International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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Valenced Strategy Framing in Election Campaign Coverage and its Effects on Voters
 Bogdanova, Petya. and Lecheler, Sophie.

Validating Online Risk-Reducing Strategies
 Noort, Guda.

Value-Framing of Issues in the 2004 Presidential Campaign by American Newspapers in Russian
 Medvedeva, Yulia.

Victims of the Visuals? Exploring the Effects of Victim Visuals on Perceptions and Reactions to Crisis Events
 Coombs, William. and Holladay, Sherry.

Video Game Play: A Concept Explication
 Zhang, Di.

Viewing Brazil: Local Audiences and the Interpretation of the Nation
 La Pastina, Antonio. and Straubhaar, Joseph.

Views From the Field: Public Relations Industry-Academia Relationships
 Cheng, I-Huei. and de Gregorio, Federico.

Virtual Brokerage and Closure: Network Structure and Social Capital in a Large Virtual World
 Shen, Cuihua.

Virtual Junk Food Playgrounds in Europe: Advergames Targeting Children in the UK and Hungary
 Lustyik, Katalin., Flowers, Arhlene. and Gulyas, Emese.

Virtual Materiality: Collectors and Collection in the Brazilian Music Blogosphere
 Fullerton, Lindsay. and Rarey, Matthew.

Virtually Urban: Modeling the City and the Public
 Hodges, Benjamin.

Vision of the Past and the Present: Value and Significance of China's Experience on Communication Studies
 wu, yumin.

Visual Communication Experiences With Body Images in Popular Films
 Hoffmann, Dagmar.

Visual Communication Experiences and Paralympic Sports-Testimonials
 Moeller, Carsten., Oberhaeuser, Kai. and Sikorski, Christian von.

Visual Dimension of Protest: Analysis of Interactions During the Russian March
 Zuev, Dennis.

Visual Framing: How Newsweek, Time, and The Associated Press Covered the 2003 Invasion of Iraq
 Stover, Diana.

Visual and Multimodal Analysis of Cultural Traits in Web Sites
 Pauwels, Luc.

Visualising the Other: Failures and Successes of Decolonisation.
 De Groof, Matthias.

Vitality of Indigenous Languages: Some Considerations From Canada and Bolivia
 Sachdev, Itesh., Arnold, Denise. and Yapita, Juan de Dios.

Voice and Visibility: Self-Representation of Dumagat Tribespeople in the Philippines Through a Participatory Photography Project (Top Paper 2nd Place)
 Mandhyan, Rishi., Reyes, Carmina., Pangilinan, Joshua Michael. and Ong, Jonathan.

Vote of Confidence: Dissonance Reduction at the Polls
 Bergan, Daniel., Pace, Kristin., Risner, Genevieve., Lu, Mengyu. and Koh, Taejin.

Vox Populi, Vox Dei. the Rhetoric of Risk in Public Service Media Online
 Martin, Fiona.

Vuoden 1918 Taistelut Taas Tampereen Kaduilla: Remembering and Forgetting 1918 in Tampere, Finland (Top Student Paper)
 Szpunar, Piotr.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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