International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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Same Disasters, Different Stories: How Three Arab Newspapers Framed the Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina
 Dabbous, Yasmine. and Miller, Andrea.

Same Events, Two Stories: Comparing the Photographic Coverage of the 2008 Anti-China/Olympics Demonstrations in Chinese & U.S. Newspapers
 Huang, Ying. and Fahmy, Shahira.

Same Minds Think Alike: I-Sharing Promotes Social Connectedness
 van Bel, Daan., Smolders, Karin., Ijsselsteijn, Wijnand. and de Kort, Yvonne.

Same Path, Different Experience: Culture’s Main and Moderating Effects on the Links Between Causal Attribution, Emotion, and Interaction Goals in Negotiation
 Liu, Meina.

Same Tongzhi, Different Destiny: Examining the Gay Website Regulations in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan
 Hou, Cheng-Nan.

Scandinavian Youth Meet Religion in the Media
 Lövheim, Mia. and Lundby, Knut.

Scripts of Sexual Desire and Danger in U.S. and Dutch Female Teen Magazines: A Cross-Cultural Content-Analytic Comparison
 Joshi, Suchi., Peter, Jochen. and Valkenburg, Patti.

Searching for and Communicating Online Health Information to a Close Other
 Nazione, Samantha. and Smith, Sandi.

Securitainment: Watching the Border for Fun and Safety
 Andrejevic, Mark.

Seeking Ontological Security Beyond the Nation: The Role of Transnational Television
 Georgiou, Myria.

Self, Information Topics of Interest, Information Seeking Media Use
 Lee, Hyunjoo. and Woelfel, Joseph.

Self-Construal, Congruent Visuals, and Their Effects on Perception and Purchase Intention
 Zhou, Shuhua., Ye, Yinjiao. and Xu, Jie.

Self-Presence, Explicated (TOP Student Paper)
 Ratan, Rabindra.

Self-Presentation on Facebook: Managing Content Created by the User and Others
 Smock, Andrew.

Semantic Network Analysis Bridging Between Texts and Categories: An Analysis of Views on Advanced Life Science
 Hibino, Aiko.

Semantic Network Analysis: A Two-Step Approach for Flexible, Reusable, and Combinable Content Analysis
 van Atteveldt, Wouter., Kleinnijenhuis, Jan. and Ruigrok, Nel.

Sending and Receiving: The Ethical Framing of Intra-EU Migration in the European Press
 Balabanova, Ekaterina. and Balch, Alex.

Serving a Greater Purpose? Democratic Values as Basis of Political Communication
 Håkansson, Nicklas. and Splichal, Slavko.

Setting the Stage: Online Consumer Communities and the Top 100 Global Brands
 Kim, Young Ji.

Sex After Death: The Obituary as an Erratic Record of Proclivity
 Starck, Nigel.

Sexual Cues Emanating From the Anchorette Chair: Implications for Perceived Professionalism, Fitness for Beat, and Memory for News
 Grabe, Maria. and Samson, Lelia.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights Advocacy in the Philippines: Making Headway Against a Powerful Adversary
 Claudio, Sylvia.

Shaping the Public Agenda: Professional Political Communication Between Media Logic and Political Logic
 Mayerhoeffer, Eva. and Esmark, Anders.

Shock of the New: Learning From New Workers' Art and Cultural Festivals in Picun Village, Beijing
 Qiu, Linchuan.

Shooting War Or Peace Photographs? An Examination of News Wires’ Coverage of the Conflict in Gaza (2008-2009)
 Fahmy, Shahira. and Neumann, Rico.

Should We Chase Ambulances? The Challenges in Locating Residents for a 911 Misuse Intervention Project
 Wilkin, Holley., Stringer, Kimberly., O\'Quin, Karen. and Montgomery, Shannon.

Signifying Thai Muslims: Resisting Stereotypes or Reinforcing the Tourism Machine?
 Kirdnark, Treepon. and Wall, Melissa.

Signs Matter: Pragmatist Communication Theory in a Semiotic Framework
 Bergman, Mats.

Situational Motivations of Information Forwarding Behavior
 Ban, Zhuo.

Size, Diversity, and Beyond: A Mediated Model of Team Composition and Performance in “Team Science”
 Huang, Meikuan., Huang, Yun., Margolin, Drew., Ognyanova, Katherine., Shen, Cuihua. and Contractor, Noshir.

Smoking Isn’t Kool: Exploring the Impact of Black Ethnic Identity and Cultural Cues in Antismoking PSAs
 Appiah, Osei., Goodall, Catherine. and Hoplamazian, Gregory.

Social Capital, Politics and Facebook: A Case Study of Turkey
 Turkoglu, Didem. and Kaynak, M. Selcan.

Social Cognitive Theory of Political Participation Among Adolescents
 Hwang, Jooyun. and Kiousis, Spiro.

Social Comparison 2.0: Examining the Effects of Online Profiles on Social Networking Sites
 Haferkamp, Nina. and Krämer, Nicole.

Social Hyperlink Networks in Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Twitter: A Case of South Korea
 Park, Han Woo. and Hsu, Chien-Leng.

Social Influence of a Religious Hero: The Late Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan's Impact on Cornea Donation and Volunteerism
 Bae, Hyuhn-Suhck., Brown, William. and Kang, Seok.

Social Media Use in Response to the Virginia Tech Crisis: Moving From Chaos to Understanding
 Tyma, Adam., Sellnow, Deanna. and Sellnow, Timothy.

Social Media, Convergence, Warfare: A Special Case of Divergence
 Bratich, Jack.

Social Networking and Adjustment to Cultural Change
 Lin, Jih-Hsuan., Peng, Wei., Kim, Mijung., Kim, Sung Yeun. and Larose, Robert.

Social Sensemaking: Propensity to Use Facebook to Reduce Classroom Equivocality
 Lampe, Cliff., Ellison, Nicole., Vitak, Jessica., Wohn, Donghee. and Wash, Richard.

Social Ties for the Soul: How Russians Reconnect With the Past Through Social Network Sites
 Shklovski, Irina.

Society Without Secrets? The Aesthetics of Surveillance and the Question of Intimacy
 Arav, Dan. and Gurevitz, David.

Some Uses of Formulations in Two Different Institutional Settings: A Comparative Study
 Roca-Cuberes, Carles.

Space to Create With Social Media in Global Classrooms
 Kaare, Birgit. and Kokkim, Catharina.

Space, Becoming, Dislocation: Politicized Mobile Art
 Gardner, Paula.

Space, Time, and the Cut: BBC Documentary and the Emergence of Global Telepresence
 Leopard, Dan.

Space2Cre8: Lessons Learned Thus Far
 Hull, Glynda. and Nelson, Mark.

Speaking of Publics: Speech, Defamation, Law
 Kenyon, Andrew.

Stereotype Threat in Mixed-Sex Communication
 Pfiester, Abigail. and McGlone, Matthew.

Stereotypes of Chinese Media Use and Olympic Games
 Zhang, Lingling.

Stigma and Politeness: Challenging Family Health Discussions
 Rossetto, Kelly., Smith, Rachel. and Jones, Barbara.

Stigma in the Private Sphere: HIV Status and Disclosure Communication in Senegalese Families
 Ndiaye, Khadidiatou. and Parrott, Roxanne.

Still Fighting Annihilation? Media and Women’s Organizations in the Portuguese Context
 Silveirinha, Maria.

Strange Infrastructures: The Unusual Systems Project
 Sandvig, Christian., Yeo, ShinJoung. and Nafus, Dawn.

Strategic Media, Drifting Voters? The Effect of Strategy News Coverage on Electoral Behavior: Volatility, Indecisiveness, and Abstention
 Takens, Janet., van Hoof, Anita. and Kleinnijenhuis, Jan.

Strategic Plans as a Dislocating Device
 Robichaud, Daniel., Benoit-Barne, Chantal. and Basque, Joelle.

Strengthening Measurement of Political Information Efficacy Among Young Voters
 Martin, Justin.

Structuring Access: A 10-Year Review of the Role of Austin Public Libraries and Community Technology Centers in Digital Inclusion
 Straubhaar, Joseph., Dixon, Laura., Graber, Dean., Lentz, R.., Spence, Jeremiah. and La Pastina, Antonio.

Structuring Virtual Spaces as Television Places: Internet Television Remediating Conventional Structures, Practices, and Power Dynamics
 Reinhard, CarrieLynn.

Studying Media Content From a Network Perspective: A Systematic Combination of Relational Content and Network Analysis
 Adam, Silke.

Subconscious Gatekeeping: The Effect of Death Thoughts on Bias Toward Outgroups in News Writing
 Cuillier, David.

Subversion and the Social Implications of "New" Media
 Mohammed, Shaheed., Thombre, Avinash. and Maslekar, Kanchan.

Surviving the "Mock Interview": Challenges to Political Communicative Competence in Contemporary Televised Discourse
 Kampf, Zohar., Shifman, Limor. and Hamo, Michal.

Suspicious Minds: Explaining Political Cynicism Among Parliamentary Journalists in Europe
 Dalen, Arjen van., Albæk, Erik. and De Vreese, Claes.

Sustainability Discourse Within a Supply Chain Relationship: Mapping Divergence and Convergence
 Allen, Myria., Walker, Kasey., Brady, Robert., Johnson, Tommye. and Rusinowski, Justin.

Sustainability of Blogging Behavior: A Survival Rate Analysis
 Zhu, Jonathan., Lu, Heng. and Mo, Qian.

Synchronization Theory, Flow, and Media Entertainment
 Weber, Rene.

Systematic Information Processing of Political Issues
 Bauer, Michael., De Acevedo, Miriam., Wirth, Werner. and Schemer, Christian.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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