International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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TV Debate Nonverbal: An Explorative Analysis of the Structure and Effects of Nonverbal Communication in the German Chancellor TV Debate in 2009
 Geise, Stephanie., Boger, Isabell., Kruppok, Kerstin., Maier, Anna. and Vogelsang, Isabell.

TV and Internet Usage Among African-Americans and Their Effects on Material Values and Socialization Processes
 Park, David., Villar, Maria Elena. and Amador, Jorge.

Tabloidization of the Political Discourse: Polish Case
 Piontek, Dorota.

Taiwan’s Information Society and Wage Inequality
 Wang, Wei-Ching.

Taking the Copyfight Online: Comparing the Copyright Debate in Congressional Hearings, in Newspapers, and on the Web
 Herman, Bill.

Talking About Sustainability: Responses to Frames in Persuasive Messages About Sustainable Agriculture and Food
 Van Gorp, Baldwin. and van der Goot, Margot.

Talking Objects of Denys Arcand
 Rampazzo Gambarato, Renira.

Talking and Complying: The Role of Interpersonal Discussion and Social Norms in Public Communication Campaigns
 Frank, Lauren., Chatterjee, Joyee., Chaudhuri, Sonal., Lapsansky, Charlotte., Bhanot, Andy. and Murphy, Sheila.

Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Using Web 2.0 in Teaching
 Kale, Ugur. and Goh, Debbie.

Teaching Journalism and Mass Communication in the Trend Toward Convergence: A Content Analysis of Faculty Hiring Announcements With a New Media Emphasis
 Du, Ying Roselyn.

Techno-Political Activism as Counterpublic Spheres: Discursive Networking Within Deliberative Transnational Politics?
 Breindl, Yana. and Houghton, Tessa.

Technology Adoption and Content Consumption in Chinese Television: Local City, National City, and Global City
 Lu, Jia.

Teen Publics and Public Relations: Toward an Intersectional, Culture-Centered Approach to Campaign Design
 Vardeman-Winter, Jennifer.

Telecommunications Reform and Network Expansion: Lessons From APEC Countries
 Hung, Chen-Ling., Lu, Ching-Chih. and Yeo, Benjamin.

Televised Electoral Debates in Poland: Pursuing the American Model
 Piasecki, Marek.

Television Exposure and Adolescents’ Perceptions of the Police
 Dirikx, Astrid., Gelders, Dave. and Van den Bulck, Jan.

Television and Public Sphere in Belgium: What the Case of a Federal Multilingual Polity Can Contribute to the Debate on Transnational Public Spheres, and Vice Versa
 Sinardet, Dave.

Terror Management Theory: Promoting Tolerance in Campus Safety Campaigns
 Veil, Shari. and Mitchell, Kelly.

Terrorism in the Media: Fear, Anger, and Risk Perception in the News and in Dutch and Arab Online Discussions
 Oegema, Dirk. and Das, Enny.

Terrorism, Communication, and the War of Ideas: Al-Qaida's Strategic Narrative as a Brand - Top Paper
 Archetti, Cristina.

Testing Spiral of Silence Theory in Nine Countries: An Individual Differences Perspective
 Matthes, Jorg., Hayes, Andrew., Rojas, Hernando., Shen, Fei., Min, Seong Jae. and Dylko, Ivan.

Texting Among Like Aged Persons
 Ling, Rich.

Thailand’s Marginalized Groups, Community Radio, and Its License-Making Process
 Magpanthong, Chalisa. and McDaniel, Drew.

The (Inevitable) Rise and Rise of Censorship of the Internet
 Ang, Peng.

The (Mis)perceivers: Gender Differences in Self-Other Body Image Discrepancies and Body Dissatisfaction Among Chinese Emerging Adults
 Hu, Fan. and Wang, Mena.

The (Re-) Discovery of the Audience: The Relationship Between Journalism and Audience Under the Conditions of Web 2.0
 Loosen, Wiebke.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics as Face Changing: From a Narrative of Transformation to a Narrative of Nationalism
 Walkosz, Barbara. and Foss, Sonja.

The 2008 Russian Presidential Election Offers New Attributes: A First- and Second-Level Agenda-Setting Analysis of the U.S. Media Coverage
 Kononova, Anastasia., Alhabash, Saleem. and Wanta, Wayne.

The Acceptance of Responsibility and Expressions of Regret in Organizational Apologies After a Transgression
 Pace, Kristin., Fediuk, Tomasz. and Botero, Isabel.

The Accomplishment of Meaningfulness in Everyday Work Life Through Communication: A Study of Nurse-Resident Interactions in a Dutch Nursing Home
 Van Vuuren, Mark. and Brummans, Boris.

The Affective Effect on Political Judgment: Comparing the Influences of Candidate Attributes and Issue Congruence
 Wu, H.. and Coleman, Renita.

The Alcohol Communications War: “Communications” Versus “Symbolic Meaning” in Relation to Alcohol Consumption
 Sthapitanonda, Parichart. and Sinsuwarn, Natwipa.

The Appeal of Tragic Drama to Lonely Individuals: Selective Exposure to Media Content
 Ahn, Dohyun.

The Appropriation of “Asianness” in Memoirs of a Geisha
 Feng, Jiayun.

The Architectures of Media Power: Editing, the Newsroom, and Urban Public Space
 Rodgers, Scott.

The Association Between South Korean Citizens’ Perceptions of Government Crisis Communication and the Government-Public Relationship
 Park, Hanna. and Hon, Linda.

The Authentic Enterprise: Another Buzz Word or a True Driver of Quality Relationships?
 Shen, Hongmei. and Kim, Jeong-Nam.

The Banality of Commercial Nationalism
 Turner, Graeme.

The Beauty Concept in Chinese Culture: Images of Women in Taiwanese Women’s Magazines
 Yu, Pei Shan.

The Beginning of the End: The Decline of the Churchgoing Bell in Urban America
 Lubken, Deborah.

The Best of Two Worlds? Towards a Fine-Tuned Analysis of Internet Use Social Networks
 Chen, Wenhong.

The Big Stick Behind ‘Soft Power’? The Case of Indian Films in International Markets
 chitrapu, Sunitha.

The Case of Bridging Social Capital in Rural Communities
 Gregg, Jennifer.

The Causal Relationship of Adolescents’ Risky Sexual Online Behavior and Their Perceptions of This Behavior
 Baumgartner, Susanne., Valkenburg, Patti. and Peter, Jochen.

The Challenge of the Converged Services on the Communication Regulatory Framework in Singapore: Take Mobile TV as an Example
 Lin, Trisha Tsui-Chuan.

The Changing Public Sphere in India
 Rajagopal, Arvind.

The Chinese Women’s Movement: Media Use, Challenges and Opportunities
 Li, Hongmei.

The City as Counter-Environment in an Age of Sprawl
 Gencarelli, Thom.

The Close Relationship Between International Women’s Magazines and Transnational Advertising in Korea
 Oh, Hyun Sook.

The Commercial Re-invention of the National on Slovene Reality TV
 Volcic, Zala.

The Conceptualization and Communication of Risk Among Rural Appalachian Adolescents
 Moreland, Jennifer., Raup Krieger, Janice., Miller-Day, Michelle. and Hecht, Michael.

The Context-Behavior Interface in Interethnic Communication: An Empirical Test Among College Students
 Kim, Young Yun. and McKay-Semmler, Kelly.

The Convergence Policy Making Process in South Korea
 Shin, Dong-Hee. and Kim, Yeolib.

The Cultural Formation of Korean Popular Music in the Japanese Colonial Era
 Lee, Yongwoo.

The Cultural Sociology of Public Debate: A Comparative Perspective
 Larsen, Hakon.

The Culture of a Progressive Korean Newspaper: An Ethnographic Study of the Citizen Newspaper
 Kim, Yonghwan., Baek, Kang Hui. and Lee, Joon Yea.

The Datasetting Effect: Learning Facts About the Real World From Viewing Fiction
 Van den Bulck, Jan.

The Death of the Mass Audience Reconsidered: Business Models for the Digital Media Economy
 Bolin, Goran.

The Democratic Paradox? Decision Makers’ Exposure to Mediation
 Kunelius, Risto. and Reunanen, Esa.

The Dialectic Role of ICTs in Environmental Protection: A Comparative Study of ICTs for U.S. and Chinese Environmental Campaigns
 Liu, Jingfang.

The Dialectical Tensions in the Funding Infrastructure of Cyberinfrastructure
 Kee, Kerk. and Browning, Larry.

The Dialogic Turn and Management Fashions
 Pieczka, Magda. and Escobar, Oliver.

The Diametrics and Modality of SIDE: A Review and Extension
 Carr, Caleb.

The Direct Effects of the Presence, Status, and Language of News Sources in Television News: An Experiment
 Hardy, Anne. and De Swert, Knut.

The Disclosure-Intimacy Link in Computer-Mediated Communication: An Attribution Extension of Hyperpersonal Model
 Jiang, Li., Bazarova, Natalya. and Hancock, Jeff.

The Discursive Construction of EFL Student Identities: Focus Group Accounts of Chinese Native Speakers
 Li, Shujing. and Ma, Xiaoqi.

The Discursive Construction of Women Politicians in the European Press
 Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin. and Garcia-Blanco, Inaki.

The Discursive Construction of a Credible Astrology in a Call-In Radio Show
 Ho, Wing-Ki.

The Dynamic Relationship Between East Asian Adolescents’ Use of the Internet and Their Use of Other Media
 Jung, Joo-Young., Lin, Wan-Ying. and Kim, Yong-Chan.

The Dynamics of Disasters and Communicative Intervention
 Rusch, Gebhard.

The Economic Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Microenterprises in the Context of Development
 Levy, Mark., Chew, Han Ei. and Ilavarasan, P. Vigneswara.

The Effect of Campaign Appreciation and Exposure Frequency on Smoking Cessation
 van den Putte, Bas., Yzer, Marco., Bruijn, Gert-Jan. and Willemsen, Marc.

The Effect of Digitally Augmented Perspective Taking Ability on Motivation, Empathic Attitude, and Helpful Behavior
 Ahn, Sun Joo. and Bailenson, Jeremy.

The Effect of Discursive Anonymity on Language Use in Computer-Mediated Communication
 Kim, Young Hoon. and Choi, Scott.

The Effect of Evidence Quality, Source Expertise, and Personal Involvement on Attitude Change: A Conceptual Replication of Petty, Cacioppo, and Goldman (1981)
 Chung, Sungeun., McLaughlin, Meghan., Wentzel, Ashely., Churchill, Hilary., Flores, Gordillo., Galvan, Natalia., MARICLE, MEAGAN., Marlette, Janet., Pingolt, Steven., Sellers, Stephanie., Strattman, Jessica. and Tedla, Hanna.

The Effect of Involvement and Source Expertise on Persuasiveness and Trustworthiness in Online Product Reviews
 Bae, Soyoung. and Potter, Robert.

The Effect of the Multimodality of Internet Use on Political Knowledge and Participation
 Wei, Lu.

The Effectiveness of Antimarijuana Public Service Announcements: A Multilevel Replication Study
 Weber, Rene., Westcott-Baker, Amber., Funk, Chadd. and Anderson, Grace.

The Effectiveness of Fear- vs. Empathy-Arousing Antismoking PSAs
 Shen, Lijiang.
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The Effectiveness of the Pervasive Method in Ethics Pedagogy: A Longitudinal Study of Journalism and Mass Communication Students
 Groshek, Jacob. and Conway, Mike.

The Effects of Family Environment and Alcohol Refusal Self-Efficacy on Korean Adolescents’ Alcohol Use
 Jang, Su Ahn., Yoo, Jina., Cho, Nam Auk. and Jang, Ahnlee.

The Effects of Involvement With Celebrities: Examining Similarity Identification, Wishful Identification, and Parasocial Interaction in a Celebrity Effects Model
 Schuh, Janel.

The Effects of Mobile Advertising Formats
 Kim, Junghwean. and Kim, Daejoong.

The Effects of Mobile Advertising in South Korea and the United States
 Park, Sanghee. and Choi, Jinbong.

The Effects of Resilience on Problematic Online Game Uses Among Korean Adolescents
 Shin, Wooyeol. and Kim, Joohan.

The Effects of Social Network Sites on Romantic Relationships
 Utz, Sonja. and Beukeboom, Camiel.

The Effects of Verbal vs. Photographic Self-Presentation on Impression Formation in Facebook
 Van Der Heide, Brandon., D\'Angelo, Jonathan. and Schumaker, Erin.
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The End of Communication: How to Do Things With Media
 Jensen, Klaus.

The End of Secondhand Smoking in Public Places? Effects of Normative Appeal in the “Say No” Antismoking Campaign
 Kim, Minji. and Lee, Eun-Ju.

The Ethics of Research in the Neoliberal University
 Couldry, Nick.

The Evolution of Multimedia Journalism on A Preliminary Analysis
 Jacobson, Susan.

The Exploratory Study for the Consideration of the Interplay Between Japanese Interpersonal Psychology and the Behavior on CMC
 Kim, Sangmi.

The Exposure of Video Contents on the Mobile: Focusing on the Change the Behavior of Video Content Viewing
 Kim, Sangmi.

The Facebook Paradox: A Comparison of the Cultural Beliefs of Facebook Users
 Pena, Jorge. and Sandlin, Anu.

The First Lady of Israeli Journalism: Hannah Semer (1924-2003)
 Lachover, Einat.

The Function of Storysharing in Rebuilding Sichuan Earthquake-Damaged Communities
 Xu, Kaibin.

The Future of the Public Phone: A Six-Country Asian Study on Telecom Use at the BOP
 Sivapragasam, Nirmali.

The Future of the Public Phone: Findings From a Six-Country Asian Study on Telecom Use at the BOP
 Sivapragasam, Nirmali.

The Gendered Construction and Transmediation of a Terrorist’s Life Story
 Lundry, Chris. and Cheong, Pauline.

The Generalization and Universality of Public Relations Leadership: An Application of Multiple-Group Confirmatory Factor Analysis in Assessing Measurement Invariance
 Meng, Juan.

The Genesis of Career Capital: Children’s Discourses About Work and Careers in Belgium, China, Lebanon, and the United States
 Buzzanell, Patrice., Kisselburgh, Lorraine. and Berkelaar, Brenda.

The Geopolitics of Representation
 Mody, Bella.

The Global Circulation of Chinese Television Programs: Why CCTV Has a Limited Impact on the Global Television Landscape?
 Zhang, Hong.

The History of the Field of Communication in China: A Meta-Analysis From 1998 to 2008
 chen, shengxi.

The History of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Online
 Moe, Hallvard.

The Hostile Media Phenomenon: Triggered by Cognitive or Affective Involvement?
 Matthes, Jorg.

The Humor of Coming Out: A Critical Analysis of Acceptance in Coming Out Narratives
 Manning, Jimmie.

The ICA's Role in Copyright Policy for Academic Research in Communications
 Strover, Sharon.

The Impact of Lie to Me on Viewers’ Actual Ability to Detect Deception
 Levine, Timothy., Shulman, Hillary. and Serota, Kim.

The Impact of Characteristics of Face-to-Face Communication on Online Interactions in Hybrid Teams
 Zhao, Xuan.

The Impact of Corporate Sectors and Cultural Differences on Corporate Social Responsible Programs: A Content Analysis of 200 Corporations’ Web Sites
 Kim, Yeonsoo. and Lee, Sanghoon.

The Impact of Dimensions of Audio Complexity on Cognitive Load
 Gao, Ya., Lang, Annie. and Potter, Robert.

The Impact of E-Mail and Gender on Donation Request Responses: A Field Application of SIDE
 Chan, Michael.

The Impact of Interactivity and Physical Arousal Within Media Content on Affect Change
 Chen, Yen-Shen.

The Impact of Negative Online Media Coverage on Political Distrust Among Young Romanians
 Morariu, Mariuca. and Hinrichsen, Malte.

The Impact of Online Brand Community Type on Consumer’s Community Engagement Behaviors: Consumer-Created vs. Marketer-Created Online Brand Community in Online Social Networking Websites
 Lee, Doohwang., Kim, Hyuk Soo. and Kim, Jung.

The Impact of Racing and Drive’Em Up Games on Risky Driving Behavior
 Beullens, Kathleen.

The Impact of Rural Broadband Development: Lessons From a Natural Field Experiment - TOP THREE PAPER
 Larose, Robert., Strover, Sharon., Gregg, Jennifer. and Straubhaar, Joseph.

The Impact of Social Interaction on the Hostile Media Effect
 Liang, Hai.

The Impact of Television News on Self-Conception of Jewish Diaspora
 Ibrahim, Dina. and Wolf, Michelle.

The Impact of Values and Identities on Cross-Cultural Conflicts and Their Management in Multinational Corporations
 Jia, Wenshan., Fan, Hong. and Jin, Jianbin.

The Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Media Reputation of Companies in Switzerland
 Eisenegger, Mark. and Schranz, Mario.

The Impacts of Cosmetic Surgery Reality Shows on the Perceived Benefits and Risks of Cosmetic Surgery
 Lee, Shu-Yueh.

The Influence of Chemyon on Facework and Conflict Styles: Searching for the Korean Face and Its Impact
 Kim, Yungwook. and Yang, Jungeun.

The Influence of Peer Norms and Popularity on Smoking and Drinking Behavior Among College Fraternity Members: A Social-Network Analysis
 Phua, Joe.

The Influence of Political, Socioeconomic, and Cultural Superstructures on Forming Global Public Interests on the Internet
 Jeong, Yongick. and Park, Hyojung.

The Influence of Presumed Influence: Advances in Concept and Theory
 Gunther, Albert.

The Influence of Presumed Media Influence in the Fields of Politics and Political Journalism
 Dohle, Marco., Vowe, Gerhard. and Hartmann, Tilo.

The Influence of Presumed Media Influence on News About Science and Scientists
 Tsfati, Yariv., Cohen, Jonathan. and Gunther, Albert.

The Influence of Sexually Explicit Internet Material on Sexual Risk Behavior: A Comparison of Adolescents and Adults
 Peter, Jochen. and Valkenburg, Patti.

The Integrated Model of Intercultural Communication Competence (IMICC): Model Test
 Arasaratnam, Lily., Banerjee, Smita. and Dembek, Krzysztof.

The Integration of Public Relations and CSR in Organizations: A European Perspective
 Pollach, Irene.

The Interaction Effect of Attitude Base and Multiple Attacks on the Effectiveness of Inoculation
 Ivanov, Bobi., Pfau, Michael. and Parker, Kimberly.

The International Extent and Elasticity of Lifestyle Television
 Jensen, Pia.

The Internet as an Agent of Political Socialization
 Yang, JungHwan. and Rhee, June Woong.

The Interplay Between Customization and Cognition in Web Portals: The Multiple Role Hypothesis Explanation
 Kalyanaraman, Sriram., Oliver, Mary. and Magee, Robert.

The Interplay of Affect and Cognition in Attitude Formation in Political Campaigns
 Wirth, Werner., Kühne, Rinaldo., Schemer, Christian. and Matthes, Jorg.

The Interplay of Forum Posts and Media News: Web Mining of a Social Issue in Macau
 Cheong, Angus.

The Intranet as a Crisis-Information-System
 Hannappel, Mario.

The Investigation of Media Framing of a Long-Lasting Strike by Nonstandard Workers in Korea (Top Student Paper)
 Cho, Jaehee.

The Issue Agendas of China’s Rural-Urban Migration in the New Century: A Content Analysis of the People’s Daily, 2000-2009
 Luo, Yunjuan.

The Language of Interests: The Contribution of Discursive Social Psychology
 Whittle, Andrea. and Mueller, Frank.

The Legal Perspective: Comparing Media Law
 Price, Monroe.

The Legal and Policy Implications of Establishing the Communications Authority in Hong Kong: Lessons From the United Kingdom
 Wu, Richard. and Leung, Grace L K.

The Limits of Convergence
 Andrejevic, Mark.

The Limits of Global Fashion: The Triumph of Local Conceptions of Beauty, Sexuality and Power in Contemporary Japanese Fashion Magazines
 Holden, Todd.

The Limits of User-Centered Design: A Case Study of e-Government
 Kotamraju, Nalini.

The Marker System: A Procedure for Using Implicit Attitude Measures With Mediated Messages
 Porticella, Norman.

The Materialization of Japanese Values in the Rhetoric of Japanese Corporate Missions
 Kiyomiya, Toru.

The Media Convergence Lifestyle Profile in Thailand
 Saithanoo, Parichart.

The Media Coverage of the EP Elections: European, National or Mixed?
 De Vreese, Claes., Banducci, Susan., Schuck, Andreas., Xezonakis, Georgios. and Elenbaas, Matthijs.

The Media as Irreplaceable Mediator: An Integrative Theoretical Model for the Societal Importance of International Mass Communication
 Dell\'Orto, Giovanna.

The Media as a Conflict Resolution Mediator During Social Change: Fortune’s Ideational Shift on Labor Issues During the Great Depression
 Li, You.

The Mediatizations of Religion in North American Culture
 Hoover, Stewart.

The Medicalization of Teen Girls’ Bodies in the Gardasil Cervical Cancer Vaccine Campaign
 Vardeman-Winter, Jennifer.

The Medium Is the Joke: Online Humor About and By Networked Computers
 Shifman, Limor. and Blondheim, Menahem.

The Missing Link: The Narrative (De)Construction of Personal, Organizational and Systemic Trust in the Discourse on the Financial Crisis
 Raupp, Juliana. and Schultz, Friederike.

The Misuse of Uses and Gratifications Approach in Intermedia Substitution/Complementarity Research
 Choi, Sujin.

The Moderation of Perceived Realism by Narrative Causality on Information Acceptance: An Example in Science Communication
 Dahlstrom, Michael.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Constructions of Gender Roles Through Online Dating Sites and Women Users’ Opinions About Gender Roles in Dating
 Blake, Stephanie.

The Motives and Consequences of Viewing Television Dramas
 Lee, Tae Kyoung. and Taylor, Laramie.

The Multilevel Impact of Aging: Age, Evolution, and Phase Change in the Child Rights NGO Network
 Margolin, Drew., Shen, Cuihua., Lee, Seungyoon., Weber, Matthew., Monge, Peter. and Fulk, Janet.

The Multiple Narrations of Recreational Drug Use: A Comparative Study of Hegemonic Meanings of Drug Addiction in Hong Kong TV Documentaries and Drug Rehabilitation Services
 Tsen, Wai Sing.

The National Narrative and Counterterrorism in Singapore
 Vasu, Norm.

The Negation Bias: When Negations Signal Stereotypic Expectancies
 Beukeboom, Camiel., Finkenauer, Catrin., Wigboldus, Daniel. and Burgers, Christian.

The Obama Effect: Representation and Portrayals of Minority Models in Magazine Advertising
 Yoo, Chan. and Kim, Yung Soo.

The Older the Better: Rethinking Internet Skills. The Role of Gender, Age, Education, Internet Experience, and Internet Use (TOP Faculty Paper)
 Deursen, Alexander., Van Dijk, Jan. and Peters, Oscar.

The Orientalized “Other” and Corrosive Femininity: Threats to White Masculinity in 300
 Oh, David. and Kutufam, Doreen.

The Other of 'The Othered': Popular Media and the Poor in Turkey
 Ergül, Hakan., Gokalp, Emre. and Cangoz, Incilay.

The Paradox of Regulatory Impulse
 Terry, Christopher.

The Participation of Christian Religious Publics in the Controversy Over Gay Marriage in Canada: A Rhetorical Approach
 Basque, Joelle.

The Persistence of National TV: Language and Cultural Proximity in Flemish Fiction
 Dhoest, Alexander.

The Political Implications of Arab Media
 Zayani, Mohamed.

The Political Pundits’ Tea Party: Reframing the Candidates in the 2008 Presidential Debate
 Bae, Keunmin., Brubaker, Pamela., Horning, Michael. and Tamul, Daniel.

The Popular Press Instills a New Public in China: A Case Study of the Dingzhou Incident
 Lee, Hsiao-wen.

The Portrayal of Older People on German Prime-Time TV Advertisements
 Schwender, Clemens.

The Practice of an Extraordinary Life: The Role of Media in the Spread of Cultural Items and Practices Across Borders
 Lee, Kyung.

The Presidential Image in News Photographs: Differences in Portrayals of Presidents Obama and Bush
 Kim, Yung Soo. and Kelly, James.

The Press and the Financial Crisis: The Watchdog That Didn't Bark
 Starkman, Dean.

The Process of Desensitization? Examining Habituation and Attention During Violent and Nonviolent Games
 Kurita, Satoko. and Lang, Annie.

The Professionalization of Political Campaigning in Poland
 Mazur, Marek.

The Profile of Communication Research in Taiwan
 Weng, Shieu-chi.

The Promotion of the American Cable TV News Media Personality and Its Influences
 Holbert, R.. and Hill, Megan.

The Psychological Consequences of Cyberbullying: Uncertainty in the CMC Context
 Pure, Rebekah.

The Psychosocial Causes and Consequences of Pathological Gaming: A Longitudinal Study
 Lemmens, Jeroen., Valkenburg, Patti. and Peter, Jochen.

The Public Sphere and Democracy in Malaysia and Singapore
 Jeffrey, Robin.

The Pyramid Scheme: Visual Metaphors and the USDA’s Food Guides
 Perelman, Alison.

The Questions That Mattered
 Ball-Rokeach, Sandra.

The Relation Between Pathological Gaming, Attentional Bias, and Response Inhibition Among Male Adolescents.
 Lemmens, Jeroen., Holst, Ruth., Valkenburg, Patti., Peter, Jochen. and Goudriaan, Anna.

The Relationship Between Self-Construal, Conflict Style Preference, and Religious Identification in India
 Croucher, Stephen., Pillai, Gayatre., Agarwal, Komal., Bose, Lalima., Choudhary, Pavan., Jafri, Imran., Joshi, Vikrant., Saldanha, Ashish. and Saxena, Jagruti.

The Relationship Between Sensation Seeking and Intercultural Communication Competence: Further Model Testing
 Arasaratnam, Lily., Banerjee, Smita. and Dembek, Krzysztof.

The Representation of Racial 'Others' in Prime-Time Commercials in Korea
 Prieler, Michael.

The Representation of Racial ‘Self’ Among Filipinos in Newspaper Ads in Guam
 Pereira, Aristides.

The Representation of the European Union in Political Advertising
 Berganza, Rosa.

The Responsible Witnesses: A Study of Indonesian Audiences’ Reception of International Human Rights Documentaries
 Saputro, Kurniawan.

The Rise of China and Global Communication Scholarship
 Chan, Joseph.

The Rise of Netizens: New Agents of Social Movements in the New Media Age
 Lee, Jinsun.

The Rise of Participatory Media in China: Focusing on Online Discussion of ‘South China Tiger’
 Zhang, Rong.

The Road to Rizong Or: Buddhist Organizing in the Indian Himalayas Amid Natural Disaster
 Brummans, Boris. and Hwang, Jennie.

The Role of "Citizen Journalism" in China’s Changing Media and Social Environment
 Xin, Xin.

The Role of Affect and Perceived Message Effectiveness in Understanding Message Effects on Attitudes and Intentions Toward Marijuana Use
 Weeks, Brian., Depue, Jacob. and Yzer, Marco.

The Role of Attitude Towards the Citizen Journalism News as a Mediator of Attitude Towards the Brand and Intention: A Test of Competing Affect Transfer Hypotheses
 Lin, Julian.

The Role of Communication in Political Participation: Exploring the Social Normative/Cognitive Processes Related to Political Behavior
 Zhou, Yushu.

The Role of Coping Styles for Media Enjoyment and Appreciation
 Bilandzic, Helena. and Hastall, Matthias.

The Role of Emotion in Crisis Communication and Strategic Conflict Management
 Jin, Yan. and Cameron, Glen.

The Role of Emotional Involvement and Absorption in the Formation of Spatial Presence
 Wirth, Werner., Hofer, Matthias. and Schramm, Holger.

The Role of Everyday Conversations in Mediating the Effects of Media Use on Policy Understanding: With a Focus on Generational Differences
 Woo, Jisuk., Kim, Mingyu. and Kim, Joohan.

The Role of Media Sequence and Involvement in Cross-Media Campaigns
 Voorveld, Hilde., Neijens, Peter. and Smit, Edith.

The Role of Personal Salience in Children’s Implicit Processing of Brand Placements in Movies
 Owen, Laura., Lewis, Charlie., Auty, Susan. and Buijzen, Moniek.

The Role of Public Relations in Online Trust Management
 Hoffmann, Christian., Meckel, Miriam. and vonKaenel, Andrea.

The Role of Religion and Conflict in Romantic Relationships: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Uganda and Ethiopia
 Fletcher, Courtney.

The Role of Television Characters in Explaining Audience Sexuality
 Eyal, Keren.

The Role of Two New Measures of Media Use in Political Socialization Responses on Youth
 Littau, Jeremy., Thorson, Esther., Oh, Hyun Jee., Jahng, Mi., Gardner, Elizabeth. and Meyer, Hans.

The Role of the Internet in Maintaining Intimate Relationships
 Helsper, Ellen., Whitty, Monica. and Gerber, Monica.

The Roles of Communication and Trust in Reported Compliance With Police in Armenia and the United States
 Pearce, Katy., Giles, Howard., Hajek, Christopher., Barker, Valerie. and Choi, Charles.

The Second Coming Out: LGBTQ Individuals’ Redisclosures of Their Sexual Identity to Their Parents
 Denes, Amanda.

The Semiotics of Changi in the Case of Nguyen Tuong Van
 Berrick, Genevieve.

The Sexual Disclosure Model: Connecting Postcoital Increases in Oxytocin to Positive Relational Disclosures
 Denes, Amanda.

The Shifting Role of PSB Online Activities in Crossmedia Networks 1996-2009
 Bechmann, Anja.

The Skillful Management of Mobile Phones' Ring in Institutional Social Performances
 licoppe, christian.

The Social Utility of Mobile Phone E-mail for Japanese Youth
 Boase, Jeffrey.

The South Is Talking Back: With a White Face and a British Accent – Editorial Dilemmas in Al Jazeera English
 Figenschou, Tine.

The Spatial Value of ICT: A Complex Systems Approach
 DeMaagd, Kurt.

The Strange Case of Nonfiction Animation
 Tan, Eduard. and Visch, Valentijn.

The Targeted Speak: Defining Young Women's Involvement With Sexual Assault
 Briones, Rowena.

The Textual Analytics of Foundational Literature Reviews
 Anderson, James. and Colvin, Janet.

The Third-Person Effect of News Coverage of Opinion Poll: In-Group Versus Out-Group
 Kim, Hyunjung.

The Tisankhenji Radio Program for Young Girls in Malawi: Using Schools for Promoting Career Goals to Reduce Vulnerability to HIV Infection
 Rimal, Rajiv., Sikka, Rachana., Kakhobwe, Triza., Suzi, Joel., Mkandawire, Glory., Limaye, Rupali., Brown, Jane., Aslan, Lisa. and Kaneka, Benjamin.

The Transformation From the Chengfen Discourse to Shenjia in China: Branding and Promotional Culture
 Li, Hongmei.

The Transnational Communication of "Racism": Migration, Media and the Shaping of International Relations
 Ang, Ien.

The Triumph of Autocracy Over Press Freedom and Rule of Law in Democratizing Zambia
 Kalyango, Jr., Yusuf. and Mohammed, Aisha.

The Troubling Consequences of Online Election Rumoring
 Garrett, R. Kelly.

The Two Indias: An Analysis of Indian National Identity Formation
 Das, Purba.

The U.S. Press and the Economic Crisis
 Schiffrin, Anya.

The Undercover Genre in Hong Kong Cinema: The 1997 Handover and Hong Kong Identity
 Lin, Ke-Ming.

The Urban Communication Environment: A Model of Displacement
 Gumpert, Gary. and Drucker, Susan.

The Use of Interactive Features on News Websites: An International and Interorganizational Comparative Study
 Himelboim, Itai. and McCreery, Stephen.

The Use of Online Social Networking by Rural Youth and Its Effects on Community Involvement
 Chew, Han Ei., Larose, Robert., Steinfield, Charles. and Velasquez, Alcides.

The Use of Sexually Explicit Internet Material and Its Antecedents: A Longitudinal Comparison of Adolescents and Adults
 Peter, Jochen. and Valkenburg, Patti.

The Uses and Affordances of Online Technologies: New(er) Ways of Understanding and Measuring Audience Activity on Networked Social Platforms
 Papacharissi, Zizi.

The Validity of Statistical Conclusions: Issues to Consider
 Levine, Timothy.

The Value of Instructional Communication in Crisis Situations: Restoring Order to Chaos
 Sellnow, Timothy., Sellnow, Deanna., Lane, Derek. and Littlefield, Robert.

The Virtual Building as a Contested Communication Technology: How Technical Innovations Enter Architects’ Communication Practices
 Plesner, Ursula.

The Virtual and the Real: A Philosophical Clash Defining Digital Culture
 Santana, Eduardo.

The Visual Coverage of Amok School Shootings: Are Media Focusing on the Victimizer?
 Mueller, Marion., Seizov, Ognyan. and Wiencek, Florian.

The Visual Culture of News Photography
 Griffin, Michael.

The Visual and the Verbal: A Novel Methodological Approach Integrating Iconology, Multimodality and Visual Context Analysis
 Mueller, Marion., Seizov, Ognynan. and Bateman, John.

The Weakness of Strong Ties: In-Group Barriers to External Communication Among Female Agronomy Associations in Postcolonial Southern Rwanda
 Ryan, Sarah.

The Widening Information Gap Between High- and Low-Education Groups: Knowledge Acquisition From Online vs. Print Sources
 Yang, JungAe. and Grabe, Maria.

The Winner-Take-All Online Search Advertising Market and Implications for Antitrust Policy
 Choi, Sujin.

The Worried Age Groups: Privacy Concern and Frame-Breaking Online Disclosures
 Pan, Ji. and Lieber, Paul.

The Worth of 197 Lives: Comparative Analysis of News Coverage on a Massacre
 Yang, Zheng. and Zheng, Liang.

The 'Best Practices' in Risk and Crisis Communication: Past, Present, and Future
 Korbas Magal, Daniela. and Reich, Zvi.

The ‘Chindia’ Challenge to Global Communication
 Thussu, Daya.

The “Gay Comfort Level”: Examining a Media Advocacy Group’s Efforts to Combat Youth Homophobia
 Kachgal, Tara.

The “Two Tales” of Marwa El Sherbini
 Schielicke, Anna-Maria., Walter, Cornelia. and Khalifa, Mohamed.

Theoretical and Methodological Issues of Communication Roles
 Friemel, Thomas.

Theorizing a Discourse-Based Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility
 Mitra, Rahul.

Theory Development Strategies in Communication Science
 Slater, Michael. and Gleason, Laurel.

Theory Development and Postconvergence: Challenges and Opportunities
 Katz, James.

Third Person Effect Research: A Cross Cultural Perspective
 Douai, Aziz.

Through the Looking Glass: Internet Users' Perceptions of Sociopolitical Blog Credibility in Singapore
 Heng, Linda., Banerjee, Indrajit. and Fu, Wayne.

Time Sense and Multiplexity of Media Use: Who is the Beneficiary of New Media Environment?
 Her, Eun Ja. and Lee, Jae-Hyun.

Time to be Proactive: Measuring Proactive Communication in Organizations
 Gomez, Luis.

To Buy or Not To Buy as Political Act: Understanding Political Consumerism as a New Form of Political Engagement
 Seo, Mihye.

To Friend or Not To Friend? How Facebook Can Make My Friend Request Decisions More Efficient
 Khoo, Guan-Soon.

To See or Not to See: Cyber-Voyeuristic Practices Through Online Social Networks in Northern Malaysia
 Budiman, Adrian.

To Share or Not to Share, That is the Question: Examining Psychological Effects of Heuristic Cues on Users’ Attitudes on a Product Review Website
 Kim, Hyang-Sook., Brubaker, Pamela., Kegerise, Andrew. and Seo, Kiwon.

Too Depleted to Choose? Ego Depletion, Self-Control, and Habits in Media Selection
 Hill, Suzanna., Hartmann, Tilo., Yilmaz Ozkaya, Elif. and Larose, Robert.

Top Model: Theorizing Television’s Labor Games
 Ouellette, Laurie.

Toward A New Model of Digital Storytelling Workshops: Media Conté Workshop in Local Communities
 Ogawa, Akiko. and Ito, Masaaki.

Toward a Developmental Conceptualization of Media and Other Contributors to Child Obesity: The Six-Cs Model
 Harrison, Kristen., Bost, Kelly., McBride, Brent., Donovan, Sharon., Grigsby-Toussaint, Diana., Kim, Juhee., Liechty, Janet., Wiley, Angela., Teran-Garcia, Margarita. and Costa Jacobsohn, Gwendolyn.

Toward a Gastronomical Ecology of the Global City
 Lum, Casey.

Toward a Pancultural Typology of Deception Motives
 Levine, Timothy., Ali, Mohamed., Dean, Marleah., Hartman, Jeffery., Abdulla, Rasha., Sultan, Fahad. and Garcia-Ruano, Karina.

Toward a Theory of Citizen Interface With Political Discussion and News in the Public Sphere: The “Accessibility” and “Traversability” of the Internet
 Brundidge, Jennifer.

Toward a Unified Model of Cognitive Aesthetic Processing
 Emmett, Arielle.

Towards 2.0: Encouraging Emerging Technologies
 Young, Sherman.

Towards Conceptual Convergence: An Examination of Interpersonal Adaptation
 Toma, Catalina. and Downs, Ashley.

Towards a Discourse Model for Analysing Negotiation of Meaning in Videoconferencing-Supported Online Language Exchange
 Wang, Yuping. and Tian, Jianqiu.

Towards a Multi-Dimensional Instrument for Analyzing Organizational Social Capital
 Bakke, John., Ellis, Rebecca., Herstad, Jo., Julsrud, Tom., Kwak, Nojin., Osmundsen, Tonje., Schiefloe, Per Morten., Shoemaker, Michiel. and Soyland, Andreas.

Towards a New Critique of Online Participatory Culture: User-Generated Content and the Assembling of Software and Users
 Langlois, Ganaele.

Towards an On-Line Fear Typology: Vicarious and Imaginable Fear of Crime
 Custers, Kathleen.

Tracing Desire and Thematic Relations With Semantic Network Analysis
 Kim, Leo.

Traditional Media Skills and Digital Media Skills: Is There Much of a Difference?
 Deursen, Alexander. and Van Dijk, Jan.

Transcultural Entertainment: Globalization and the New Indian Television
 Sen, Ruma.

Transformation of the Public Sphere in Latin America
 Hallin, Daniel.

Transnational Bollywood Cinema: Negotiating Global Capital, Urban India, and Diaspora Aspirations in the Films of Karan Johar
 Khan, Tabassum.

Transnational Mobility and Place/Space-Making: The Case of Forced Migrants
 Witteborn, Saskia.

Transnational PR? A Case Study of a Public Relations Agency in Korea

Transparency Matters: The Concept of Organizational Transparency in the Academic Discourse
 Wehmeier, Stefan. and Raaz, Oliver.

Trasnationalism and Diasporas
 Tsagarousianou, Roza.

Traversing Online and Offline Worlds: Using Facebook for Social Organizing, Political Activism, and Civic Participation
 Kee, Kerk., Valenzuela, Sebastian. and Park, Namsu.

Trends in Online Health Information: New Conceptualizations for a New Medium
 Sundar, S. Shyam., Rice, Ronald. and Kim, Hyang-Sook.

Truly Problematic or Merely Habitual? An Integrated Model of the Negative Consequences of Social Networking
 Tong, Stephanie., Vitak, Jessica. and Larose, Robert.

Trust Games: Impact of Seller Photo and Reputation on Trust in Computer-Mediated Transactions
 Bente, Gary. and Baptiste, Odile.

Trust and Distrust: Refining Organization-Public Relationship Measurement in Two Samples
 Shen, Hongmei.

Trust in Health Information Sources: Examining Source Trust Dimensionality
 Fernandez, Laleah., Garcia-Ruano, Karina., Salmon, Charles. and Miller, Jon.

Truth and Reconciliation in the Late Modern Global Public Sphere: A Case Study of Timor-Leste
 Strait, Laurance.

Tweaching in the Gong: Thinking Through Twitter as an Educational Tool
 Wilson, Jason.

Tweeting About TV: An AEIOU Model of Sociable Television Behavior
 Wohn, Donghee. and Na, Eun-Kyung.
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