International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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U.S. Adults' Health Communication Channel Preferences by Class, Race, and Place
 Blake, Kelly., Flynt-Wallington, Sherrie. and Viswanath, K..

U.S. Presidential Politics on a Global Stage: A Content Analysis of 2008 Election Coverage on Al Jazeera, the BBC, and Russia Today
 Cruikshank, Sally Ann.

U.S. and International Coverage of the Election of Barack Obama: Trends and Differences
 Ghanem, Salma. and Selber, Kimberly.
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US Public Service Broadcasting: The Case of National Public Radio Online
 Riley, Patricia., Usher, Nikki. and Porter, Vikki.

Ubiquitous Computing From an Ecological Perspective: Policy Concerns Related to U-City in South Korea
 Shin, Dong-Hee. and Kim, Yeolib.

Ubiquitous Media, Ubiquitous Memory
 Hoskins, Andrew.

Ummah, Islam, and Nationalism: Dilemmas of Identity Negotiation in Contemporary Pakistan
 Dasgupta, Satarupa.

Umuganda in Rwanda: The Interorganizational Control of Peasant Labor
 Ryan, Sarah.

Uncertainty as Problem-Dynamics in Hong Kong Context and its Presentation in Media
 Du, Juana. and Tong, Suk Chong.

Uncle Sam and Ma Bell Meet the KGB: The Hidden Hand of Security in Telecommunications Policy
 Laprise, John.

Understanding Civic Engagement: Online and Offline Networks and Weak Ties
 Gil de Zuniga, Homero. and Valenzuela, Sebastian.

Understanding Expressive Engagement in Urban China: Differentiating Domains, Settings, and Media Effects
 Pan, Zhongdang., Jing, Gang., Yan, Wenjie. and Zheng, Jiawen.

Understanding How Students Conceptualize Knowledge: The Case of Singapore
 Lee, Chunwah.

Understanding Online Intimate Relationships
 Ku, Linlin.

Understanding Perceptions and Use of ICTs to Support Knowledge Management: Perspectives From the SECI Model
 Lee, Chei Sian., Goh, Dion. and Sumant, Kelkar Rujuta.

Understanding the Choice of Two Competing Browsers: Integration of Expectation Disconfirmation and Attitudinal Theory
 Lin, Julian.

Understanding the Meaning and Embodiment of Power Distance in a Malaysian Public Organization
 Abu Bakar, Hassan. and Mustaffa, Che Su.

Understanding the Process of Narrative Persuasion in Entertainment-Education
 Asbeek Brusse, Elsbeth.

United States' Rural Poor: Emerging Mobile Markets in Appalachia
 Peirce, L. Meghan.

Unpacking ParticipantsÂ’ Interactive Behavior and Discourse Strategies in Virtual Dialoguing Through Qualitative Analytic Methods of Investigation: Potential and Pitfalls
 Ho, Caroline.

Urban Planning Unplugged: How Wireless Mobile Technology Is Influencing Design Elements in Seven Major U.S. Cities
 Fernback, Jan. and Shaffer, Gwen.

Use of Mobile Phone TV in Japan: With Respect to Social Construction of Mobile Phone as Youth Culture
 Korenaga, Ron.

Use of Search Engine Data to Understand Internet-Based Political and Electoral Communication?
 Park, Han Woo.

User Demand and Mood Repair: The Intervention Potential of Video Game Interactivity
 Bowman, Nicholas. and Tamborini, Ron.

User Experience of Pervasive Information Systems: The Ubiquitous City in Korea
 Shin, Dong-Hee.

Users' Perspectives on an Evolving Mobile Media Ecology: Uses and Conceptualizations of the Mobile
 Humphreys, Lee., Karnowski, Veronika. and von Pape, Thilo.

Uses & Grats 2.0: Do New Technologies Bring New Gratifications?
 Sundar, S. Shyam. and Limperos, Anthony.

Uses and Gratifications of Social Games: Blending Social Networking and Game Play
 Hou, Jinghui.

Uses, Gratifications, and Beyond: Towards a Model of Motivated Media Exposure and Its Effects on Risk Perception
 So, Jiyeon.

Uses, Gratifications, and Structures: A Model of Internet Use
 Tang, Tang., Bakke, Emil. and Cooper, Roger.

Using Conversation Analysis to Explore Classroom Talk-for-Learning
 Gardner, Rod.

Using Corporate Ads as a Prime: Effects, Process, and Effectiveness
 Jiang, Jing. and Tao, Xiaobo.

Using Diaspora: Japanese Nationalism and Its Appropriation of the Japanese Brazilian Diaspora
 Kawai, Yuko.

Using Involvement in Communication Planning
 Kang, Doo Syen.

Using the Landscape Model of Comprehension to Understand Framing Effects in Political Judgments
 Kim, Kyun Soo., Roskos, Beverly. and Ewoldsen, David.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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