
 Xie, Wenjing.

Reconceptualizing Interactivity in Online Consumer Communities
 Meng, Jingbo.

Red or Blue? The Use of Dichotomous Colors in News Coverage (Top Student Paper)
 Zelenkauskaite, Asta., Gao, Ya. and Powell, Rich.

Redefining Journalistic Role: Journalism as the New Knowledge Profession
 Donsbach, Wolfgang. and Rentsch, Mathias.

Redefining Mobile Society: Emerging Concepts and Theories of Wireless Communication
 Aikat, Debashis.

Reducing Hostile Media Perceptions for an Environmental Controversy Through Media Literacy
 Vraga, Emily., Tully, Melissa., Atkin, Heather. and Rojas, Hernando.

References as Indication of Being On-Task/Off-Task in the Course of Mediation Sessions
 Vasilyeva, Alena.

Refining the Meanings of Genetic Determinism: U.S. Community Members’ Beliefs About Threat, Efficacy, and Essentialism
 Parrott, Roxanne. and Ndiaye, Khadidiatou.

Refugee Women ARM Themselves: Transversal Dissent, Media and the State on the Thailand/Burma Border
 Brooten, Lisa.

Regulatory Power? How Evidence Can Help Balance Contrary Pressures on Public Policy in the Case of Junk Food Advertising to Children
 Livingstone, Sonia.

Relational Dialectics During the Prewedding Phase of Lebanese Muslim Arranged Marriages
 Nasser, Khaled., Dabbous, Yasmine. and Honeycutt, James.

Relationship Between Memory and Persausion Outcomes in Processing Smoking Cessation Narratives
 Sanders-Jackson, Ashley. and Cappella, Joseph.

Relationship-Building by Chinese ENGOs’ Websites: Education, Not Activation
 Yang, Aimei. and Taylor, Maureen.

Reliability and Validity of Scene Unit Coding in the Visual Content Analysis
 Choi, Yun Jung. and Lee, Jong Hyuk.

Remolding the Past in the Present : An Ambiguous Tyrant in Ideological Conflict
 Estava Davis, Jennifer.

Renegotiating Religious Imaginations Through Transformations of “Banal Religion” in Supernatural
 Petersen, Line.

Reporting Standards for Studies of Tailored Interventions: A Communication Challenge
 Harrington, Nancy. and Noar, Seth.

Reshaping the Foot to Fit the Shoe: Promoting American Free Speech Values in China
 Markin, Karen.

Responding to the Financial Crisis: Violence in Europe
 Prentoulis, Marina.

Rethinking Mood Management Theory: The Issues of Definitions and Measure About Mood and Emotion
 Chen, Yen-Shen.

Reuters and the Australian Press During World War I
 Putnis, Peter. and McCallum, Kerry.

Revisiting Critical Scholars’ Alternative: A Case Study of Dallas Smythe’s Praxis
 Yao, Lin.

Rhetorical Pragmatism: Communicative Practices for Contemporary Democracy
 Danisch, Robert.

Risk Perceptions in Men With a Family History of Prostate Cancer: Implications for Health Practitioners and Men in Screening Decision Making
 McDowell, Michelle., Occhipinti, Stefano. and Chambers, Suzanne.

Ritual, Power, and Diaspora: What Can the Absence of a Simple Diagonal Line Through the Letter “L” Tell Us?
 Szpunar, Piotr.

Role of Entertainment-Education Radio Soap Opera in Facilitating Social Change Among Young Village Women in India: A Critical Discourse of Transformation
 Pant, Saumya.

Role of Social Media in Contemporary Southeast Asian Politics
 Tan, Tarn How.

Roles of Public Relations and Social Capital for Communal Relationship Building: Enhancing Collaborative Values and Outcomes
 Jin, Bumsub.

Rumors and Collective Sense-Making About Security Incidents
 Dalziel, Gregory.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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